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Carolyn K Hall and James D Harder Vital Statistics Marriage License Gazette Telegraph 27 November 1969

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Marriage License Notice - 4A—Gwíhe T«l*9r«ph CoWado Sprifias, tmir*.,...
4A—Gwíhe T«l*9r«ph CoWado Sprifias, tmir*., Nov, 27, i9( Colo. W raft Lottery rawing Ordered ior Monday Mnta«d Frwn Pag« One) »did six young men who art ' frs 0 Í draft-4^^ panels to adviie the Selective system. White expressing satisfeKrtion a^Jdie new law, Nixon went « 1 : j??We shall not be satisfted un- t|>c finally can hav*e the sys tftn which I advocated during t I campaign of,a axnpletely V Itinteer armed forces. We € «not move to that now be- c use of the requirenwnt far t toed services. That is, bowev- e *our ultimate goal.” *lext year’s pool <rf draf eligl* b youths will consist of those V lb, by Dec. 31, 19S8, have rifched their 19th birthday but nA their 26th. All in that pool be ehgible for induction. their chances dependent «1 U|p outcome of Monday’s draw- 1971, only fiiose who turn 19 1970 need worry about induc- along with ol(for youths deferments lap^. Resides signing the new law, ?^on put his signature on an effcutive order implementing tjft[ reforms and in a proclama- tiOB, fixed Monday as the time| Fred Steffens Chairman of Good Neighbors WEATHER FCtflECAST — Colder weather is forecast for Thursday for the northeast with snow’ flurries in the cwitral and eastern Great Lakes and nOTthem North Dakota. It will be warmer warmer in the southeast and northern Rock­ ies with rain and showers forecast for ceiitral Texas and western Oregon. ___ (AP Wirephoto Map) Jury Convicts Tijerina of Raid Violence Chase Sfone Lighting Is Set for Friday Evening Leading off the program j Fred Stiffens, a local busi- Inessman, was named chairman ;of toe El f>aso County “Good I Neighbors” Wednesday. The appointment appointment was announced by George Duncan, chairman of the Young Republicans, which is sponsoring the program. “Good Nei^bors” was approved approved last week by the Young Republican executive board and is to be a full time service committee committee to El Paso County. The organizers hope to utilize Republican Republican Party workers from all auxiliaries and the Central D>mmittee. The Young Republican chair man said that he selected Steffens Steffens to lead the program because because of his experience in both business and political management. management. Duncan said. “Fred Steffens Steffens has demonstrated time and again that he can take on a big I job, organize and execute it successfully successfully to the benefit of all in- of volved ” According to Steffens, the :k-M ^ The Chase Stone Center will candy canes soon be a glow of lig[hts against Tpadiop (Continued From Page One) Christmas Sea- ^ wha. was tap,ied t 'chantfot the C^se Stow «X’i * P' <1» band will ‘he community toward helping The conviction was the first m , th^^nie?^.^ih I ** ® «election of choral music less fortunate people. This can. against Tijerina on a state jecoraUve disSav of rhrk mat by the First United be done without the government; diarie. He b in federal custody Season lighting M tier S Chancellor Choir, i bureaucracy and tax burd« on two earner federal court con- seen. '^"‘" from I to J:30 p. m. which usually g«s along _ wth| ftf the first of a series of lot-jvictions involving offenses com- bighUng of the center will Erection of the tree and the t^-type drawings. , take place Friday night at 7 p. “P, *''« '¡«bl» will ]k number of Congress mem-! ru . when Mayor T. Eugene'****” Monday. b«s hope to promote additional,:’ Eourt Judge Garnett M,cieary throws the switch The Holly Sugar building will reform te^Iatioo in l 970 .