Jell-o ad, 1930

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Jell-o ad, 1930 - TWe jKt? it! ere s a brand-new taste thrill! H...
TWe jKt? it! ere s a brand-new taste thrill! H . . i 'J I. ' ' ' Jt I t V- I " - f I ' . .; X v 1111 U y mf fa it. -; I I :. if r - , 1 . NX L ill), hl'-U V s - - A? ; ft - ); v. w 1 3 . AUrltP' 1- Si flttt 1 5 I " 1 t I " , rt ' if ' ' ' t. Jlj J in a' flavor LIME 1 GRAPE SPONGE WITH IMPERIAL SAUCE 1 package Straw berry Jell-U Dissolve Jfll-0 in boiling water and fcrapt juice. Add suiar and salt. Rtstrve VlclP of mixture ior sauce. Chill I rrnifiininr 1' A rrht mi yturr until rnlrl .ly.A ivrubv Plnrr VI CUP "owing rer ; ye, , - -t- , in howl 0 cracked ice or tee water and whip with rotary ee 1 2 CupsllOt grape piice illtllrunll! f,ufjy mAlimk like n hp fed 'cream. Turn into . 4 ut)loPoon sugar Chill until firm. Unmahl. Prepare sauce hy adding '4 teaspoon salt i (up additional tr.ipe juice to reiemd '2 cup Jell-0 mixture, and chill until slightly jellied. Pour jellied sauce over each mold. Serve f X . Variation: hoe.anh'ny juice may he lubttitutrd for the erapr juice in this fupe. WANT YOUR JELL-O TO JELL QUICKLY? Here's a wonderful speed method for emergencies!. Dissolve Jell-0 in one cup of boiling liquid, then add remaining liquid cold. Place mold in pan of crushed ice, ice water or ice and salt, and leave in coldest place available. Your Jcll-0 wull be firm in no time! ,1 j The Jcll-O Company, Inc. ! Le Roy, ; ' New York Enclosed is 25c (coin or stamps) for which you ! wiJI please send me a set of 6 new individual ' Jcll-0 molds. P.S. Please send mc your new Free JclJ-0 Recipe Booklets, too. M l, S., 9-21-80 m si, GET it phone for it at once don't wait! Lime Jell- O! Just open up that package and there! It's like opening your pantry window to a breeze that's blowing all the way from the lime-tree orchards in distant lands! So fresh . . so gloriously pungent! So inviting . . you'll have to have some at once ! Try it to-day . . just plain. It's the loveliest-looking dish ever . . clear, cool, green! And taste it! Tart, isn't it? Just tart enough to say "Do have some more!" And sweet . . isn't it . . just sveet enough to get you to think of lime trees all ablooni! Why, there ! in no time! is the bottom of the dish ! And you're planning, already, all the wonderful things you can concoct with this wonderful new Jell-O! Lime salads!. . Lime's just perfect for salads! Lime appetizers! . . the nippiest newappetizers! Lime relishes! . . Bet you're thinking up some new ones, already! Lime desserts! . . Try them! Lovely green climaxes for a meal! GRAPEFRUIT LIME MOUNDS A (Shown in center above) 1 package Lime Jell-0 Dissoht Jtll-0 in boiling wattr. Add salt. Turn into 1 pint boiling water individualmoUs.Chilluntiljim.Cut grapefruit sections Dash of salt lengthwise, in slices. Arrange; grepifruit slices en plate 2 grapefruit, sections and unmoli Jill-0 on them. Struts S. . free from membrane . i - . i . i ' ' CORN RELISH SALAD (Shown below) 1 package Lemon Dissolve Jell-0 in boiling water. Add cold water, vinegar, Jell-O and salt. Chill. When slightly thickened, fold in corn, 1 cup boiling water pepper, pimiento, and onion. Turn into mold. Chill until Vi cup cold water firm. Unmold on crisp lettuce. Garnish with Hcllmann's 3 tablespoons vinegar Mayonnaise. Serves 8. ' 'j teaspoon salt . . . . Vj cups corn, cooked ,!." I green pepper, i" chopped T' learn of dozens of new salads, send for the neui 1 pimiento, chopped Free booklets. See coupon Mow . . 1 tablespoon onion, grated All measurements on this page art level. f1 . 1J F W INDIVIDUAL JELL-O MOLDS, IX 1 W . in NEW LARGER SIZE! Only 2 5c! A bargain! Six new molds, all in the same lovely design, and in the new 'A pint size, so that they are big enough to hold a good portion of Jcll-0 molded with other ingredients in it. Sturdy aluminum. Get yours. See coupon at left. FRFF TWO WONDERFUL EDpr f XAVl. REciPE BOOKLETS A AV-A-" Send! Get a free copy of a brand-new booklet of brand-new treats! All made with the new flavor . . . LIME! Along with it comes a wonderful book of 48 recipes in the other five Jell-0 flavors! Send to-day! See coupon at right. . '. If y ' 4 sty? ft m1 i iV7 '"f I. 3 i 1 (Z .i-ii-ii' ...... 1 .. iSame. Street City .Slate. , rui in tumpicieiy prim name ana BddrcM iTl , " If ycu live ir Canada, addrns General roods, Limited, lit Sterling Tower, Toronto i.Oniario 4 (1 1 If-. ' IT ! JUL" 4 J Now ... 6 pure-fruit flavors . . . Raspberry Strawberry Lemon Orange Cherry LIME! 1 , 4 f i iry A Product of General Foods Corporation The Jell-0 Company, Inc. b-i. S 9-21-30 Le Roy, New York Please send me the new FREE booklet of Lime Jell-O recipes. I'd like, too, a FREE copy of "The New Jell-O Book mot Surprises." . ':Nttme - - Streets mState O 1930, G.F. Corp. V ' City j; fill in completely print name and address . . If you live in Canada, address General Foods, Limited, Sterling Tower, . Toronto 2, Ontario j 1 1 ' itiiaUfeulh J.-iSf-.i(p s.i-!iiiia.

Clipped from
  1. The Indianapolis Star,
  2. 21 Sep 1930, Sun,
  3. Page 75

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