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Page Thirtsin 10! ROOMS. approved. Crossroads. un and I cot Legal Notices There will be Commission of Illinois, in the at 7:30 p. m. NOTICE a meeting of the Zoning the City of Carbondale, City Hall of said ity on Thursday, April 13, 1S61. A hearing will be held trat time concerning a petition to mend Section 22-23 of Chapter 22 of the Carbondale City Code, 1956, regarding uses of property in the residence districts. said proposed amendment to read as follows: I 201 S moo fur hath. Ler un WI 920 Hotel decorated, WI 2-3829 rooms gas Heights 4-rooms furn en all 1-4 room room room room Furnished. mod mod mod sell. automatic by Walnut, IDA 3 or 20th Een that has Stale served 4riy said ;P6l, said neie-by aid of entered this Jr. M. SECTION 22-23. USES AND CONSTRUCTION, ETC.. LN RESIDENCE DISTRICTS The residence districts shall be Jivd-ed into two classifications designated as Class "A" Residence District and diss "B" Residence District. CLASS "A" RESIDENCE DISTRICT The existin? residence districts as de scribed in Section 22-23 of the Carbondale City Code, 1958. shall henceforth be known as Class "A" Residence Districts. Where the term "residence district" is used in the existing Section 22-23. the same shall hereafter be construed as being Class "A" Residence District. In the residence district no buildincs or premises shall be used and no build ings shall be erected, remodeled, altered or added to which are arranged, intended or designed to be used, except for one or more ot the follovvinr tmr. furn- poses: (a) Apartment houses. tb Dwellings for residential purpcres only, including home occupat oxs and including the office of a physician, dentist, or other professional person when situated in the tame dwelling or building used by such professional practitioner as his private dwelling or residence, but not including the conduct of any re'ail or wholesale business or manufacture. (c) Churches and temples of worship. d) Schools and libraries, (e) Museums, parks, playgrounds, rec reation buildings or community cen ters, not conducted as a business or for profit. (f) "For Rent" or "For Sale" signs not exceeding ten square feet n area. fg) Truck farmng and gardening. (h) Uses customarily incidental o and accessory to the above principal u.es when engaged in by occupants of buildings or premises located on the same premises with such principal uses. CLASS "B" RESIDENCE DISTRICT In the Class "B" Residence District, no building or premises shall be frecd. remodeled, altered or added to, which are arranged, intended or designed be used, except for one or more of the following permitted uses: a One family permanent dwllins, each family to Include not moie than two boarders or lodgers. For purposes of this ordinance, hoi'?e trailers, cabin camps or motets shall not be considered as permanent dwellings. (b) Parks, playgrounds and comrnin-ity buildings owned and operated by the City of Carbondale or b Scnool District or by Park Districts. (c) Churches, with adjacent set-back off-street parking lot. (d) Golf courses, except miniature courses and driving tees operated for commercial purposes. (e) Nurseries and truck gardening. (f) Accessory building, not Involving the conduct of a business, including a private garage. Any accessory building that is not a part of the main structure shall be located uot less than sixty (60) feet from the front lot line, nor less than five (5) feet from the rear lot line. Accessory buildings shall not be occuoied as permanent dwellings. (g) Temporary buildings for uses Incidental to construction work, which buildings shall be removed when the construction work is abandoned or completed. Incidental uses such as offices for doctors, dentists or lawyers, and home occupations conducted only by bona fide members of the family residing on the premises and not detrimental to residential property, shall be permitted provided no change in the external tp-prarance of any building shall be caused by such home occupation, and provided further that no article, sign or advertising shall be displayed in connection with an incidental use for a professional office cr home occupation except one (1) non-dlrun-inated name plate not exceeding two 2) square feet in area. Temporary "For Sale" and "For Rent" stgaj of a customary nature installed on the premises during such time only as the same are for sale or for rent shall be permitted. Height: No building hereafter erected or altered shall exceed thirty (30) feet in height, or two and one-half (2!,i) stories. Area Regulations: (a) Rear yard: There shall be a rear yard having a depth of not less than thirty (30) feet. (b) Setback: There shall be a setback from the front line of cot less than thirty-five (35) feet, provided that when more than forty (40) per cent of the frontage of one side of a block becomes improved and the average setback of the main buildings along such frontage exceeds thirty-five (35) feet, then the setback shall be not less than such average setback. (c) Side yard: There shall be a side yard on each side of the building having a width of not less than tea (10) feet; except that for any ac-iessory building on the rear quarter of any lot such side yard requirements may be reduced to not less than five (5) feet. (d) Intensity of Use and Size of Lots: Every lot shall have an area of not less than ten thousand (10,000 square feet and a frontage not lss than seventy-five (75) feet. (e) Garage or parking spa;e; Each lot used for residence puroos shall have a garage or off -street parking space sufficient for one but not mere than three automotive vehicles ef which not more than one ahall be a commercial vehicle. Any persons or owners of 11U or owners of droo-rtv in the City of Carbondale, Illinois, wishinf io uujcci io ine aoove proposed amendment to the existing zoning ordinar'-tt should file a written protest with the City Clerk at the City Hall prior to said uaie oi neanng and appear In at the said hearing. ZONING COMMISSION. Carbondale, Ilhncis William E. Fafnn. rhiirmi. C-1979 Mar. 27 rr?ca

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