|Burks set sentencing for Jan. 5. that will set the Center into a have columns of red lights with Fw a time their in»stence on'after a legal problem appeared display of brilliance. l6 foot candy canes supporting ‘^-der reforms threatened to .... iww,«. Preceeding the lighting of the ^he base in the arches. IT WAS A SNAP — The Gazette Telegraph’s Telegraph’s veteran photographer, Stan Payne, was honored Wednesday when be marked 25 years with the newspaper. Pictured with Payne and his wife are Harry Hoiles, editor-publisher, and Maurice Whitney, managing editor at right. Payne, who has taken more than 43,000 photographs since joining the GT on Nov. 27, 1944. was on the other side oi the camera this time when hi.s assistant, Joe Navarro Jr., snapped this shot of the honoree with his congratulatory congratulatory cake featuring a chocolate-outlined chocolate-outlined camera at upper left. to come up because of the jur\ ’s heftl up the bill Nixon signed but, . . . President ultimately per-'"®*® ^ <^ount. .^g^ded them to give him author-^ Jury was qu«tioned i^:to undertake this first-step the matter by defense counsel'(iviech.) Band in a parade be- toward overhaulina Seiec- j^ck Wheeler, and the foreman ginntog *t Watsatch Avenue and plaza will also glow with vari- answered, “We felt it was just ®"^^ Center. able colors of the holiday sea- A prc^ am of Christmas am, and a surprise display on Service. >Vital Statistics haauage ucenses Harder. 22. 2558 ^.Caramillo st.; Carolyn Kay 2914 X. Areadia St WlUcox, 17. 3 Ar- ariUníTrrcíJ: ìè : center. Santa Claus will be es-; The Antlers Plaza Hotel will icorted down Pikes Peak Avenuei be decorated with candy canes O'’ by the 5th Infantry Division'and arrayed in gold lights. The trees and lamps of the like getting caught fw speeding while you’re taking your wife to the hospital to have a baby. You did it, but 3 T 0 U had a good reason reason for it.” Another juror said the group felt Tijerina aided and abetted in the false imprisonmwit but Ji« G?a>i“ov.*iS'**' ‘-"'’I * lr”»»CTipt of the jury’s re- “arp, jtmmy jonei from Eiiz*- '^arks, and the questions 2BKi S A n vt 1AM 1 * ^uh<mn«°X*’y^nn crom ^ prepared in music will be given at the Cen- top of the merchants building ter frcmi 7 to 8:30 p. m. in honor will not be unveiled until the of the event as Santa mingles switching on of the lights. wUh the crowds giving out' ThrdUghout the weeks from the switching on of the lights Administration Lobbies Against Tax Exemption until Christmas Eve, the Music Maker store will furnish accompaniment accompaniment gor all the choral groups that will sing at the Cen- Massacre ' Abhorrent' to U.S., White House Says Special Events Mark Occasion Of Thanksgiving (Continued From Page One) jfion incident appeared to be House Armed Services Commit-: helicopter pilot who, the se’cre- |tee, said the pictures showed ta>*y said, “suggested there masses of bodies but did not have been unnecessary vror™ show that Americans did th>“''"e «J - (Continued From Page One) killing. Lai. “As a result,’ T,. . , „ . . .^1 he added, “the The pictures, Arends raid, brigade commander (Col. Oren ••WArA nrotfir ° ' he tries to help the hungry because because he remembers the depression. depression. , were pretty gruesome. That’s ;K. Henderson) was directed to D”''"- ” »member iw y I walked out. 1 cant take investigation of group known asthe Black Majestic Society of the Delaware State College pre- it: my stomach can’t take it. ’.ujcident.” Young and two other mem-i »ru« /„„mr .1 k «u oictit: k.^uueee ore- E ■■ N v'*"an?“^D .“‘f "’I*' UonH Van Deerto. ?