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roosa recap 17 - riarliacovsred and unassisted.- unassisted.- i...
riarliacovsred and unassisted.- unassisted.- i '' OOVBJtT' PTTHO PaXXASUTtOIf. i X waa bora la Warren County, Ohio, April So, 1887. My newtaer tuea waen i waa aoeos ve y aars-ef aars-ef aars-ef age, aad 1 waa left to tne oare -of -of my elstsrs, Mrs. Harper, sirs, spooks aad mrs. iswe weaw ewvww family. 1 went to lohooi a short time whea taulte a boy; eneef my teachers was WlUianj B.Hall, kaq af Lebalaoa, I aever learned aay arr-b--'1 arr-b--'1 arr-b--'1 arr-b--'1 arr-b--'1 arr-b--'1 boaiaeee, but bars worked most ef my Um about ssaehinery la saw m. i haaw area-had area-had area-had saaaaa aay eooneriag. twat aarver foUoeved tt SB a BOB.BSBB, ia load s araaas Sat liltnaaa aad worked ea a tana with my uncle David ouU ef Mreneugh Coenty: laj aanary . 18&7, 1 saral ef the eesihofmy lather, and I eame Asssa, hav-las- hav-las- hav-las- hav-las- bnrm goavs a war aearly tea msethi Af ter m arrival a name a kwii. A Rrwaahta ta hia daeultarv ia Dser Baid. (aato. 1 had aa wards Mvtag near b- b- Marys, -Auglaiae -Auglaiae Coemty, Oble, wh giaited sjulie arse.-aaUy.-AJ arse.-aaUy.-AJ arse.-aaUy.-AJ arse.-aaUy.-AJ arse.-aaUy.-AJ esvo-while esvo-while esvo-while asUiaf him .1 awraaed th nsadaUhcw ef s ytrnng lady -by -by assaeed Martha aUoe,ef that mm aarr aiaiiialaaaarq ri seated nelghberhssd. tata aflaotien, a. aaaaala mt erharah was ssairiaare. - We aJ.'i.J'ia.l wtxnty.. : W reutaiaed her until January, leal, when wsnmavrsd to Deertaa. wsrren Cennty.tml. la April abeut the .861, eauisted la the Catted btasee sorvloe iuassvef the Twelfth Ohio.- Ohio.- At tae expire-. expire-. expire-. tioTef myUrae -f -f atrviee I resUlsted" fsr taree years, nauar vapwa rv auanw, w. a-..-Sr!LU!r.?Wa a-..-Sr!LU!r.?Wa a-..-Sr!LU!r.?Wa a-..-Sr!LU!r.?Wa a-..-Sr!LU!r.?Wa rwia7vv .ata-a .ata-a .ata-a Virriais sil the time, aad look part la the batUee of Car- Car- SO twos pecs aw tan aw - , BnU Sua, Mouth M sue tale, Aa-i Aa-i Aa-i h'ioyd Moaatasa. ' At Mas dew alias: a tJetsaa 1UM.I . paay, and 1 react red a alight wound ta f-Ti' f-Ti' f-Ti' taadaalaaataWBaBaiia . i:U nTTl Beptember, tb l&th day, l(l, sywtf ! mm a rhihl.whA. al. the iaat accewat. stilt Itvee. My wtie returaed te her t-thsre t-thsre t-thsre before this, where aae Itsnlaa y et, ee far ee Ikaew. 1 easas a aaa a en rorwi rinrin the Bummer ef loo, aad . v ... ik. watrabaa aaf BUT te toe aray wa r-'- r-'- r-'- r-'- - - fnrta-rh7 fnrta-rh7 fnrta-rh7 Sons time sfter "yj JJ-eeived JJ-eeived JJ-eeived a letter tatiag that say wife Sad ea falee to aae? aad trwe saavot, ta abewt ive oanatha after, ehe gave earth ee a chtto, tbe father ef which I forbear te a-enuoa. a-enuoa. a-enuoa. which fforbe-r fforbe-r fforbe-r ea-mtiThi. ea-mtiThi. ea-mtiThi. i m rteat trouble, and hee beea a - n my overthrew. I went te my . -r -r -r -r wife, sfter 1 wss mua- mua- -t -t gave larf-ta-. larf-ta-. larf-ta-. larf-ta-. larf-ta-. Twife,i terew v. ' J' -aV:- -aV:- -aV:- Aa- Aa- wbih lVold her 1 "eJiSi. we rerted, len and toere, and hare jaot ees eacb other saaee. is taeaev - I artbiy uvya, a . . .r, .. I , ..aid t would like to kare sees her Bfor pssaed t . . , , .. .. inu away, tor I lov her