murdered by a negro

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murdered by a negro - MARGARET LEAR, 15 YEARS OLD IS MVRDERED BY A...
MARGARET LEAR, 15 YEARS OLD IS MVRDERED BY A NEGRO Heinous Crime Committed a Short Distance of Western Limits of City. WAS ON WAY HOME FROM SCHOOL WHEN ATTACKED Drunken Fiend, Who Had Followed Her After Wrestling With Victim Places Pistol Against Her Head and Pulls The Trigger Chas. Coleman Arrested By Sheriff's Posse. Details of the crime Indicate that Margaret Lear struggled desperately to extricate herself from th? clutches of the negro. Exerting all of her strength several times she broke from his crutl grasp and ran until she wa faint, leaving him behind and thinking "that she would be able to reach home safe. Each 'time he seems :o have headed her off and appeared in front Just as she was on the verge of x-hauHtion x-hauHtion x-hauHtion from the fearful experience of getting lX)Be from hln clutches. When be finally accompllsheJ his purpose purpose she cried at the top of her voice for her mother who was at home not 300 yards away. Then the negvo Jerked a revolver from his pocket, caught her head under his left arm, itemed the barrel of the weapon at the lobe of her ear and pulled the trigger. The , bullet tore a large hole. She dropped Into inponfciousne8S but did not fall to the ground, his arm holding her. Seeing nobody looking he earned her' across the road, where he cr'mi-nally cr'mi-nally cr'mi-nally assaulted the dying girl. The negro fled into the woj; on the Muhaupt property and was going In a southeasterly direction when last seen "y those who witnessed the shooting. , Returning from School. The crime was commlttfl in the Mansfield road, about Hventy-flve Hventy-flve Hventy-flve yards south of the Katy railroad track, in sight of the Texas wagon road and fust outside of the city J'mlts. Tlv? place was about 300 yards from the Lear home and much closer to jmv.i.iI negro houses on both sides of the road. Margaret was on her way hom from school. She was In the eighth grids at the high school on Texas avenue and was dismissed for the day at 3 o'clock In the afternoon. It was between between 4 and 4:30 when the negro shot her. Several negro men are said to have been at work In the surrounding fields but from what could be learned nobody witnessed the struggle of the girl except two small negro girls Leona Mason and Rosa Bolden both .of whom were on separate galleries and watched Margaret and the negro brute '.; several minutes before the rtstol'was fired. Followed by Negro. About 3:45 o'clock Margaret Lear was seen to pass Lee Gullatt'e store on Texas avenue. She ha I her school books and was apparently 'very merry. E. Zellum, who works on a section In that neighborhood, says that he noticed noticed her a few minutes lfore she passed into the "cut-off-road" "cut-off-road" "cut-off-road" "cut-off-road" "cut-off-road" leading from Gullatt's in a southeasterly direction. direction. This is a shorter route and Is always used by the children and grown folks In that neighborhood.' It leads from Texas road to the Mansfield Mansfield road. Shortly before the girl passe i the store, Charles Coleman, a negro, was on the Inside. He showed signs of having taken several drinks, it Is said. After Margaret left the Texas roid Coleman Is said to have walked out of the store and, from what could be learned, followed her. No attention was paid to this at the time. It being broad open daylight and a very common occurrence occurrence for any child to safely make the cut-off. cut-off. cut-off. It was not many minutes until the report f the revolver was , heard. : ' , '. ' . . Attack Mde in a Out. Evidently the negro attacked the ' girl in a cut near the trestle. This la about half way from the Texas road to the Mansfield iroad and is hidden by high embankments, and unless from the railroad track or top of the embankment a person in the cut can not be easily een. She fought him off and down the road and then Into a field, trying to reach home as niirk-ly niirk-ly niirk-ly as possible. He made a shorter cut and turned up In front of hr ner ft big tree In the plot. She was alniost In honing distance of her home nr.d could op seen from the negro houws. . The Jiegro grabbed her nro'inl the waist and attempted to ihrow tor loJwn but , again she succeeded in. freeing herself. She had left the field and was in the road walking fast when suddenly the negro, who had crecped up behind placed his hand on r.'.r arm and pulled her around. Cried for Her Mother. Then he threw both arms around her body and was wrestling with her when she crlew "Mama" several times. This was answered by the flashing of the revolver. He drew her bead under his arm and placing the revolver under her ear fired the bullet Into her brains. ; At the time of the assault, George Lear, brother of Margaret, was asleep at the family home on the top of the hill leading from the scene of the crime. He did not hear the shot a knew nothing of what had ha-"-untll ha-"-untll ha-"-untll ha-"-untll ha-"-untll attracted by the screams of his mother. Mrs. Lear was the first to reach the child. She was preparing to cook upper, when Leona Mason, the little negro girl, rushed Into the rear of the house and pained her with the awful news. Mrs. Lear could not believe believe What the negro had spoken. Nevertheless she wasted not a moment, but ran from the house and never stopped until she had her unconscious little Margaret In her arms. "Upon seeing me," said Mrs. Lear, "Margaret raised her head and took hold of my sleeve. With the other hand she feebly tried to show me where she was suffering. She was then practically practically unconscious. She never uttered a word." Officers Are Notified. Hurrying Into a few clothes George Lear, after summoning neighbors and doing what he could to assist his mother in easing the pain of his little sister, sought the nearest telephone and communicated with the sheriff's department. department. This information was