Montana Butte Standard • 21-October-1933

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Montana Butte Standard •  21-October-1933 - *W*^VJ" CLARK ROADS LEAD THERE ^ ANOTHER CLOSE...
*W*^VJ" CLARK ROADS LEAD THERE ^ ANOTHER CLOSE OPENING KICKOFF Today's Player Statistics Members of State University Squad No. Name H—Hartsell, Louis 12—Link, Elmer 16—Sullivan, John ! n—Envery, Cal 18—Kent, Edison ' 19_-Ben$on, Prank ' 20—Crowley, Cale , 28—Nelson, Roy 21— Anderson ~..... 21—Reynolds, Linwood . 22~-Rhinehart, Naseby . 23—Hlleman. William 24^-Stansb8rry, Robert , 25 -Wllcox,-Charles <!6—Sayatovich, George 27—Hawke, William 28—Newgard, Morris 30—Story, Leland 33—Kuka, Leonard 3-1—Wagner. Joe 35—Previs, John 3G—Kuka. George 37—Heller. Albert 38—Dahlberg, Alfred ! 39—Carpenter. Kenneth ' 40—Roberts, James 41—Bergeson, Bennie . 42—Lockrirtge, Leon ........ 43—Zempke, Hubert 44^—Jackson,' George ' 45—Gratton, Roger . 47—Elastic, Henry 71—McCall. Rodney . 77—Brandenburg, Herb Pos.Yrs. Ex. ....E 0 ...G a ...G 0 ..Qb ..Hb ....G ...Qb ....T ....T . ...G ' E ...Fb ...Hb C ....C ....G ....E ...Fb T . ..Qb ....T T E ....C T ,..Hb • ...Qb B ....G T . ..Fb ...Qb E ....E . Wt 174 . 158 160 175 172 160. 168 197 ISO. 186 183 . 182 182 195 181 192 173 162 196 154 188 192 171 168 181 157 129 168 161 160 163 157 160 170 Home City ....... Anaconda Billings ,..., Butte i Miles City Dillon ..American Falls, Ida. Butte Anaconda Jackson Butte Milwaukee, WIs. Whitcfish Norfolk, Neb. Stevensville Anaconda Butte Kallspell Winnett ...'. Havre Missoula Thompson Falls Chicago, 111. Twin Bridges Butte Hamilton Billings ..Billings WhlteJlsh iMissoula Helena Mi&soula Chicago, 111. Silverton, Ore. Miles City GRIZZLY COACHING STAFF. Head Coach—B. P. "Bunny" Oakes, University of Illinois, Backfield Coach—Harry Adams, University of Montana. Line and Krosh Coach—A. J. Lewandowskl, University of Nebraska. Assistant Frosli Coach—August Vidro. University of Montana. Business Manager—Kirk Badgley, University of Montana. Varsity Manager—Thomas Roe. University of Montana. Members of State College Squad . No. Name 5—McBride, Kenneth 13—Benson, William 14—Dunckel, John .18—Allen, Ross 19—RuEieli, Barton ; 24—Oliver, Alan 31—Parke. George (C) ' 33—Burns, Dick 34—Harrison. John * 35—Coey. William 36—Kravik. Gay :- 37—Jacobson, Walter 38—Dyer, Harold •> 35 —Harding, Ed |40—Eastman; Gordon'. r- 43—Bi-uokner, Clarence 44—Jacobson, Garvin ... 45—Walker. Norman 48—Norris, Cliff - 47—Anderson, Don 48 -Krisman, Emii .. '... ,. 49—Edwards, Louis 50—Dale. Carle-ton . 51—Steiner. Joe 52—Pentllla, Bill 54—Baitzell. Jack 55— Nagel, Charles 82—Heringer, Jack , 84—Duncan, Don ., 82 -Ancell, Jack Pos.Yrs. C ....T . ..Hb ...Hb . ..Fll E . ..Hb ..'. .E . ..Hb ...,E a ...Hb ....G E . ..Qb T E T ....G C C ...Hb . .. . E ...Fb O ....G ....T G ...Qb Esp. Wi. 0 172 0 185 148 152 112 152 150 165 172 155 168 no 135 160 163 170 no no 160 170 162 175 188 185 182 ISO 188 S55 145 i45 Home City Bozaman Fromberg Livingston .Helena, Billings Ennis Glasgow Helena Bozeman Deer Lodge Havre Ovando Lewis town , Bozeman L'ewistown Anaconda Alexander. N. D. '.. ..Helena .Fort Shaw Miles City F " L Helena Mlton ,lings Lewlstown .Roberts Bozeman ....Butte . — Billings .Billings Pomona, Cal. BOBCAT COACHING STAFF. Head Coach.—Schubert Dyche, University of Colorado. Frosh and Ass't Coacli—John Breeden, Montana State College. Business Manager—Pat Doian, Montana. State College. Student aianaser—Louis Spain, Montana- State College. OFFICIALS. Referee—Robert "Bobby" Morris, Seattle, \Vash. Umpire—Mike Henry, Butte. Head Linesman—C. S. Hicks. Lewistown. Field Judge—Fred Dayliss, Billings. TROJAH COACH WANTS GAELS Oil ; SACRAMENTO, Cal., Oct. 19.— KUR1—Coach Howard Jones of the " University of Southern California 'said here he "disliked the Idea of , '(Playing St. Mary's next season, but ..I don't make the schedules." Aheavy schedule of games, including including a tilt with Pittsburgh, will give the Trojans little rest, Jones said. 