1952 Oct 28 CJ story

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1952 Oct 28 CJ story - Ja Ik About Women Mildred MILLER Millie's 0. K....
Ja Ik About Women Mildred MILLER Millie's 0. K. Again Da L. COURTNEY JACK hi wrought another masterpiece. Me! I've always been first to admit that neither my face ncr my figure ever would bring me a fortune but now, by golly, I have the distinction of being a fine? piece of aurgical art! My boss felt you d be wondering how I came out of the auper-overhauling Job Dr. Jack performed on me at Good Samaritan Hospital July 31, so I'll tell you: To tay I feel like $10 million la putting It mildly. I never reallted it waa possible to fori ao exuberantly healthy and with ao many mlnalng part which my skillful surgeon removed during the big inilde Job he did si my frame. Why, he ennected me Dp better than Nature) had me la the first place! And would you believe it? No icart! tl told that to torn o my malt colleague and one weuenketmer cracked: "I don't believe it! Let's see'") IX THE LAST COLUMN before my operation I promised that I'd go scooting around the hospital corridors in a wheel chair and bring back some undercover stones to you. I have to let you down on that score, dear reader, for I didn't know then it'd hurt so much to a:t because of one of the several operations Dr. Jack performed. However, while standing beside his bed one day I did get heartwarming. Inspiring story from a young man (also a patient of Dr. Jacks) which I shall tell you another day this week. Before I get off this postoperative spiel, I want to thank the many readers who tent me cheerful cards and letters and who called my borne and office to inquire about my health. AJm. I'd like to exprew my grateful appreciate agaia to thote sevea persons who gave me the most precious gift ol all pint of their life's blood. They were Miss fcdith Webb, Vance Schwartz. W illiam Onle, Bob Mo Nabb, Willis Vance; my brother, Clarence CUaameyer, and my husband. INCIDENTALLY, when my sweetheart of brother reported to the hospital blood bank, one of the nuns told him the hospital preferred to have blood given to patients replaced rather than to get the money for it. She then related how the had told that very thing to a male patient who had been given a pint of blood and the fellow said he didn't know anybody whom he could ask for blood. Gently the good Sister insisted he try to think of someone as the hospital really preferred the blood to the money. She was startled to tee the patient suddenly become angry, hold out hit arm and exclaim: "Here, take your blood back Kibitzer by Frances Tyler Pre-emptive Bid Exception While pre-emptive bids usually Mr. John DeWert, G. A. Winkler, are not made on hands with bet Lillian Kleve, Mrs. G. A. Winkler, if you'd rather hate it than the money?" ! HOW HE KEEPS GOING: I ' was standing next to Jim Hug- . gerty, Ike's hustling top press j agent, in the Ambassador Hotel, i Lot Angeies, after Elsenhower j set some sort of record by at- tending yiree receptions in les ; than 30 minutes. An observer j sympathized with Haggerty: ' Tin glad I m not you: The harried Haggerty retorted: "I'm glad I m not my-tell sometime"' THAT APRON LOOK: While window shopping In another city recently, Mrs. Lucius H. Rlggs and two companions stopped before a clever window display consisting of stunning cocktail, dinner and theater hats and many clocks with their hand set after five. A artistic sign noted simply: "For after five, you will wear ..." Without so much as an oh or ah over the glamorous headgear, Mrs. Riggs chuckled: "After it. I'm fixing supper!" w COVER-UP GIRL: A pretty career girl I know went into a downtown store and bought a red-flannel nightgown that had a hood to match. When the saleswoman handed over the package, she smiled: "Are you wearing this on Halloween?" The career girl tried to hide her embarrassment She thought she had made a horrible mistake and got into the wrong department. She glanced furtively about and was reassured when she noted she was in the lingerie section. At this point, the saleswoman added brightly that another customer had bought a similar red nightgown to wear as a Halloween costume. But the damage was done. The girl took the gown home but she keeps thinking how silly she must leok in it if it could be mistaken for Halloween garb. Perhaps, it's fhis poor tale psychology thiai has made it necessary for the store to slash the price of those red gmvns in half!

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 28 Oct 1952, Tue,
  3. Page 16

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