•' "a' said meanwhile they have re-'“S of"fvL eraUies’" iwelfare families in the area. •—In Augusta, Ga., young peo- I ceived reports of other possible” he ^ U S f™"* Lutheran Church of -atrocities in Vietnam tnvolving,-^,-'',^''; rhrM^ilhe Resurrection planned U. O, UUOfJh. T t •• • Hlkp fnr Mimrrof’’ <«iiH It ppn wiiHcim assault was one soldier who ,’ Friday and R Peers has been '*hot himself in the foot " Recor for each doUar collected said FRED STEFFENS * * Resor xai. "^‘““‘ishot himself in the foot,” Resor . . , ^ said. ff'ey w’fl walk a mile. The goal head a team that is mvestigat-i „ ., for each hiker is sis ing the adequacy of the original said, “During this infor-- un.. __ inquiry into the incident, which investigation, he (the bri- —U n d e r “Operation Thanks- 19. I^'*Cn*pm%nhr l5ov7 19! .'JSy*’* Covliifton from Ira (HKin^on, Nov. 19. i*f«mce Lynn Pena from Pwttnon Pena, Nov. 19. Jark L. Watt* from MarUyn \\TIU». Nov. 19. . Stephan B, Fleming from Brenda Brenda & Fleming^. Nov. 19. Adiiiinj» Vera Wright from aarertei-Weight Jr.. Nov. 19 I.,eatem H. Darnell from Ilona Juiia Darnell. Nov. 19. ter in the evening as an outflow iinquiry muj me mciaeni, wnicn •'‘ t -------------------..v “‘• pîvinc” Philadelnhia Pa nrv. of the holiday spirit. iRepublican Party is well organ- Resor said ended with the com- cornmander) interviewed j. ’ P ’ fomihe« Operation Oiristmas Tree ized to serve the community at mander of the American Divi-*^® commander and ____ (Continued From Page One) |was the code name given to this times other than election day sion in Vietnam. S3 (operations officer), and the '’"‘‘‘'f containing a 15- pound turkey, ~ ---------------' ^^|time for argument of motions cost the govern-1 effort to initiate an annual tra- and we hope that this program The Pentagon denied that any the two corapa-^"® sentencing both set for Jan. ment $9 hillKw in tax collec-dition for the lighting of the can involve many coinmunitv Defense Department official in"*®® ^®° ^ *^® «av thA nniir*. ¡« • The f^, . I**®"®- jchristmas Tree at the Center.|members. ' Washington was aware of tlte in- i"**"ediate area. He also re-^^yf ® «’'’passive as the But those cuts, Gore said,jl n c 1 u d e d i n 0 p e r a t i o n “Our immediate aim is to cident last year. But jerryj®®*''®<* ®®«*® of unneces-T®J ® city, read by Court would reduce taxes for the,Christmas Tree is a series of spon.sor Christmas parties for'kYiedheim, a Pentagon spokes-l®®*^ Vietnamese U.S. troops Vallejos. j family erf four with $10,(XX) events that is hoped will help!underprivileged children and man, was unable to say how L„_ orward to a turtey din- ience in the Ber-|«’cp«’C by only $57 while set the holiday mood. ¡also to help solicit clothing and high up the chain of command “The brigade commandqf,^®"P John i Tijerina was impassive as the verdicts were Clerk Salomon A packed audience , „ ................. naMQo (fousty courtroom reacted'C0^8 faxes for the president Beginning Dec. 1, and lastingltoys iar distribution bv other in Vietnam the investigation re- concluded that approximately soldiers in Pleiku noncombatants had bPAn inad. “ ^®"*® ®f"8e a 24- .K GiAriA f«, TK audiblc intake of breathi®^ General Motors by $16,000 a until Dec. 19 the merchants of voluntary groups in El Paso'port reached. noncombatants had been inad-. . . • * u*b«, Nov. 19 ¡as the verdicts were read, but y^r. , . , the center are sponsoring WaltjC o u n t y . ” said Steffens. He^ Rep. Gerald R. Ford of Michi-.veriently killed by preparatory „ against the war. A!ienT^Novl* 2 i.^^ Harold^there was no demonstration of Y®’’ ®an t justify a pitiful Disney’s Christmas Season co-Tlaims that after the first of thejgan, the House Republican lead-Tires and in crossfires between', ^®^®®"f f."® ^ami- Ro Ann Be\an^ from j«ckw|any kind. allowance of $600 a year,” (Jore loring contest for children be-iyear the organization’will diver-jer, said in a statement that “re- the friendly and enemy forces, ^ ®®‘®®’’ate the holiday by host- Ijre Brvam. Nov, 21 *.Mona J. Carnei from Walter R Cfcme* Jr.. .Nov. 21. with Merrv Lynn Greene from eft P. (3r«ene. Nov 21. ' E>ona Dee Gustaficm from Roger _ Guttafaon. Nov 21. lance. ‘Wayne H. Houghton from Dcn-i rit R. HouoTiton. Nov. 21. ‘Renate Leeper from Jerom* J. lAeper. Nov. it. ‘Linda Dianne Tinkler from Cjiarlei F. Tinkler. Nov. 21. The trial had been conducted „ith abwit a