William E. Sorrell Slain in Holdup Attempt

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William E. Sorrell Slain in Holdup Attempt - Dally.' by Carrier. IS Cnts Per Week; Sunday....
Dally.' by Carrier. IS Cnts Per Week; Sunday. 10c Tcr Copy; Mail, by Zones, 7uc to $1.00. THREE CENTS. Man Grocer Kills Is 'Boring Burglar' Grocer Who Killed Robber Couldn't Hit Rabbit With Shotgun Friends of Carl Rugenstein, 1826 Woodlawn avenue, will no longer j "kid" him because he could not bag a rabbit with a shotgun. Instead, they were calling him by telephone last night to congratulate him on his marksmanship. His right wrist injured so that he has little control over the movement of his fingers, Rugenstein, although normally right-handed, right-handed, right-handed, seized a Luger automatic pistol late yesterday afternoon and blazed away with deadly accuracy at two bandits who attempted to rob his grocery store at 2101 Pleasant street. At a distance of more than fifty yards, Rugenstein scored three hits out of seven shots, killing William Ernest Sorrcll, 25 years old, one of the bandits. Sorrell was shot twice in the back and once in the foot. Kept Several Guns. "I don't know much about guns and I have seldom fired a pistol," Rugenstein said at his home last night. "However, I had made up my mind that I would never submit to being robbed without resistance. I keep several pistols in my grocery store where they are within easy reach and the Luger happened to be nearest when I reached for a gun." Seven years ago Rugenstein spared CONTINUED ON PAGE THREE. BY CAR, 1 KILLED Auto Overturns, Burns-Victim Burns-Victim Burns-Victim Prominent at Bloomington. Sprciol to The Indianapolis Star. BLOOMINGTON, Ind., Nov. 21.-Walking 21.-Walking 21.-Walking behind a corn shredder which was being pulled by a tractor on state road No. 45, three miles southwest of this city, Wylie Dins-more, Dins-more, Dins-more, 57 years old, was killed Instantly Instantly tonight when struck by a roadster driven by Marion Hatfield, 27, of Washington. Hatfield was accompanied by Oral Aikman, 21, and Raymond Kremp, 22, also of Washington, the trio be ing en route to Martinsville to attend attend a basketball gime. Tractor I plighted. The tractor did not have a light and Hatfield said he did not see it until a crash was unavoidable. Be fore he could slacken his speed he had struck Dinsmore, hurling him to one side and breaking nearly every bone In his body. The Hatfield car overturned and burned. Aikman suffered a cut forehead and arm. Kremp's shoulder was wrenched and Hatfield escaped with bruises. Samuel Binkley, tenant on the Dinsmore farm, who was running running the tractor, was injured badly. The Washington boys were brought to the city, where their injuries were dressed. They were not held. Victim Well Known. Dinsmore was a member of a prominent Bloomington family. He formerly attended Indiana university. university. He was a member of the First Presbyterian Church and the Masonic Masonic and Elks lodges. He had served as deputy in the offices of the county treasurer and auditor and was formerly superintendent of the municipal water works plant. Surviving Surviving are two brothers, Wade Dinsmore, Dinsmore, civil engineer on the Monon railroad, and Paul Dinsmore of the i Western Electric Company, New York. TUTOR STRUCK MAN FIGHTS PURSE SNATCHER; CLINGS TO CAR IN WILD RIDE A thief, who snatched a purse from the hand of Miss Lcola Reeves, 1!)25 College avenue, late last night, found a tartar In the person of Donald Giesman, 24 years old, of the same address, her brother-in-law. brother-in-law. brother-in-law. brother-in-law. brother-in-law. Giesman, Mis:! Reeves and Mrs. SLAIN IN HOLDUP. jr - WILLIAM ERNEST SORRELL. After telling his wife he was going to call on a person whom he wished to sell some Insurance, William Ernest Sorrell, "the boring boring burglar," was killed In an at-temped at-temped at-temped grocery holdup last night. He received parole papers only yesterday after serving a term at the Indiana state reformatory for burglary. He was paroled in April and had promised his wife to "go straight." Wife, in Pan tomim e, Tells Judge Woes; Husband Is Jailed CHICAGO, Nov. 21.-OT 21.-OT 21.