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Roosa recap part 15 - yoa. During the delivery of these most...
yoa. During the delivery of these most Impressive Impressive words, while Judge and spectators were deeply effected, the prisoner sat upright aad mottralees like a statue, hearing every word, but manifesting not tbe leait trepi lation; and at tbe close, whea hi last day bad been named and his soul commended to God' a mercy, b arose and accompanied the 8beruT with almost the same stoic Indifference that marked his demeanor during the proceedings of the two trials and slace his conviction and sentence up te the present time. i AafTJXT, COrXRT, TBI CTUklT.' We visited the prisoner in his lonely cell-He cell-He cell-He w aa dressed in black pants, check shirt, black neck kerchief, and blue stockings. He sat reading a newspaper, but whea we entered entered he rose, took our hand, aad gave it a friendly ahake. The following i hi own description of himself: ' I am flv feet nine and a half laches in height; I waa twenty-nine twenty-nine twenty-nine year old last April; my weight on hundred and seventy pounds; I hay blue eye, aad light brown hair; I am of a nervous temperament, but ia this matter I am strong and firm." The prisoner is not s man who would be ra,n,m aaturiar. far there Is certainly nothing mallcioua or devilish in his countenance. His forehead is remarkably remarkably low, ahll the back part of his head bas almeet a straight ascent. He is an inveterate inveterate ehewer ef tobacco. He eats heartily, sleeps soundly, and Sheriff Butler regards bis condition, In the amount of flesh and physically, quits as good as whea he waa first arrested. About a month age Covert" was depressed in spirits, aad about three weeks since be decIUed to eat, and refused to eat a nxiutaful for seven days. Covert claims that b did not do this to atarv himself, but because because he had lost his appetite. This seven days' a hot! nop ea, however, had no effect whatever upon him. The fact is, that dur ing the pest week, up to yesterday wvcaiiaaa arvoi a aaaw aaa aaaa lainaae avraaaaiy, aad has exhibited more lively spirit than at asy time before, since his sentence. Covert era married la 1860 to a young lady residing In Auglaize County; but while in the army he waa informed of her untaithfulnete, aad at once separated from her, aad has never seen her since. He has been told, however, that daring June last, aad while hia second trial waa progressing, that she died, leaving a little little girl, who. after' to-day, to-day, to-day, will be fatherless sad BDOLherleea. He baa never had aay r-hacklea r-hacklea r-hacklea orehaina on him since hia sentence; hut there bas been a continual watch over htm by one of the jailors. Visitors hare been nsmerous; someday there being at basis hundred persons admitted to his cell, and at no time has admission been dented to his Bister Bister sad relatives. On yesterday ne requested te see Mrs Kooaa that he might, before dying, declare to her his Innocence of tbe murder of her family. . Sheriff Bailer promised to grant bis reQuesu TUB Bit ITT a L LIFT OF THE MURD-ERXB. MURD-ERXB. MURD-ERXB. The history of most murders Is the history De-eember SO, I would hare proved myself with them on tbe night of the murder. This, I say, ia as true aa that there ia a Ood In Deaven. I lost my thumb on my right hand in this sv : I was sent ud on the bill at H aches' rerry.iB west Virginia, to do guard uuty. I waa walking sad trailing my gun, with my hand on the muzzle, th hammer of the lock eaarht on a root or viae aad discharged the gun, the ball striking my thumb ia the first joint. I caught cold in the wound, and the rurgeon cut it on at tae second mint. l nave a word to say about my truia. i feel thankful to my attorneys, Messrs. O'Sall, Smith aad Thompson, for the effort they mads to scduit ma. Judge Smith treated me with poealoae alndneea, administering iae law hi .Uee. bs he believed, from the evidence. Tbe Prosecuting Attorneys did what they con eel red to be their duty. I entertain no unkind feeling toward any one. Many of tn wimetse toad wnat x snow te be false, I never said what Mary SchsJfer testified te oa tbe stand, sir. beaatty. Sam. Fans. BavnL Buckley, Mr. Cunaihgham. Mrs. McClure end her son, all told what I kno to b untrue. I forgive them, and hone they may find pardon at the hand of God. Ua-rrwuaately Ua-rrwuaately Ua-rrwuaately for me, I had no evidence to bring to rebut tAetr teeuiuaaay-, teeuiuaaay-, teeuiuaaay-, tof I laave my dy ing oec is ration : i bivkh did husdi Boosa rAhtixY. And now I am soon to close up my on earth. I feel to rest my all in Jesus Christ. wao la ine-eavior ine-eavior ine-eavior ot au men, even auea an one as me. I shall rest tn peaee beyond. I know that my heart ha been changed, aad mar hOMr my confidence Is unbroken la Christ, and I await the time when I shall exchange exchange worlds. sr, dons ntruer, toe enerm, nas reeteu me with great khvdnesa.aad I thank him for his kind treatment, and though he shall execute the law. I de not earn alder him my enemy. I rive this hatvsrfeot aketca of my life to toe peblio, that all young seen may take warning, aad shun tbe practices and vices to which I was addicted, juroor nss oeen my nun, ana mv ena wtse irwi rsnaa itre. As I bene te ha forgiven, so 1 forsfv all My Bible has been my eompaaioa, prayer my coneatstiou. to tne worm, i esy, rareweii. Signed! SAMUEL COVERT. In presence of Rev. J. It. Saowdea, his spir itual adviser, aad pastor atetaodist rroteet- rroteet- aat Church. BM STJBrVgQTJBXT STaTKMXJtT. After thia statement was made to Bev. Mr. Snowdon, the prisoner dictated aa almost a miliar sutemrnt to our reporter, in cue nresence of Sheriff Butler and his Chief Deputy, Mr. Daviea. Ia addlOoa he remarked remarked that during life be had been a Jack of all-trades, all-trades, all-trades, aad had done nearly every kind cf work. After he waa mustered oat of aerrlce be had t19 la hi pocket, which he took to Cincinnati, where, with a friend, he went oa a lour oayr spree, men, aner a brier visit to Deerfleld, he went to SC Marys sad eominenced boating on the Miami Canal, ss stins sinn ii. This he held -

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 24 Aug 1866, Fri,
  3. Page 2

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