1890 F4 tornado

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1890 F4 tornado - B1A1M i lid LouIsYillc Tisltcd Ey the Storm...
B1A1M i lid LouIsYillc Tisltcd Ey the Storm Demon Last ETenln;. The Greatest Calamity That Has Occnrred In Its History. Over a Hundred LI res Lost, and Xillions of Dollars of .ropertj Destroyed. Tha Path cf tha Tornado Through tha City Marked Br -Death. -Death. Tbe Horrors ef Conflagration Added T the Other Fearful Destruction. Destruction. JaffcrioaTule Visited and ITins Blocks of Houses Blows Down, Bat 5 o Lives Lost. NEW JM.BATCg'3 ESCAPE. Louisville waa visited last evening KM acd tugs moored along the river bank was sufficiently protected- protected- to ride out the violence of the passing tornado, and. beyond one or two boats blown loose and into the flooded channels, no accidents or losses are reported from that quitrter. The Seventh-street Seventh-street Seventh-street Depot Is wrecked, and its fall will blockade temporarily traftio over the elevated railway upon the river's front. ' ' Immense damage it done in the warehouse warehouse and wholesale district, west ef Sixth street on Mam. The magnificent lobacco storajre block erected not long ago by the Snavyer-Wallaee Snavyer-Wallaee Snavyer-Wallaee Company, ia an unsightly mass of ruins: and this is onfc one of a number on the appalling appalling list. The most hearyt-breakuag hearyt-breakuag hearyt-breakuag event oO the whole calamitous time is the terrible loss of human life in the shattered Falls City Market building. : Scores ot men and women were in at tendance upon lodge meeting in that structure when it was crushed to kindling kindling wood, and ail through the dreadful night their mangled and dead forms were being drawn out by fatigue parties of rescuers. " . . To add to the distraction of the authority authority several conflagrations broke out amid the wreckage at various points, and taxed the utmost efforts of the fire brigade for hours to. prevent their spreading spreading in a general holocaust. KM !.! 51KS. MAKY. llAfcSOX, Seventeenth and Lytic streets. ' . MISS AXME NYLES, Portland avenue, between Sixteenth and Seventeenth. MKS. MrXAUUHLIN, Eighteenth and Baird streets. MJCS. .HKLLK LKLLOFF, Seventeenth and Lytle streets. S1KS. rLTZUSOX, Nineteenth and Walnut streets. TOil 1TTF, works Avery foundry. HU wife's back wits broken. Mlo. NUT TALL, JeTersin street, between between Lleventh and Twelfth. wmAmm Clarence Lewii. Ticket Agent, Union Depot, back sprained. , . - . Mrs. Louis Wtitnin. Market street between Tenth and Eleventh, back broken. lorn Moore, injured about body.' Green FowelL colored, 218 Guthrie street, porter Union Depot, shoulder dislocated. dislocated. Fred Stone. 1004 West Green, street, driver Louisville Transfer Company, left leg dudocated. John Morrow, Charlcstown, Ind., left hand cut. hurt in side. H nry Seeger. Fifteenth and Walnut, leg broken. - " August liman. Sixteenth and Magc-ziiie, Magc-ziiie, Magc-ziiie, fatally crushed in left breast. NiCK iit-mau, iit-mau, iit-mau, same place, badly cut in tbe liead. bin. Chiistopher Hoffcnheimer, Eighteenth, Eighteenth, near Maple; badly injured about the head. Muj. Gait, Eighteenth and Broadway; besides his wife and'lwo daughtcts bad ly hurt, but not dangerous. The aunt of John Emerich ; badly hurt about tha head ; will die. . ' . Mrs. Trotter, colored. Thirteenth and Madison ; leg broken. Lieutenant Howard, Grrett street, between between . thirteenth and Fo-irteenth, Fo-irteenth, Fo-irteenth, two cliildren ; slightly injured about the bead. Dr. Mueuct.. Walnut street, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth; fatally injured injured about the head, and spine dis located. . . Mrs. Muguct, badly hurt about the head but not fntatly. . Thomas Funk, both legs broken. The following eU;ht colored men were ail badly hurt .at Eclii Hall while holding a session of i 'Aditn Lodge, I O.O.F. . . ' Jim Brown ; hurt about tbe bead. Nicif Newmin; both ankle dislocate!. Phil Smith; badly cut on the head, Ben Wlch: badly itruined on body. Frank Bcoldey; bad out about the head. William Meredith: cut on head. ' O-IAECn TUX r r, r r r. Tho Frl-htful Frl-htful Frl-htful Calamity At Falls City ILall. Cyclone's Wrath Centered On a Lodge and Dancing SchooL The Building TTreeted and OTcr . 