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Cincinnati Daily Enquirer
5 March 1866, page 2 - a ft ro- W , of tkrot-V Mari-etts!i ar-riroB...
a ft ro- W , of tkrot-V Mari-etts!i ar-riroB farmiak-rraKez The Coosa Irz Great 'KtMUiatf. THIRD DArOFrHB-raTliLrl DArOFrHB-raTliLrl DArOFrHB-raTliLrl SAMUEL COOTEST. Th CtstU Rests 4ks). D fism e Cwataieaee Defense Z3zkpet' to Tke Cam If early Coacladed Lbbabob, March 3, ISM. The Interest in the progress ef the trial la naabetad. Judge Smith who presides, is compelled-to compelled-to compelled-to be at Wflaaiaetoa 4e'aeld Court eammcBciag aa Tnesday aext, Ia order tkat the present easT may be 00m-pleted 00m-pleted before that tlms Court meets at the early aawef eight ta the aeoraiaaand 1 half-peat half-peat half-peat eaa, ad toatatas; at ebeat six. aad av wr ua nigaa aessaea av eewoa f. M. mmtT4Mtmfik,fi as taa.eVetoaav , Aad , yst daring the whole Uate the CoarVreom Is ero-Mlei ero-Mlei ero-Mlei U ttlesa JtistiiaDiilUaehUia STta steading roost. . Spectators crowd within the bar ead apea the tobies of Us eonasel. A large number of ladies are preeeat. The gallery is ailed with them, others are seated behind the desk ef the Clerk, and some area apoa the benoh with the Jndga. Bevertere are tarnished with a toblo near the witness stand, aad every eoaveaieaoe granted tbeaa within the pewer of tbe SheriaY Mr. Jeha Butler. TssnaosT ton rax stats oostzscsd cos-cicsios cos-cicsios or today's rnocuDiias. Devid Hisks sworn (Ur. Hicks is the ntna. against wham Ceovert swore the guilt ef tha murder, aad for wbioa he was 00a vie tad af periary aad see te need te the Penitentiary.) Hae known tjam. Coovert for aeate Uate. Bew him at his saloon in Cincinnati en Friday evening after the murder. Wkea he eaaaa ia he shook haads with witness aad took a driak at the bar. I asked him where he had been. Ws thea talked about the Boose murder, about which there was thea muck talk. Witaeis was afterward arrested en the charge ef the atnrder. Coevert testified against him, aad afterward aekaowledged te witness that he had swera falsely aad said that he had bean put ap to it. ' John Keever swam. Mr. Keever is the father ef Charlie Keever, who waa alao at eae aims ehargad with the murder. Li red ta Deerfiaid at the time ef the murder. 6a w Ceovert after the son ef witness was arrested. arrested. He seek witness to one sids as if he had somethiag Tory impertaatute dire! dire! go. Hs said that Charlie Keever was lyiaa ia jail far a crime hs had ae thing ta dewtth. That he (Coovert) knew all aboat it: tha he had beea 1st iato the whole aa. Ureo-lla Ureo-lla Ureo-lla eatd - wit a ess mast never say I Thy thins; abeat what he told him ar hs to? ansa for aiaety-aiae aiaety-aiae aiaety-aiae years, or words te that effect. Ho waa very maeh excited at the Urns, aad seemed to be very Bsrveae. Oliver B. Drake sworn Has known Samuel Samuel Ceovert far fifteen er eixtoea years; saw him at Deer eld aa Kew-year's-daT; Kew-year's-daT; Kew-year's-daT; Kew-year's-daT; Kew-year's-daT; he teid the witness that Hicka had eoa-f eoa-f eoa-f esses that he had dene the murder; tkat he said he did aot gs there to mnrder but to rah; that he killed Jessie Con aena aad Alice, aad had to kill tke mother, aad that he ealy got abeat twenty dollars. Eenairs Manse Was a magistrate at the time of the mnrder; Ceovert eaae to him after Keever bed beea discharged, and said. "Charlie Keever ia dieekarged, aad, by 6ed! I waat e warrant for Dave Hioks;75 he said this ia a very excited meaner; he said tkat Hioks had confessed tko mnrder te kim; aad rave an aeoeantef tke meaner In which Hicks had said the mnrder was done; that Hieks had said he killed Jessie Co see as, aad had to