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back tree plan - ,1 BOfiFID TO ILK PLANS FDR Here's How...
,1 BOfiFID TO ILK PLANS FDR Here's How Christmas Tree Would Look, in Lake Merritt Mil T This artist' conception of a Chris'.mas tree in Lake Merritt, superimposed upon an actual photograph of the lake and its necklace of lights at night, gives a clear impression impression of whaL Robert Hillback, 10-year-old 10-year-old 10-year-old 10-year-old 10-year-old boy, had in mind when he first told his father his dream of having a gigantic Yuletide symbol in the lake for all Oakland to enjoy. The boy died last summer, but his father has carried the vision on. Now. h is being taken up by the park board, Oakland service clubs, and other organizations, including including numbers of private citizens, who join in declaring the plan worthy, of merit and entirely feasible. The project is to be threshed out before the park board tonight. Cuzens. Clubs Back Scheme tor Municipal Display ! i : at Cbrktraas, i ? - . j With a meeting of thi board of ; prfrk conirtitBRloners to decide. Bet fo tonight, the faU of the Lake Merritt, Christmas tree. Oakland' rvlc clubs were joining with Independent Independent citizen throughout the city today In favor o fthe project. ,On every side expressions of ap- ap- Tfovat wera mnde- mnde- today of the Plan,, which 'oriftlnflted a year aco inh mind of Robert Oreer Hill- Hill- back. 10. on of Oeorge A. Hill back, ?30 Best avenue, Han Lean dro. But If his dream becomes reullty, Jtobert will never see It. He dld last summer, and his father passed the Idea along a Ills boy's lepaey to tha Yuletide happiness of Oakland. The Idea was first publicly ad vaneed by Hillback In a letter to tha Forum of The TRIBUNE. Since publication of this latter on (September (September IS last many expressions of approval of the plan hava been re reived bv tne orum irom unit vldual citizens. Ona of the enthusiastic expres-nmi expres-nmi expres-nmi from Gardener Busso, official of tha Oakland Electric fi.ih mrhrt 1fnw Robert. "I think It 1 a' wonderful plan," hi declared. "The Electric Club will glva Its moral support, and It will glva a Jot mora than that, If need be. h UOXS GIVE APPROVAL 70 sooner bad ha learned of the plan than C, J. Btruble, president of tha Lions' Club, placed tha stamp of hla approval upon It and declared he would see that hla or- or- rarUziition Is represented at the park board meeting tonight. ."I personally believe It Is a (houffht which la not onlv beautiful In Itnelf. but one w"hlch will react beneficially to the erillre Knstbay If carried out. I am sure the Lions Club will back ma up in my oplu km." , . - .... 'The:0-J0 'The:0-J0 'The:0-J0 Club entared tha movement for the Christmas tree with the pledge of Tiay Loughrey, president, that his organization will at least lend lta moral support. He promised to bring the matter to the attention of tha rlub aa a whole at Itg next meeting. iC Klmer While, president of th Oakland Knlghta of the Hound Table, announced his nllllngnesx to r"nor the Idea, and declared he Mil put It before his membership at a meeting Wedneadiiy noon at th Hotel Oakland. MILL fil'IMfJUT Pl.AY. ."I personally believe the project Is worthy, and am certain the cluh ivill give financial support If the plan la not too costly." White dc dared. "I expect to appoint a cluh ruember to attend tonight's meet ing. 'Support wrs also forthcoming from tha American Leplon Hcrvlcc joo mrougn Anthony F. Moltoret, president, who said ha would take the matter up with his organization and ask Its sponsorship If the park board asked the aid of the service ciuns. oy Mcwethy, president of the ifiruriana, said: ' personally favor the plan and iirv my ciuti will be willing to support It morally and probnlilv financially. If it gains any kind of ru,,Porirrom otner clubs and from cny as a community propoHl on,; I will take up the proposl i, L-iun L-iun L-iun Kiireciors nt a romorrow at the Klk Club.". N ma optimist Cluh, too, 14 gt- gt- imK ofnina ine movement whole-h,aertedlyy whole-h,aertedlyy whole-h,aertedlyy i to back rr,A. i Phillip A. SerHhev, secretary- secretary- .urrr 01 me organization snir hla group would back the dream to tha limit despite the fact that the nuD every year goes to great ex panse in giving Mar Christ mag party ror tha r'red Finch Orphan-ajra Orphan-ajra Orphan-ajra children. '80 many children would be ben- ben- rirea py tne erection and spirit of en a tree that I feel sure it will n a. grest aurcec-i. aurcec-i. aurcec-i. I hope It is 'very year,- year,- Ytn said. B. H. Panders, secretary of the Mutual Business Club al.-o al.-o al.-o prom ised the support of his organiza tion. A represents l of the club will attend the general meeting ha ana orrer th rlty the husl Siasa men's complete rooppratlon. ine idea Is a good one and I ropa it is earrlPd out hy the cltv ana its citizens," Panders declared. "It will be a great thing fur Onk- Onk- ina nu tMKnnn s growing popu- popu- isuon. sum a sight, a fully riero- riero- ratta Lhrlslinns tree rising from tha glistening lnke will bo an in spirational picture to be held vividly In thr; mind of every child that aees it.' 'All citizens who desire to r press their news n Itobert Hill- Hill- orMin end what It may mean-to mean-to mean-to the children of Oakland and the beauty of 1,11k Merritt can 4e ' 1 ilp,gwwwmij 11,1 Wlijd 111 1,11 Iw-y Iw-y Iw-y J ' 4 , 1 do so at the park board meeting at 7:80 o'clock tonight in room 1111, city hall. Alameda Planning Yule Decorations .ALAMEDA, Oct, 29. Plans for decorating Alameda's business streets with Christmas trees and colored lights during the Christmas holidays are being mapped by a Joint committee of the Alameda chamber of commerce, Park Ktreet Street Merchants' association. Sim-Merchants' Sim-Merchants' Sim-Merchants' association und Web-i Web-i Web-i liar planB are under consideration ster Street Merchants' association according to Clarence L. Traver, president of the chamber of commerce. commerce. Recommendation that the Webster Webster street merchants erect a 21-foot 21-foot 21-foot Christmas tree and stage a public Yuletide party for the children children of the neighborhood at the corner of Webster atreet and Central Central avenue, was made by William Martin, president of the Webster by the Park street merchants, Wil liam Iloltkamp, president, announced. announced. Appointment of Martin as chairman chairman of a committee to arrange for thte next monthly Joint dinner . of the chamber of commerce and merchants' organizations was made toilny by Traver. A city-wide city-wide city-wide advertising advertising campaign is under consideration consideration to promote a "trade in Alameda" spirit, he pointed out. C. E.PWEIL, T. W. SllMVAN. Vi.Pr.,Gcn.M$f. E. H. fUKIH, CAP WELL SULLIVAN & El FURTR CLAY. 1 4th, l5th(NEXT ihe CITY HALL, OAKLAND telephone: HOlIiday 3I3I Wednesday A Rodeo of Bargains in which Items are Branded with Money-Saving Money-Saving Money-Saving Prices. ft A Sale that Rounds Up all Remnants, Odds and Ends, Broken Sizes, Samples and Special Buys ... at Big Savings. This is an exceptional month-end month-end month-end sale because every item is of this month's merchandise.' Every bargain desirable. . .usable. , .new. No Telephone ' Orders. No Mail Orders. We tilmlly Intend Delivery. 4'linrgc and C. O. 1. See he. 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  2. 29 Oct 1929, Tue,
  3. Page 10

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