Germany: Giant Awakened

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Germany: Giant Awakened - a opportunity t Fifth battle in what it many of...
a opportunity t Fifth battle in what it many of it Europe Day by Day Germany; Giant Awakened FRANKFURT, GERMANY.--IF PULITZER PRIZES were awarded for special, issues of magazines, then the 7 number of Life, devoted to post-war Germany, should get one of the prizes. This entire issue was devoted to Germany Germany under the title, GERMANY: A GIANT AWAKENED. The photography was excellent, the subjects covered, varied and comprehensive, and the fads presented, presented, reasonably accurate. The International edition of this special special issue of Life came out on the newsstands newsstands in Germany for the first time Monday Monday and was sold out in a few hours. It is already impossible to buy a copy, because because ol its immediate popularity. Yet, in spite of my admiration for Life's successful achievement, this special issue is open to serious criticism. It only gives the highlights about Germany, and some- of these are not typical of the life of the people, nor of G man accomplishments since the war. Dr, Cran* er- The treatment of Western Germany's 10 million refugees and expellees from those parts nf Germany annexed by Russia. Poland and Czechoslovakia at the end of World War 2 may be taken as an example. Life headlines its article on refugees: A Burden of Refugees From the East, and completely fails to recognize the great contributions contributions these millions of refugees refugees have made to the industrial recovery of the West German Kepublic. It must constantly be borne in mind that the area of the present present West German Republic contained contained only 39 million people before the last w a r . }t now contains 49 million people because because of the influx of 10 million expellees and recent refugees from East Germany. Hence, the present German Republic has a population ;i5 |H-r cent greater than before tne war. Th:s ^ocs a long way to explain why the industrial production production oi prescr.i day Western Germany is well ahead of the ·prewar period. The vast majority of refugees have become integrated into the West German economy. Only about 300.000 of the refugees are at present unemployed. The remaining remaining millions have found ;nbs and are adding greatly to Germany's c u r r e n t industrial production. Caution must be observed, too, in interpreting the rapid industrial industrial recovery of Western Germany Germany during the past five years. Life headlines ore of .its articles: articles: Germany Is Bustin' Out All Over. The West German Republic is referred to as a Giant Awakened, and as the Xo. 1 commercial and industrial power of continental Europe. What Life neglects to add, i n . order to be strictly accurate, is the phrase "with this exreprinn of Russia." For, after all, Russia is a European power a n d ! million of its 200 million people live* in Europe, and hera aro its ]?.rac?l steel mill? and coal mines. It is true, of course, that Germany Germany is the largest industrial nation in continental Euiope outside of Russia. But. even «o. its production is small compared with Russia's, and its industrial industrial level in many industries, while ahead of ihe prewar year 1936, is not up to its wartime peak of 10 or 12 years ago. 1 h Thai Germany can scarcely be said to be "bustin* out all over" is also demonstrated by statistics statistics of steel production. In!l936 the area now comprised bv the Buncos Republik p r o d u!c e d around 15 million tons of Istccl a year. \ This is about the ssme jlcvcl as has been achieved during :.* past year. Compare this j\v:',.i America's 100 million tons an- n u a l l y . Russia's. 35 million and Britain's 17 million. cor- Germany may have been rcctly referred to as a back in 1941 when Hitler's Third Reich was producing 35 million tons of steel a year. But today the country is split into' four pieces, large parts have been annexed by the communists. . and ti.c population of "rump Germany" today is only 49 millions, millions, or k?s than 30 per cent of Europe's tota? population. In ?pitc of these facts, the recovery recovery of Germany since 1948 has been ma=t striking. The rale nf recovery during the past five years has n^ver been equalled by any other nation. Yet it was large'. y due to two quite factors; The 10 million refugees who flooded the' country country and the fact Germany was held down to .50 per cent of prewar production levels and knpt industrially paralyzed by Mh»d occupation policies up ull mid-1948.

Clipped from
  1. The Post-Standard,
  2. 03 Jun 1954, Thu,
  3. Page 4

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