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Walter Harmon 2 - C. in a AN OKLAHOMA BOY AT ANN ARBOR The...
C. in a AN OKLAHOMA BOY AT ANN ARBOR The following news item taken from the Wagoner Daily Sayings will pro'v* interesting to many of our Sallisaw folks who are so well a<<iuainted with Owen and rejoice to learn of his onward march: ".Mr. Owen .1. Watts, of Wagoner, Okla., who is a student in the University of Michigan, was chosen as one of the members of the freshmen debating team for the Adelphi Debating society, in the recent try-outs. "J'he team of which the Wagoner >()ung man is a member will debate affainst a team selected by the Alpha .N'li Debating societ.N', and the winner of this contest will llien enter llie t'niversity Cuj) debale ogainsl a \v:\\\\ chosen rroni Ihc Debating So- ciclics of llic College (jf Law." GOSE WKHT chandise store, has been pretty sick the past few days, but is ur> and able to resume his regular duties al the present writing, T Sidney Rogers and .loKn Davis report that the heavy rain did much damage to their newlv planted crops which were washed out of the ground. Ihcy having been planted mi slopes. Couiily Demonstrator Wolverton was down here Monda.\ on impoit- aril hnsin'ss. There was an agricnlliiral exhibit car here last Monday and showril several varieties of Seeds and silos which were lo the interest of Ihc people as a whole. '[Tie scllo(d \\a-. dismissed and Ilie sludeiils visii'd the car. Icarnin.g man;, vi 'lnahle li • sons tlicicln-. Tlu' .Marliie Cit.v w u!„ in;.' the "Swc( I I'amilw" visilcd Hr- [ilare las! Salin(la\ niuhl. W. .M. liogei's. one of nur < i.| pioneer citizens, has disconlinm d linsiness hci-e and is moving lo Slil- wcll. A\'e ai'e ^orr.v lo lose Mr. Rr.L'- crs. but wish him ;md liis famil> much prosperit\- and h.'ippiness in new liome. CROWBATT. I .Mrs. (irccnwcll departed lliis week i lor Ihr iiical Wesl. and inlends mak- I ing her home in (ialifornia. Her son, :\\ho is in Ihc I'. S. .Xavy lieadtpiar- i^jj. ' Icrs in ('.alifornia, and Mrs. Circcn-; \\(ll will I'cslde there—until "the c.'dl of Ihc Osage counli'.x" demands her iclurn. Mrs. (ireenwell has resided here too long and has |f)o man.\ i friends in (heal ()s;ige la be co ; for an.v lenglh of time anywherei 'else nndci- Ihc son.--I'awhiiska Cap-!'"^'^V f'""' '"Pad^'i's: ilal. OF INTEREST TO FARMERS I Best & Company of Fort Smilli tilent'''"''^'^ issued the following circular letter that will be of inlcresf to ,..,,,.<,, (he Baptist Siindav seliooi is going to an e.xira elfort lo enlarge its Colleclion and all moncv t.'ikcn in ,,, Smidav school lhal dav will ! donated lo the Uniled Charilv f^m,,, „ j, sincerelv hoped and ur- i-^.qi.^.sted lhal this .same plan he adopted by each Sunday school j,, HK- city and \hnl such an efTort he put forth along Ibis line that the : few small debts of the Association lean be wii.c.i unl and its good work conlinued. If \ ou can't go to Sun- ,^5^,, ,„„^, ,,,„„,,^, f'""''""" "''^ cause by someone 'I'''' >oii know will be there. Lei "^"^ collection tie a good one. "o Sorghum Contractors: "During 1911 some gorwers took .Mrs. (.reenwell is a sister of Mrs. jail of 1-acre sor.ghuni contracts, i;. Bee (iuthrey and passed through i Such small acreage didn't make the here this week on her way to C.ali-' grower any money. They were ;i Cnrnia. -hindrance lo the larger growers in j making their deliveries. So this year no man has less than .a acres and | a lot of the 1 -acrc men have developed into 10. 10, GO and more acre- contractors. We hope this experience will havi ils cffecl in conlracting for Spanish jieanuls. Don't think of less the;' .") acres. .\ party said: "The farmers have !io| found onl "lill now that tlii - lerritory was well adapted^ thl! THE UNITED CHARITIES he funds in the exchec(|uer of liiitcd Charities are sorely in (1 of reiilenishmciit. The demands iHion the organization during the winter .just closed have been unusual and the W(jrk done has been of ex- ((•plioii.'d value. On next Sunda\ Ihe iiei is another cash crop, guaranteed, easily grown. iri<( 1 , A SMALL FIRE .•\ small two-room residence near I the Kansas Cit,\- Southern coal shute burned Tucs<lay about .">:0(l a. m Ihe volilnteer fire fighters could ] assemble and get to the scene. It 1 ! [ ; was a frami building belonging to the old Huckleberry estate and was formerly occupied liy Bill Busby, he ; having moved onl of i| yeslerd;,.., The building w;is of small value and It is vested an<l delivered, the seed and sacks for shipping are free, .a drouth resisting crop', [irovides food for both man and beast, will ;ind should replace pari of >oiir less-sure fattening crop, like corn, puts nitrogen into your soil, continues bringing^ ,YC.