Derello - $30,000 In Tax Refunds Waiting To Be Claimed...
$30,000 In Tax Refunds Waiting To Be Claimed Additional Names Published By Star Here are additional names of Arizonans who may share in some $30,000 in state income tax refunds. They are persons who gave incorrect addresses who moved after filing their returns for 1962-63. 1962-63. 1962-63. Refunds may be obtained by writing to the Income Tax Divi sion, State Tax Commission, Phoenix, giving such informa tion as Social Security number, former address and present ad dress. Roosevelt Dailey Jr., Robert M. Dale and M. D. Dale, John Daley, Robert F. Dalgleish and S. C. Dalgleish, Margaret A. Damron, Anne H. D Angelo, Jordan Daniel and E. R. Daniel, Daniel, Wilton J. Daniel, Jr., Ray E. Daniels and I. J. Daniels Willie E. Daniels and B. G. Daniels, David Darling, Jack M. Davenport and J. Daven port, Beverly J. Davidson, Billy J. Davidson and M. F. David son. Ernest W. Davidson and S. L Davidson, Helen E. Davidson Carmen L. Davila, Delia R Davis, James R. Davis and M Davis, Jeremiah Davis and N M. Davis, Jimmie L. Davis and E. F. Davis, Samuel B. Davis Jr., Lareta M. Davison, Ber nard Dawahoya and A. Dawa hoya, Julie Dawson, Donald M Dean, Thomas H. Dean, Fillmore Fillmore C. Decker and S. L. Deck' er. Janet L. Degitz, William T, De Laney, Manuela De La Ro- Ro- cha, Eusebio R. Delgado, Au-gustin Au-gustin Au-gustin De Leon and J. De Leon Cynthia W. Delfosse, Mitchell R. Deliman and M. Deliman, Richard F. Del Porto, Emilio Del Rio, Rosie Del Rio, Thorn as C. Dennis, Thomas A. Denny and G. Denny, Eleanor Dens- Dens- low, Frederick E. Denslow and H. Denslow, Howard J. Denton Sylvia L. Denton. Disney, Darlene E. Dixon, Eugene Eugene Dixon, Stanley E. Dixon and B. Dixon Jr., Arlyn J. Doern and L. E. Doern, Mabel Dogka, Raymond L. Dolph and P. A. Dolph, Alexander N. Do- Do- minguez and E. Dominguez, Sal vador Dominguez and E. Do- Do- and N. Domstead, Tony Don and D. Don. Severino De Petris, Douglas W. Derello and D. Derello, Den nis De Shazo and E. J. De Sha- Sha- zo, Charles C. De Spain, Betty J. DeVaughn, Mildred L. Deven dorf, Carrol E. Devowe, Mo- Mo- dene A. Dew, Donna L. DeWitt Charlton H. Dexon, Ronald Dhein, Crecencio Diaz and Diaz, Elias D. Diaz, Joe Diaz, Victoria A. Diaz, Gary L. Dienstbier, Leo E. Dill and L. A. Dill. James C. Dillard, Billy E. Dillon, Robert S. Disney and L. Keith L. Donald and M. R. Donald, Margaret E. O'Donnell, Frances A. Doram, Ruth E. Douglass, Arthur Downs and I. Downs, Lester R. Drake and B. M. Drake, Virginia Drumm, Edward Drow, Orval Dryer and B. Dryer, Chester L. Dubois and K. Dubois, Vincent DuBois and S. DuBois, Don R. Duf- Duf- ield, Edwin L. Dugan and P. A. Dugan. Thomas A. Duianovic and D. Duianovic, Gerda F. Dumas, Al len R. Duncan, Elwood Duncan and D. Duncan, Mary E. Dunn Thomas G. Dunn and S. D Dunn, Antonio R. Durazo and M. Durazo, Norman C. Durbin, Earl B. Dushae, Pete Dutton and L. B. Dutton, James J Dvorak and D. K. Dvorak, Har- Har- ley L. Eads and E. Eads, James Early and J. Early. Willard C. Eckert and M. M. Eckert, George B. Edelmann and J. B. Edelmann, Jesse L. Edgan and A. M. Edgan, Karen S. Edmonds, John W. Edwards and D. J. Edwards, Robert S. Edwards and D. B. Edwards, Robert C. Eff II, Louie Efton and C. Efton, Jack Eldridge, Jackie L. Elgas, Kathryn A. Elias, Betty L. EHedge, Danica Ellis. Patricia E. Ellis, Robert W. Elmer, Samuel H. Emmer and A. Emmer. Juan R. Encinas and M. D. Encinas, Mary Encinas. Encinas. Savannah English, Ronald C. Enhelder, Dan Enright, Jack Epps and S. Epps, Paul W. Er-vin, Er-vin, Er-vin, Lloyd Erwin and E. Erwin, Florencio Escalante and J. Es-calante, Es-calante, Es-calante, Joe T. Escarcega, Margaret Margaret E. Escheman, Guadalupe Esparza. Carlos V. Espinoza, R. Espinoza, Espinoza, Cruz N. Espinoza and M. E. Espinoza, Miguel Espinoza, John Espitia, Ahce Esquer, John Estock and C. Estock, Ale-jandra Ale-jandra Ale-jandra Estrada, Monico R. Estrada Estrada and P. V. Estrada, Alfred J. Evans, Bob Evans and J. M. Evans, Charles L. Evans, David Evans, Frank Evans and L. Evans, John J. Evans and P. I. Evans. LEGAL NOTICE The Arizona State Board of Pharmacy will conduct examinations for those who wish to qualify as Licentiates in Pharmacy Pharmacy in the State of Arizona a ma College of Pharmacy, Student Union Junior Ballroom, university of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, F .oruary 4, 5, and A, 1965. Persons wishing to take this examination examination will file official apoHca'ion with the Secretary, Arizona State Board of Pharmacy, 1624 W. Adams. Room 2O0. Phoenix, Arizona 45007, on or before January 15, 1965. Attest .ndal y Jfy Arizona State Board of Pharmacy Publish January 4, 1965. NOTICE OF CALL FOR BIOS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN Wat sealed bids will be received in the .office of the Pima County Purchasing Agent. 