Rogers, North Dakota in 1913

Note mention of A.P. Farrell, proprietor of the Belmont Hotel and M.J.Farrell, barber in same Hotel

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Rogers, North Dakota in 1913 - •y "S«od|»." The live young Commercial club is...
•y "S«od|»." The live young Commercial club is ed on the maps of the state as a town of 30 in population, thq Commerpial clufc, witcfo how lltffe m«re than half a year old, has .thirty members. ^red Stcrns .Js' president, John lite Fadden, vice president M. 0., Gran? gaard, secretary, anJ Nels L$r«on, treasurer, The Commercial club is active, en­ thusiastic and working untiringly ,to secure for. Ropers a few civic signs of development that would not other­ wise easily be--secured. For on$ thing it haB been steadily preaching tut idea of parks until most of th$ people actually believe it already and it will not be oftg before the parks will be a reality. Want a Doctor. They are5 solidly backing move­ ments to.,loM|i.e a doctor 1ft Rogers Rogers is about nine miles north of Sanborn on. tho branch which leads out of thers on the Northern Pacific. It is the next town south of Dazey, and about eighteen miles west and a little north, of Valley City. Neither Dazey nor" Rorfers has physician and •he Rogers Commercial club is sirous of getting one in. They also want a drug store, and having demonstrated that the town is caipable of giving one a good trade the man Will undoubtedly be found Thev have" booster consistently for gravel streets, and every year some­ thing is being done in this line on1 some of the streets. Aetivf Commercial Club. Acting as the voice of the town in communicating with this outside, the Commercial club has tried to fixe the railway situation wi*h respect to it­ self bv gettth? trains to run for the best convenience of its citizens, In these rin'meroiig ways the Commercial dub of Rogers, not yet a year old, is doing evervfh«ng 'in its power to bet­ ter civic Cbndttipns. hpen ln tj,e j,abit |fa1rs to exhibit tho grains, corn and vesretablfs raised in its immediate ter•T. ritory. Coupled wifh amusements, *aciiig and sports of various kinds the annual eyent has come to be a: welcome treat for the fall. The last fair was held November 22, and there was a fine attendance. Rogers a Junction. Ropers Is a, junction for .the branch of the Northern Pacific and the ma'" of holding annual line of tbe Soo. The Soo sweeps dl a*onallv across the state throueb Valley City. Twenty miles west of Vgllev City at Sanborih, the Northern pa.oUic shoots "iiv ward tbe bran ah on vhioh Rogers. Dazey and others are, Jct'011 located. At Rogers these two llnoe established a Intersect, and give Rogers added, dis­ tinction. Passengers may catch the fast trains of the Soo from Rogers •s well as to travel to Vallev City. Rogers is Jn.tbe northwestern part of ferMle Barnes county. Three of its', elevators shipped nearly 400,000 bush­ els of grail last fall. The Osborne McMillan company shipped 160,000, the Farmers' Elevator Mercantile Co. shipped 150.000 and the Acme Grain company shtoped 75.000. Oeborne-McMillan. H. I. Perkins has had the manage­ ment of the Osborne-McMillan com­ pany here for four years, He ope'' ates a coal yard in connection and sold last season" Over 20.000 tons. Byron Sweet is Acme company, and has held the po sition here for tWo years. Mr. Sweet is a great lodge man. and is senior warden in the Odd Fellows. O. G.Lund is manager of the Monarch Elevator. John McFadgen is manager of. the Monarch Elevator company and ha? been connected with the local branch 1 Ithfe stirt)'|tis'bjf. jfbg bnjik' is. nn^ 'the dwositg ov'ex $65,000.v, .- Charles Pauls^a is the owiier of a feed .mill and wood .yard". Mr. Paul­ son has been in business since 13M. and is doing ery good business. He has been grinding from, 700. to l.OOf bushels, per day.-. ^Ir .Paulson is a^lo engaged in the autdrtiobile business? I Mrs. Laura Morse,, postmistress, honiiles the brapcb of the Independent Tbe Rogers M»ch:nery cAmpanv established in 190%. The firnii deah^ 'n heavy hardware, machinerv, paint*: harness and evervthtnv in thf8 A. P. Farrel It proprietor of tho Belmont hotel at Roffers and is g'vthe atid 'tt^veUra a"go6d^ clean homelike pf«c«. at,*lf*ehr t'0 stdip Tbrtir K$m»cTatjttti^fT«his dn iitawi. by eeiwSK -^1 jp.rU'Zg?' -j5 CnAnfer^al do*'oTii| general merchandise' store, is one of the belt boosters the town of Rogers has. He has been here a year in the but, be has. Hyed, taw# gerwr years-tn get acquainted with the town. He has a large, complete •took of drygoods, boots, shoes, gro­ wl^ etc., ahd reporta that business 'dlfler Bros, keep a rertanrant, con a Very profitable living out of It. Tbey have iustaled a pool table or two and have, fpund It the popular thing. Ice erparn and fruit are handled, by this concern lor season. .When in Rogers remember to look up the Butler store for.a square mea^l or a cpol drink. C. 8. Bechtel of Grand Forks has a br$p?h store at, Rogers, handling, dry goods, groceries and shoes, his store has been in business in Rogers for three years, erecting its own building In 1&09. They have a large, clean store, modernly equipped, concrete and fireproof, and do a deal of casn business. Barber Shop. M. J. Farrel is manager of the Rog­ ers barber shop, which is located in the Belmont hotel building. Two chairs, with city fixtures and good sanitation ,the Rogers barber shop is a credit to the town, O. J. Lund Is manager of the Carnenter-Neumann