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Pittsburgh Gazette and Manufacturing and Mercantile Advertiser, July 3, 1820, page 2 - o- TS-. affor- In.-1 In.-1 voya- wit--iessed,...
o- TS-. affor- In.-1 In.-1 voya- wit--iessed, oth- im'nor- designa-. Toahaea- in in i the sta-- sta-- 20. or Yes. 'who Jago Eastos, (Md.) June 9. ' On Monday evening the 5&inst George Fv. Tucker about 1 1 years of age, 4 a son of Mr. James Tucker of Qiieen Ann's County, wa s found dead, hantrinc by the neck ixj the barn of a Iklr. Hunter, at whose house he was pla ced out to board for. the purpose of attending a school near Hall's X Roads. This unfortu nate child possessed an uncommon lively dispo- dispo- sihon, until a few weeks past, smce wnicn n,e was frequently discovered in a gloomy state. On the evening he became a self murderer, he was requested by Mrs. HunUr to render some irifline assistance rav the garden, which he done wkh aDoarent wiDincmess, after which . & i he was seen to take un a rope with' which a calf had -been -been confined, and go towards the barn; a dark cloud had risen about the time from which fell a heavy rain: after the rain ceased, business called some of the family to the barn, where he was found lifeless, hangng by the same rope which he was before seen to take. A coroners inquest was held on the body body on Tuesday the 6th and determined that he came to his death by an act of his own. The crime of piracy, long since begun and carried on in various shapes by Americans, cries aloud fromvthe deep for exemplary and condign punishment. We dread the pardons which have lately been granted to" this class of felons ; we co not mean to say we censure them, but it is deeply to be lamented that any circumstances should exist to render such an act of Ultimed clemency eqraVntf, If ever there was atfmc that rejqairxl th rigid and unexcfptloi.jriLne execution of the lair of piracy to its . very letter, it is the present At any nfs perpetual and sohtary confinement are in- in- dispensibie. ; . 1 The fouowwg facts, from the Mercantile Advertiser of this morning, are now for the first time, brought to light, and on account of marshal abd two deputy sherifiYon horseback. Marshal Ijrincehi a carriage, accompanied by Sheriff Atstin,Vf Middlesex, and a carriage witK Surdson Austin;of the U. S. Navy, and followed I y a car with their coffins ; and the processior was closed by a deputy Marshall on liorsebacB 1 ? The prisoners "were clad in new . saUors' dress, appeared very suitably impressed with their situation. Thev were all vouner men, oce born in the United States, 'one in England and one In Scotland. ' On arriving at th6 place of execution, the Marshal read the death warrant, and then addressed the spectators spectators in his usual impressive and compassionate manner ; and the execution took place about twenty minutes before twelve. Holmes and Rosewairie appeared to die easy, but Warring-Ion, Warring-Ion, Warring-Ion, who was an .extremely stout robust man, S muggled some time, and had a hard death. The spectators . were extremely numerous W A il ana orderly. as me procession was passing our streets, the bell of the Old South Church tolled a 6olemn knell. The bodies have been delivered to the surgeons for dissection, agree- agree- aoiy to me sentence. bent. It isreallfan alarming fact to see to what I At ll ' tf - f . ' lengxn me science ( lor we may, irom its noto riety, denominate it such,) for counterfeiting bank bills,! has been carried. In some recent recent Instances it has deceived the officers of the banks themselves. We have, indeed, artists, but they are compelled to seek a subsistence abroad, for want of due patronage at home, What may be the consequences of such an al arming aad unprecedented state of things, it is The to tie duke nis the sieur attacked ter. known ed. aa. J uueu troops iamily uic havmg scheme the Bern's 10 shal sentinels and IllClirp beyond our power to ccnjecire. Thns has tne agonized leeungs 01 near relations, we con-1 con-1 con-1 or fwo Dat It has been taken bv a trentle f it J '. f 1.1- 1.1- - i L " less, inax oy any acciaem ine aisciosure nas j 0f this place and sent on to New-York New-York New-York now been made, as it only serves to tear open returted. ' It was so well