2855 South 8th Avenue. Tucson, Arizona up to 10:00 a.m., January 13, 1965 for the toBJo'Ts,447 FURNISHING MATERIALS, MATERIALS, FABRICATION AND COMPLETE INSTALLATION OF DRAPES To furnish all materials; fabricate same and completely install, with hang ers, drapes in Superior coun, uivision Number 8 and to cover cornice boxes with same fabric as per specifications called for By Pima counry. upemns n the Bid B-S2447 B-S2447 B-S2447 will be at 10:00 a.m.. January 13. 1965. in the office of the Pima County Purchasing Agent, 285S South 8th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Specifications relating to the aforesa'O bid may be procured from the office v the Pima County Purchasing Agent, 285S South 8th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Bidder shall be required to furnish sufficient Bid and Performance Bona acceptable acceptable to the Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors reserve the right to reiect any or all bids for snv reason whatsoever or to waive any Irregularities or Informalities In the bids or bidding. DONE BY ORDER of the Board ef Supervisors this 28th day of December, 1964. THOMAS S. JAY. Chairman Board of Supervisor! Pima County, Arizona PUBLISH: Arizona Daily Star December 31, 1964 and January January 2, 4, 5, i, 7, I, 9, 11 end 12, 1965. LEGAL NOTICE PUBLIC SALE One 1963 Jaguar XKE Roadster Serial No. 877980 Automobile, Will Be Sold at PUBLIC SALE At PRECISION MOTORS LTD, 3512 E. SPEEDWAY, TUCSON, ARIZONA JANUARY 8, 1965 At 2:00 p.m. The Proceeds to be Applied Agairw the Unpaid Indebtedness Of gilbert SCHROEDER Under Terms of CONDITIONAL CONDITIONAL SALES CONTRACT. Terms: Cash! Commercial Credit Corporation By J. R. SMITH Customer Service Mgr. Publish: January 4, 1965 NOTICE OF CALL FOR BIDS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed bids will be received In the office office of the Pima County Purchasing Agent. 2855 South 8th Avenue. Tucson. Arizona for the following: BID B-2445 B-2445 B-2445 COURTROOM OFFICE FURNITURE To furnish Pima County with Judges Chair; stenograpnic posture (.nair; jury Base Arm Chairs; Arm Chairs; and nict &rm rh!r fnr Suoerior Court- Court- room, Division Number 8, as per specifications specifications called for bv Pima County. Sealed Bids on Bid B-2445 B-2445 B-2445 will be received lirt tn J-lfl J-lfl J-lfl o m . lAnnarv 11. 19&5. Ooenina of the Bid B-2445 B-2445 B-2445 will be at 10:00 a.m., Januarv 12, 1965 In the office of the Pima County Purchasing Agent, 2855 South 8th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. BID B-2446 B-2446 B-2446 COURTROOM AUDITOR IUM ocATtNG. NOTICE OF CALL FOR BIDS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed bids will be received in the office office of the Pima Countv Purchasing Agent, 2855 South 8th Avenue, Tucson. Arizona, uo to 10:00 a.m., January 1965 for the following: BID B- B- 2440 GASOLINE, REGULAR AND ETHYL To furnish Pima County Highway Department Department with Gasoline, Regular Ethyl, for a one (1) year period, beginning beginning February 1, 1965 to and including including January 31, 1966 as per specifications specifications called for by Pima Countv. Opening Opening of the Bid B-S2440 B-S2440 B-S2440 will be at 10:00 a.m., January 15, 1965 In the office the Pima Countv Purchasing Agent, South 8th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. BID B--2441 B--2441 B--2441 B--2441 KEROSENE OIL To furnish Pima County Highway D-partmenf D-partmenf with Kerosene Oil for a (1) year period, beginning February 1965 to and Including January 31, 1966, per specifications called for In B-2441. B-2441. B-2441. Opening of the Bid B-2441 B-2441 B-2441

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Arizona Daily Star (Tucson, Arizona)04 Jan 1965, MonPage 17
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