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Owl Drug history 1912 - OVJL DRUG CO. CELEBRATES vjjtd mm mnvERSMY...
OVJL DRUG CO. CELEBRATES vjjtd mm mnvERSMY InterestingtiislotyonhisRcrnsrkableFirtn Prepated iot Ttibune Readers A j Faetiic coast concern, owned and ijoarroUed ty Pacific coast people. BstablUhed 15J2. June lth this year twenty years old. First store San Francisco Francisco today eighteen stores Spokane, Seattle, Portland. Sacramento, San Francisco, Francisco, Oakland. Los Angeles San tiego soon. . Ordinal Store at HIS Market street, San Fjsncisco, eight employees today 7I eiiTkiyeee. Today a large, central manufacturing point occupying seven stories. The "Owl" operated the first eut-rate eut-rate eut-rate drug store, was the first drug store to do business on a strict'y cash basis. Was the first drug store to hare a one-price one-price one-price system. Was the first drug store to fill prescriptions prescriptions In plain sight of Hs patrons. . . Was the first drug store to remove the "hocus-pocus" "hocus-pocus" "hocus-pocus" and mysterious Latin terms from many Items soldV' Waa the first drug store to provide waiting room and conveniences for woman woman patrons. Wss the first drug store to employ woman clerks and nurses . lor selling those. Items to women patrons which for merly they had a hesitancy about ask ing of a man clerk. Though the Ban Francisco fire In U0 destroyed their five stores (all they had In Ban Francisco) and their laboratory and distributing point, they had a drug" store open in seventy-two seventy-two seventy-two hours after the fire was out. They sold pills while the bricks were still hot and when not a soul slept within two mls of their store. Mr. R. E. MlUer, the manager and main executive and principal owner, was the originator and still gives 14 undivided attention to the affairs of the company. Most of the managing force has grown ud with the business. . II The Owl is looking for a new manager. It looks behind behind Ms counters. Previous to their advent Into the bus iness no attempt had ever been made by any one In the United States to bom bine the manufacturing and wholesale end of the business with the retail sale and distribution of Its various commodi ties. The original plan of The Owl Drug Compsny was to do a drug business On a business basis The Owl Drug Company commenced lth a definite policy to revolutionise the methods formerly adopted by the drug business, and with a determination of conducting a drug "business on sjmllar methods and on the same scale tnat other business enterprises were con ducted. The symbolic Owl and ' Orange color nalnt. so characteristic of their stores. have been cooled in every city In tne United States and even abroad. But orange orange color paint does not make an Owl Drug Store any more than does, white Dalnt make an Easter lily. The Owl Drug Stores are now waiting on over 400.000 customers each month The Owl Drug Stores .use more sales slips than any concern west of Chicago. The analytical and manufacturing ia- ia- duties of The Owl are not equaiea oy nv other retail drug "concern In the United 8tates. Thev have macmnes tor ccuramr, scientifically and . economically turning nut those nroducts which they make. Dosens of Items which can be bougnt ax less price they manufacture ror tne simple satisfaction or Knowing hum RlfiHT They have mschlnes for counting pills. They have machines for punohlng tab let u Th.v havo machines ror measures 1illlt nnwders. They have machines lor accurioij urAlcrhlnflr drilffS. Thv huve maeh nes tor so aeiui.Bij beating Cod Liver Oil into an Emulsion that It tastes like whipped cream. They have machines for making Tooth Paste, and from the crude product to the finished article In the tube It does not come Into contact with human hands They have machines for harmoniously blending the rare Otto of Rose with the finest Talcum :Powder for your ladles bThey have machines for grinding roots and herbs into Impalpable powders. Market Market reports show t that ground and powdered powdered drugs cost less than whole drugs wh This Is the reason: Millers can use all kinds of scrap for making and rround drugs, oui health Is at stake The Owl considers that ho ton cautious sdoui s' into its preparation, and, therefore, though it can buy powdered and ground drugs for less, it prefers to grind the nMi. matnrlal. n-u... n-u... n-u... i,o. moi-hlne moi-hlne moi-hlne for sifting and disintegrating various materials that en- en- into tooth nowder. The Owl stands for quality only; though the management were otherwise inclined they realize that honesty is the best policeman. Though they have hundreds of employes and retain