Chinese SF Scandal - 1896

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Chinese SF Scandal - 1896 - - RfJiraMEl WWCES Plans CSpecW Agent APPROVED...
- RfJiraMEl WWCES Plans CSpecW Agent APPROVED BY MR CARLISLE SECRET UVESTlQATIOa - OF THE CUSTOM - BOUSE Damaa - lma Testimony to Bo Gives by Collector Wises Est pleyea The fight that has been In progress for some time among prominent nffi rials of the Custom - house promises to make public an official scandal of great magnitude It la expected to involve men In high places who have hitherto been above suspicion but are now being con - XL ICTORMATIOX AOACfST HER of In of on of - 1 as - nected with a scheme alleged to have secured the illegal landing of hundreds of Chinese men and women ahd yielded to the conspirators thousands of dollars Yesterdays developments in the scandal gave every indication of a carefully prepared plan to expose and remove from office more than one employe of the Custom - bouse and to bring discredit upon Collector John H Wise and his administration So carefully has the work been done that the Collector and those of his employes who have been charged with wrong - doing have been unable to ascertain the nature of the evldence Collector Wise it is asserted is going to be very much surprised when he learns that a number of his most trusted employes have been arrayed against him and with their testimony expect to aid Special Agent Moore in proving the guilt of those who are charged with accepting bribes Special Agent Moore has devoted his entire time for several months In a secret investigation of the Customhouse He has acted with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury and in fact was instructed to bring the guilty persons to justice no matter who they may be or what It costs The authorities at Washington have furnished all the money needed and the special agent has been enabled to employ assistants and conduct a moot thorough Investigation everything that he has done thus far has been satisfactory to Secretary Carlisle and there Is no reason to believe that the special agent will be stopped In his present Intention of pushing every case to the extreme limit As an evidence of the support the special agent ts receiving attention may be called to the fact that the Attorney - General has notified District Attorney manner and in cases where the testi - Foots to assist Moore in every possible mony is sufficient to secure the indictment of every offender Another evidence of the special agents influence at Washington was also made public yesterday On Friday the special agent declined to proceed with the investigation of Interpreter Williams before Collector Wise unless Williams and his attorney were excluded from the room while the witnesses were testifying Wise thought it was only fair that Will - lam should be permitted to face his accusers but Moore remained firm in hi demand An adjournment was taken until Monday In order to obtain Instruc tion from Secretary Carlisle Both of ficials telegraphed their wishes to the Secretary and the reply was in accordance with the wishes - of Moore Collect or Wise yesterday received a telegram instructing him to exclude Willlamoand his attorney during the taking of testimony As outlined in yesterdays Chronicle employes in the Chinese bureau of the Custom - house have been secured to testify to en alleged scheme on - Will - lams part td - secure control of that department and manipulate its record la such a manner that tUe - ral landings could be accomplished without trouble or much danger of detection These employes were appointed by the Collector and while he njaybeacxryat them for furnishing Information to the special agent and Ignoring - mni tt will be lm - possJbleto punish them for bavin - - done so They have the assurance of tht Secretary xf the Treasury that they snail be retained In - their positions no mar - tec how much scandal ts brought sport the ttrrice by their loKlmofijr Colonel Tehin on f the Collectors chief deputies is said to be another strong - witness who will be presented by the Special Agent In making his ea against wmiama Deputy Collector Tobtn has a central oversight evr tfca Chinese bureau and his - opportunities xoraurartnnr crooked - work have been excellent He has mads good use of his advantages - and Jt Is expected that he and - other employe will - be expected t corroborat tht testimony of the CU - t hieswltnesrfwhohaTsmailr direct charges of bribery against wuuams Deputy Tobln - so the siory goes voluntarily furnished what lnformat6n he possesses to the Special Agent - This he did la self - protection It being alleged that the - bribery was so openly and frequently practiced that there was danger of his own name being drawn Into the scandal Tobin like every other witness - has beennnstrticted to remain silent so the - details of his testimony a r nM attainable The assistants of the Special Agent have spent Weeks in Chinatown gathering information concerting the Chi - nese who have neen permitted to iana upon the recommendation of Interpreter Williams Evidence has been secured to show that many of them were not entitled to land and In the cases of the Chinese women they have been traced to immoral resorts The evi - denoe of a conspiracy to supply such places with inmates is said to be complete While making this part of