->you money after you have received soi-ghurn money, brings with il a I Top." We said he was wron^, tha they knew il all Ihc time, but onh. lacked a market to engjigc in it ni a large scale. (ioing inl<i sorghum as extensivcb as .\f)u have >ou want to rotate with ;i crop to improve >'our liind, and il will bring up your run-down cot- lon land also. Thereftjre. the advantages of this crr,p can be enumerated as follows: Itle marKe!,^^^^^ llie loss was not cover'd wiHi .|,iy insurance. .!. H. lliicklehcerv. one of the representalivcs of Ihc eshile. lives in St. Louis, while ;inothcr. Luther Ilu(d<lcberr\ is ;i resident of \':in Buren. FROM ('ANS I'L. W. lliiics of Silllis.iw was down here Tttcsihiy on business. W.dlon Shackclfonl .ifc .uoing into Ihe (dd hai'iKvarc slore building belonging lo llcni\ Mcilink for lluir general meridiaiidisc dcpart- menl and will irse the other one for Hour, feed and farm impleincnis. Roy i:. Lee, Love J. Smith, Bradford I'). Maupin ;ind son. IScunell. and \U)\ .Martin were I'ort Smith business visitors liisl .Monday morning. Bufene Clicri.\ lias Ijccn seriously ill iicarl\- till of last week with lon- silitis. but is lip now ;md is :iblc to go to s(dio(d. I-Jncst Daniel has been siilfeiirig IVoni ;i boiic Iclon on bis rigid lliimib this week, but is sonic better now. .\. L. Shackelford was over iicross the .Arkansas river last Tuesd;iy visiting some (d' his fiti-ins. .Marshal Sliackcllord luis ptirchas- ed a new "bike" and reports having (Xperieiiced severid pre cipittitions Ibei'efroiu alreads'. Some niiscrciuit, having nothing more honoiidjle or elev;iling to do, j has dug several boles in the tennis [lotirt, lbu:> making the same unlit foi- the game which the members ol Ilie ( lub had anticipated for Mon' <l;i> attcruoon. However, .Messrs. (iilbert iiiid Connor tire luiving Ihc eoiM't put in shape and those interested in the game will soon be enjoying it as heretofore. .Miss Retry and Miss P.vtalle were visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. F:. Hurley last Sunday evening and report having had a nice visit. Floy Shackelford and Miss Hlay- loek took supper with Mrs. Juina Hurley last .Saturday night. • E. ('. Gilbert was a Hanson visitor last Tuesday, he being called in a trial there. He was accompanied by G. B. Maupin, Love Smith and Justice J. A. Badgett. Walter Harmon, salesman in the Wulton & Shackelford genertd mer'- tcndcncy for more livestock, is planted in M;i.\ or .lune. hence can lol-; low oals or polaloes. jmd Ihe pi ice is '10 cents a :^(l-!b bushel, or !^'Jt..G(i, ;i ton, at .xour station. .\ |)c;uuil picker is ;i itbii'liinc ' s-j |ieciall.\ dcsi.mud [o |lir;isll, of. iia ii ] correctly, to pick the nuts from ihc | vines and will do il cicanlv, l!ior-i oiighly and with the least niinili.e , of cTackeil nuts. .\n ordinar.v ,m;.in' llirasluT v. ill nol <lo the busim ss. There are some nniciiincs iif I his vicinit.s now. and there will be just as man.\' more ;is tlic acrca,!.'i increases from ,\car (o \car. The thrashcrinan h;is jirohabl.v not come into .voiir section before, becasise \ f)U did nol make it worth to him. but if each town will plant 1 (1(1 ;icres or more, we will guaia.n- Icc thai \our nuts will be thraslii d, or we will go in with some li";il contractor and purchase a machiiH' logelhcr :md do all of the [licking up and down the .\rkansas Cenli;il from here lo Scr;uit()n. In iiny csaat. don 't fc;u' about getting your crup picked. So it is up to you to Let bus\ and work up interest. Will \ou do it? You will do us a favor, and tin se of >our neighbors who are not sorghum contractors, if you will \i them read this letter. Yours very truly. BEST & COMPANY. I I wliilejjail B. S.—Put the bloom on your children, and don't blight them b.\ jeil- ting the bloom on cotton. You had better picl^ peanuts than have the holder of your cotton-crop mortgage pick \ou! TO THE PUBLIC: There will lie a working at Ihe Peters ctmelery I'-rida.w .-\pril .'iOlli. 1915, for the purjjose of cleaning up the eemeter.N. Dinner on the ground. Don't forget the dale, F^-iday, April .301b. COMMITTFl' NOTICE I will conduct the eighth gr:ule examination iit Hanson on Thursday and I'-riday, ne.xf. Our home class consists of only five, and we would be glad to have others come wdthout any further notice or invitation. C.H. BURROW.

Clipped from
  1. The Star-Gazette,
  2. 16 Apr 1915, Fri,
  3. Page 8

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