dozen state and lore’s city police officers in attend-:®®^t’t®t® . e,.. for a formula in the tax reform 24 . tween the ages of 5 and amendment would years. Winners of the four age a $1,(XX) exemption groups will be announced Dec. DEAT» a mOEBAlA CAMPWEXL-Hoiy Bwary aarvic« for 1% TfcoiDaa r. CaniilMU wi) Im Frid«y Frid«y 7:» fm. at tha Blaat Mntaarv. Ba- 5 «Mni Maaa tatnrday » aaa. at »acred Heart CbartA. * attal CardMM iBMimaat JhMbto Mam Lodge Says U.S. Willing to Talk Viet Coalition (Bkiat)i (Continued From Page One) i bill which cuts everywie’s taxes I by at least 5 per cent through jcuts in the tax rates and an ¡increase in the standard iperswial deduction from its present maximum of $1,000 to $ 2 . 000 . But Gore argued that for mcwt taxpayers the rate cut 12 sify into many other activities. Steffens is manager of General General Electric Credit Cforp. in Southern Colorado and has serv- ponsible authorities in the De- and that the reports of unneces-' ^ Si dinner partment of the Army in Viet-sary killing of civilians were^^®*^ *, ® ^‘^® ^®®^® ^®’’ nam knew about the Son My merely another instance of a ^ elderly residents from (My Lai) massacre.” However, common Viet Cong propagandahomes. ¡ed as Young Republican CfountyjFord said he did not mean to'tcchnique and were groundless dinner will feature 20 tur I Chairman, Young Republican News Briefs ânci ¡National Committeeman for 4nnoiinrpmPtltc and Precinct Com- .-Xitiiuum tincms ^Uteeman in Colorado Springs. ck*c»4e. paw^ a^io^'imvkN suTcs—Can be talked about Arr«««»«« laiar. ^ between Noilh Vietnam iNaiaa) and ROTARY — Rotary Club of Colorado Springs meets at 12:15 p.m. Friday in the Antlers Plaza Francois Le Dantec Receives Promotion Francois A. Le Dantec,has JCO\WT-Mr Wauo« E Cowttt. IMO El ruiBioraw pasMd away ta a local bo»- pfal WrUiteadaj. Funeral aervice» wiUi...r* b# belO SatanUy at 11:30 am. in Mem-'SHCr Gaitlesa iilanMleum Chapel Rev was only one per cent—from a ^®*®^- Speaker will be Otis S.j tax rate of 14 per cent to 13 per ®f^*®®*’®^ *^® P’*^®s| cent. Pc3k National Fwest who will been promoted to staff sergeant 'i^e MS asked by newsmeni « Long, f“-«‘ i” the U.S. Air Force, t^tbc conferenre session ®^ ^ ^""*® FinanceSgt. Le Dantec is assigned at ourselves.” imply that Resor, then as now —a view apparently shared by;*^®^®» ®®®^ weighing 25 pounds secretary of the Army; the Army chief of staff, then Gen. Harold K. Johnson; c«- Gen. William William C. Westmoreland, then commander DOW the Vietnamese district chief. served at 34 round tables. “He forwarded this finding ‘‘ï’ the commander of the Americal , * I' Biscayne, Fla. Division,” the secretary said.;^ ®*’ ® nander in Vietnam and “The matter was not brought to chief of staff, knew aboutithe attention of USARV or ? States from Europe, the incident. | m ACV Headquarters or the De- U30O a month From the censored transcript partment of the Army.” i“'^"® "’Snest rate in 10 years— oruü G*r«eBi Cemetery. >OiUUO!<-Mn!~L^y <Notaa> negotiate on such matters as a * N F.ri«.i:WSi ^venmenl on Sai- Committee which rejected Gore’s proposal, defended the TOMORROW IS leaa A. Cbamber*. olfK-taUH-*^enneiit '^by tlw United States COUld nOt * - ___AA - ^____ MIV • ............. c„-tax rate cuts as they apply to 632-4641 before 5:30 p.m. 4600th Civil Engineering Squa-j on Ool* A»^^ __. tji rr J anH nla/>o tr/\ttr Qifn#lo«y ««rrkvvf :a a ___ Ent AFB, as a maintenance and; — FRIDAY — control specialist. He is with the. of Resor’s testimony, and fromi* According to a description by P*^®*^*"®^ *® ®®i®brate their first comments made by senatojs I Ronald L. Haeberle, a college 1^®”®®" Thanksgiving with after the committre session, keylgraduate from Cleveland who/*’*®"**® ®"i* relatives, figure in the original investiga-was a combat photographer at Elyria, Ohio, two sisters gtcCB.I Vietnamese said they could - *®*®® 8® ®ver D. Gf««. iiB negotiate such matters «OUGG-Mn - _ W CbtywM M. Uotlwr «1 Mn. EtM behalf of the Viet MtMinecr. S«r»icm S»t«tUy W ■» «T '^®8- The Chief ^rican oMki Gardns. to a«i •( eeweo fmwii negotiator replied*. iwur ctMtribBM te Uw Titafty CiMrcb o| !