'Jones did not say his team would avoid a game next season with the alloplng Gaels of Moraga,-defeated 14 to 7 last week after z. terrjfic struggle. He Raid .nerely that he did not like the prospect of meeting the strong St. Mary's team, due to hi already overburdened schedule for next season. "I don't dictate who we will play," said Jones. THOUSANDS TO SEE CAT-BRUIN GO HERE TODAY Grizzly Weight Expected to Be Offset by Aggy Speed in Chapter 35 of Colorful Grid Feud. (Continued From Page 1.) leading sports amphitheater as the bruising, power attack so typical of all Grizzlies, parries the snapping, snaring versatile offensive of the Aggies. Both Squads in TOJI Shape. While Coach "Bunny" Cakes' Grizzlies lay resting and snarling last night in their lair at Anaconda. Coach Schubert Dyche kept his Bobcats at home in Bozeman. their claws bared for action, nevertheless. Tile coaches reported their squads in top physical condition, the best either have been in for their annual feud renewals over a period of many years. Grizzlies, despite their 19-to-7 defeat defeat last year, continue as slight favorites to w:n as old grads from both schools and other fans from every corner of Montana star'-d their invasion of Butta for the "big game." Advance seat sales in MIs- souia. Bozeman. Helena, Great Falls, Lewlstown, Billings, Anaconda, and smaller centers have passed all previous previous records, assuring a record crowd on hand wiisn Referee Bobby Morris of Seattle blows the opening whistle. Close Game Assured. These teams, building their season's season's hopes primarily on tills one major clash, always put up a great battle. It took 21 years for the Bobcats Bobcats of 1029; the first coached by Dyche, to end a Grizzly run of victories. victories. Orin Tiv.'lde's drop kicks converted converted the added points for a 14-12 verdict. The next two years the Grizzlies had things o 1 ' their own way, although in 19" .ue Bobcats figured much the ' ,,i. Last year Ihe Grizzlies, figured to have B big edge, went astray and R nimble- footed bunch of Cats streaked through for a 19-7 ma.rgin. • They figure even this time. Neither have the years of experience behind players but both have more speed and both are Inspired to fever pitch. The Bobcats have several fine backs to replace Buzzetll but will have trouble replacing the mighty Hazen at guard and McLean at c?nter. The Grizzlies have more offensive threat with the addition of Elastic to the backfield, this sophomore find running n kickoff back 06 yards on the way to a Grizzly touchdown that almost defeated defeated Washington State last Saturday. Saturday. Grizzlies, on the other hand, lost some great ends and have been experimenting feverishly to replace them. Whether they figure strong or weak both teams are always tops against each other. They'll be hot again today. All the Old Color, and More. All the old color of this old classic will be re-enacted, and there will be more of it. The parades, each school having more than 1,000 rooters rooters coming In with their bands, will dazzle the business district before noon." Ticket sales close at the Chamber of Commerce at 10:30 this morning with the"general admission sale at Clark park to open at 12:30, by which time special street cars will leave Park and Main streets, for the park every few minutes. Manager E. J. Nash of the Buttc Electric Street Railway company, bpcrator of the park, reported last night that Ground Keeper John Evans and his crew have the playing field under control. It was in great shape yesterday and a crew of experts experts will be on hand at daylight this morning to battle snow, mud Peak of Grid ILLINOIS AND ARMY ELEVENS CLASH AT CLEVELAND Rival Ends Here Today GRIZZLIES NASEBY HHINEHART. (Milwaukee, Wit.) ALBERT HELLER. (Twin Bridges) These rival wingmon will be much In evidence at Clark park here this afternoon. For the Grizzlies Khinehart showed flashes last