-OT When words fail you, Mrs. Mary Zak suggests suggests pantomime. She was not exactly exactly without words in Municipal court today, but her words were not of the language understood by the judge and there was no interpreter, so she showed the judge what she meant in energetic, If somewhat crude, gestures. The story, as the reporter understood understood it tand apparently the judge got tho same idea) was this: Her husband (pointing to defendant) defendant) came home very drunk (swaying (swaying to indicate state of husband), took money (jingling coins) from under a rug (simulate action on court room rug) and started out to get drunker (walks toward door and sways even more). She pleaded with him (arms outstretched) outstretched) for the money (jingling again) to buy food (rapid motion of the jaw) for children (indicating height of little ones). He, however, beat her (animated shadow boxing), threw her down (drops to floor) and bit her toe (this was hard, but she got the idea across). She fled (a fluttering -run) -run) to the home of a friend and called a .policeman (pointing (pointing to one), who arrested (firm grip (ONTINl Kn ON PAGE TWO. HAVE YOU A JOB? Yes? That is fine. Some one else will also have a job if you attend the .ShortridKP-Ci'thodral .ShortridKP-Ci'thodral .ShortridKP-Ci'thodral benefit football game at the Butler bowl on Thanksgiving morning. morning. Help maka jobs. Buy your tickets today. Only $1 each the game Is worth that. For Information and tickets tickets call the Chamber of Commerce, Lincoln 1551. his accomplice gave up trying to get rid of Giesman. At North street and Massachusetts avenue they ran the car to the curb, leaped out and ran away, leaving Giesman victorious on the luggage carrier. Giesman notified police. They had ..tmiMmm. 1 : ii nf ) f X ? iL r Mi HOLDUP BALKED BY OUICK FIRING I ! PARTNER FLEES W. E. Sorrell, Perpetrator of Robberies With Brace and Bit in 1929, Victim of Merchant's Gun. Opening fire on 'two bandits who attempted to rob him early last night, Carl Rugenstein, 44 years old. "1826 Woodlawn avenue, operator of a grocery at 2101 Pleasant street, killed one man and the other escaped. The dead bandit was identified as William E. Sorrell, 25 years old, 2230 North Rural street, known as tha "boring burglar," who was convicted of burglary In February, 1929, and. was sentenced to serve one to ten, years in the Indiana stats reformatory. reformatory. The identification was made by Bert Perrott, police Bertillon expert, who had photographed Sorrell when he was arrested In 1929. "There is no possibility of mis take," Perrott said. Sorrell gained his pseudoym, "tha boring burglar," by using a brace and bit In nearly every job he did. He bored holes about the locks of doors and loosened them so that the doors could be opened. Seven Itullets Fired. The other bandit may have been wounded as Rugenstein swept them at a distance of about fifty yards with seven bullets from a German automatic Luger pistol. Running for a distance of about two blocks supported on the arm of his companion after he had been wounded, Sorrcll sank to the ground at Harlan street and Hoyt avenue and crawled under a loading platform platform at the Sexson coal yards, whera he died. Blond Trail Leads to Body. The body was found a short tima later after Motor Policemen Cooney and Ball and Sergt. Harry Smith followed a trail of blood to the coal yard. In their flight, Sorrell threw his own revolver, fully loaded, Into the street at Lexington avenue and Harlan Harlan street. Police were told that a man waa seen running near the loading platform platform and he jumped into an automobile, automobile, driven by a woman, which waa waiting a short distance away from the coal yard. It was believed that the man was the bandit who escaped and that he was attempting to take his companion to the waiting automobile. automobile. Entering the grocery store while Rugenstein was alone and preparing to close for the night, the bandits ordered ordered a package of cigarettes. Suspicious of Men. "I was immediately suspicious of them," Rugenstein said, "and unlocked unlocked the safety on a small pistol I had in my pocket. I started around the counter to get the cigarettes and the bandit who later was killed drew a revolver and shouted, 'No, we don't want cigarettes, we want your money.' "I jerked out my small pistol and said 'no you don't,' and they ran, out through the front door," Rugenstein Rugenstein said. The grocer seized the large caliber Luger which was lying near the cash register and rushing to the door, opened fire on the fleeing bandits. Followed Short Distance. He followed them a short distance, still firing and then noticed one of the bandits stagger as though he had been struck. The men whirled about as if they intended returning Rugenstein's fire, but apparently the revolver would not fire. Sorrell wore a soiled blue suit with a white pin stripe and a red sweater coat over the suit coat. He also wa wearing a dark cap. Rugenstein, in. the excitement attending the attempted attempted robbery, was unable to obtain obtain a description of the other bandit. A police emergency squad la CONTIXl'ED ON PAGE TWO.

Clipped from The Indianapolis Star22 Nov 1930, SatPage 1

The Indianapolis Star (Indianapolis, Indiana)22 Nov 1930, SatPage 1
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  • William E. Sorrell Slain in Holdup Attempt

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