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1945_0715__State Juvenile Reform Schools Are Criticized-Anderson_pg33 [11B] - Sfcrfe Juvenile Reform Schools Are Criticized y...
Sfcrfe Juvenile Reform Schools Are Criticized y W. J. ANDERSON Bey teeut Executive Tha history of "Tha Great State of Tenneease" brings ta th for tb bright spots of a noble and worthy people, tabulated in attrac tive form ainc "Th Wlldsrness" was severed from North Carolina in m&. We cherish ths name Volunteer State. We relate th record of th mountaineer squirrel hunt er at New Orleans and boast or our long record of ateady de velopment. When a rail- Ktf- y; r Bobby Sox Anderson road president rolls up in a private car. Fits Hall conducts htm through Vsndsrbilt and Peabody and points out tha Parthenon in beautiful Cen tennial. Tha Chamber of Commerce meets a celebrity at the airport, cariie him out to tha Hermit age, through the induatrial aection and dines him at tha Belle Meade Country Club. Chancellor Car- michael shows tha visiting college president through on of th top medical schools or the world. Misnamed Reformatory no guest la hauled out to Jor- donla or up to Plkaville. No lead ing man is besmirched in our state's outstanding crime, misnamed reformatories, sordid holes where criminals have long been de veloped from juvenile delinquents. Past decades have seen these fac tories of crime serve ss political plums to satiate the palates of the political ins. An ignorant or Indifferent legis lature Is the prime delinquent of the cas at bar. To this honored group is committed the state's wel fare. Back in the distance the mentality of this body gave. birth to the present abortions. Succeeding law-makers havs nourished the monstrosity with the same loving care and tender devotion accorded a vicious lamb by a kindly wolf. Estsblishsd Custom We despise to deviate from established custom or law since we cannot look Into a faulty brain The twisted form, ths hopeless cripple, the individual in. perpetual darkness enlists our deepest sympathy. The vast majority of delinquent cases is a result of environment and come from a brain we call nor mal. All the latter group reflect a definite failure on the part of the community. They all call for correction and our answer is pun ishment The vast majority of the boys at the two reformatories come from homes of the lowest income bracket. The head of the house has little influence. His voice Is less than a whisper in the ear of the politician. He has little weight on election day. His son ha accepted feel so conspicuous! My the schooling of the streets and alley. Ha traveled the path that lay before htm. Tha iron hand or the law graapa 1 undernourlahed arm and leads it down the road to ruin and to hell. The parent bide tha condemned son a long farewell and bitterly accepts the law of life. His dearest possession nas oeen sold Into slavery by an Indifferent public. The rest or the way is grief. This is no criticism 01 w. uaines Lynch. I believe in that fellow. His devotion to duty raises mm far above the common level. A brighter hope Invests Itself now in all of us who cherish the interests of youth. It is my feeling that no cleaner, better balanced man has filled the governor's chair sine John Sevier, than the one who sits at tha moment. The next legislature may listen to what he has to say. Somebody must lead their thinking. Criticism without a constructive plan? No. C. C. Menzler, the state's outstanding institutional head carries the answer. You and I can write tha ticket in the next election. Two couraea lie out In front. We can continue to live supinely and send our wayward boy to ultimate ruin, or we can adopt a tested plan of action that will re deem him to the society that pays the bill for his present keep and final loss.

Clipped from
  1. The Tennessean,
  2. 15 Jul 1945, Sun,
  3. Page 33

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