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POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT AN OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT REAGAN DEAR MR. PRESIDENT: In your recent speech to the Japanese Parliament you said: "Nuclear war can never be won, and must never be fought." At the U.N. you said the same. If you really mean this, you must of course join in the pledge not to be first to use nuclear weapons. Otherwise, your words will mean nothing, and the other side in any military crisis will feel they have to beat you to the nuclear punch. China and the USSR have already pledged at the U.N. that they would never be first to use nuclear weapons. Is our government to remain less sane than theirs? The issue is not mutual trust, but mutual sanity. No-First-Use No-First-Use No-First-Use No-First-Use No-First-Use is the precondition of anyone's survival, and of any further negotiations. We in California have launched a campaign to place upon the ballot in 1984 an Initiative that will give the people a chance to vote on the policy of No-First-Use. No-First-Use. No-First-Use. No-First-Use. No-First-Use. We cannot wait until "the day after" to speak out. Mr. President, we are entitled to know where you now stand. Is your policy No-First-Use No-First-Use No-First-Use No-First-Use No-First-Use of Nuclear Weapons, or is it still the suicidal option of First-Use First-Use First-Use and the kind of war you now admit can never be won and must never be fought? You cannot have it both ways. No-First-Use No-First-Use No-First-Use No-First-Use No-First-Use is the only way to a human future. SUPPORTERS OF THE NO-FIRST-USE NO-FIRST-USE NO-FIRST-USE NO-FIRST-USE NO-FIRST-USE CAMPAIGN Honorary Chairman, Dr. Linus Pauling, Nobel Peace Laureate Dr. John Somerville, Campaign Chair Sanford H. Champion, Jr. Vice Chair Simon Casady, Treasurer Zelda Batt, Secretary Therese Tanalski, World Federalist Association Rev. Msgr. Vincent Yzermans, formerly Information Director, American Catholic Bishops John Porter, National Lawyers Guild Philip W. Anderson, Princeton Kenneth Arrow, Stanford Julius Axelrod, National Institute of Mental Health Baroj Benacerraf, Harvard Paul Berg, Stanford E. R. Johnson, Editor, The Churchman Prof. John H. E. Fried, Legal Consultant, U.S. War Crimes Tribunals, Nuremberg Rita Anderson, Retired Seniors Volunteer Program Dr. Rose Somerville, Professor Emerita, San Diego State University Prof. Ronald E. Santoni, Vice-President, Vice-President, Vice-President, Union of American and Japanese Professionals Against Nuclear UmniciOe Milton LowenthaL Chair, Central Pennsylvania UAJPANO Nathan Sauberman, P.E. Chair, Washington D.C. UAJPANO Patricia T. Birnie, Chair, G. E. Stockholders Alliance Against Nuclear Power Prof. Ronald Hirschbein, California State University, Chico John B. Massen, Northern California UNA Ms. V. A. Ralph, widow, American Association of Atomic Veterans Rev. John M. Swomley, St. Paul School of Theology Alex Shames, Physicians for Social Responsibility David BickeL President, Executive Property Management (ret.) Dr. William Eckhardt, Editor, Peace Research Sylvia Shames, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Prof. Stanislaus Dundon, California Polytechnic State University Prof. Lawrence Schwartz, San Diego City College Prof. Berad Magnus, University of California, Riverside (partial list organizations for identification) THIRTY NOBEL LAUREATES ENDORSE NO-FIRST-USE NO-FIRST-USE NO-FIRST-USE NO-FIRST-USE NO-FIRST-USE OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS (compiled by Union of Concerned Scientists partial list) Linus Pauling, Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine Hans A. Bethe, Cornell Nicholses Bloembergen, Harvard Baruch S. Blumberg, Pennsylvania Herbert C. Brown, Purdue Carl F. Cori, Harvard James W.Cronin, Chicago Margaret B. Davis, Minnesota Renato Dulbecco, U.C.S.D. John F. Enders, Harvard Paul J. Flory, Stanford Waiter Gilbert, Harvard Donald A. Glazer, Berkeley Sheldon Lee Glashow, Harvard Haldan Hartline, Rockefeller Ronald Hoffman, Cornell Robert W. Holley, Salk Institute David Hubel, Harvard Har Gobind Kborana, M.I.T. Tjaiing Koopmans, Yale Polykarp Kitsch, Texas Wassily Leontief, N.Y.U. Fritz Lipman, Rockefeller Salvador Luria, M.I.T. ADD YOUR SIGNATURE TO THE OPEN LETTER AND HELP TO REPRINT THIS AD 500,000 signatures are needed on the official petition forms to put the Initiative on the ballot. Thousands of volunteers are needed to gather them. If you are In favor of No-First-Use No-First-Use No-First-Use No-First-Use No-First-Use we will be glad to mall you petition forms for you and your friends to sign. If, in addition, you are able to make a donation of $10 or more, w w be aoie to reprint this ad and meet our office expenses. Make checks payable to No-First-Use No-First-Use No-First-Use No-First-Use No-First-Use Campaign and mail to 1426 Merritt Drive, El Cajon, CA 92020. We are the only body legally registered for collection of donations to the California California Nuclear Weapons No-First-Use No-First-Use No-First-Use No-First-Use No-First-Use Campaign IStale I.D. 1822877). WE NEED YOUR HELP IN ORDER TO SUCCEED. Name (print). Address Phone .City. County. .State. .Zip. Add my name to the Open Letter Send me the petition for signatures Donation to Campaign

Clipped from The Los Angeles Times, 06 Dec 1983, Tue,  Page 7

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