year and U better, as is Keller, who had lo go big to crash Into a regular lierth. For the Bobcats Dale and Cocy were built up last year and arc going good. Dale also being a great field goat kicker. or anything else the elements might throw at them. Show Most Pep Ever. Loud speakers are Installed, musical musical and fireworks displays will surpass the great shows of the past and there Is every reason to believe the game, for thrills, will, too. Every outlying city has surpassed Its best previous sale of advance seats. Butte Chamber of Commerce athletic conimlttcemen have toured the state and put on unprecedented pep rallies. The fans of Buttc are expected today io respond to the supreme urge and help make It one of the biggest football crowds ever assembled In Montana. Starting lineups for today's game were announced by the rival coaches last night as: Bobcats. Position Grizzlies. Dale Rhlnehart Left End Nagel Jj. Kuka Left Tackle Dyer Reynold* Left Guard Krlsman Sayatovlch Center Baitzell Hawke (C.) Right Guard Walker Carpenter Right Tackle Harding Heller Right End Eistman Emery Quarterback Parke (C.) Stansberry Left Halfback Edwards Hlleman Right Halfback Steiner Story Fullback LEWISTOWN SENDS MANY. LEWISTOWN, Oct. 20. — (V\ — large delegation of football fans from this section of Montana left tonight for Butte to witness the Slate university-State college game tomorrow. Another group will depart depart tomorrow morning. Unusual Interest was created by the fact that three former members of the high school here—Harolc 1 "Corky" Dyer, Gordon Eastman and Joe Steiner — are State college players. Crowley Out for BOBCATS CARLETON DALE. (Billings) WILLIAM COEY (Deer Lodge) Bierman Denies Salary Rupture at Minnesota MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 20.— (/!»( Coach Bernle Biennan of tho University University of Minnesota football stniad denied today a published report he had resigned, effective at the cloec of the present season. . "I haven't resigned and don't know anything about it,' 1 Biennan said. The report was that Bierman, former former Tulnnc coaoh, now In his second second season, at Minnesota, was leaving leaving because of a salary cllMigrcc- mont. He Is a Minnesota alumnus fine: captained the last Gopher team lo win the ni(j Ten title, In 1015. President Lotus D. Coffman, of the university denied there was any truth to the report a.s did Rufm R. Rand jr., members of Ihc board of regents. AN rising other Lhe October's like loaders highlights plon, lo a the for first season nols of assault Pittsburgh, will tho and Ing State and by an and Ing Tho fear. with lilts since 60,000 Romans to See Camera Bout M position will who 100 HOME. Oct. 20. — run — W o r 1 d Heavyweight Champion Prlmo Car ncra and his challenger. Paulino Uzcurlun of Rpaln, today (wnpln training for their world's title bout to be held Sunday at the PlnzzA Dl Siena. A sudden demand for admission tickets developed today and kd off! clals lo predict ft crowd of at leant j 60,000. Bhop windows In the main I section of the city as well ns the i little stores in the outlying Motions j were IlieralJy plastered v/Jlh placards | advertising the fight and with pho- | tographs of the "Cnrnplone p^on- ; dlale" and his basriue advorsary. I Crowds were arriving tonight.! many coming from part', of F'.aly on i special trains which offered Induce- ! ment of a 70 per cent fare rctluc- i tlon. absence due to injuries. Morato is j is high, spirit splendid and determl- ! nation evident. • i The Grizzlies have bc'-n hampered j by four days of continuous rain, ; which left the field in prx>r condition condition for practice and gave little op- j portunlty to perfect plays as Coach ! Oakes desired. BUI Hawke, Unite, i guard, is captain for the Bobcat | game.

Clipped from Montana Butte Standard21 Oct 1933, SatPage 10

Montana Butte Standard (Butte, Montana)21 Oct 1933, SatPage 10
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