Sweet preserves: cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes.

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RECIPE - PRESERVES - City health on a ' knees operates Add These...
City health on a ' knees operates Add These Sweets To Your Shelves If fruit Is not at hand but vegetables vegetables are plentiful you will welcome these recipes and If you are^ looking for something quite delicious and of-the-ordinary you-will add a few jars of these sweetmeats to your stock of fruit preserves. Green tomatoes, tiny yellow tomatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, cerrots, beets and peppers under the right treatment will yield unusual and piquant sweets for winter use, Candied cucumbers may be used a substitute for citron in cakes or puddings or for garnishing, like angelica angelica Or it will serve as a sweetmeat sweetmeat in place of crystallized ginger, CANDIED CUCUMBER. Two pounds dark«green "slicing" cucumbers, 1 pound sugar, 1 cup water, 2 tablespoons lemon juice. Choose cucumbers of the deepest uniform green. Pare thinly. Cut in quarters lengthwise and remove seeds. Cut strips in slices about '/i inch thick and cover with 1 quart very cold water to which 1 teaspoon salt has been added. Let stand night. In the morning, drain and into preserving kettle with cold water water to cover. Bring to the boillns point and change water. Bring to boiling point in fresh water, and cover with fresh water.-Simmer until tender. Drain and drop into water. Let stand until plump and firm. And in the meantime boil the water and lemon Juice for five minutes. Drain cucumber and drop a slices at a time into boiling syrup. When all are In, remove from fire let stand half an hour or until Then simmer again for five minutes and cool as before. Reheat to boiling point and simmer until cucumber slices are almost-clear and the syrup almost absorbed. Turn into a wire sieve or spread on a wire cake Place in the hot sun or in a cool and sprinkle several times with sifted granulated sugar. When dry, roll piece in granulated sugar and pack in layers between wax papers. GOLDEN CONSERVE Golden conserve is made with carrots that are quite mature. Pare scrap* carrots and cut in very slices crosswise. Allow three-fourths pound of sugar for each pound of carrots. One-half cup lemon juice for each pound of vegetable is also needed. Arrange carrots in layers in a large mixing bowl or enameled ware preserving kettle. Sprinkle each layer with sugar and pour lemon juice the whole. Cover and let stand 24 hours. Add water to barely cover two tablespoons green ginger root cleaned, scraped and cut in thin slices. Simmer until carrots are tender. tender. Let cool in syrup Cover and stand three days. Drain carrots from syrup and pack in sterilized jars. Cook syrup blowly until thick. Pour over carrots in jars and seal when cool. » There are two green tomato conserve conserve recipes One uses raisins and other candied pineapple but otherwise otherwise the rules are much the same. GREEN TOMATO PRESERVE. Three pounds green tomatoes, 3 lemons, 3 ounces crystallized ginger, pound seeded raisins, 3 pounds light brown sugar. Slice tomatoes and remove as seeds as possible. Place in square ot cheesecloth and dip in boiling watet for one minute. Drain and plunge Into cold water. Drain. Chop rather fine. Slipe lemons and remove seeds Cover with cold water and simmer until tender. Chop fine. Chop raisins and cut the ginger into tiny pieces but do not chop. Mftc tomatoes, lemons and ginger and add one of cinnamon broken in several pieces. Add sugar, stir with a wooden fork or slotted spoon to mix thoroughly, cover with cheesecloth and let stand over night. In the morning, simmer over low fire until thick. Remove cinnamon and turn into sterilized jars. Seal when cold. The little yellow tomatoes make delicious preserve to serve with hot buttered toast or pop-overs for Sunday night supper. If the tomatoes very tiny they are used wliole; otherwise they should be cut in quarters. YELLOW TOMATO PRESERVE. Two quarts yellow tomatoes, 2 lemons, 1 small pineapple, 4 pounds granulated sugar. Pare pineapple, remove eyes and cut in 54 inch dice. Canned pineapple pineapple can be used. Cut the same way. Simmer fresh pineapple in water water to barely cover for ten minutes. Pour boiling water over tomatoes, In cold water and slip off skins. rind from lemons and squeeze out juice. Add tomatoes, grated rind juice of lemons with sugar to pineapple. pineapple. Simmer over a low fire until the SJTUP is thick and the fruit Pour into sterilized jars and seal when cold.

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  • RECIPE - PRESERVES — Sweet preserves: cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes.

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