kill the rest, bat that killiag the babe waa aa aeeddeat; whea Coovert described the mnrder er talked aboat it, he seemed very maeh excited aad agitated; the expressloa of the eyes was very singular at tha tiae; the manner of Ceovert is what ere used the suspicion of witness against him; witness knew that the-statement the-statement the-statement In regard te Hieks was false, for he had beea at Hicks' hoasa him. self en the night of the murder. J Banes naMntneon swore Was at the Beosa konse frequently after the mnrder; Coovert came to the heese the week after the Boarder twe er three times: did not keow the man at thnF"time; Coovert came after dark and weat away before daylight; he eeane another night and- and- went away aboat aiae e'oloek? there weremaay other versene whs eeme aad weat: thev were goieg and eemlng. : James . ttmnnm sworn am the tele-craph tele-craph tele-craph operator at Lebanon: sent e die patch aboat the mnrder oa tke morning after the m order; seat one to the Superintendent Superintendent ef the Asylam at Dayton, aad eae ether to aaother person ia Dayton, asking why ae answer had beea received: sent no dispatch te M iddletown. Crane examined The dispatch went around by Cincinnati; it knd to pass through hfiddletowa te reach Dayton. Re examined Operators are sworn not to make known any thing passing to an-otharpvtuk an-otharpvtuk an-otharpvtuk E. Bmdon. John van Note and Morris Grati nil testified to tbe same point. They had beea to Middletowa oa the night of the mnrder, te the ball; came back to Lebanon Lebanon about fire o'clock in tke morning; after after peesiag Monroe tkey met a man ndiag none, going to ware. Monroe; tee norse emed of a dark color, bat it was dark aad they could not see distinctly ; he was riding alow. Four witnesses were then called to testify testify whether Coovert was left or right-handed. right-handed. right-handed. Tkey thought he was left-handed, left-handed, left-handed, er oould use nis left band as well as his right hand. James Turner said that he used his left hand in dealing cards. Coov- Coov- s rtgnt LnamD was snot on wane so in the army. Witness said he used his left hsnd after his thumb was healed. Mary Bhafer sworn Lived in Middle- Middle- town in 1864; was at the ball the night after Christmas; left about three o'clock in the morning; went home, and thea wont ap stairs aad read some old letters; cams dowa stairs aad built a fire: eoneladed in the morning shs would go to Mrs. McNeal's and have her fortune told, as Mrs. McNeal pretended to tell fortunes; weat aboat eelf-pest eelf-pest eelf-pest seres o'clock; went oat of the bach door so that her stop-father stop-father stop-father should not see her, as he was opposed to fortune- fortune- teuing; sns ts sure tnts was zuesaay morning; morning; there was a pair of pants and a vest hanging by the stove at Mrs. MoNsal's; it was a man's vest: both pants aad vest looked as if they had just been washed; Mr. Coovert cams la while shs was there; Mrs. McNeal said: Bern, how did you say that murder was last night? Hs said it was the most awful murder that ever was; he said a man had told him about it; Coovert said there had been an old man killed and a young lady; that when the hatchet struck Mrs. Boose's face it was so dull that it glanced off; he said that he felt stiff; that ha had beea at a party last night, and rode back; said it was awful that a family should be mur dered in their sleep, as hs had heard they had. Cress examined Witness admitted she had a paper ia her possessioa ia which this teeUmeay wee all written down; the tos-tiatoay tos-tiatoay tos-tiatoay wae wriUea dowa by Mr. Bage aboat twe weeks age;, she did aot tell nay body about what coovert