Rufus McGuyer 1948, Jan 11 pg 4 The Paris News

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Rufus McGuyer
1948, Jan 11 pg 4
The Paris News - Pa 9 e 4, THE PARIS NEWS, SUNDAY, JANUARY 11,...
Pa 9 e 4, THE PARIS NEWS, SUNDAY, JANUARY 11, 1948T Delta's Confederate Veteran Approaching 100th Birthday By JAMES COCKRELU , COOPER — Thomas Rufus Me-) Guyer of Cooper is one of the last survivors o£ the Confederacy. At 99. he is a healthy, white- j haired gentleman whose personal ! history is one of rebellion, and i later of painstaking reconstruction. ! He also is a link in the McGuycr j family history, which Is the story of America. Mr. McGuyer was born March 14, 1848, in Bedford County, Tennessee. Tennessee. I At the age of seven—in 1855 when leaders in the East talked of slavery and secession — McGuyer McGuyer came with his family from Tennessee, to Texas, settling first near Moore's Springs, five miles j east of Paris. The family moved the next year to Charleston In what is now Delta County, 10 miles east of Cooper. The McGuyer family family settled down to the task of making of their homestead a productive productive farm. When the guns at Fort Sumter j sounded their long echoes, to be ' heard even on the Texas frontier, most neighbor men promptly prepared prepared for secession. Those few who argued that Texas should remain remain with Uie union were promptly promptly hanged. "Those men shouldn't have been hanged. They were just expressing expressing their own opinion" McGuyer recalls today. "Men get so excited and do such awful things when a war is coming." His father, veteran of another \var, soon joined the Confederate army. Cornelius McGuyer as a soldier in. the Mexican War had sustained a severe leg injury in the Battle of Monterrey, and "My papa always limped a little from that wound," McGuyer says. To young Rufus, at 13 the oldest son, was left the task of caring for the family and making a crop each year on the new homestead. The'year 1863 brought reports of increasing federn Ivictorles. The South, including the Northeast Texas frontier, wax fast growing weaker. Labor shortages prevailed. prevailed. More land was re-taken by {3~ass and weeds.' Although Rufus McGuyer was needed on the farm, he volunteered volunteered Into the home guard being organized organized late that year in Charleston community by the Col. A » CONFEDERATE VETERAN—Thomas Rufus McGuyer of Cooper at 99 is one of 10 Texas'Confederate soldiers still living. Members of his family have participated in every American war. ed on a stand - by basis during the winter, but the end of the war in April dissolved the group before before It entered combat. McGuyer today retuse slo argue about the war. He says. "It's just one country now — the way It should be." But Rufus and his father upheld upheld a tradition in the McGuycr family to fight for what it thought right. It was started before the fate of the United States was assured. McGuyer's great - grandparents were held prisoners in British-oc- J. G. Suttle. The unit was order- cupied Quebec during the first 17. Rubber J»r rlnl "' ACROSS L Kind of moll 4. Exchuc* . , 11. African bow» j4. silkworm string bcrop 15, Communlci- 11. Wreath b«lrlnf lions J7. Former riil«r 88. Pitch" 89. Name 40. Empty «J. Hindu auttn ii. ArMilan KnrmpnU «S. Pflrturbcd «i>. Itnllnn re»ort 10. Wilier crnft (1. Rubber trto crut 14. Aid H. XII: comb, form II. Anchor IT. Snweed 15. Hermit* ID. B*mboolUce H. Consider Zi. Document* 31. Tremble 11. Home of A dim and Ere 55. Recent Solution of Yesterday'! Puzzlt years of the Revolutionary War. McGuyer's grandfather, Ned, was born in the Canadian prison before before an exchange of prisoners released released the family to return to their Kentucky farm. His Grandfather later joined the American army. McGuyer's uncles, Bill and Ned, fought in the War of 1812 under Andrew Jackson n the Battle of New Orleans. Bill later joined the Texas army in the war for independence independence against Mexico, Younger members of -the McGuyer McGuyer family participated in later conflicts, compietng a perfect McGuyer McGuyer record in all this nation's wars. McGuyer is medium - statured and well built. Although he is one of 10 Texas Confederate soldiers surviving, he gives the appearance appearance of a man 10 or 20 years younger. His 'only ailment is a partial deafness. He carries a cane, but admits it's mostly through habit. He continued to work at least some on his farm until three years ago, ' "All my life I'd been planning lo quit work and rest isojnc." Me- Guyer explained. "One dn.v I rciil- i/.cd I was !)G ycnrs old, 1 re! re! tired." He lives with his son, T. L. McGuyer McGuyer of Cooper. (6. Biblical tower 1 DOWN .

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  • Rufus McGuyer 1948, Jan 11 pg 4 The Paris News

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