Leo Lowenthal attended a meeting

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Leo Lowenthal attended a meeting - Tourth Avenue Subway and local Improvements...
Tourth Avenue Subway and local Improvements Discussed by . Speakers. . The members of the Thirty-first Thirty-first Thirty-first War! Board of Trade held their annual dinner deliv-last night at Staui-h's Staui-h's Staui-h's 'aviliou. Coney , be-Island. The affair was attended by' near-' near-' near-' ly every member of this flourishing or- or- ganizatiou and was one ot the ost sue-' sue-' sue-' cessftil events of its kind ever given by. M' board., A number of prominent men- men- who were unable to be present sent let- let- tors of regret, which wcr: naU by James I. C'onahau. the secretary. The letters received were from the following: Con- Con- gressman Charles B. Law. Patrick F. Mc-: Mc-: Mc-: Gowan, president of the Board of Alder-j Alder-j Alder-j men; Health Commissioner Thomas Dar-; Dar-; Dar-; I lington. Assemblyman Michael J. Grady, the Rev. P. V. VanBuskirk, the Rev. D. J. MeCarty, the Rev. John J. McCarren and Ervlu Wariman. Owen F. Finnerty, prcsidr:.t of the association, association, acted as toastmaster, and e-ave e-ave e-ave the address of welcome. Before intro ducing Harold A. Davidson, tlie nrst, speaker of the evening, he took tie op-1 op-1 op-1 portunlty offered aud gave an outline of. tho existing conditions in the Thirty first Ward. He spoke of thi need of street improvements, of the need of more lights and sewers and pol-tod pol-tod pol-tod out the work that must be done to obtain these much need-1 need-1 need-1 od Improvements. "! wish to be under- under- . stood," said he "as belli"- belli"- heartily in favor of the Fourth avenue subway and will do everj:hing in my power to further its cause. I believe, nevertheless that it is proper and right for us to first work punish-lor our much needed local improvements. : lor as affairs now stand, f am at a loss to explain why it is that residents of this section have an idea that people will set-'when set-'when tic here to any great extent before wo i get these . improvements, regardless of : tbo Foutrh avenue project." He conelud- conelud- j ed his remarks by urging the members; to work liand-iu-hand liand-iu-hand liand-iu-hand liand-iu-hand liand-iu-hand with the other ; local civic associations and predicted thai ' w ith such a union Coney Island and .he i adjoining neighborhood would become a inost desirable residential locality. 1 . nariou a. uaviuson, mo new president i of the Jenkins Trust Company, was iheii called upon. He said that he had hoped ; .for-to make the announcement that ' Judge Betts had handed down a decision ills-' ills-' ills-' solving the receivership of the concern; j but was unable to do so. although, he 1 said, he expected such a decision would'., be rendered at almost, anv time.' ..Tho courl," said he. "has expressed itself thac -entertained for tno good of the community at large. ; it should be opened at once, and f assure en-you we have cash on hand to opeu up to-; to-; to-; morrow. Ho thanked the depositors their assistance in bringing about stronger feeling of confidence and com-, com-, com-, phmented them on the manner in which j they had stood by one another during j and after the financial panic, concluding by assuring them that the instUulori was Cap-going to bo run 0ir"'ab80lutelvtsquare, or-sound business principles and thai it was : gu.ug uu oe uprrmeu wiinout tear" or . I favor. Gilbert Kvana was the next speaker "Civic Pride," was the subject of his address. address. "To be proud," said he, "we must have something to be proiid of. Coney Island is noted the world over for its Imusements, and that. Is a thing to be proud of. Without transportation Coney Island never would be what it is i to-day. to-day. to-day. Transportation is the greatest j problem that confronts the city, and it j is the duty of the municipality to see. pa-to It that adequate transportation tsli-ade, re-afforded to every section of tho city." j He then referred to the transit improve-1 improve-1 improve-1 mems contemplated by the city, speaking organ-In behalf of the Fourth avenue subway i and also the Broadway-Lafayette Broadway-Lafayette Broadway-Lafayette route, j a new tunnel, the subway (.'tension on Flatbush avenue and the three-tracking three-tracking three-tracking of the elevated roads. These projects, he said, would solve the. whole transportation transportation trouble, every section being being benefited thereby. Coney Island included. included. The only way to get these im provements In the- the- face financial situation was the legislation recommended by the Pub 11c Service Commission. Joseph F. Griffin, principal of P. S.' No. ' 100, spoke in behalf of the schools of Coney Island and took the Occasion to thank the residents of th ; j 8-inch con-I of the city's Insist upon community for their krval support of the ! Schools. He also spoke of the great I all year 'round resort and urged the representatives of the different civio associations associations present to stand by one another another until this plan is brought about. Alderman Lewis M. Potter spoke of the work and duties of the. Local Board. He gave a brief outline of what had been accomplished in the Thirty-first Thirty-first Thirty-first Ward since he had been in office and spoke of the new improvements he contemplates making. "How We Arc Viewed by a Newcomer." was the topic of the Rev. J.' F. W. Kitzmeyer. and the Rev. Thomas H. Hyde Bpoke on "Civic Bodies." Other speakers were the Rev, Louis Happ, Mr. McDowell ana W. T. Piatt. Tho entertainment committee comprised Owon F. Finnerty. Clarence R. Van Bus-kirk. Bus-kirk. Bus-kirk. ; Murray Kahn. James M. Conahan, Philip Schwejckert and William 13. Lake. Some of the guests present were: yilllam K. Vau Meter. Louis M. Potter, Harold A. Davidson, William B. Lake, Philip Schwplckert, Jr., Louis New. mail, Daniel Hofner. Wlusor McCay, Edward Crorley, S. Guggenheim, Dr. Sig-mund Sig-mund Sig-mund Beck, David Barrera. David Bailey, L. Vastola, Vincent Vastola, Gilbert Evans, James M. Conahan. Owen F. Finnerty. Finnerty. Fred Napier. John R. Abarbanell, Fred W. Klster. Richard J. Garms. Adam "Yockel. Inspector Patrick Harkins, Carl Boos, Peter Matthews, Kichard .1. Geary, George Vandervecr. Thomas Haggerty. Rer. Lewis Happ. Edward Stratton. W. H. Arnold. .lames A. Eustice, ex-Judge ex-Judge ex-Judge J. Lott Nostrand. William J. Ward. J..J. Dillon, F. A. Bolds. Joseph Burckhart, Dr. Stephen Pettit. J. Opcnheitner. Robert Robert Rice, Thomas Murphy, S. E. Jack-man, Jack-man, Jack-man, Frank Savarcse, R. Reubens. Wil- Wil- i i i liam E. Piatt, Magistrate A. V. B. Voor-I Voor-I Voor-I hees, Murray Kahn, Joseph B. War-escort War-escort shauer. Leo Lowenthal. Georsc O. Tan-I Tan-I Tan-I pen, Moses Eaton, Frank O'Ttlley, James Harris. i

Clipped from The Brooklyn Daily Eagle11 Mar 1908, WedPage 12

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)11 Mar 1908, WedPage 12
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  • Leo Lowenthal attended a meeting

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