Weddings, Visitors, Out of Town, and Returns for Louisville, 6 May 1888

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Weddings, Visitors, Out of Town, and Returns for Louisville, 6 May 1888 - Weddings, Tbe nMu-riage nMu-riage nMu-riage of...
Weddings, Tbe nMu-riage nMu-riage nMu-riage of Mr. Charles Kriecer and Miss Annie Heeksmp took piaeeat the residence of the bride' parent on last Thuraday evening. After the ceremony the guests partook of aa ale-rant ale-rant ale-rant supper, aad toe yount; couple left for a lour The engagemaat ot Mr. Louis Mossier, of Lebaooa, Ind.. to Man Enuna Oppeabetmer, of this city, la announced. Cards have been received' m that caty aa-noimcing aa-noimcing aa-noimcing the marriage of Mr. N. O. Heediy aad Miss Florence CnapoeU, wbieh ia to be solemn-.lzedat solemn-.lzedat solemn-.lzedat the residence of tha brine' parents la cada. Ky., at high noon. May. Mr. Heauly I General Agent for Kentucky, of tha Given. HeadleyAOa, Tobacco Wareacnaa of tafctcity. Mha Cbappeil will be moat piaasanUy remembered remembered as one of th graduate of .Holyoke Aosd-emy Aosd-emy Aosd-emy ia (87s. Vial tare. Mies Marie Jan Herr at vaating bar aunt, Mra. a W. Hrr, ewe Ughth street. MrvLucy tKone Black well, of Boston, wiU be tbe guest of Mra. Avery, during tha present week. She ia to lecture in tbe aaait hall of the Fmyteehaio oa Monday night oa Womaa Suffrage. Suffrage. J Mrs. H. W. Hunt, nee Eugenie Contmaadeur, of Odaago, is vhiting bar parents. Ms. and Mrs. Mrs. M. E. Allan, of Trim hi oounty. Mvkdt-ing Mvkdt-ing Mvkdt-ing her daughter, Mrs. R. M. Hnghsa. MhaesLulaand Maud Ur ana. of Ctsrksvina, Tennessee, wul be with Mr. aad Mrs. Wesley Draaa,atNo7U W. Chestnut, during the Dra-suatie Dra-suatie Dra-suatie Festival. r, -Mrs, -Mrs, Banlett, ot New Orlesaa, Is lbs guest of Mr. Henry CburculU. -Mrs. -Mrs. Tom Mitchell, of Bowling Green, visit Miss Anns Cowles thia week. Mr. Witt BirnarJaaa, of Msade couatv. spas aevoral day la the city last week, th guest ot Mrs. Mack Scanner -and -and Mia Maul dark. . Mrs. David Niabat, of EvaasviU, I vkdtiag Mr. W. H. Frayaer, S00 Fifth areea. Mr. Louis Mossier, ot Lebanon, IneL. wfil be in the city to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow visiting Mr. aad Mrs, L. OppssdMMsasr, No. Ms East Broadway. - " ' -Mis -Mis Ma Bruce Brnnn, of tte a!or clam of ths Cincinnati Wesley an Oauejr. accompanasl br Mow Dorr Magrath, of Athena, Ohio, at yiaaV lag her pareat at So. 7X7 Fifth sienna Mrs. J. W. Spotts, of Uriaodo. Florida, at here, and wiU spend the summer with bar mother, Mra E. Meteaif, SI 14 Floyd street. : Mr. and Mr. 3. J .' Chandler, Mrs. W. B. Hmkle, Mrs. U. P. Bacon. Mies Bacon, Miss Ragoa, Mr. Clarearo Htakla, of Kvaasrrllle, ,'"vn aad , Mr. 8. A. Fowler, of Psdocah, wUl form a. party for th Booth-Barrett Booth-Barrett Booth-Barrett BranuUio Festival. Mrs. and Miss Bacon are expected la th city 00 Tuesday evening- evening- They vrtu be A,nests of toe Louiavuie Hotel. '. , Mis Rid Watklns, cf Owens bora, and Monday, and will spend several week with Miss Annie MeClarty, Louisville HoteL Miss Maggie Evans, of Owensboro, wul visit relatives la tbe city this weak. Hku Cora Xallau, ot Madiaon, IL. I visiting Misses FlUa-erald. FlUa-erald. FlUa-erald. Parkland. Mies Mamie Gist, of New Castle, Is the guest ot Mr. Goorge Dou. -Mr. -Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Venablo ar Tl si ting Mrs. B. P.. Mitchell. His Perey Coffee and Miss r"annierlxw-rsnoe, r"annierlxw-rsnoe, r"annierlxw-rsnoe, of Memphis, will arrive here about May 15 to visit Mis Masai Kennedy. Mrs. Cjarenco Megtemry, ot Birmingham, Ala., I the guest ot Mi. Ben