the first Intelligence of the crime received In the city. Deputy Sheriffs Duke Ward, David Bains, George Hull and Qhlef of Police George Gerraldv Lieu tenant Peterson, Sergeant Chelette, mounting horses and wheels, left for the scene of the crime. Before they reached the West End scores of persons persons In that portion, of the city had learned of the attempt of the npgro and were en roue to hunt for the hriue. All of them were armed but some were afoot. In the Mansfield road a great pool of blood showed where ti.e life had been blown from the body of Miss Lear. The direction taken by the negro was pointed out and the search was begun. Ever" road was traversal, the angered men beinjr determined to overtake the fugitive before darkness fell as an cbstacV to the search. Death of the Victim. At 6 o'clock Margaret breathed her last. Half an hour after the bullet entered entered her head Dr. Louis Abramson was by her bedside, and a few minutes later Dr. Selby was there. All that was known to the medical science was done by the physicians to prolong the life of the child, but to no avail. Dozens of women and girls, friends and admirers of Margaret went to the house and tried to lend assistance. At a glance all realized that her condition condition was hopeless. She was lying on a bed In the front room of the house and many sorrowing faces looked upon the pretty form of one whom all had known and liked. While the physicians and women were busy In the Lear home the searching parties were scouring the country in every direction. Arrest of Charles Coleman. About the hour that the life of the negro's victim passed Into eternity. Captain Ed. Boles located Charlea Coleman, the negro who waseclare d to be the child's assailant. Colemnn was found In his house In Bell's Quarters, Quarters, which Is Just outs'lde of the city limits In a Northwestern direction from CHIMIN AX ASSAULT WAS COMMITTED "We, the jury, find that Mar- Mar- garet Lear came to her death by a pistol shot penetrating the brain, inflicted by an unknown negro, who, after shooting the said Mar- Mar- garet Lear, committed the crime of rape." ' This was the verdict of the coroner's jury which held an in- in- quest over the body of the unfor- unfor- tunate girl by Acting Coroner Ashton Blanchard last night. C. J. Brewer was foreman of the jury. The other members of the jury were: J. F. Black, J. A. fhiatt, G. A? Forey and A. M. Ilenrichson. 'The witnesses examined were: Leona Mason, Lola Jackson, Lucy Thomas, Rosa Bolden and Mattie Jackson. the Lear home, and not many hundred yards from there. Captain Boles was horseback and armed with a pump gun. Nearing the negro shanty he was told by an old negro man that Coleman had entered the house only a few minutes minutes before and that the latter had been drinking. Approaching the shanty Captain Boles stopped a young negro and commanded him on the threat of his life to go to the rear of the shanty and keep guard. In case of a refusal to obey the command the negro was given to understand that death would be his Immediate fate. Hearing the voices outside Coleman opened the door and stepped out of the room on to the front porch and started to walk down the steps, when Captain Boles, covering covering him with the shotgun, exiled on him to halt. The negro slackened his' pace and looked at the white man. Then he made as If be would not obey the command, starting to walk down the steps. At this Juncture Captain Boles advised him not to move anoher Inch forward or he would be shot to toath. Coleman was then ordered back Into the shanty and told to remain there. In sight of Bell's Quarters Deputy Sheriff Bains, Ex-Policeman Ex-Policeman Ex-Policeman L, r. Nor-ment Nor-ment Nor-ment and others were approaching from the direction of the railroad. They were seen by Captain Boles, who decided decided to keep Coleman prisoner until they arrived. When acquainted with the whereabouts of ihe negr a by Captain Captain Boles, Deputy Sheriff Bains called on Coleman, to come out of the house and surrender. The negro, still showing showing signs of having been drinking, opened the door and became a prisoner prisoner of Deputy Bains. To Jail in "a Hack. A hack was summoned and the prisoner placed in it and driven to the parish Jail, into which he was hurried from the McNeil side door. He was during the drive from the place of his capture in the custody of Deputy Sheriff Sheriff Bains, Captain Boles, Mr. Norner.t and "Slim" Adams. t.'nderguard of a squad of officers Coleni8n was taken Into th Jail proper and cai-iol cai-iol cai-iol to the third floor, where he was locked in a cell to himself. He did not appear to be nervous. George Lear, brother of tha negro's victim, after summoning medical aid and notifying the officers, returned to his home and anxiously listened for encouraging news from Margaret's bedside. From the very first he was told that there was no hope for her recovery. After helping as much as possible he left the house to participate participate in the search for the negro brut". Statement of George Lear, j In speaking of the affair he said that the facts as learned by him were as follows: "Margaret was en route home She passed Gullatt's store on the Texas road. Charles Coleman, a big negro, was In there when she passed into the cut-off cut-off cut-off leading to the road horns. Thj negro followed her. He pounced down on her evidently Intending to accomplish accomplish his heinous purpose on the cut near the railroad. She got away from him and he ran around and hondol her off. meeting her at the big treo down there In the field adjoining Mansfield -road. -road. lie caught her sr.' she freed herself from his grasp .mil slarU'd home. .A;?fttn he caught her, this last time In the road, plnetnr, his htind on her shoulder and wheeling around. She cried for mam. Then he "cwrnTToN rAarTTHREsT

Clipped from The Times20 Feb 1906, TuePage 1

The Times (Shreveport, Louisiana)20 Feb 1906, TuePage 1
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