most of them, with an organlztlon as large an theirs, they could not afWoXiava any hinr hut aood said about' Th Owl. They have machines for filtering and bottling such Items as witch hel, and Owl Witch Hazel Is kept so lntatfrom .h time It leaves the still wher-the wher-the wher-the bruBh Is gathered to the time that K reaches the customer that It gives Owl Witch Hazel an arama and a fragrance 4-not-ebta4flbleny-otherway 4-not-ebta4flbleny-otherway 4-not-ebta4flbleny-otherway 4-not-ebta4flbleny-otherway 4-not-ebta4flbleny-otherway 4-not-ebta4flbleny-otherway Owl drugs are put up In sanitary con tainers. ' Owl drug packages and bottles are labeled, giving the exact capacity no false bottom or indented side bottles. At the Owl Drug Stores everything is full measure snd full we.ght. , j Owl drug labels bear the price. When you buy a package of Epsom Salts at an Owl Drug Store you will find the Salts clear while crystals. It comes to you in sanitary packages. The package is marked marked -with -with the retail price and label containing containing the directions. The Package Is also marked as to Its exact weight a pound's a pound, a quart's a quart at an Owl store. Poisons: Theseare sold In distinct poison poison bottles, and though the Owl went to an expense of thousands of dollars lu adopting this package, it undoubtedly has saved many an error, for the three-cornered three-cornered three-cornered three-cornered bottle instinctively calls your atn-tlon atn-tlon atn-tlon to the unusual shape, thereby avoiding avoiding an error In taking medicine from the wrpng bottle. Prescriptions; Prescriptions at The Owl are filled exactly as ttie doctor orderb, and In no case has The Owl ever substituted substituted or guessed khat the prescription calls for. ' In every Owl prescription room Is a framed slgi which reads as follows: "Immedlsts dismissal Is the penalty for Substitution." No bottle or box Is ever ircied twice in an Owl prescription room. If you take s bottle to any Owl store to be refilled, the bottle is Immediately cast aside and a new one used. Those medicines medicines In pill and powder form are sent out In hinged cover boxes, avoiding the possibility of the covers being Inter-cltangtdw Inter-cltangtdw Inter-cltangtdw A bottle of liquid from The Owl Drug Co.'s Prescription Dcpvtmen slioulU come to vou capped. This shou'.J be conclusis evidence that the contents have net b-tvj b-tvj b-tvj tampered with. 7 i Whenever possible prescription 'labels are tjpewritteru and each Ow I preser fj- fj- tion room Is furnished with a typewriter for this purpoee. No man ever fills a prescription In sn Oml Store unlets he is a duly Licensed Pharmacist. AU prescriptions flKed at The Owl Stores are marked with the coet, for The Owl Is not jashamed of the price It charges. The Owl filled more than a million and three-quarter three-quarter three-quarter prescriptions. Every pr caution against error is made In an Owl prescription room. Poisons are not only kept separate, but the stock .bottles containing containing same axe painted black as a distinguishing distinguishing feature. All Owl Stores ' fill prescriptions free for the -worthy -worthy poor-Any poor-Any poor-Any needy soul can have a prescription filled free, na matter what, the cost, at the Owl Store by the simple O. K. of a doctor. The Owl discourages the use and sale of habit-forming habit-forming habit-forming drugs, and no Owl employe employe but what Is Instructed to call the management's attention to any extravagant extravagant use of habit-forming habit-forming habit-forming drugs. The Owl has a system of- of- recording sales, and an' Item sold In New York can usually , be obtained in n Owl Store on the Paetflp Coast. " ' " The jOwtt'onducts a New York' office, and for no other purpose than to keep in touch with the Eastern market. Novelties in side lines, are one of the features of an Owl Store, and a trip through one of the larger Owl Stores Is as Interesting gg. through an art gallery. " The Owl stands behind preparations of Its own make, as well as those advertised advertised over its name. Owl advertising' Is real advertising-Be) advertising-Be) advertising-Be) Hem Is ever advertised "Special" tliat la not a special, and an Owl special sale la immediately acted upon by all newspaper newspaper reading- reading- patrons. Owl employes, though they always Ifke to sell Owl prescriptions '.(because eur employes know that goods of our own manufacture are good), are cautioned never to misrepresent or belittle other brands than their own. Owl salespeople are suggestive salespeople. salespeople. Though they are Instructed to call your atteeitlon when you are buying a toothbrush to a tube of tooth paste, or when you purchase a comb to a hair brush, or a soap box when you purcha tL a cake of soap they usually do It lit such a nice way that you are glad to buy..