40 76C Brunn Hood Bassett includes color details

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40 76C Brunn Hood Bassett includes color details - machine-tool REAL WAGES IN MOTOR IN DUSTRY...
machine-tool REAL WAGES IN MOTOR IN DUSTRY Average weekly wages paid automobile factory workers went further in buying goods and services in 1939 than in any prior year in the history of the motor industry. The weekly pay check of the average average automobile worker had a purchasing purchasing power that was at an all-time all-time all-time high mark of 121.3 (1929100). This figure was 11 per cent above 1938. These figures of real wages are based on the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics indices of employment employment and pay rolls in the automobile automobile industry and on a special index prepared by the bureau which measures the cost of living in automobile automobile cities. Average hourly earnings in the automobile industry were 92.8 cents per hour, the highest ever reached for any one year. Meanwhile, cost of living in automobile cities , de clined slightly from immediately preceding years. As automobile production rose from the preceding year, weekly in dividual eai nings in 1939 jumped to the highest figure of the decade $31.23. The volume of employment and pay rolls also experienced sizable gains from the previous year. Dur ing 1939, an average of 394,000 workers were on the pay rolls, 29 per cent more than in 1938. Weekly pay rolls rose to $12,303,000, up 41 per cent from the previous year. MERCURY ECONOMY RUNS Final results of a series of nation wide economy runs, announced by the Ford Motor Company last week, show that an average gasoline mileage mileage of 20.83 miles per gallon was established by a group of 34 Mercury Mercury cars in tours equal to a distance distance of more than four times around the world at the equator. The tests were conducted throughout throughout the United States and the cars negotiated a total of 112,206 miles over every kind of road, encounter ing weather,, that included everything everything from snow, ice, mud and rain to bright sunshine. Traffic conditions conditions varied from snail's pace, big city traffic jams to the freedom of open roads. During these runs, the cars visited visited 2,456 different centers ranging from small rural communities ' to the largest cities. The widespread interest which the tests attracted is evidenced by the fact that 1,496 Governors, Mayors and public offi cials affixed their signatures to the official log books in which interesting interesting episodes of each trip were recorded. recorded. The purpose of the test runs was to determine the operating efficiency efficiency of the car under widely varying road, weather, and traffic conditions. One car from each of the 34 Ford Motor Company branches was driven over a route embracing the territory served by that particular branch. NEW MAGNAFLUX INSTALLED A newly developed Magnaflux unique electrical device that employs employs minute iron filings to seek out metallurgical flaws was installed in the Cadillac-LeSalle Cadillac-LeSalle Cadillac-LeSalle laboratory last week. First of its kind in the industry, the machine is more powerful and more efficient than previous similar instruments. The entire examination examination of an automobile part can now be performed with one setting. In operation an automobile part is first clamped between positive and negative plates of the machine and thus becomes part of a magnetic magnetic circuit. A solution of iron fil ings is then poured over the part. Where no break in the continuity of the metal exists, the surface is left clean-. clean-. clean-. Where there is a disturbance in the magnetic circuit, however, as would be caused by an invisible flaw, the filings collect in opposition opposition to the true polar flow. EASIER GEAR SHIFTING Gear shifting on the 1940 Chryslers has been made easy and positive by means of a new design of gearshift assembly and synrro-silent synrro-silent synrro-silent transmission. transmission. The housing of the gear shift levers is smaller and neater in appearance than ever before, with the arm and knob plastic covered covered to match the steering wheel and instrument panel. An improved synchronized mech anism for second and high speeds contributes to better shifting. Shifting Shifting into low and reverse also is easier because of the new pointing of the quiet, wide contact, angle cut, helical teeth. Low and reverse have been strengthened by widening widening the tooth faces of the gears. The syncro-silcnt syncro-silcnt syncro-silcnt transmission has all its controls leading from the side, which reduces transmission height and permits the lowering of the floor over the transmission to such a point that it is practically level throughout the driver's compartment. compartment. NEW BCICK CONVERTIBLE Further development by Buick in the custom car field is seen with the completion of a specially con structed Series 70 Roadmaster convertible convertible coupe on a standard Buick chassis with body by Brunn. The car was built to specifications specifications prepared by the engineering department for Hood Bassett, son of the late Harry F. Bassett, for mer President of Bujck. It is a sports roadster type, having the long low lines of the open car with convertible features including automatically automatically operated top and conventional conventional retractile door windows and Fisher no-draft no-draft no-draft ventipanes. (special body work included the hand-conversion hand-conversion hand-conversion of the popular new Buick Series .70 Roadmaster convertible coupe body styling to new exclusive lines by cutting down the height of the doors and cckpit side panels and the construction construction of new character lines by means of embossed belt mouldings mouldings sweeping in a curve from the hood line to the center of the rear fenders. The car has a 126-inch 126-inch 126-inch wheel-base wheel-base wheel-base and is powered by the series 70 Buick