Currey. Mis Lltsle Kelly, ot Forest, Is ThiUag Mi Sell Unnt. Oat nt Town. -Man -Man Mary Pope McKay is Hatting her sister, Mrs. C BL Gordon at Buwdahaca. Ala. Mrs. J. F. McKay Is vtatthur her daughter. Mrs. a B. Gordon, at Birmingham. Ala. Mrs. Kenning and Man Lull Henalng left last night for New York. Mrs. U C Wolf oik ia epsadtag a few day In tbe country with her oeuat, Miaa Faaai BaU Herr. Mra. Cl.K. Jonas Veft Thursday for Brooklyn Brooklyn to spend the aanunar. Miss Sophia Smith has goo to Pews Valley to spend th aunumer. Mr. George Bottle want to IadiaaapoU Friday Mrs. Thos. MeyasD left Friday to spend the aa miner with relative la Atlanta. Ga. Miss Carrie Heynell has removed te SOS East Broadway. She wul leave about tae let of June to Join her mother ia Atlanta. Mr. E. C Warm toft Thiirsday for a trip to Maw Glea Harris Is visiting Mas Kate Green fat Frankfort. Mr. and Mrs. John Otter sail far Bartons Bartons June 1. Mr. aod Mrs. J. Todd left for New York Friday. tytaU for Europe oa ths nth. Mrs. Annie Cunningham nod Mis, Dot. tie cuaolnxham leave next lueaaay- lueaaay- for Indian ISrrUurr. tu remain durinx the Retara. . Mr. and Mrs. Et A. Bali returned bon Thursday Thursday last.- last.- . i v . ' Mrs. Cyrus Marsh returned after a pleasant visit ia St. Louis. Ur aad Mrs. Will pUcher (nee Ooea). Lsv returned returned front Old Pout Comfort aad the East and wiU reside at 1344, New Broadway. . . -TJ. -TJ. & Murahal Grass returned yestsrday aaora-lag aaora-lag aaora-lag trout a week's viau to hi home ia Brecxia-ndge Brecxia-ndge Brecxia-ndge county. While there be sddad by pur. chase sou more acre to his farm and picked up several .dJitional pouads of flesh. Mra. . IX Carle left Thursday alga far her borne in Tuxedo. X. Y. Mr. Katie Vngeraad Mias Msnuo Safer wOl 'y'r The TV J eL,l UTiile Cut Telephone 1S88, rlhr 2. Catalocaa fre. and reliable, F. WALKER Opposite Hem Custom House, return Monday front Madison, after , a Tans to Mr. Weber. Mra. John ItTddWon returned Wdndy trn ladlsaapolis Mr. aad Mrs. W. H. Ceen Mas Hayes, of Btehaaond. who has bean visit- visit- lag Miss Luea Harris. returned Thursday. Miss Lucy Hill. of Isnrlagtea. whoass beea th gust ot Mis Wicxlige. returned hnsnoTos. dsy. . Mrs. AUc wnJiamaon, aftar spndlng the winter at Hot 8oriags. Arit, has returned honvs. Mrs. Cyrus Marsh returned noaa last Tuesday, Tuesday, after a vast la St. Louis. Mist Effle Ewtag. who- who- has been Tlait-iac Tlait-iac Tlait-iac Mis - Lotta Matlkew. fv,we yaUey. reinrnedyeterdajr to her JJXt envilla. - a . , Mis Tboeaaso'n. who was 'the wwnt of her sister. Mr. J. C. Mererraa. returned, to SewcasUe too nrat.ol tna wee. - Mrs. J. M. Athertott and Mr.' Peter Los Athetton have returned irooi : llorida. v Mrs. Mnrrajr KeUar ha ; returned fJunt Hot nprlnics. . . . . . Mr. Gersrd Stuyresset Jet yesterday tor. her homo la ew. York, x -.-...-.. -.-...-.. -.-...-.. -.-...-.. -.-...-.. -.-...-.. . Mas JJalL of dociiinaU. wt ta wtnlk- wtnlk- lng Ml IXxie bhouse. returns, thi . IIan4ttn(ll. . . BepUnsTfUe, May g SpeelsL Mr. J. C Walton ha gone ta Isliou, Cia. Miss Ada Sod tt visiting la NsthTfllet Ml Alien Anderson, of Bibb Furnace. tin, Is vlaiUng relative here.. Ilev. K. L. POweO. the eloquent young pastor of the First Chrtmlan ehurrh. Lou- Lou- ikVUie, will begin, a prwuacied ntoeiing her SEE Geraslnms, w3,aai$,per UladJalas, tirajwa Mk; Paatie. eltr. Oe Sr

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 06 May 1888, Sun,
  3. Page 6

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  • Weddings, Visitors, Out of Town, and Returns for Louisville, 6 May 1888

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