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Stella Brizzolara - Display Gigantic of Farm Products By-lander,...
Display Gigantic of Farm Products By-lander, By-lander, State jrom com bul fair be of of Ar fair. total a the rep an keen- these oper- exhibits. what-: first- to $750 exhibits. prise o seventh, to ex-j ex-j exhibiting exhibit toc-the of the wsy. to exhibit. seek in the ap-. ap-. ap-. the the ad--. ad--. ex-' ex-' By-lander. By-lander. a the for the exhib-. for depart-i.i exhibits de-. de-. depart-5 by -and and .upbuild-: .upbuild-: ! the this the and for of the will the the coil-venierttly au--v au--v Classes in Which Farmers of Arkansas, Will Be Contenders at Big State Fair "Horses, Mules, Jacks and Jennets Saddle Horses, $300: Standard, $300; Mules, $140; Jacks and Jennets, $430. Beef Cattle Shorthorns, $1,710; Herefords, 1L810: Aberdeen-Angus, Aberdeen-Angus, Aberdeen-Angus, $025; Red Polled, $800. - . Dairy Cattle Jerseys, $1,000; Holsten-Ftiesians, Holsten-Ftiesians, Holsten-Ftiesians, $1,600; Guernseys, $670. 8 wine Department Poland-China, Poland-China, Poland-China, $1.300 Spotted Boland-China, Boland-China, Boland-China, $800; Chester White, $550; Hampshirea, $!X)6; Duroc-Jerso?s, Duroc-Jerso?s, Duroc-Jerso?s, $1,450. -Sheep -Sheep Department Shropshire, $125; Hampshire. $U0i-Oxford, $U0i-Oxford, $U0i-Oxford, $170; Southdown, $110; Dorse ta, $110; Cheviots, $110; Angora Goats, $00. Poultry and Pet Stock Poultry, $2,000 ; Pet Stock, $500 : Eggs, $100. Agriculture Corn, $146; cotton. $74 ; hay, $03 ; seed, $35 ; rice, $15 i oats, $4.50; rye, $4.60; wheat, $150; sorghum, $9; kaffir, $6; sweet potatoes, $48 ; Irish potatoes, $18 ; vegetables. $87 ; county exhibits, $750. Horticulture Apples, $320 ; pears, $3 ; plums, $3 ; grapes, $3. Apiary $100. Floriculture Florists, $115; amateurs, $35. Agricultural Extension Service Corn club contest, $90; pig dub contest, $200; livestock judging, $50; girls' boaie demonstration (exhibita), $304; girls' home demonstration (contest), $40; women's home demon stratum club, $42; boys' and girls' poultry club, $44; negro boys' dub' (exhibits), $49 ; negro girls' homemakers' club, $69 ; negro women's home demonstration, $31; and negro work, $258. , Smith-Hughes Smith-Hughes Smith-Hughes Vocational Schools Livestock Judging, $15, and vocational vocational school exhibits, $150. ' Home economics Culinary, $203, and textile, $157. v line Arts Department Painting, $30; student composition, $25; handicraft and Industrial art, $37.50; artistic photography, $7.50. DEMOCRATS TO HOT SPRINGS THIS WEEK State Central Committee and Various Districts of State Will Hold .Meetings Begin ning Tomorrow Might. Hot Springs this week will be the center of political activity in the state when "the state Democratic convention, convention, the various district conventions and the state Democratic central com-mittat com-mittat com-mittat will hold their biennial sessions. Plans for the convention and the meeting meeting of the central committee already have been completed by the Business Men s League of that city. The state central commutes will meet Monday night at the Eastman hotel. According to plans made by administration forces. John J. Dulaney of Ashdown, recently nominated senator, senator, will be named by the committee as temporary chairman of the convention. convention. Brooke Hays, son of A. 8. Hays of Russellville,. defeated candidate for Congress, will be chosen secretary of the convention. The committee Will" canvass T:he re turns of the primary for all state of fices and certify tne names ot tne nomineea to the secretary of state. The Secretary of state will then place the names ot tne nominees on me oai- oai- lots for the general election. . Convention Opens Tuesday, Tuesday morning the state conven tion will be opened with Mr. Dulaney nrMiriinf. The convention will elect a nermanent chairman, who lirobalfly will be Li. J. YVUKes ot Helena, wnne Mr. Hays, it is expected, will be made uei . aanent secretary of- of- the convention Tlu- Tlu- convention -will -will adjourn -at -at noon. and after it has heard addresses trom the temporary ana permanent cnair- cnair- men. Following the noon adjournment ot the convention proper, the seven congressional congressional and three railroad v district conventions will be held. The state convention will be called to order again at 3 -o'clock. -o'clock. The district conventions will canvass the returns in their dis tricts for the district offices and certify certify them to the secretary of state aMo. The only contest which will probably probably come before the convention this vear will be on the personnel of some of the county delegates, oucn contests, however, will likely be determined by the committee on credentials, . unless an appeal is taken to the floor of the convention, as tar. as is Known in political circles, no contests of this nature are pending. Program for Convention. 