yet. But 1 do aay, thai been erected, to shut out tbe gaxs of the poa-nlaes poa-nlaes poa-nlaes sa tae street sad sidewalks. In oa aad af this building le eraensd a platform five lest square aad aoous tares lee irom tae ground . saw noor as taie piauorum epaw Larough tne center, aaa is soreaa s ay aero trap dnsrs, whioh are let dewa by hlagea. Tbaee doers areheid up by tare bolts, whioh, Whea pulled eat by a lever, let fall the doors. At. eae ad ef the plaUorm ataada a bieee ef timber about fourteen, feet In height. Irom th tap- tap- ef this to fixed a beam exteadinc sat three feet over the piaUorss. Aropertrasup the post ever tare palasys, aad the end, with eheok attached, tmTmi imaanrlialalT sTtr whea e the culprit I tesxaad. The ether end ef the rope is faat- faat- raed eaeerely to a auaas taeuB, er avumea, ba th aid af the Beet. Whea th prisoner toreadythaeraaks aulled. th trsp-door trsp-door trsp-door fail, aad th gibbet accempllabes Ua work af artaa Call will a ahwatt twenty-twe twenty-twe twenty-twe to geityoar tsrehee. . Dnriag the or action of atngnld. anil the btrudiag whioh eeaMeala U Covert has list eg ed tsthe sound ef the biaawaer and the raUliag work of the carpenter, carpenter, and ha during ail that trying ordeal exhibited exhibited a teal lag whatever. He would la. Bnare erith a ssaue hew fag the work v 7. ..i.. aavd aa sa tan kind ef ail mheea ha was a be huag. Hsaevwrdie- Hsaevwrdie- akajsd the iiowd mnatjna. hat oeattaaaUy CU I, eras all a-iahti a-iahti a-iahti that ha Was SBtllflefi, pad that : wss prepatad tsg wheath tatas easa' :.-). :.-). :.-). i!.i.'.-t. i!.i.'.-t. i!.i.'.-t. :-.v:n :-.v:n :-.v:n ni. v-t v-t v-t wtgT o tn Kirnts. : I ri AJ1.l a. a" ralat -m -m tkwT amaa'ald' OS lt.t.a f iataaa araweaatwd BB-daV. BB-daV. BB-daV. The aaaa ia tarv ar ad BT a reuga- reuga- ueai is vuuia. aad a flooring except, the grass af the Mease yara v t v . wr:"? 3 fi J'.'ra C a 1A . vi. u.-Jk u.-Jk u.-Jk - .-O .-O .-O Citf- Citf- ;:l;'t i-j i-j i-j ii-- ii-- ii-- d '- '- - -latt'H -latt'H f- f- -'.'J -'.'J a-atk a-atk a-atk ra--.- ra--.- ra--.- ra--.- ra--.- ti. .-.'-'i!r .-.'-'i!r .-.'-'i!r .-.'-'i!r .-.'-'i!r tia : tJ-.l't tJ-.l't tJ-.l't tfiatpt J : ' " ' . l ii' f It -v. -v. 1 f -,iac -,iac -.- -.- -.- jcj mn'iw- mn'iw- t -O -O !-If !-If !-If VAis! X-tt X-tt X-tt U-.l' U-.l' U-.l' K,-V K,-V K,-V :t a:1-.-'. a:1-.-'. a:1-.-'. a:1-.-'. a:1-.-'. 4iv . hi ' - I fTr.'r- fTr.'r- i JJiirw -" -" 1 Jm.- Jm.- ii- ii- j".-A: j".-A: j".-A: A rv-lT-i rv-lT-i rv-lT-i rv-lT-i rv-lT-i I M f ;.: ;- ;- r i ff,tiX.l tlliy?..a(WMt , ;i:. CAW .at. t B , -tit -tit i-J i-J i-J if.'?rv--' if.'?rv--' if.'?rv--' if.'?rv--' es,i- es,i- vj- vj- i-v i-v i-v ' :t f ' Jt--v! Jt--v! Jt--v! Jt--v! V e T ae aa-vsadrVrtSwm,aeeaatiirvi, aa-vsadrVrtSwm,aeeaatiirvi, aa-vsadrVrtSwm,aeeaatiirvi, . c T 5rmri ytr-aa ytr-aa ytr-aa i m a.a tftn fv-aiaaawfBa fv-aiaaawfBa fv-aiaaawfBa p-ftee p-ftee p-ftee tswale. - -. -. ; peav-i. peav-i. peav-i. . . .:- .:- aid bosmsa a- a- a Sailer's hunoa, srewsa vraiea eae ea "ane wtii he taateaed. Th swrs ever ehaoaw : -l -l - a

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  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 24 Aug 1866, Fri,
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