saaa oat aor meta-ari meta-ari meta-ari her mother did net went her to toll eay bad abeat thin; witness said she Is niae-seaa niae-seaa niae-seaa years eld; weat to set her fortune told so early la' tke morning because ska and nothing else to do; the detective had talked te her aboat this bat did net toll her what to say: had bees at Mrs. Me-HseTe Me-HseTe Me-HseTe at ether Usees to- to- have her fortune tela, bat seme thlag prwvoatod It; the teeesa eae did act go to bed that eight wae because her stothar weald aot let her go to bed at all whea she stayed out so late at eight. Be-examiaed Be-examiaed Be-examiaed - Mr. Bage wrote down say testimony. I told the story aad he wrote it down jast as I told it. He did aot tell see whet to say. W ita ess did net tell any veoy sown) aaua sanae aae grwne enoiev t. bsseeee her saotherdid aot waat her to do ee. hi ever told any body aatil after ear another's death. Bee thought it was her daty te toll it whea eke did. Merer spoke to Mr. Bee before last Wedaeeday. This tset-Beay, tset-Beay, tset-Beay, was givea aboat half-peat half-peat half-peat nine at. atghk-. atghk-. atghk-. It is aot improper hers te say that iter eased the aaest intones interest as sooa as given, ia the salads ef all who were able to hear it, It will be observed ; that the witaesa eweere that Ceovert gave a detaUed acesaat ef the nsurder tenia sister, la tha prseeass ef the wits lea, as MiiiltUmn, ee early as kmVpt essea er mgU an lAe msraiap ator th$ mmitr etas esmmiaea'. It had beea before prevea that ae diapatah had beea eeat er passed throe ah Middletowa ae early ae this la tke saoraisg The great qassusa is aew as te the eredibility af the witness. v Jake Bredea swera Uvea ia the vicinity vicinity ef leheaen ; wne 'eooa-haatisg 'eooa-haatisg 'eooa-haatisg oa tke nugkt ef the mnrder saw a aaa riding oa eereebech; this was ea Shaker Hill, aboat twe miles wset sf Lebaaoa, ea the read to Moareei the anaa was eomiag toward Lsb-aaea; Lsb-aaea; Lsb-aaea; he wee ridiag aa a lope; this was abeat aiae e'eieek et aigkt. - SATVaSAT rXXBB BAT. ' XSart are mads this morning to prevent tae spectators from crowding area ad the : eewnsel aad witaese stand, aad - for the , Tunioit son raa tun cobtihcko. ; i Jeha Treap esra ra Uvea aear Cost-field: Cost-field: Cost-field: sew the toaaa ef Mr. Bessa hauling aaanethiag la bags toward htcrrew: eew twe ieeae;-aoaa ieeae;-aoaa ieeae;-aoaa asw -warn -warn www base; thie was aesae days before the aaar-de?; aaar-de?; aaar-de?; - Alice Busa took a letter to witness beaeet the lsttor waa froa Ms. Beese, waa waa at Deytsa, to hire. Bossa. v i - hire, kmiaiaia walled ale. Basse took r rtov te Marrow before he vraa takea to the Asvlamt aaeva toads vrenw healed ta Morrow aitorwarw; daa t knew hew maehj Mr. Koeea was Xieeearer ef Caioa Iowa-ship Iowa-ship Iowa-ship at this Uae; kept the township money la the bank, eke thinks; had notioad Ceev. art siBeeeke waa oa the stand before. -Q -Q W hat dose year ebeerveeiea lead yea te think! - - - 4 A 'lac mere he looks at me the snore I think he is the mea. Tke impressisa is net maeh stronger thea whea ea the stead he' Clneiaaatl 'Vpwre'eoBisiaiag the firt eeeoaatef the marder wereeaeredU avideaoe to the jury.. The eeooeato eoa-taiaad eoa-taiaad eoa-taiaad ie them were , reed la full by Mr, Bage.-, Bage.-, Bage.-, The. aeeeente picture the - whole eeeaeia aaset thrtUiag lighb. It adds te the iatereet ef this fact, that Mra. Boose was areeeet aad hsaed the reeding ead thus had tee horrible . seeaes reeaUed to her memory, tf .! -- -- -' -' i Jeha Butler, fiherlff of rTsrrea County, reealled, aad examined by J. IL 6au, far the defense. '

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