executed that a niggardly parsimony, put in jeopardy the bills of our banks, and all this for want of proper en couragement to American artists. The following following is another instance. -; -; Bait. Morn. ' Chron. " Augusta, Geo. June 10. " A counterfeit Fifty Dollar Bill of the Bank of the. United States was exhibited here a day wounds afresh, which bad been cicatrized by the assuasive hand of time. Several vessels from this port hare never been heard of since their departure, the tale here told is well calculated calculated to excite the most painful conjectures. This vessel (the Patriot) had been employed in the late war as a privateer ; had a privateers crew on board, and if facts could be examined into, it would be found, we venture to say that most of the enormities of every sort, that have smce been committed on the high seas, have been committed by crews Who have been engaged in this species of irregular warfare. May it never again be permitted to disgrace our country. Fate (fthe Pilot Boat Patriot. It will be recollected by many of our readers number of persons to whom it was presented offeied tel receive it, and would willingly have changed it for other money. We are truly private that means military to the was tain penal some in covered sorry to see sucfc a correct representation ot The the paper of the United States' tank produ- produ- whom cedby the counterfeiting gentry against im- im- which positions from such bills the great mass of the tte community, can scarcely be guarded. The were appearance of the paper in this case was rather oily or greasy ; but the engraving and signing were so well executed that we have understood when the counterfeit bill was placed by the side of a good one, a person pretty much in the habit of receiving bank paper, was not able to designate the counterfeit one. It is probable many of mem are in circulation, and we pre sume it will be lound on lull experience. that durinsc the Ute war with England the above that no punishment short of death will ever named pilot boat was . despatched to Charles-, Charles-, Charles-, secure the community against the offence of ton for the purpose of bringing to this city, .counieneiung. Mrs. AUston, lady of the then Governor of "; South Carolina, and daughter of CoL Burr, I A Hard Drinker. A large Bass, weighing formerly Vice President of the U. S. Mrs. jhetween 50 and 60. pounds, was caught at Allston was in a delicate state of health at that Haddam, about twenty miles below this city. time, and unable to travel by land. Timothy j Upon opening it, it was found to contain a jvnk that lirecne, esq. ol this city, an intimate triend ol nwn, wnicn n is supposea must nave passed Uov. Allston's , family, proceeded to Uharies- Uharies- oeen aroppea over ooara irom some vessel or i i a a a. am.h run i rainrnr u.niif k nkintr nu iniv vinifi"ni Tries m wa xu uic puui uuat iw uic uurpuao vi ottuui- ottuui- 0 v -"j""o -"j""o "j i panymg Mrs. A. on the voyage, from thej oeep. uanjora Mir. j turn to the arrest ed in the of works, of A time they embarked and sailed from Charles ton, no tidings whatever had been heard of the Much stir was occasioned on Tuesday even- even- Royal vessel or any one on board It was at first sup- sup- ; irig by a discovery of a plot to rob the Philadel- Philadel- posed that the vessel must have been captured ; phia Bank. This bank has been once robbed, by a British cruizer,but alter a lapse of time that (about four years since bv a fellow who con- con- hope was abandoned. Notwithstanding the ceived the design, and put it in execution, of t0 i :u i v.. vi - r l ' , .i i, . . I wcuuicr was uiuu auu javuuxouic lur several ' firemnz mto tne vault, irom tne culvert under days after the vessel left Charleston, and such Jthe street: at that time, he entered the sewer as to render her loss mysterious : up to the ; in Market street, and troDed his wav about two present time, no other idea of the circumstance hundred yards, till he came opposite the vault prevailed, tnan that tne vessel might have loun- loun- dered at sea, or run under during a chase. But the mystery is at length developed for the honor of human nature, it were to be for We have collected the following circumstances ple? relative so the present attempt