Sky-12 - Nyle Leatham Story, 10-23-83, Arivaipa Canyon

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Sky-12 - Nyle Leatham Story, 10-23-83, Arivaipa Canyon - T4 The Arizona Republic kVK'&.S:fcip !-' !-'...
T4 The Arizona Republic kVK'&.S:fcip !-' !-' !-' V( '"' , :.' ' . ,.V r - m A'wall of water recently scoured the Nature's fury strips canyon of desert beauty By Nyle Leatham Special for the Republic Aravaipa Canyon was a promise made that for the next 20 years or so must remain a debt unpaid. My first visit to ravaipa was years before the 7.5-mile 7.5-mile 7.5-mile narrows of the lower canyon was designated a primitive area. A caravan of vehicles vehicles of the Mesa 4-Wheelers 4-Wheelers 4-Wheelers Club traversed Aravaipa from the lower end where Aravaipa Creek empties into the San Pedro River, following a goat track of a road up over the lower reaches of Brandenburg Mountain, crossing and recrossing the precipitous canyon. With mutual help, all the vehicles vehicles made the Salazar Ranch by late afternoon at the end of the road to Klondyke and back to civilization. Old Senor Salazar, feeble with age, stood at the door of his ancient adobe house to offer a courteous greeting shortly before he died. The second visit was in 1976 on a Tucson Audubon Society ecology workshop in the lush and rare habitat afforded by Aravaipa's living living desert stream. I borrowed binoculars to see what the others enjoyed in birds. In two hours along the ankle-deep ankle-deep ankle-deep rivulet, with help, I was able to sight 33 species, including such rarities as the northern northern water thrush and the Mexican black hawk. I found myself hooked on bird watching for life. 1 had promised my wife, Carol, each spring since then that we would apply for permits and backpack backpack the canyon, but we postponed Aravaipa one flood too long. Earlier this month, I visited Aravaipa again, but this time via the magic carpet of Jerry Foster's Sky 12 helicopter. Compared with other flood damage in the state, once - lush channel of Aravaipa Canyon. Arizona camera what happened to Aravaipa is just a minor footnote. However it will bring fond memories and regrets for many who consider the area a desert paradise. Heavy rains on the slopes of Mount Graham became a raging brown wall of destruction 12 feet and more in height in the narrow defile. The old Salazar Ranch house which was under consideration for historic-site historic-site historic-site protection was obliterated. obliterated. Where birds and wildlife thrived in lush undergrowth, the canyon bottom has been scoured to bare sand and rock. Trees and rich topsoil are gone. A few bare snags of limbs stick up like stubble missed by a dull razor. Foster flew the new Hughes 500 E sideways through the cliffs so cameraman Brian Newmeister and 1 could get shots of nature's destruction. Even the thrill of watching our shadow track across the golden walls was tempered by the sad plight ol the canyon. Officials have not yet determined the loss of wildlife or the fate of several endangered species of tiny fish native to Aravaipa. The canyon will remain open to hikers with permits available from the Safford office of the Bureau of Land Management. Russ Richardson of Mesa was in Aravaipa when the flood hit. His family has shared ownership of an Aravaipa Canyon retreat for 40 years. "Our cabin still stands but just barely," he said. "The rush of water carrying whole trees was an awesome sight I would not have missed." Russ believes it will take 4 the canyon about 20 years to recover. PHOTO TIP: Bouncing the light of a flash may produce more pleasing pictures than using direct flash, but colors of the subject may take on hues from walls and ceiling. Also, in an average room, approximately approximately two additional f-stops f-stops f-stops of "VATICAN ART COLLECTION! Art-Exhibit Art-Exhibit Art-Exhibit in San Francisco 3 Day2 Night Packaged Tours $287.00 Per Person Occupancy Air Transportation, Transfers, Firt Class Hotel, Art Exhibit, Tour ot San Francisco & Bay Cruise. Departures: Nov25Dec2 Book Now -Limited -Limited Space Available Call 248-0007 248-0007 248-0007 THE GREAT WESTERN TOUR COMPANY VIC w In Winter, Tamarron gleams in a sparkling mantle of snow amid the peaks of its San Juan National Forest Nyle LealhamSpecial lor The Republic exposure must be allowed for loss of light bounced. Gray ,and white surfaces cause little color shift. Yellow walls have a warming effect, which usually is not objectionable. Green and blue surfaces surfaces produce sickly skin tones, in which case direct flash may be preferable. LAS VEGAS JUNKETS For Qualified Players THURS. 140 PM -FRI. -FRI. 7.15 PM and SAT. 8:30 PM 9t Return en Slate Table Slate - Kene Ployert Welceme 25 Includes Round Trip Air, Ground Transportation, Meal DiKOunt. Call Mile or John 246-9857 246-9857 246-9857 or 966-7952 966-7952 966-7952 By New as a none her any when one less. in nice at I I

Clipped from
  1. Arizona Republic,
  2. 23 Oct 1983, Sun,
  3. [First Edition],
  4. Page 226

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  • Sky-12 - Nyle Leatham Story, 10-23-83, Arivaipa Canyon

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