%• Nasarwt Mlrtni. <Chae«l «1 ItoniahM MHtMir) and place your Sunday want ads. dron, a unit of the Aerospace | Defense (^mmand, which pro- C^HDiOOK BOOKSHOP. Jingle tects the U.S. against hostile 50 per cent on the income of ., „ r, *. r. _ the the wealthy they lose incentive . Punch Party. New day and aircraft and missiles, in fovcst in busincsscs which afternoon Decern-' Le Dantec a 1966 graduate of ‘•WA.n T create new jobs. ®®*' * *® ^ P m. Free parking St. Petersburgh High School, at- weii. 1 ---------- ... and gift wrapping. .tended Southern Colorado State State Hospital Exam Ordered For Defendant don’t think thwf’i any problem *^*®® ®" ***® about talking about a coaUtion **° “®*’® *® **®*P income taxpayers through the t TP* A. ■"% Awww«. »««■ witb Uk North Vietname«.’’ «w IMA «M. a«.. ^ talk “!™'' “ “*■ “*” •bout aU thcM things," L«ig, Long contttKled. .ciATaAOGa-Mr. am s. CtoptoHvk. 8to«r«w 9 *Jrn._m La# Br«w> li I Ream. Mrr m. m La# Prm»- Exuririij. yÆSU^ÇS^cîl nmuMfrtmf amato« «topo «OUUB-afr. Bwau totor. (Law) creation of new jobs than a direct tax cut for the middle SUICIDE is not (he answer. Dial 471-(HELP) 471-4357 for 24 hour service. College. His wife, Jo Ann, is the daughter of Mrs. Connie Tuttle ■of 215 N. Logan. said, adding that “the talking can be done between us and the North \Miamese.” Coouminist spvrfresmen have .¡charged in the past that one of otwtacles Judge Cook Fines 22 In Munkÿai Court Ihi^iticMis handed down •BOmtAN-Mr. TiMmM J. BewmM yS.’W2&Sg7£^r.£S‘«:'‘h. principle Obiucles tOMuniiipal Judge Harold in negotiations wascookT nwmr. (9i»M>jAmerican renisal to engage in elude* - [direct, private Ulks with the E«e« e . a , im «. », Al vtotoi court Wednesday ErtMt E. St.. tosffie ligBAl MAUSOLEUM ENTOMBMENTS far imforwmtíam coil arviak MEMORIAL GARDENS CHAPEL MAUSOLEUM Aead9myBlvi,âtAiifmtBdi m-7990 370S Row»«rt itiea. SIS wkb tio The United States, on thel^SrA^mSy**^** « m other band, has accused the *3« wm ‘ m Communists of bfocking pro-i gmw k . Bmtc. a. rt can«i in the negoOatfons by;SCS2i!i& •«»“»’» » gress refusing to deal seriously w’ÏÂ the Saigon representatives. Church Doubles Its Money by Being Rohbed IfUapMdMl CWMttUMUOto DtoM X. Dum. M. M47 Y l ______ C. Giratwr. 70, SU N. ISth SL, cmntoM Wivtog. tso with flO wpeeSä iggggjwMlUr. tojwjr to ctty vnmir. «to> St Louis, Mo. (UPI)-The Cligrlaa Missionary Baptist €M m doubled its money by being robbed. A bandit roltoed the dmrcti’s coUection basket of about $38 Hm. 2i. A week later the Rev W. Lewis Rhodes, psstor of the ehurch, reported ths robber liad trtohied |M a mau saying: “In great bo^ that you and your pe^ can And it in your hearts to forgive me.” . K. GdUkc, 10. 1114 Bh#.. cumm (ktotac. tao. ä*Ä **• ““ Am. IkMÄto?«*' »L 13J7 N. PfMBMt a. _ JBto O, BwMy Jc. 1», 1104 W. rimo mSZ M an w. onw- mtotlM M «01- ton . Jttoocfcor. it M E. CtoMf- ipMt «. iri . aa r—toUvitoi *■ —a IS,™ ‘“• ^arft&JSi. s. JpyattTli. wu OiMitoaB SL. Defendant Lewis Hunt White was (Hilered Wednesday by District District Court Judge William M. Calvert to be examined in the Colorado State Hospital. White, 21, Cameron, N. C., has two charges against him. The first, crime against nature. nature. says he molested an 8-year old boy Nov. 5, while the second, -riiort check, states he wrote a MO bad check Oct. 30, a second tor |20 Nov. 1 both of which he passed with South Nevada Nevada Enco, 563 S. Nevada Ave. and-a thi^ for $11.