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Ogden Standard-Examiner, 3 Mar 1929 p. 15 - of it -the duty the. helm when and The...
of it -the duty the. helm when and The considerations. period strain rep-. are bring the · ' . . do? differently center .make three not people's portfolios-than . f o r .important; of to conflict a-'chasm' that A. G. : Spaulding, sporting goods magnate. . . -.' · ' . ' * : ·" · For .several- years these .men sharp · But bankruptcies reports conference per- Chancellor. energy 'is demagogic " .are nationalist Alfred working .democratic, The ag- -democratic 'are -their took' coffin who who, away .trie -"'debris'-.- that- h 1 as."'oblite'rat-: ed. the", site '· p'f--. the",, presidio-. : 'for: .- ·.-.i--i.-,_i_.--- it van-n'. . .j t: w jii: a'-pre' " ' " - - Home-Made Tele^pes Win Praise From Scientists : By PHILIP J. NJGA Service Writer . M ORGAN Hliiti, Calif.^-Because 'Charles. Edward.'Barns'-could · Grind : a better. lens,' . · . -Make a-"better telescope, ··' Write'a-better book, ·. / - . Prepare-better, charts.. - and and do- better^printing', than -his astro'nomicaliy " inclined neighbors --th'e astronomical.' : world has made a path to.:-his doorv.cven ..tbo.ugli that door'be fastened' to. a house set down .in a p r u n e ' and apricot orchard-out here in-the Santa Clara valley. ,. . . , . ' . - - . ' Earns has realized also the secret secret dream 1 of most newspapermen --produced" something', that - has made even ·scientists 1 sit. ' up" : and tak«;notice.' . ·· .. .' '. .. . . . .. '.. · For. his .book, "1001 Celestial Wonders as Obsetyed . With'r -Home- Built Instruments,": .has'.'.-received sincere encomium's from- officials' of astronomical societie's,-·'·-. Observatory Observatory directors,' university-'.instructors" university-'.instructors" and; even the layman. . . . . . · . ··The '. 'volume can '-be 1 ...called "Barns' book";--in -.-every -se-ris,e; of the. word; for- in additi6n i 'to r -'.malc- ih'ff'- ; tlie : preliminary experiments, he'"«vrote.- the 'text, prepared' color charts .to show-star positions', .'set the- 'type, ' stereotyped : .the . .f p'rrns and-.even -did ttie' press work' in: his little sh'o'p.under-the old'wat'er tow-. er on-his ranch here.- -'.He "didn't bind-.the books--but 'ho .personally handled '· sales, between, star-gazing and' keeping .th'e'apricot an'd'prune cops com'inE'aloris. ' · ' ' · ' · . ·".·'-.. Barns -was for.years. well .known as "a. New -York ·newspaperman, with a special, 'gift.-for inter.yiewing men."high in .the- scientific ."world'. When, he-retired an'd-c'ame-'here, to operate a fruit 'farm., he .turned more attention to an old h'obby, astronomy.- astronomy.- · · · ' · . . ' . ' · · : ' . ' · · · MAKES MAKES OWN TpIiESCOPJES -But telescopes -'cost -money -and even then are'--hard' 'to . g'et, 'so Barns decided be would. make .his own. ' . . · :. - . · · ' 'V' · "!· found-that the-reputed 1 -difficulties -difficulties of lens and mirror-making to .be an . exaggerated ' tradition, 1 ' Barns says. "Any person can'take a .piece ; of optical 'glass, make -his 'own ,lathe, ; .c.nd with 'a- little'-.cbin- mbn /sense-and. patience, vfashion jusUas.-go'od a lens," prism-.and.mif-r rorr--for "all- practical ^puriioses--ais you'could 1 ' buy' anywliere'-^-in " tlip -world. Makisg a'n : eight-tube super-het super-het .'radip ' 'set ".'requires^genhi's alongside^ of '-'making.- lense's'-'aiid telescopes."- .-".,- ·'· . -y : .-',-"''.'.'..-" 1 Barns' made many "telescope's, with ' many lenses,'; etc.. . The'n. .he began to" write articles for, scientific an_d' popular-acientific |' maga'zihes abbut"'leris, ' prism"'.' -an'd"'telescppe Charles Ed-Ward Barns here \vith a ten inch home b u i l t reflector -that cost him less than $30, but which is'"capable of use in extended experimentation The tube is galvanized jrtin irrigation pipe 'n the closeup, Barns is shown- hoJcing that he mad« himself and (above) grading orchard labpratory lens and a prism lens in his 'ruit making "Many who read these wrote Barns for moie particular in formation ^and to tell of theii P T og less At present he has such cor respondents in India Canada Mev ico Japan Australia ew Zea land Porto Efco -various parts of Europe and all parts of the Lmted States. But the great trouble, was that they were more ,interested in the means thaji" the end, says Barns They were so- intent upon -grinding specula and maTcing telespopes that they forgetting entirely that stellatip'ns -is-interspersed .with.'fpbt- notes -quoting: ..:inspirational-. ; refer- encs to star" to astronomy 1|her_ is occasional mention of The £.unar Alps a "vast Sargosso sea of-.. star.-niumine'd.- -:cpsmicr-..matter The "Whale finely laced for leisurely leisurely gem hunting and other po etic phrases that are entirely for eign to the-usually serious textbook j'dded also were several "chapters o_n construction of Ifenses prisms aid reflecting-:.andL,refractirig-'-tele- scopes: ' , Afteythe writing- Barns tackled the ^r^nting in the^ little shpp on his ranch On a Gordon job press Barn? oft his boo'lr making his pjates in his own home-built stereotyping plant And s_oon the firsf- edition ·was completed B1KNS JS ^TJKPKISED JBarns was himself surprised at the attention It attracted The telescope telescope making correspondents^.wer.e enthusiastic And "so -were leading _ . astronomers and critics all,over the So Barns decided-He v^onld have world Publications of-astrononu to write-a book himself something cal societies gave_it highly fa\or- that w ouWJnterest^the non-techni cal"adult and encourage use of the home "built^. telescojes t --^,^_^ --.-.,--.. - . _ , Description ojfthe stars and con- I of the- Ameiican Association of the "instrumenfs were pnmarilv built for astronomy They-told of the fine teleacopes^they were Tjyild. lng _l3 U t not of any star observa tion? ,. I began loolvitife around for -a book to Ascribe .-And'?! found that while it TV as" an easy thing to et .abstruse textbgojka, th«re -wefp fe : w a9tronomy boqks^n t^t vast field between the- purely elemental ' and highly-technical '· TO "rtGElITE TBOO3K ican Ish'- long has of to ing' ly but .shop a when go ·-' 'are but . Barns -now is a Tnem'ber- of the Asteenomical by tine government r -rjed to ed the that ing him

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  • Ogden Standard-Examiner, 3 Mar 1929 p. 15

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