Monday, after night-fall, night-fall, night-fall, a person was seen to enter the sewer in Hudson's alley; and as the fellow who be wished the facts had never been revealed, and 'fore committed tlit robbery had been recently re- re- that the following horrible tale had been buri ed with the wretches who told it A gentleman recently from New Orleans, has communicated to a friend of the iamily of the late Mr. leased from the Penitentiary, the circumstances excited alarm. Tuesday morning, guards were placed at all the outle ts of the common sewer, and a search was set on foot In the afternoon, .the persons employed to ransack the sewer, discovered mining tools, consisting of a crow-bar crow-bar crow-bar and mattock, and a shovel: an Greene, that two of the Dirates. passen- lately sentenced to suffer death at New Or- Or- on I leans, confessed that they composed a part of died the crew of the abort Jruot Boat tratnot that umbrella handle containing a dirk, and a small fie I after being at sea two or three days, and near i batteaux, that had been carviedin from the mer; I tne more, ami alter plundering the passengers a bottle of spirit?, a great coat, some oil, &c. of a considerable sum of money, and plate be-! be-! be-! Guards Were kept at the outlets during the longing mostly to Mrs. Allston, they launched night, - as; it was supposed the robbers might is who to to are are the boat and scuttled the vessel, which soon , still be concealed in the subterraneous passages, filled and went down with the unfortunate m- m- mates confined below I . The dreadful tragedy St. performed in the dead of night ' These Mid Fri- Fri- sick, His on birth two and siek pr. yellow itjs Ilavsn Dalti auspi. ineie cpop wretches succeeded in reaching the shore with ; the boat, and had thus far escaped detection, and punishment for this horrible crime. " The above Puot Boat was pusehased during the late war by a company in this- this- city, and fit ted out as a privateer had made a cruize in the West Indies, and put mto Charleston to refit, where she was chartered to bring Mrs. Allston and others to New York. . Among the officers attached to tier, and wno nave never been heard of since they left Charleston, was Mr. Samuel Couna branch pilot of this port, who acted as sailing master, and it is supposed went down in her. JY. Jr. Juvt. FosL ' EXECUTION.. On Thursday last,: sentence of death was executed in r this town (Boston) on William Hlmes,'-; Hlmes,'-; Hlmes,'-; Edward Eosewame, aaoTnomai Varriiigtoni ahas. Thomas "Varfea . Fawcett, for the crimes of piracy and - murder, commit ted on board a prize schooner under one of th.3 .The criminal left tis jdl tbsut 10 o'cloclr ia km ccn wr-rcn, wr-rcn, wr-rcn, acccn:p:2a cy izz rev. i.r. Ti 1 il 4 iT s . uwasrumorea . uiac ine witness to a person entering the sewer, identified him with Jjear-ned," Jjear-ned," Jjear-ned," the robber above alluded to. The bat-teanx bat-teanx bat-teanx of course was concealed for- for- the purpose of transporting ? the contents of the vault of the Bank; and perhaps, firstly to carry away the dirL -s -s . . ' " . ; : SMALL CHANGE. In order to disseminate small change as extensively as possible through the dif- dif- ierent. pans oi ta unuea Rotates, tne r T-l T-l T-l ! t ,'', t r t J iuint m rrmaajipnia wiut aeiiyer on ac count ot the -Hank -Hank of the ynited States, Silver Dimes ten cent pieces3 .to any moderate amount, gay tor the present, not exceeaingouu aoiiars, in exenange ior an etuai amount in saver uuiuon or any foreign coins. '".' ; : Cents still continue to be delivered to any "desirable amount; in exchange for an equal amount in specie, or in any paper receivable'' at . the iBank of 4 the United States. :.j,:-:Y:-- :.j,:-:Y:-- :.j,:-:Y:-- :.j,:-:Y:-- :.j,:-:Y:-- v ;v. j..- j..- Cj"-;' Cj"-;' Cj"-;' ' i Publishers of newspapers in the idiCer- idiCer- be the we of I JLloren-te, vcJ51''-... ent States of the Unien, are requested to give the tbava cn ; ir:;rt;ca xa- xa- their res? ;cr- aUi:--, aUi:--, aUi:--, aUi:--, - V','.,-,'" V','.,-,'" V','.,-,'" 'J;''

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  • Pittsburgh Gazette and Manufacturing and Mercantile Advertiser, July 3, 1820, page 2

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