Sky-12 - Nyle Leatham Story about Old Tucson Mescal. 10-7-84

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Sky-12 - Nyle Leatham Story about Old Tucson Mescal. 10-7-84 - Sunday, October 7, 1984 The Arizona Republic...
Sunday, October 7, 1984 The Arizona Republic vsL- vsL- !r: Hf Ell PilyA: jl h; A-A. A-A. A-A. '41 'wilyu' jiWlli tfc-X tfc-X tfc-X I-ift5J I-ift5J I-ift5J iff 1 " 4 , 1V ; (. ife If - vx ' 1 -W -W Nyle LealhamSpecial (or The Republic A visit to Mescal can bring back memories of the movies. Caretaker George Windle and his wife are the only residents. Caretakers take to life on movie set near Benson By NYLE LEATHAM Special for The Republic We went to Mescal by accident. The Sky 12 helicopter, with Jerry Foster at the controls, was skimming skimming the low Arizona hills not far from Benson. Producer Susan Berry, video camerman Bryan Neu-meister Neu-meister Neu-meister and I were trying to help find a movie set. Berry grew up in these parts as a Getzwiller; the Getzwillers were a pioneer ranching family. She knew of an old movie town which might prove interesting and had called the owner for permission to land. Of course everything looks different different from the air and we might have been just a little lost, but we sure did spot some stark and bare buildings on the horizon. From a grass-top grass-top grass-top approach, the scene grew into the classic wide-screen wide-screen wide-screen establishing establishing shot of a Western town of a thousand movies as we soared up to a height where buzzards hover. Then we landed amid blowing sunflowers at the end of the street, waited for the two-minute two-minute two-minute engine cool down and got out. We found we were trespassing at the wrong . movie set. Our rotor-borne rotor-borne rotor-borne Pegasus had circumvented a locked gate, guard dogs and keep-out keep-out keep-out signs, but caretaker caretaker George Windle nonetheless welcomed his unexpected guests with a smile and handshake. Windle said we were at Mescal, an active set that was between movies and not set up for visitors, but that we could look around and take pictures. He pointed out the outside stairway of the Milford House, the brothel where in the filming of Dirty Dingus Magee, Frank Sinatra stumbled with his lamp to start a fire. Damage was held to the third floor. Later rebuilt, the hotel continues continues its career as a two-story two-story two-story structure. Many scenes looked familiar, especially one clapboard cottage. Windle mentioned The Outlaw Josey Wales. Then we remembered. This was the homestead where Clint Eastwood came out with four Arizona camera cap-and-ball cap-and-ball cap-and-ball cap-and-ball cap-and-ball revolvers and those six mean guys never had a prayer. Windle was a trucker out of Kansas City, Mo., for many years, often driving through on Interstate 10, always thinking Benson would be a nice quiet place to retire. That's what he did. He and his wife now enjoy living in and looking out for Mescal. Mescal is under the same ownership ownership as the more-famous more-famous more-famous movie set, 1 Old Tucson, which welcomes paying guests and entertains with tours of the stages, train rides, meals, shoot-outs shoot-outs shoot-outs and such. However, Mescal remains closed to the public. public. Photo tip Despite automatic cameras, beginners beginners should learn the basics, especially the depth of field scale, suggests reader Ken Taber of Casa Grande. First, depth of field. Think of it as the distance from the nearest point of a subject in sharp focus to the farthest point in sharp focus. If you focus an f2 lens wide open on a point at 20 feet, objects a little closer, say 18 feet, and farther, say 23 feet, also will be acceptably sharp. This depth is greater with short-focus short-focus short-focus lenses, with smaller f-stop f-stop f-stop settings and with greater subject distances. Depth is limited with telephoto lenses, large f-stops f-stops f-stops and close-subject close-subject close-subject close-subject distances. You can observe all this on some single-lens single-lens single-lens reflex cameras by pressing the stop down preview button, but with some difficulty because the image is darkened. On most lenses, the depth-of-field depth-of-field depth-of-field depth-of-field depth-of-field scale is a series of short color-coded color-coded color-coded lines on either side of the focusing index mark. These lines calibrate the depth for subject distance at selected f-stops. f-stops. f-stops. The near and far point in focus at the corresponding f-stop f-stop f-stop can be read on the footage scale next to these marks. My Nikkor 50mm fl.4 lens has green marks to match the green numeral f4, red for f8, yellow for fll and blue for fl6. The f-stops f-stops f-stops fl.4, f2, f2.8 and f5.6 are in white and are not presented on the scale. The others seem adequate for most cases. In use, at f8 and focused on 15 feet, the red line at the left shows 30 feet. The other red mark shows the near point at 11 feet. If greater depth is needed, the scale shows a change to fl6 would include from 10 feet to infinity. The scale illustrates the old rule of always focusing at two-fifths two-fifths two-fifths the distance into the subject. Another use of the scale is that by setting the infinity mark opposite the far depth-of-field depth-of-field depth-of-field depth-of-field depth-of-field mark, it is easy to always select the greatest possible depth of field. SNigMt $ ft ft 4 Days SAftft Ui7 3 Nights ! MAZATLAN SPECIALS ! BY TRAIN BY FLIGHT S Days PACKAGE INCLUDES: Sleeping compartment on train from Nogales to Mazatlan or round trip airfare. Beachfront hotel, double occupancy, occupancy, welcome cocktail plus many discounts at local establishments. 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Clipped from Arizona Republic07 Oct 1984, Sun[First Edition]Page 131

Arizona Republic (Phoenix, Arizona)07 Oct 1984, Sun[First Edition]Page 131
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  • Sky-12 - Nyle Leatham Story about Old Tucson Mescal. 10-7-84

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