- buy..- Q, Every Owl ei'oploye earning $50 ' a month or ever is qhliged each month to give In excha.hge.jfq. his salary check art' envelope which ObfiUUps a suggestion or criticism relative eur business. Special Special stationery Is provided for this purpose. purpose. These suggestions go direct to the management and are considered confidential, confidential, and valuable suggestions and criticisms ara paid forv . Owl salespeople havs i'thelr own ;club called. The Todco Club (the'wbrd "Tbd-oo" "Tbd-oo" "Tbd-oo" being a coined word from the first letters of the words "The Owl Drug Co."). In the larger cities the employes have their own clubroom. moving pictures pictures and Stereoptlcon machine and pianola. pianola. Examinations ror prizes are held between the different employes, and rivalry rivalry Is always keen. Stereoptlcon views are given the employes and various views of the different stores are portrayed, all for the betterment of the service. "UneaBy rests the face that wears a frown" stolen from Fra Albertus was recently graphically shown to all employes. employes. The errand boys bave s club of their own. Examinations In regard to the company's company's Bjstem and simple questions In pharmacy are given, as well as tugs of war and ple-eatlng ple-eatlng ple-eatlng contests ars parts of tha boys' organization.- organization.- The Owl. publishes a house organ called "Owl Hoots" for the benefit of Its employes, and most of. the contributions are from Its employer. The Owl believes In short working days and In vacations the older the employe the longer the vacation. The Owl believes In retain ing Its employes and has a bonus plan, as per exhibit No. 8. Owl employes have a savings department department of. their own and can leave their money on deposit and draw good Interest. Interest. Mall order business; A mall order department department Is conducted In each city, and out-of-town out-of-town out-of-town out-of-town out-of-town folks can . trader at Owl Stores a la Uncle Sam. Otrce an Owl customer, always an Owl customer. No matter .where you go, youcan order from an Owl Store from any part of the country. . . No tiew feature or plan Is ever Put in effect without first giving the depart ment and store managers a chance to discuss it, and these people really nan-die nan-die nan-die and manage the company. Advt. PARDONED BY PRESIDENT; SUED BY GOVERNMENT PORTLAND, Ore., June 13. A civil complaint' was filed .In tha United States District Court yesterday by United Rates Attorney McCourt against Wlllard N. Jones, recently pardoned by President Taft from serv ing four months in jail on conviction of land frauds. The suit la for the recovery of J 133,000, which the gov ernment claims Is the present value of the nine entries which Jones secured by fraud. The entries totaled 1440 acres and were located In Coos county. At the time the entries were made In 1902 and 1903 the land was valued at $31,400. In his report at the time the pardon of Jones .was being considered. considered. Attorney McCourt suggested that It would serve the end of Justice were the prison sentence commuted and Jones compelled to pay his fine of $12,060 and $15,000 for the land of ...1.I..U 1. . 1 A Jn .AA IU. VYIUUIl 1C HUM Ul'tlttUUfU UIB gVfl ment. As the pardon did not covin the repayment to the government McCourt McCourt decided to Hue Jones. "LIKE A PRUNKEN MAN" Ben. ZatiRg of Hot Spring", Ark., writes: 1 bate bren strk for nearly two years, tnd bars been Doctoring with some of tha most expert expert dwtor cf the United States, but it sfemeO etet-jthlm etet-jthlm etet-jthlm fsiled. to do m good. After I inw. your svertlsemeot 1, tboiiglit I would try ItaiJ-wsy's ItaiJ-wsy's ItaiJ-wsy's pills; liave been taking two at bed time and one after breukfast, and they have done me more gowl tlian anything else I bave erer used. My trouble has been u-ltu u-ltu u-ltu the liver. My fain and eyes were all yellowj I bad sleepy, drowsy feelings; felt like a drunken man; pain right above the navel, like as If It were bile on top of the stnmaeh. My bowels were costlva. My mouth and tongue sore mo?l of the time. Appetite f sir, but food would not digest, hut settle hesvy on my stomacn, and sAme tew monthfnls of food came up again. Please seud "Book ot Advice." ma in -Pills -Pills Pile 25c s box. At Druggist or seat by Jlall BAMVAY 4 CO. i 55 Elm St., New Xiik.

Clipped from
  1. Oakland Tribune,
  2. 13 Jun 1912, Thu,
  3. Page 7

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