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Reduced water use peaked plant - B Section Money talks, at water meeting...
B Section Money talks, at water meeting Thursday, September 27, 1979 The Sun, San Bernardino, California By JEAN TIERNEY Sun Staff Writer BARSTOW The directors directors of the Mojave Water Agency did not appear very interested in selling water to Southern California California Edison until Edison mentioned money. Selling even 2,000 acre feet of water a year to Edison for its proposed Johnson Valley peaker power plant could bring the water agency $77 million million over 30 years, Edison Project Manager Tom Reed told the directors here Tuesday night. "Fifty million of that $77 million is a free pipeline," Reed added. The water agency had invited Reed to its board meeting to explain Edison's plans for a 1,290-megawatt 1,290-megawatt 1,290-megawatt peaker plant near Fry Mountain. The board also wanted to know whether the power company still wants its disputed contract contract with the agency to purchase 15,000 acre feet of water a year from the aqueduct, with an option for 13,000 additional acre feet a year. The pipeline from Hesperia to Old Woman Springs would carry water water halfway to Yucca Valley, Valley, which is asking for supplemental water. The pipe would be larger than needed to supply just the peaker plant. If Edison bought all 28,000 acre feet of water a year allowed under the contract, the Mojave Water Water Agency would receive $246 million in benefits over the 30-year 30-year 30-year life expectancy expectancy of the plant, Reed said. Reed said Edison hopes to use only 1,000 acre feet of water a year at the plant, which is being designed designed as a cluster of about 20 gas turbines to run no more than 1,500 hours per year to supply electricity during peak demand hours for the company's Southern California California power grid. The turbines will be able to reach full production production speed from a cold start within 10 minutes, compared to ; up to 15 hours for conventional turbines, Edison engineers engineers say. The Mojave Water Agency directors said $77 million might help finance finance the rest of a pipeline to Yucca Valley or to other communities within its desert jurisdiction. jurisdiction. Edison first proposed to build a conventional or combined-cycle combined-cycle combined-cycle power plant on its 364-acre 364-acre 364-acre site east of Lucerne Valley. Either would have used much more water than the peaker plant. The wa- wa- ter agency contested the contract four years ago, saying fresh water is needed for homes and agriculture agriculture in the desert. The peaker plant would be fueled by a natural gas line run underground from Edison's Cool Water Generating Site at Daggett, Daggett, and the power produced produced would be shipped out on a new transmission line from Johnson Valley to the Lugo substation at Victorville, Reed said. Fresh, demineralized water is needed to inject into the turbines to lower, the flame temperature and thus reduce NOX emissions, Reed said. There would be no cooling cooling towers at the plant. Edison has inquired into reclaimed wastewater wastewater for the plant but has found no reliable and abundant source, he added. Without the peaker plant, the company will not be able to meet electricity electricity demands in a few years, Reed said. "If we don't build any more, it's obvious we're going to come to the shortage point. "I'm telling you, this summer we had eight consecutive consecutive days of over 12,000 (megawatt) peak load" and bought about 1,000 megawatts of power from outside sources, he said. "This summer, we not only exceeded our projection (of peak demand) demand) for 1979, but for 1980." Water Agency Director Glenn Gaines said he was skeptical of Edison's statement that it has no specific plans to expand the Johnson Valley plant. "It really is mind-boggling mind-boggling mind-boggling mind-boggling to me that Southern California Edison Company Company . . . would build a 1,290-megawatt 1,290-megawatt 1,290-megawatt plant to be used only 15 percent of the time," Gaines said. "It seems to me I would have to be awfully naive not to believe . . . that they're not going to enlarge that site." Reed said Edison has no plans to enlarge the plant unless fuel costs decline. The company can better meet environmental requirements requirements by building in the desert instead of the Los Angeles basin, he said. "It would cost $400 million million more to build that at Ormond Beach and meet all the conditions." Reed said Edison will examine the possibility of trucking in the water for the plant, at the request of the state Energy Commission, Commission, with which Edison hopes to file an application for certifica tion in January. Groundwater at the Johnson Valley site would not be sufficient, Reed said: "we drilled to 500 feet. We got a gallon a minute." Several residents of Lucerne Valley attended Tuesday's meeting and asked for a meeting on the power plant closer to their homes. Members of the Lucerne Valley Improvement Improvement and Progress Committee Committee spoke in favor of the plant. Edison engineers engineers have said residents there have asked that the power plant be named after after their community. Committee officer Mike Williams told the agency directors that "what we want from you folks is water, and we think an excellent way to get it is to let Edison build a pipeline." Council rejects attorney's letter hinting at Long suit By JEAN TIERNEY Sun Staff Writer ADELANTO The City Council here has rejected an attempt by the attorney for Councilman Jerry Long to claim $1 million in damages from the city for invasion of privacy. The City Council cast aside a July 27 letter mentioning mentioning the possible lawsuit which was submitted by Long's attorney, Gale Slauson, because it does not comply with the state legal code governing claims and k'for its insufficiencies," City Administrator Robert O'Connor said Wednesday. The letter says former City Administrator Pat Cham-berlaine Cham-berlaine Cham-berlaine on July 9 told Acting Police Chief George Walker that Long was at a casino "drinking his breakfast, and you should be aware of it and keep an eye on him." Long had been arrested three days before after two Adelanto police officers said he had rammed their patrol car and chased it until they out-distanced out-distanced out-distanced his car. Long is scheduled to be tried in Victorville Superior Court next month on a charge of assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon. Slauson's letter said Chamberlaine had tried to damage Long's defense. Chamberlaine resigned suddenly suddenly Aug. 28, saying she was under pressure from some council members. The council Tuesday "did not accept it (the letter) as a claim," O'Connor said. He said he will write Slauson explaining how the letter does not meet legal claim requirements. Tuesday the four council members divided over four nominations to fill the seat left vacant by Ed Dunagan's resignation Aug. 28. When Mayor Hastell Hollis or Long nominated and seconded candidates (Del Ulrick and Barney Scoggins), council members Ed Dondelinger and Charlotte Foster voted "no," Hollis said Wednesday. He and Long voted against two candidates (Donald R. Harnett and Robert Cheney, Jr.) nominated and seconded by Foster and Dondelinger, he said. "It was divisive over the appointments." , "So apparently that seat will remain vacant until the next general election" in the spring, Hollis said. j'A I 1 I -mm -mm I fill 1 St ...-it ...-it ...-it AM i r. UVJ & 1 Cadillac Sedan DeVKIe D'Elegancs flow mm Has Absolutely Every -Wi: -Wi: a :IL.I e :l 1 T Retail $16,213.00. 13,792 1979 Baick leSabre 4 Dr. Sedan Custom LOADED with all the options. Serial No. flow

Clipped from The San Bernardino County Sun27 Sep 1979, ThuPage 42

The San Bernardino County Sun (San Bernardino, California)27 Sep 1979, ThuPage 42
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