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avery apr 29 2005 - Woman from Police lineup tips Who should...
Woman from Police lineup tips Who should conduct a lineup? The person who conducts the lineup or photo . array should not be aware of which member of the lineup or photo array is the suspect. Perhaps the most important procedural recommendation is the use of sequential lineup procedures. In this process, the eyewitness views only one lineup member and decides whether or not this is the accused before viewing another lineup member. This procedure has been clearly demonstrated to produce fewer mistaken identifications than the more traditional simultaneous presentations of the past. How should a victim or witness be instructed prior to a lineup procedure? Eyewitnesses should be told explicitly that the person in question might not be present and therefore they should not feel obligated to make an identification. They should also be informed that the person administering the lineup does not . know who the suspect is. How do you best set up a lineup or photo array? Suspects should not stand out as being different than fillers." Rather, fillers (nonsus-pects) should be carefully chosen based upon the eyewitness's earlier description of the perpetrator . or based on other factors that would not draw extra attention to the suspect. . You should obtain a statement as to the eyewitness's confidence. A clear statement should be documented from the eyewitness at the time of the identification as to their confidence that this is the actual criminal. This can be done in their own words immediately following an identification. It is important that this be done prior to any feedback from officers or other witnesses connected to the event. The state Department of Justice recommends the use video andor audio taping for the lineup and the eyewitness. Taping has several powerful advantages although they present challenges, limitations and additional costs beyond what some agencies can reasonably address. The justice department acknowledges that videotaping might help prevent suggestive influence and we encourage its use whenever possible while ; recognizing the inherent difficulties of the recommendation. State Department of Justice Avery case supports eyewitness reform BY JOHN LEE Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers GRAND CHUTE Every day, Penny Beerntsen lives with the fact that the man she identified as the assailant who raped her 20 years ago in Two Rivers is the real victim. "I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me," she said of learning that DNA tests had cleared Steven Avery in her 1985 rape and attack after he had served 18 years of a 32-year prison sentence, largely because of identifications she made in a photo lineup and live lineup of suspects. "The day I found out I was involved in that miscarriage of justice I wanted to die." But instead Beerntsen, who moved to Illinois eight months ago, has dedicated herself to working with victims, working in Restorative Justice programs and telling her story Thursday, she spoke to about 80 police executives at Fox Valley Technical College on the state Justice Department's recommendations for "best practices in eyewitness identification." Wisconsin Atty Gen. Peg Laut-enschlager said the session here was the first of five in the state to explain the DOJ recommendations to police. In general, the recommendations cover who should conduct a lineup, how a witness should be instructed prior to the lineup, how to best set up a lineup and obtaining a statement from the witness at the time of the lineup. Beerntsen, who has worked with justice projects in Wisconsin and is now working with one at Northwestern University said she welcomes the recommendations proposed by Lauten-schlager's department. "There are many states with many more exonerations than Wisconsin that have not responded to reform," she said. The day she was raped in July 1985, Beerntsen was with her husband and daughter at Neshota Park in Two Rivers when she decided to go jogging. NOTDCE CITY OF GREEN BAY YARD WASTE DISPOSAL PROGRAM END OF SPRING LOOSE YARD WASTE COLLECTION The City of Green Bay Department of Public Works will make its last rotation through the City for collecting loose yard waste the week of May 2, 2005. No loose yard waste will be collected after the end of the workday on Friday, May 6, 2005 until collection begins in the fall of 2005. Residents who have leaves left for collection must have them out to the curb by 7:00 a.m. on their regular garbage collection day. Crews will collect the leaves on the same day that your garbage is collected May 2 through May 6, 2005. YARD WASTE DROP OFF CENTERS Throughout the growing season, residents may continue to bring their yard waste to either of the City's two (2) yard waste drop-off sites. The yard waste drop-off sites are located at 2530 East Shore Drive on the east side and 1470 Hurlbut Street on the west side. The sites will remain open through the fall of 2005 weather permitting. The hours of operation are as follows: Every Day: 8:00 A.M. UNTIL SUNSET Information concerning the above program may be obtained by calling the Department of Public Works - Operations Division at 492-3731 from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. or visit the City's web site at www.ci.green-bay.org DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS About a mile away, a man came out from under a fallen tree, chased her and put her in a chokehold. He beat her around the head, broke her nose and held her throat until she was unconscious. When she awoke, she crawled toward the beach, slipping in and out of consciousness from a concussion, and tried to keep her hand which she used to scratch him, and where she saw blood held up to preserve evidence. Within a three-hour period in the hospital, a female deputy interviewed her. Police zeroed in on Avery within hours, since he was a neighbor of the deputy's, and since he was on bond awaiting trial for a charge of reckless endanger-ment after allegedly trying to force a woman into his vehicle. She picked him out of eight photos and worked with a police sketch artist. ' Avery was arrested that day, and she picked him out of a lineup a couple of days later. "I picked Steven Avery again. He was the only person in both the live lineup and the photo array" she said. By the time he went to trial, she had heard about his prior convictions, and was sure he was the man. Manitowoc police called her about another suspect a couple days after the attack, and it was eventually that man, Gregory Allen, who was convicted of assaulting her, through use of DNA evidence. Police were tailing him, but hadn't checked him since the morning of her attack. After the attack, Beerntsen said she became suicidal, and felt she was worthless to her husband and children. While Avery's case went through unsuccessful appeals, she got involved in restorative justice programs, got trained as a mediator and worked with victim impact panels. "Little did I realize how much I was going to learn because of what the men shared with me," she said of victim impact panels in prisons. "We all make mistakes in life. The ultimate apology is how you live the rest of your life." Besides the injustice to Avery, she also wonders how many other people became victims because Allen was free for several years after he assaulted her. He was eventually convicted of raping a woman in Green Bay in 1995, and was also suspected of killing a girl in North Carolina when he was in service, Beerntsen said. "I was devastated with learning to live with myself." People, including Avery, tell her the false conviction wasn't her fault. "Intellectually I know that, but my heart hasn't caught up yet," she said. John Lee writes for Tne Post-Crescent of Apple-ton Pope His Faith has Vatican City, Tuesday 8:55 AM He has no weapons or armies, yet Pope John Paul II is unquestionably one of the most powerful forces on earth.Through his unprecedented travels throughout the world he has inspired a generation and touched the lives of more people than any other pope in history. Through it all, he never forgot his humble roots growing up in Poland t-and Poland has never forgotten him. In tribute of his 25th anniversary as pontiff, Poland issued an official legal tender commemorative coin. 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  1. Green Bay Press-Gazette,
  2. 29 Apr 2005, Fri,
  3. Page 13

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