valve-in-head, valve-in-head, valve-in-head, valve-in-head, valve-in-head, straight eight engine developing 141 horsepower horsepower at 3,600 r. p. m. Downdraft aerobat carburetion with fully automatic automatic starting and engine control are features. The striking lines are enhanced by unusual treatment of upholstering upholstering and interior trim and attractive attractive dual paint combination that takes full advantage of the stream lined characteristics of the car. Hand-built Hand-built Hand-built seat and seat back upholstery upholstery is of smoothly finished gray panelled leather with red piping, while door and cockpit walls and driver's compartment kick panels are in harmonizing top grain red leather. This attractive two-tone two-tone two-tone effect in upholstering matches the body paint combination which is red and silver gray, red being used on the body belt moulding, the cowl and center hood plateau, center grille strip and on the narrow strip above the body line to the rear of the passenger compartment. The coupe has five passenger capacity with an adjustable rear seat for greater leg room. The front seat, which is approximately five feet wide, has ample space for three passengers and likewise is adjustable fore and aft. The automatically operated top is actuated by a vacuum mechanism mechanism controlled from a push button located on the instrument panel. It is positive in action and of sufficient sufficient power easily to handle the specially designed top of heavy weight gray top material. HEAVY TOURIST TRAVEL Throughout the United States in 1940 the suggestion is more than ever to "See America First," and with the majority of the hundreds of thousands who will soon start out, an automobile will provide the transportation, according to D. E. Ralston, Oldsmobile'g general sales manager. "With tourists barred from holidays holidays in Europe it is estimated by leading bureaus that Americans will vacation at home this year and the coming season will establish establish a new high in tourist volume," said Ralston. "Two world's fairs, one in New York and the other in San Francisco, will again bid for patronage," he added, "and elaborate elaborate additions and attractions at both fairs will stimulate consider able interest. Early reservations to state and national parks in all sections sections of the country have caused preparations for the biggest travel volume in history. "Competition is keen, too, for the flow of American tourists to other countries of the Western Hemi sphere. Mexico has conducted a biisk campaign to induce motorists from this country to view the southern southern scenic wonders while an equally attractive presentation has been made by Canada to inspect its lures. Motor cars of today offer strong inducements for touring. Progress made in car comfort such as Olds- Olds- mobile's improved quadri-coil quadri-coil quadri-coil spring ing and four-way four-way four-way stabilization, knee-action knee-action knee-action wheels, by deep, restful, well- well- upholstered seat cushions and scores j w. auuinouai ieaiures manes travel to even the most remote sections possible with minimum fatigue. Higher speeds with greater safety than ever before permit increased mileage possibilities. While tourists will undoubtedlv establish new tourinjr records dur ing the coming months, automobiles will contribute to these records with the safest and most comfortable product the industry has ever offered." offered." A new half-ton half-ton half-ton delivery truck especially designed for laundries, cleaners and dyers, florists, ahd other businesses with similar retail retail delivery problems, has been announced as one of the most recent recent additions to the comprehen sive line of General Motors Trucks. With a total interior canacitv of 290 cubic feet so big that a man can stand up in the body this new model has a wheelbase of 113 mcnes and an extremely short over all length for a truck of such large capacity. The unit has a body load space 112 inches long, 68 inches wide, and 68 inches high. Advanced streamstyling marks this up-tc-the-moment up-tc-the-moment up-tc-the-moment up-tc-the-moment up-tc-the-moment up-tc-the-moment up-tc-the-moment 1940 GMC unit as Ideally designed for retail delivery use. With the characteristic characteristic GMC grille, sweeping fenders, graceful body contours, rear wheel covers, ample advertising advertising space, and a generous use of chrome, this new half-ton half-ton half-ton GMC delivery fulfills every need of the delivery operator. The bucket-type bucket-type bucket-type driver's seat with swivel mounting offers real comfort and is adjustable both vertically and horizontally. For driving comfort, convenience, and construction features as well as for its unusually roomy Interior this new GMC truck with its GMC-built GMC-built GMC-built valve-in-head valve-in-head valve-in-head valve-in-head valve-in-head engine is a unit ideally suited to handling light bulky merchandise in door-to-door door-to-door door-to-door door-to-door door-to-door delivery service. SUMMER SERVICE HINT "If you are one of those who are somewhat somewhat careless in the matter of regular regular inspection and servicing of your automobile, you might take a tip from car owners who are out to get the full measure of the carefree carefree service that has been built into their cars," says W. R. Bamford, service director of the Dodge Division Division of Chrysler Corporation. "Now, for instance, is the time to change your car back from its winter condition to the proper condition condition for summer driving. This seasonal conditioning is very important. important. Unlike the human body which nature has provided with the ability to adapt itself to extremes in weather and temperatures,, ths

Clipped from The Cincinnati Enquirer09 Jun 1940, SunPage 27

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio)09 Jun 1940, SunPage 27
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  • 40 76C Brunn Hood Bassett includes color details

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