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9/2/1959 - Vote Seekers Reply Candidates Answer Question...
Vote Seekers Reply Candidates Answer Question On Plans By DON ANDERSON ORANGE CITY - Candi- Candi- dates seeking office in the ; city election Sept. 8 have j given The Sentinel their answers to this question: In your opinion, what con-Harris, con-Harris, structive plan can city Govt follow, that Orange City may Carl-. Carl-. keep pace with progressive 'growth? Mayor Rodney B. Thursby, unopposed to succeed h i m-self, m-self, m-self, said, "Normal growth is sibility of the city Govt to ". ing the do all possible to assure good construction, well planned, respecting tne rights of others at all times." TWO OF the council posts come up this time and there are three candidates. The two getting the most votes are elected without a runoff. C. R. Gilmore, serving 14 years on the council, and presently the chairman of that body, had this comment, "I try to work for the bet terment of the community as healthy for any community. Good construction is wel-John wel-John Orange City has plenty of room for growth, and we do not; have to manu-DeVon manu-DeVon facture lancL It is the respon-and respon-and ; If ,7 lf nj p hy:1-,l hy:1-,l hy:1-,l JJ",',,,,y I j Tfm eif 1 ' IIIIMIf J 1111 Rob-1 Rob-1 J? 1 1 vo.usia ; - -- -- "CIZ SL al s,ate tr.naac-, tr.naac-, tr.naac-, man dd.fvJPer wh h.d j . U. in a whole, and keen within; ! budget limitations." . ! C. A. Lane, councilman several terms, said, "The best; thing is to operate on a pay- pay- as-you-go as-you-go as-you-go as-you-go as-you-go basis, and not make any rash or hurried moves, without due consideration to ! the financial angles involved." j THIS YEAR finds Rern- Rern- hart Leinfelder, candidate for councilman, a newcomer in; the political field, although1 Cal- to stamps on the deeds are j quicker work should be done as follows: ve,aaer inc- inc- 10 snwwooa Cour-Build'n Cour-Build'n c 0 p" Daytona Beach- Beach- $28-6(K)- $28-6(K)- $28-6(K)- $28-6(K)- Woodlawn Cand M Builders Inc. to W. F. Crossman and wife, Daytona, $14,600. Kingston Hills. I Dorothy Lee Ward and John D. Ward to C. D. Wilder Jr. and wife, Orlando, $14,-000. $14,-000. $14,-000. Coronado Beach. Anton Williamson and wife to Mary N. L. Kalvin, DeBary, $7,50,0. Plantation Estates. Ada M. Siver to Peter Serwanski and wife, DeLand, $7,400. Howrys Add. Donald A. Creese and wife to K. D. Struve and wife, De according to funds obtained. I feel that the office is a 'public office and the city council should try to give them what they want. City Govt should run as a business, business, keeping personal politics politics to a minimum." Arthur Bowkley, serving as city clerk since 1949, asks a return to the office, but withheld any comment. ALSO RUNNING for city clerk in the September election, election, Mrs. William Engel remarked, remarked, "If elected, I will strive for any program of betterment for Orange City." Voting here is by city-wide city-wide city-wide plan and on the staggered term system, removing the men-, men-, . 10 1ftrt .... cw nnwihiiifv that Cour-i- Cour-i- Cour-i- ''lunew set of mriu . nH a " ., . eri inift Affi ;n anv nn up!!:: ilY'1 ",,u "" ir o,, n , i i m n U.cJ Smyrna Reach, $8,900. In- In- year. an entirely; wood Sub. I Raymond W. Lvnn and wife tn Helga M. Lancaster, Dav- Dav- terms are still in force are James Donaldson. Osman Thomas, and Robert Cleve- Cleve- i mna tinnnn Rin ita i land. prPri h Tresher Jr and I Although contests are not !wife ,0 r'c Lanternier andjmany in ,his election, candi- candi- wife. Daytona, t(,r Norwood. t p Grunder and wife to to C. C. Vanscolina and wife, Daytona, $18,000. Ortona $15 000 Car- Car- 1 8 1 minaea citi zens aune, are urging electors electors to exercise their free privilege of the ballot, and go to the polls and vote.

Clipped from The Orlando Sentinel02 Sep 1959, WedOther EditionsPage 6

The Orlando Sentinel (Orlando, Florida)02 Sep 1959, WedOther EditionsPage 6
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