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Business practice - tho the a as No, I.1, No. 105, 223. proha-f "u...
tho the a as No, I.1, No. 105, 223. proha-f "u all on this will a 8 ' O., all iu aVtend-tn''itMtH'iltii!i mem- Mr; me pt met d - new ' 'at ono Sure 'PibrItouBtrntot- With SomothlDg About Dlohl & Lord's Flno ' "v-f- ' Business Mothoda Snocesi nnd EnterprlsO Tlirough Pcrsever'. ' . ' ;anc, Industry ndThrirt-A' ' 1 ' Orcnt ShoW luff, ' I, A man's powers are almost unlimited when ho goes about his business , with a.steady purpose," Industry -and perseverance,; and men who achieve, euccpsfl from samall beginnings are the kind of -' men' wb'osas subordinates, are always ready to .do bis will,' because .he knows how' It is himself. Peter; Cooper was never moro pompons'" than' tho fhutnblest laborer. "Many men", ofgrcat business achievements whoso .opinions1, afe; , 'sought, on Important financial prbblotnji ai-o as .considerate of their employes as If.vey were their equals. IHustya-tlons of this, principle are worthy, of attention. ' 0 These rcflecti6ha aro Incidental to tho wcll-knoirn'bbarflt't gristles of a business house in Naeh'viile.ibas has 'groiru almost twenty-fold In as ruany y4jv T wen ty-ftvo'y ears ago two hoys, Admi)lchl and George Lord, agreed to caUblfeh'a botiiioff business Jn this city. They secured'a suiail room) twelve feet square, In ExprcsB Alloy,- bow a part of Whallcy'a kltcheb; atidjrf(th a horse and ' wagon began businesai ..Onfi'6inh6pTOrJrfetofi washed the tllea'andl'thel other mounted the wagon. Tho'demand fpedrgopds grew; rapidly and they prospered' from theArst. That-little basineJs has'eu'eloped ii)to; opeJ now- aggre-gatlntfoyeri$10b,000a-.,yyar, in'whlch Is ,cm-'plbycd'abpntijiij horses ' and flntf larger' qnattcfi ebvoral times until the cs-talilUihmeht adiiv; doeiipted Js.ono of tho tin est 100 feet; wltnll dr tho'mbflerrr improvements ajid appliance hnwnv toUho; hottilDg business.' . 'M:'X' ' '. ' Mr. Adam plhleomottmo. since purchased Mr.' Lord's Interest- in;,the'Vrfvnes3. but, the .nrm numo iiu'snpt been changed. Mr.'Dlebl shares wiUi ljti employes much of ' the : credit for the sii'ocess.'. 'iSonie 'of bis. men have been with hVrti from 0 first vearahd others have been. employed bV . :ihuflnnJ;for ' lliteen . to eighteen years, , These asiocfatlons," together wlih 'utivurylmj liberality. toward patrons, aro conceded tho princlblca.upon which auch largo results have boeh'dttalped from so' small a LvKlnnlnffi v Bi thoroilghiy' Imbued wltb tho ..m'nlnirui-'a Inlnonstjir ftmV tut :. 'pd.ft 111 1 tll-' thft nnli trausaulrouofbuslac9s:theso.enj)pI6yes.have 'gaIuea ihet;ohndence6(eiuployer and patrons to's'Utth' an ; extent ;.that .' Whop ' Mr. '. Dlcbl Is absent'ffom hw'poj.t'hc ii assured of its .'com petent anu umoiui management -; , Tbe'aunuejateiimboat; excursion ...which : Is given by'Mr.'Dlebi to hliVenibluyes and pa-t trons wilt -ho' V6, today,wht;u Uie full capa-oltjof te'stcamer wllLbe rcquircdand eVen thenmanyjWho.Ueslretogo will'bo loft for want of . room,"; On tho. excursions all ru-freslwjcnts.:musemeni$ and musloorti fur-i nlshcd iO:the Icledds bfV.tho'computiy und are absolutclp';Xree.V'Mr. D(ehl takes: great pride In thta'pIiitltpV and It Is-lookeiJ forward to by tho1 emfloyias t roili(VtarW year - as'oue of the , greatest fcvets of thciclivcs., ; .-.'.,-';;.