Looney Escapes The Times Dispatch Richmond VA 4.25.1914

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Looney Escapes The Times Dispatch Richmond VA 4.25.1914 - ; ! ' , \ | ! j i ! ' j i i ' 1 1 j < ? HARVEY...
; ! ' , \ | ! j i ! ' j i i ' 1 1 j < ? HARVEY D.LOONEY MIES HIS ESCAPE Man Under Death Sentence in j Craig County Saws Bars in Daylight. POSSE SCOURS MOUNTAINS I Has Been Twice Convicted for Murder oi Newcastle Officer. Marvev P. Looney, twice under sontenco sontenco of <l<mlh and once examined aft to his sanity, broke Jail In Newcastle, t'rniK Count)'. vesterday morning, " " ! where ho was being hold pending t,?? ? arrival of otlicers from the State l'enltentiary. l'enltentiary. and mile his escape into tlio mountains. Although thv Jail deJivcr) deJivcr) occurred in broad daylight, Looney effected his escape from the centre of the town without difficulty, and up t" a late hour iu.<t ni*?hi lia<l not t?eei; recaptured. il" Is regarded an a dosi,'" dosi,'" i i'.iraoier. and is not expoi ted t<> snlmiM '(> arrest without a struggl". 'I'll. I'.oard of Supervisors of Craig Coiantv at once offered :i rewaid of #2T>0 ?or his capture, r.nd this was stippb - men ted Piter in the day liy a rownrd of offer ed t.y (Jovcrnor Stuart on the part of the Commonwealth, sheriff Smith, of Craig County, with a large. }eavil\ armed posse, is neonring the mountains around Newcastle. Officials Officials of adjoining counties have Iwen notified and are on the lookout for the tseapr-d prisoner. Looney is iiinlor sentence to tile in the electric chair on June 2'"> for the murder .?f Town Serjeant M. Martin, of Newcastle, two years ago. His escape escape fi "m jail was daring iti the e \ - tie!. - With the niil of a small stool saw. supposed to have been smuggled in to hire by friends, ho sawed the barn nf his cell and craw'led to freedom I yesterday morning at 11::<?? o'cloeK. If ? was seen a few minutes later on his way to the mountains, hut none of the | terrified citizens attempted to Interfore Interfore with liis progress. t-'nknl Insanity. In tho early part of the year 191* Looney shot down and killed the town fcergca.it of Newcastle, making his escape to the mountains find to -u>P -u>P treat safety. lie w.ia not raptured for iMiiutliH. In October, 3 912. !i?* wait I convicted of murder in the Ilrst degree In the Circuit Court of Craig County, ' and sentenced to die In the electric chair on November 2?. Ho win brought to the State Penitentiary and placed in tho death coll on November 12. but. j his actions wore such as to arouse I doubt ,*m to his sanity, ami ho was respited by Oovernor Mann until Juno j SI, 19IS, In order that he might bo observed. observed. In tho meanwhile his attorneys sue| sue| ccHsfully pressed his case b -fore the State Supreme Court of Appeals, and a now trial was ordered. Hi was taken hack to Craig County on July 2'.', 191.?, and later sent to the Asylum for Crimj Crimj i'tal Insane, at Marion, for examination. examination. Despite his Irrational behavior the :.'iciiist.H determined that ho was lu full possession of his facultb-s, and | lie was accordingly ordered to stand i trial a second time. Ho was found guilty of murder tn the j (.Continued on Second Hugo.> *

Clipped from The Times Dispatch25 Apr 1914, SatPage 1

The Times Dispatch (Richmond, Virginia)25 Apr 1914, SatPage 1
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  • Looney Escapes The Times Dispatch Richmond VA 4.25.1914

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