the Investigation an effort was also made to leant - the amount of money that has been expended by the Chinese In securing such fraudulent - landings and it will be shown that it aggregates many thousands The Special Agent In his hunt for evidence against Williams has not confined himself to San Francisco Some of his - best evidence was secured in Los Angeles Williams spent some time in that city looking after Chinese cases and It is - sald that the Special Agent has secured the affidavit of a prominent Government official setting forth accusations ef bribery and blackmail that Williams will be called upon to explain The financial standing of Williams will also receive an airing during his coming investigation It is well known that Williams was without much money when he was appointed Interpreter and inspeotor by Collector Wise and an effort will be made to show that he has grown rich very suddenly The special agent has been Informed hat Williams 4s worth all the way from WO000 to 180000 A part of this tesU - i mony refers to a house on scow street which Is not in Williams name but the bills for Its construction It will be claimed were paid by the Interpreter Special Agent Moore declines to discuss the testimony In his possession salnst Williams and otheremployes of the Custom - house and beyond the information outlined In this article little will be obtained till the testimony Is submitted In - tvidence Every affidavit and every document bearing on the matter is taken in duplicate and forwarded to the Secretary of the Treasury The ssmecourse Is being pursued with In - J formation resecting on omciais wno have not been made a party to the Investigations now In progress Collector Wises well - known friendship for Williams has caused the special agent to believe that the Collectors Investigation of the Interpreter will simply result in - a whitewash especially when some of the testimony will tend to reflect on others very close to the Collector For that reason the special agent is preparing to present his testi mony to the new Federal Grand Jury with the nope that it win take action Interpreter Williams and his friends declare that there is a scheme to injure Collector Wise and his administration They Insist that Special Agent Moore has been influenced by men who have heen unable to practice frauds on the Government apd has been led to credit testimony that will not stand a test when heard in court or by any fair - minded person The opposition to the vigorous fight of the special agent are not idle and it will not be a surprise it counter charges of corrupt practices are preferred ag - sinst some of the witnesses There never was a more bitter contest svaged In the customs service and it srtll certainly result in the authorities at Washington taking serious notice of ft It is very evident that there will be a number of vacant places in the Custom - house or the special agent will he recalled before the trouble Is ended Collector Wise yesterday emphatically denied that there had been any blows exchanged between himself and Special Agent Moore as stated In a morning paper That was a ridiculous story ald the Collector and was without a particle of foundation There was not even harsh words passed in fact we are on friendly terms We differed on the plan for conducting Williams examination and agreed to postpone it until further Instructions could be received from Washington I cannot un - deretond - why such stories should he manufactured Special Agent Moore corroborated the statement made by the Collector In every particular i I IS COPBT ROTES Patrick Mitchell has applied for letters of administration on the 17000 estate of his deceased wife Bridget Mitchell The wm of John H Bolton filed for probate yesterday bequeaths an estate of unknown value to nis nve cuiaren Warren Evans has sued Mary C Bul - som to recover S12S0 alleged to be due for seven years ooaru and lodging at us a month Suits for divorce have been commenced by Annie Carpmlll against John Carp - mill and by Sarah B Jones against Charles F Jones Slnl Brlzzolara has sued Carper Stein to dissolve a partnership in the livery stable business and for an accounting The defendant Is said to have excluded his partner from the business and to have misappropriated the reclpta James K Polk has sued Adolph Boyken druggist to recover 13000 damages He went to Boykens drug store to have a sore finger dressed He says that the finger - was not properly dressed and that in consequence he was incapacitated from business for four weeks Joseph McCiellan an ex - convict was yesterday sentenced by Judge Bahrs to seven years imprisonment at San Quentln for an altemnted burslarr In lm Belchers court Robert Johnson was sen tenced tor three months imprisonment In the County - Jail for an assault Leonard Grover brought suit yesterday io navo it aecreeu icai ue aoes not OWS any money to B W Bates He sars that Bates is threatening him with suit and attachment on the box receipts ef the piatntifTs theater Grover declares that he does not owe the defendant as much as tni oouir - 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Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 16 Feb 1896, Sun,
  3. Page 36

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  • Chinese SF Scandal - 1896

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