Lumber company. This yard is one of tho oldest concerns in the town, having been established 14 years ago. Mr. Lund has bad chare* of the yard for tho last five years. Kels Larson of the First Sat4 bank alFO operates a store, handling gen­ eral merchandise. For many years Mr. Larson was alone in the town so far as a store of general merchandise is concerted. This store was estab­ lished 12 years ago. H. E. Pickett besides being the well known dealer in f^esh and smok­ ed meats, ovsters and fiep in season-^cash paid for poultry, hides and tal­ low—is one of the town's best and most respected citizens. Mr. Pickett i8 a (rood ocation and a fine busi­ ness. He handles fruit and vegetables in the proper season. Pool Hall. F. J. Vail, lessee of a restaurantnool hal combination, has been in the •own for about half a year. He has Rogers, in its career of boosting, lia* *Jeen, a farmer and still owns a farm ln ^outh.Dakota. His busness is flour- 'sbing and he makes good monev from hl£ huge sales of soft drinks and con­ fectionery. hot to mention the enor­ mous business done on tho restaurant and lunch counter si(ft% of the combi­ nation. He has a well equipped pool hall and Ills place is proving popular with the Roger citizens. Beats Larger Towns. Rogers, the town of 36 in Barnes county, has many larger towns beaten. Wow many towns with so small a pop­ ulation can &now a membership in the Comercial club of 30? It is too big a percentage for ost of them. It big percentage for most of them. It certed action can do but Rogers has new record even for this. ORISKA By, "8coop." Oriska consists of a hundred people, all interested in taking care of the grain, raised in that section or in banding out supplies to its farmers, tt is on the main line of the Northern »*elfic. a few miles east of Valley Cty. and in the eastern central part of Barnes county. Tbo wbe&t region there cannot bo ^xce'led. All Barnes county is noted manager of the•'or.tbe big yields (produced and'OrisWa, being on a trunk line, has a live'v trade. Various things are produced in that territory—cattle, hogs and corn are raised, but the principal ar­ ticle is wheat. This is testified to by the string of elevators which line the as it pases through the town. ROB ers Farmers Elevator & Mercantile Jo., and has bad charge since lty'i Coal was sold in, connection in 130F and has been continued. C. J. Christianson is president. S. L. Fletcher, vice president ^Fr^nk Sanford sec­ retary, and M. E. Mason, treasurer. There ire more .grain companies there than anything else.. Town hat Trees.' To Oriska's credit be it said that once. you. get away, from the railroad 1 traclj "the town loses its drv and mon­ otonous—even if profitable wheat aspect. Tall .trees h'de the town from fhe 'or nine years. This elevator shipped 'rom the wind. There is a good school last year 35,000 bushels. Mr. McFad building and two beautiful churches, gen is an expert grain man, who The residences are all of good archiknows the business tborotichly from '•ectnre, with well-kept lawns. The the taking of the raw wheat to its Town itself is very restful and full of making into br^ftd. j. beauty. The First Sttfo bank of Rogers.! The Cong,ideational church was orw'th a canital of $10,000. has mor«i «anj7ed in 1$82 and a buil'd'nsr erected •ban doubted it&i.:flfl#bces in the la&< lMft Rev. L. F. Spangenber Is three y^ars. Nels.Laraon is president, pastor, an dthe church has a memberA. H. Tolsfad vice president: M. Orangaard, casl^f. and Chester Elfstrom. assistant cashier. This 'bank is soon to hive a_n®w .building.,to $4.00. Tlfe rs.fc.State, bank wa» establlf'bed in 1905, track, and shelter ,tJje residences ship of S5, with a Sunday school at­ tendance of about 50 every week. St. Beritard'e Church. Thomas L.. Rahnteineck is pastor of *tt. P^rnnr'l's. church. Tl'e church "Tas estabiiRhed in 15^8 Tbe, church s'eam b.eated furnished »nd t^e narisiy is.i-xapidfy^ growing. Last season saw the shipment of, 41,6...carp of. grain, 10 cars of stock and 10 mp(e of. ipptatoes. Four hundred ind sixteen cars of .grain makes a usual total of close to 500,000 bushels grain buyers of other towns, •be- some size will look exceptionally tempting. Fa*mert' Concern. The Farmers' Orain company has Telephone comparffi also. The post- been under the charge of J. 13. TierofP'oe is located in her building, in tmv for ntxtut one year. This comwhich she also "sells postcard views, ^nv deals »n wain and fuel, and has and other light articles of merchati dise. The office at Ropers is fourth, class. There aria &» lock boxes, and about a hundred patrons. h»r»f»let l&o 000 btmbeia of grain. The local elevator of the Great Western Orftin comnanv of MlnneonnH* in manaod bv C. O/Bmnsopian, n'ho has had charge for three vcars. elevator handled last year 90.0d0 b'lahela of grain. Coal yards aro rtrn in connection. The Acme Grain comnanv is an­ other corporation maintaining a hrancli^plffivatpr at Oriska.' B. B. Nel-(: son is^lddal .manager. lie has hadj p1,1"!:i9'e.,for ^yen yejirs. andvb»s ban»j 'dl^ |io,000 .'^jithjeC*:'.l.asjt,^akjBOn.,,' ." K, Orativ.-Coim|MiiF« fc-—' had charge for' three years and has

Clipped from
  1. The Bismarck Tribune,
  2. 30 Oct 1913, Thu,
  3. Page 10

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  • Rogers, North Dakota in 1913 — Note mention of A.P. Farrell, proprietor of the Belmont Hotel and M.J.Farrell, barber in same Hotel

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