% Nov. My Lai and who raid be to(^ some pictures on his own camera, camera, “they went into this village and the officers gave them the order to clean up the village who were last together 50 years ago in Budapest were reunited. “I’m not going back,” one said. “I’m never going back.” In Waterbury, Conn., the local which they took to mean to,Eiwanis Club invited 29 Czech shoot everyone in sight, so they to its meeting Wednes- did." day to hear a Salvation Army Young said that Haeberle toldicaptain speak about the tradi- him he was “told by an officer f’®n and heritage of Thanksgiv- not to write his congressman,” ’®6- All accepted, adding that “officers in Viet- Army Pfc. Coy Tinsley, re* nam were responsible” for cov- cently released from captivity ering up the incident” after by the Viet Cong, was schcd- they first whitewashed it.” juled to leave a military hospital ,and join his wife and family for ¡Thanksgiving dinner in Cleveland, Cleveland, Tenn. i In New York City, Macy’s ;43rd annual Thanksgiving Day Parade—studded with enormous airborne floats of cartoon char* 1 Nationwide Railroad Strike Is Threatened acters-was scheduled to make with intent to defraud Widneyi WASHINGTON (AP) — A ®®*iaw'^^uare^\^GSn AiitnmaHvit 49A Nova/la Auo linn InaHpr has maiviuroR a afrilrai j ' holiday AutomaUve, 420 S. Nevada Ave.jion leader has renewed a strike parade was set for Pittsburch White Mnn«t«PM( Wo«4na>cHai/!tk.,.nna .......u I n,L r. . .. •ppetr^. Wednesday I threat that could trigger a na^ na^ coun^ f*®®b®r|tionwide railroad shutdown next who did not plead his client sane. He explained to Judge Calvert fiiat Rfidte was at present present ‘.‘emotiondlly unstable,” was dangerous to himself and “It is imperative that each of you be prepared on extremely short notice to launch one or SF^3AL AWARD — Mrs. Joseph F. Stammen, Manitou Manitou Springs, was recenüy In New York City to ac- cq»t a i|Mxdal Keep Amnica B^utifril award in be^ be^ of tiie Izaak Walton Deagut of America, Inc. Mrs, Stammen is chairman of the anU-litter committee of that (srganizatioaL James C. Bovrifng, vice president of Keep America Beautiful, presetted the award. had threatened to commit suic-l"*®**® strike actions,” vice presi- idc. dent William W. Winpisinger of The lawyer added that “in all | AFL-CIO International Asso- good conscience” he could not ®*®**®" ®* Machinists told his un­ enter a plea for White as he had *®" *®"ders across the naUon. not been able to communicate Wtopisinger is chief negotia- with him for White had been in -1 tor for four rail unions repre- cohereni and given to violent isenting some 48,000 shop craft spells of weeping. workers in stalemated wage Currently, Fischer said, his'talks with the nation’s railroad client was heavily sedated, he Industry, had previously been committed { “Progress at the bargaining twice to mental hospitals and table up to this date has been atering a The Salvation Army planned to dish out 2,500 turkey dinners to needy New Yorkers at its therefore before entering a plea for him the attorney wished a payehialric axaminatloo. Judge Calvert granted the mo^ and then continued the matter to Dec. 19. very unsatisfactory,” he said In a letter to other unioa officials. the unions, bargaini^ under a 80-day federal noetrike provision, provision, win be free to strike Dec 3. eight metropolitan area centers. The Vegetarian Society of New York scheduled its annual feast (rf fruit cup, vegetable salad, salad, vegetable roast and whole wheat pie. The vegetarian meal Is in keeping with the principle that “all life is sacred,” a spokes* man fw the group said. The Labor Department’s Bureau Bureau of Labor Statistics reported reported that a Thanksgiving turkey dinner for four in the New York-Northeastern New Jersey area costs $4.44-H)r about 4.5 per cent higher than it was last year. G.1 /»’tt. T, It ^r’.iph Ml'. D .il t. p m v.c.'i.d. V . ? p m rtf'»-), I’IXiS •irr.: .

Clipped from Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph27 Nov 1969, ThuPage 8

Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph (Colorado Springs, Colorado)27 Nov 1969, ThuPage 8
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