Cream of Wheat ad, 1922

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Cream of Wheat ad, 1922 - 1 beauty 7 . it has theater ifopp. THE...
1 beauty 7 . it has theater ifopp. THE ENQUIRER. CINCINNATI SUNDAY, NOVEMBER , 1911 o get quick energy n. STATE morning bear in mind ' 7, LMs fa A sbbss , fjk.sK, . - I It !r i "il 'i.. ill m How drowsily it Kangs upon you that just-out-of-bed feeling when your thoughts merely fade into one yawn after another. You are sure that sleep has sneaked of! with all the ambition you ever had or hoped to have. And no wonder. During sleep, so physicians say, all activities of the body heart, lungs, digestion are slowed down. Before you can get into your regular stride for the day, these must all be roused up- again. How breakfast should help v Energy, then, ready for immediate use that's what you want above all else in the morning. And since energy comes from food, breakfast should help supply you. But don't overlook this fact. Your stomach must digest 1 that food before you can use its energy. And this job should be as easy as you can make it, if your brain is to do its best work. For digestion, scientists know, always goes on at the expense of mental energy. What you need for breakfast, then, is food that will give you the most energy at the least cost of digestive time and effort. A unique breakfast dish You will find exactly this food in Cream of Wheat. For it is made oFth? heart of the wheat that part richest in the energy-giving substances that scientists call carbohydrates. And these, of all food material, are the most quickly, most easily digested. B?w There are other foods which contain as many energy units as Cream of Wheat, but. because they are harder to digest, their energy does not become available as easily or as quickly. Still other foods may be as easy to digest as Cream of Wheat, but not contain enough actual nourishment. It is in the combination of these two qualities that Cream of Wheat excels high energy, quickly available because so easily digested. To be at your best in the morning eat Cream of Wheat regularly. And let the rest of the family share it too. New ways to serve it try them Here's a treat for you! Instead of eating Cream of Wheat just with cream and sugar, try it hot with raisins, dates, prunes, jams, or fruit sauce. Each warm spoonful will delight you wi'thlts 'delicate" :reamy flavor ; touched'rwItTi t.he,' added richness of the fruit. your grocer for a package of Cream of Wheat today and notice how many servings you - . get out of it. More than thirty! CREAM 'OF WHEAT COMPANY Minneapolis, Minnesota Try Cream with ttra TV mi cf Wheat f wherry iauee '. J tA al Cwa ol WW, mi, it, mm ; lukj iiibur met than k mat, Hava k MaMiiaw aioniai ffl 1922, Cnaa oi Wbaal Confaay ((toca if Write for free recipe booklet h fivaa thirty van al aarv ta Craaa ol Wkaat and you'll Uw avary ona you try. Write today lor I (rat copy PHYSICAL CULTURE

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 26 Nov 1922, Sun,
  3. Page 107

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