-: It lsMWIJIehrafa9iblJott' &ecur every available'imptcipcnt luhls-busihees and to -keep ln the:frbutottbcVpcesloh("j,ahd' ho spares' no cYpeaBe'whert ho finds that improved: machlDery ornotbddB'oan.'bo prWurcd.i Ho 'has the IstesumbraYedV.oarboPtttors and' tho. only ones pftbo klodjittbor South. , An item 1 . .1 7- 1 . ; ! r .... ; 7 .""' 1 '. - i- CAPITAL" ?AND LAB0E. , There are-Jobbers In nearly every city of 10,-000 inhabitants In tho Sonth who bandlo' the elder pot up by DIebl & Lord and' will have no other. . - ;''- Their flno carbonated mineral waters have a wide reputation -and they have recently been compelled to add to their Improvements and facilities In this regard In order to keep up with the growing demand. They keep for Bile or rent counter apparatus for dispensing these waters, and have a largo Icq vault for the storage of natural mineral waters. . They bottle only the finest brands of lager and Pilsner beer,, and 'guarantee them to .contain nothing but malt and hops." Their brands arc the celebrated Lion, of the Wlnd-Isch-Mulhanser Brewing Company at Cincinnati; tho Fj W. Cook Brewing Company, of Bvansvlllc, and tho Bohlltz celebrated Milwaukee bottled beer, which Is tho choice of all bottled beer. The purity and quality of these beers are not excelled in tbe United Stales, ' Tho bottled goods manufactured by DIehl & Lord embrace ginger ale und soda waters of various flavors and champagne elder, andi the natural mineral , waters, such as Blue Lick, Tate, Vicby, Congress, Deop.-Rock, Silurian, Waukesha and Horn's, iybfch are received In bulk and bottled for the trade. Their trade In all these goods la simply Immense, and the estab-. llsbment on the corner of .Church on3 Front streets Is tho busiest place In town. There isn't a man or boy connected with the concern who.lsn't a hustler, nnd;Mr. DIehl himself sets thb pace for. all tbe others. ' Mr. DIehl Is as enthusiastic In bis zeal for tho prosperity of Nashvlllo as for the success of his own business, and he believes in patronizing home' people and keeping moneyiat home. He admires the public spirit of tbe men who aro Always' ready to put their shoulders to the-wheel and their hands In their, pockets to further tho prosperity of tho city, und ho can always be depended upon for bis euarfMf wprk, and push-..when . ho Is called upou'orvhcrih'e'Uln'ds an opportune moment. Adam is aDicM'61 .a; good fellow. ' COL. J. P. HICKMAN. . Accidentally omitted from article. Prison Life In tho North. . The . Cheatham Blrouac 1ms decided on Monday night. May 23, at; tho Tabernacle for ex-Prlvato Marcus B. Toncv on 'bis rem In I. cence, "Prison Life In the North," for tho' mmeiibOL tuo tjuemnam oivouao ami ttie Tabernacle fund. He" will be followed by Prof. E. B.Baldwln.-of.thc. Weather Bureau, with fifty scenes of England and Scotlumion ft bicycle tour through thoso countries. Mr. J..W. Baird wtll.uso onu of his largcsfstcre-optlcons. giving pictures tlftecn . feet, sothoy' enn be seen from unr uart of .the .Tubernnr.lfv ' The admission will , only be 23 cents to the Avhole entertainment, reserved at Hard's news- Mtss ltlUnshod'a Concert. ' ";' I' ' - .The eighth annual, concert of. MIes Hollln-shed's vocal class will occur Tuesday evening. May 10, at WatklQB HahV0 ; . .Wjiek inthoclty be suro tb call to e'ee Price's College, corner of Broad street .and Vatuhiil Place . An'insocctlon of thla mac- hlHcent institution will convince - any vlsItorsA proba---

Clipped from
  1. The Tennessean,
  2. 14 May 1893, Sun,
  3. Page 9

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