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THIS 'STAR REPORTER' MADE THE STARS INTELLIGIBLE TO THE LAYMAN" or- com;- , j | nl- | "Bani week be i$named -'u be for of the will Pro- specialist University. will so; .--oil farm in Jo soil i necessary this of AI.RKADY 1'ASSEO BY SENATE, iroUSK ADOPTS IT KY VOTE ' OK 383 TO !><) ;INCREASES MAXTMUM PENALTY ! FOR FIRST DRY LAW OFFENSE ,:i*l Sfatres of , Bill's Progress \Vafelted by He|>resrnla tires of 'Kivnl ; den's ton. Mar. 1.—iVP.i—AP- both house.*, the Jones needed only the prcsi- pijrnaturo to become ncu.suro, wn.s pa.'. ; ?cd by j a the C'liarlei here, wil reflector 5<30, bnl which is capable of uf>i extended experiment a< ion. tube is galvanized iron irrigal pipe. In the clossup, Barns shown holding a lens and a prism (hat he made himself and (above) gr hiding a laboratory. l.ouse yesterday by the one-sided vote of -J8: 1 . to 00. The bill provides as a maximum penalty tor a first, violation of the prohibition lavs five years in [prison, or a. fine of ? 10.000. or both, i .Discretionary power is given fed- jcral judges vo discriminate between j minor and major offenders. House Divides on Wet-Dry Lines Introduced by Senator Jones, republican, of Wushinsrlon, the niea-s- of lens in his fniit orchard BY IMliMP ,1. SINNOTT NKA Service Writer Morgan Hill., Calif:. Feb. 'JS.—Ho- cause Charlc.-i Edw;mi Barns could Grind a better lens. Make a bettor telescope, Write a bettor book. Prepare better charts find do better printing- than hi;astronomically inclined neighbors— the astronomical world has made n i Whale, "finely placed for iei.surc-ly I ;;cm-hunting.' and other poctio jphivistss thni nrc entirely to | the usually serious textbook'. Added pnl)] to , )js (1oor . pyen ,.,,„„,,,, tliat J off bis book', mi. king bis plates in his door be fasteneil to a set dov.-n! own home-built, stereotyping plant, in a'prune and apricot orchard out i Aml • soon Ul ° flrst edition was coin- here in the Santa i.Mani valley. Barns has realised also the secret j "*"""* was himself surprised at dream of most newspapermen--pro-j tnc ! UtenliC'.n It attracted. The tele- dueecl something that has.made even |: ; cope.-making correspondents were law too stringent, but very few as (he votes showed. While it. was in . , , ;tl>c senate it precipitated a debate : . U " Cr ° fi ? v , c ™. l .™ ai :, lors °". , CO '" I between Uccd 'of Missouri, ami Bori'.h of ld:iho, bvit ail the Mis- sovrriau's eloquence did not keep the bill from passing the senate by almost as lar;,'<5 n. margin. comparatively speaking, as it did the house. McBride's rresenee Noted During the debate on the bill in the house. K. Scott McBride, gen- oral superintendent of the Anti- Saloon league, sat section of the gallery,' while in another sec- lion were representatives of the As- probably the only one con siniftionK of lenses, prism;; and fleeting- and refracting telescopes. After* the writing, Barns tackled the printing 1 in the little shop on his iranch. On a, Gordon job press, Burns ran pletcd. (scientists sit up a.nd take notii-c. For his buolc, ".1.001, Celestial dur-j Wonders as Observed With Home- .fnstruments,' has recrtvcd enthusiastic. And so were leading astronomers and critics n.ll over the world. ' Publications of astronomical societies gave it highly favorable encomiums from officials of;mention., observatory Barns now is? n. member of the , Built on slncer Bon- : .".stronomical in directors, university Instructors and even the layman. - i ° r " 1P American .Association of The volume can h e called "Barns' Variable Stiir Observers, the Amer- 'book" in rvcrr .souse of HIP word, 1 i( -' fln Astronomical society, the Brit- Astronomical Society of the Pacific, pco, to I for in addition to making the pre- isv Astronomical Association and I a the Prohibition McBrido's pres- .'.-ociatlon ' Against. Amendment. Dr. o.nce was r.oled by", representative O'Connor, democrat. Xe\v York, in [ an attack uj>on the bill. Ilepre.scr.ta-! tive O'Connor intimated that the i advocn.tea measure jlimlnary experiments, he wrctc the. j olllcl ' bodios--. Ills first edition has text, prepared color charts to show ; lor| E -^'ice Jiccn M>U1 out, and life. star positions, set the type, stereo-1 '^ninrul from all parts of the world | ;,,„ messages down, here d t)]o formf aiw , ,,,. . „„., l;v ,-,, ,,.„ tiiei nns sol(1 Ollt ih<> lhirrt "*io"- Ju ! „ M . 