'Following is the program prepared by the Business Men's League of Hot Springs for the convention: Tuesday Noon Convention called to order by Chairman W. V. Tompkins of Prescott. Invocation Dr. Marion S. Monk. - Addresses of Welcome Mayor Harry A. Jones, in behalf of the city; L. E Sawyer, in behalf of the Business Men's League. . - Response Lieutenant Governor: G. Otis-Bogle Otis-Bogle Otis-Bogle of Brinkley. - Tuesday P, ,Mr?-Mal ,Mr?-Mal ,Mr?-Mal HawaiU an band, " .r..: Tuesday 9 P. M. Reception and ball, Eastman hotel. - ': . Wednesday 10 A. MMuale by female female quartette. The state central committee includes, in addition to Mr. Tompkins ; Virgil C. Pettie of Little Hock, secretary ? Ira C. Langlet, Pigrott ; Clay 81oan, Black Rock; George A. Hurst, Fsyetteville ; Ben Cravens, Fort Smith ; J. W. Johnson, Johnson, Morrilton; Jo Nichol, Pine Bluff; E. G. Hammock, Dermott; Peter A. Deisch Helena; Wallace H. Jackson. Parago'nldr W. M. Shelby, Batesville; J. B. Harris, Huntsville; J. B. Wsrd. Russellville; D. K. Hawthorne, Little Rock,' J. T. Alderson, Malvern ; W. D Jtwt. lwlTi11 : C. H Jett I GATHER IN Wickes;. Floyd. Walker," Hamburg; Ueorge R. Lacey, Arkansas City; John W. Howell, Fort Smith; W. O. Medley, Medley, 1 Dorado; F. J. Carson, Yell-ville Yell-ville Yell-ville ; L. H. Southmayd. Van Buren ; W. L, Pope, Pocahontas; G. this Bo gle,1 Brinkley; O. H, Sumptcr, Hot Springs ; Mrs. James A. Bush. Helena ; Mrs. Ira Matheny, Batesville; Mrs. Jessie Stringfellow Read, Fayetteville ; Mrs. Stella Brizzolara, Fort Smith; Mrs. Sam Wassell, Little Rock: Mrs. Edwin Pettit, Stuttgart, and Miss Al ice uoraell, tA Dorado. ARREST TWO MORE IN "HI-JftGKINE" "HI-JftGKINE" "HI-JftGKINE" CASE Malone and Anderson Released , at Texarkana, Must Appear September 22. ' Texarkana, Sept. 2. Arguments grew hot before Justice Hillman this afternoon when efforts were being made to procure the release of Wiley Malone and Leroy Anderson, charged with being principals In the "hi-jack-ing" "hi-jack-ing" "hi-jack-ing" "hi-jack-ing" "hi-jack-ing" here recently of A. E. Holloman, commercial salesman, who was relieved of $95 in cKsh and a gold watch valued at more im $100. State Ranger Hardesty has held the men in jail for more than a week, and succeeded in evading a writ of habeas corpus. A second writ sued out this afternoon, brought out warrants ' for the re-arrest re-arrest re-arrest of the men a'nd the arrest of Mrs. Wiley Malone and M. F. Malone Malone on a similar charge, which will hold them until September 22 for an examining trial. A bond of $2,000 was demanded for their appearance. Bond was made early early tonight and the men were released. Mrs. Malone and the father of the accused accused had been released under a prior court order on nominal bonds, FOR CRIMINAL COURT Several Prominent Little Rock Men Appointed for Coming , Term. - Planters, manufacturers, ministers, merchants, bankers and cotton men are represented on the list of .grand jurors and alternates selected to serve at the next term of the criminal court, which will convene the fourth Monday in September. September. 1 The list of grand jurors includes! C. 8. McCain, C. T. Abeles, Hugh Hart, Ed Cornish, George Thornburgh, Albert D. Cbbn. J. T.Beal. Mark Valentine. Ed O'Brien, Henry McDonnell, L. A. Miller of Big Rock towashio. Wslter Nssh-of Nssh-of Nssh-of -FouTche -FouTche township; R.-W; R.-W; R.-W; -New- -New- -New- eiv fcugene rj. irain,, Hsm XJweas and M. M. itennett. v " -. -. , Alternates' named by- by- the commission, composed .of W..W. Dickinson, W. E. Lenon and J. H. Hollis, are Dr. John Van Lear. John F. Boyle. W. F. Booth. Harry M.- M.- Williams, the Rev. James Thomas, May Mayer, W. F. Alfrey and w. yy. vnson. ALLEGED HOLD-UP HOLD-UP HOLD-UP CASE No Verdict in Case of Man Who Collected $500 Debt Ing Tuesday, on O, nett five to tto and no a, investigation. W. the-latter who law suspended, when store the have gun both Bar-nett, came prosecutor men "fair satisfied after 14 Deputy N. The Lem ; the trip Little home home readiness. have Clifton, Mr. from "I trip," will year, connections made are I time, any lieve Import and excess for fit rair, Vt -was. be when the 14. is conducted of bands from consists ournle that

Clipped from Arkansas Democrat03 Sep 1922, SunPage 3

Arkansas Democrat (Little Rock, Arkansas)03 Sep 1922, SunPage 3
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