200 Teople Baried In' ' the Ruins. Helpless Victims That. Died of . Suffocation Or Crushed 33 ? . ceatb Falling Tiabers, l ire Eretcs Oat And Koa&tt the t'u-fortnnates t'u-fortnnates t'u-fortnnates Spared For Its V , Tortures. Hind Can Not Imagine, Fen Can . Not Picture the Awful Soenes r . .. . That Followed. , PARTIAL " LIST OF LOST. The dirert calamity of all was the de-" de-" de-" PAGES. At the first quake of. the hall, she said a mad rush was made for the; entrance. Women were knocked down and trampled upon in the mad haste to escape .' Seeing the overwhelming jsm at the door Mrs. Kelly and several remained behind reckless reckless as to their fate. The List she, taw of her friends was Just Lcfore ths floor gave way and the ceiling fclL The work wus continued,' but none of those whom Mrs. Kelly is id were near her could be found. The eseavation was then moved from the rear of the. building to the front, where it was supposed the frreater crowd - at falls was gathered. . As soon as the roofing was removed and the mass of brick beneath, the first sight that met the ETITW fME (DYCLdME rceogtdredjlied while receiving the last tacratneut. A Toun.f man named Nell .rushed to the scene, to find his mother. ue was locring for her everywhere wen thoso arc-und' arc-und' arc-und' knew her to be dead, but could rot freak the word. Every place in the neighborhood was iled witli the. wounded. Tle counters ami gaming tables in the faloons were i tilled as beds, while the liquors were uied for stimulants. ' Among the saddest scenes was a young couple, man and wife, taken from the ruins, her arm clasped about his neck while he held her about the waist. ITT HALL. Tln-if Tln-if Tln-if head? were ' mangled and -their -their limbs crushed into a shapeless maes, Tbe street for a square on either side SEBEC3 2STO. 7,758. to hide when the disaster eearred. Their bodies, when found, were moiss as if death had come to thrm aa theit rescuers approached. Each roomed brought an increase ef horror. Tomxg men who had returned home, and for tha first rime hsd learned of their mothers absence, sought them in tha sea ef dead. The patrol wagons and earrtaccs were conveying tlie dead with their sorrow ing relatives to every part of ths) city. Strange to say. not ene body rifled eoui-1 eoui-1 eoui-1 be seen, althoagh a multitude af men thronged around the dead and dying. dying. A sad spectacle was seen on tlt eornee of Tenth and Market rtreeta, . where tin patrol wagon, bearing sod mnknown dead to the Citx Hosni.! was stopped by a youuc man. who elitahe4 ieta tbe wagon, only to see the -lead -lead face ef his mother ' ' KILLED AND INJURED. ' Partial List or Woaaaed aad af tho Saved Fross Falls City Hall. Among those who were drawn ent of the wreck at Falls City : V.ittl wounded or dying from suffocation and whose names were known, were Mr. and Mrs. Puff, Jamea Hidd, Mrs. Sarah Sarah Kelly. Mrs. Janies:Rock, little Era, Wintorsilver and her two little r-isi r-isi r-isi ters, John ShelL of Twelfth and Market Market streeu: John Good, of Twenty-sevw Twenty-sevw Twenty-sevw enth and Bank; Mrs. Mary It age... of Prestcn and Green; Char lea Donipnn.' Twenty-ninth Twenty-ninth Twenty-ninth and Bank; Henry ZuLg-ler. ZuLg-ler. ZuLg-ler. Fifteenth and Market; William Jackson, Henry' Felthelden. Fourteenth and Market; Mr. lloltnneyrr, F1nt and Market; Mr. Fheiter, Twelfth and Mainr Minnie Henry, Mr. Walter Grubh. itra. Buffet, Mary Harris, Mm. McGIoutIw lin. Mis Annie Mle, Miea lary Harrison. Harrison. Peter Fullett. . v Most ot the officers of the lodge were at tbe meeting and, as far as bt knownv are all saved.' They are as follows: Allen Peterson, Financial Secretary r

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 28 Mar 1890, Fri,
  3. Page 1

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