0 ,.,. , ,,,„ , lu , p , under corrcspc-ndents v of • lhe o]fl walp ,. towc ,. on his rnri( . h of telescope bull , IPVC- Hc oidn't bind the books-hutUbeir And who frist told only ding now write of of the. Jones. were not supporting the constitution but were passing the bill because of tho "Anti-S;iloon League, \vhose leader nnd whoso dictator sits there in the corner watchinjr l1 ' i your every move and who is send- some- Jlfc| hc pcr! , t1 , M , y Viamllod sale.,, between j the i s tai-- e iv.lng and UeepliiR the apricot be ; !lml pnino Props cc , nil ,, K along. j T '.urns was for vcars well known j ns a Nc w York newspaperman, with coun a special gift for interviewing men I thih • high in the Kcientitic world. When' on;iio retired and came here to "operate where." Representative Moore,, republican. Ohio, attacked O'Connor because the Xe\v York .member had declared in a speech oil Wednesday that he i despised and abhorred tho eighteenth A mise brick oven was in a -, amendrnerft and would not vote for sused corn mill near Hudderileia. ;my n , onsul . c , 0 cnforco it SPECIAL OVKN FOH V.U3 time ! a fruit farm, ho turned more alien- develops Hies pastures tlon to an old hc-bhy, astronomy. Makes Own Telescopes... But telescopes cost money and even then aro hard to get, so Barns tt> 'decided -he would maUc his own. is | "f found that tho reputed ciiffieul- [ties of lens nnd mirror-making to be lot-s ! an exaggerated tra.dition," Barns >"ngland, so that the village of De.ii- bly Dale inlKht surpass all it's previous c!'fort.« in miikinpr giatit pie,=i. Tlie pie dish, made locally of cartb- enware, was 18 feet, long, 4 feet wide and 'IS incites deep. The pic contain cd beef, mutton, kidney, potaloc-s ran! plenty of yi-itvy. About. 10.UO-J people partook of the pie. On the oc- la.siou of the last, previous Dciiby Dale pie. in .1SIHJ, more tlian CO.OUt) people vifiiled the village, which ha? a population of 1,500. A. pio made ' s«J's. person can take a piece .. IU 1SSl wonl in object I of optical glass, make bis own lathe, and with a little common sense and patience, fashion just as good a lens. prism and mirror — for all practical purposes — as you could buy any- C.. where in eight-tube the world. Making an supcr-het radio set re- of. quires genius alongside of making lenses and telescopes." Barns made many telescopes with I nlul wns cl ragged by horses to a wood nnd buried in quicklime. the lo wrllo ainick , s fol . m any lensCB , cu , Tncn ho hewln j lo wrllo ainick , s fol . sclentwil ; and been i popular-scientific, inaffaaines about WHITIS ANT I.OIREU'S KXR.MV There is one insect; that takes heavy toll in lumber, says the American Tree association. This is the termite, or while ant. These insecLs penetrate into the wood o£ floorings ,'iri'd walls and foundations. They eat their way through the wood, honeycombing it and weakening it. alfalfa toward lat- lcns , prlsm *, , Maiiv who and lcle sco P e making. , .-. f'^U ihoso wrotf Barns to. for more particular*information, and ,to tell of their progress. At present he has such correspondence in India, Canada, Mexico. Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Porto Rico, various parts of Europe and all parts of the United States. OVER—AND OVER There's nothing a man likes bet ter tli'an having a woman nmko over him, nnd nothing ho bates more than bavins o"o try !o make him over.—Cincinnati Enquirer. —A chance to get a Box! Camera Free with each purchase of 5 rolls of No. 2A. film Saturday only. ! Hartman's Camera Shop j "The House of Service" 17 So. Chicago Ave. off '-But the great trouble was that Uie'they were more interested in the o!' i "They were no. intent upon grinding specula and making telescopes that by | they were fcrgctlins entirely that ''he instruments were primarily built astronomy. They told of the fine Tho undersigned, having been appointed Kxecutrix of tho last Will and Testament of Henry .lacger, late of the County of Stephenson and State of Illinois, deceased, hereby j gives notice that she will appear before the County Court of Slephenson County, nt the Court House in I-'ree- j port, nt the April Term, on the first . (Monday in April next, at which time on! menus than the end," sa.ya Barns, j all ))(?1 . sol1a hilviu ... ,.. lainls agllinjt j | i-aid estate are noiififd and rcquoited j ! to attend for the purpi/se of ha\'ing' the same ad.iunted. All pcrEons indebted to said estalc are rcque'i-ted to make immediate payment, to the undersigned. Dated (his ]5lh day of February, A. 1>. I'.l^H. KM.MA T. JAEGER, Executrix. llALl'll P. SHKIilDAX, Attorney. •:.-]:<-:•: r,-\ FIKB (MtUOP KOOFS UOOK KEPA1US W. T. BDVVAKUS HOOFING COM PANS DIKDS Rlin/r IU' UOOFS PflON'K IIMCK 976 FBEBI'OKT. ILL our wHl u" in- eac.; num- eac,- telescopes they were building-—but not of any star observations. "I began looking around for a book to prescribe. And 1 found that while it was un easy thing to get abstruse tc:;t books, there were few astronomy boohs in the vast field between ' the .purely elemental and the highly technical.' t Decides (o YVri(e Book So 1'larns decided ho would have iro.write.a bool> himself; something I chat would .interest the non-technical j adult and encourage use of the home built telescopes. time! Description of the stars and con-. up.' stclUUions in iutersparscd with fool-i quoting inspirational references , your to stars, . to astronomy, There is sur-'occasional mention of "The, Lunar, Alps," "a vast sea of self^°_l_ I illumined cosmic. rna.tier," The Funeral Service B. 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