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Mr Finney representative House - Debt Payers - .t. . 17. tm. Tl -"v-t-T st -rs/v,, MBB, HATC,'...
.t. . 17. tm. Tl -"v-t-T st -rs/v,, MBB, HATC,' :,).',w Xi.. . Mi-I? partly from or ex? e ol, 8. j o P. rim ii tbe (he Li,-h. died* ol t i'.iii. .i * iib -mt in hoi the of elly to ; ? of i re* in ol lil? tbe sine ,""., ? *, t" In ol Ibe ry \ ol * "t i to to ..( J-JJ'J a ;' V i ?? ' Bl '. M ki i.i a.. Cil - '??i sn in mi M. "j n - twi Mr \iu doi IX 0 I bas pie. mis Lia 1 tho (li*: I Dai ; be ' .x (Mi? llie ma tba t i. wfa X caa ol Da? bin l>ai adj c HI I'llt i le .-<?-? thal " be i .Al pnn lion it se n bc be e as* k< non v, bl re *i M to l bee von* * na t-1II l'nt Cl- ( bill i-:.t thin M man bad all". i R< ii pois M thc h1m< iMr. be i. aod el Fun be ii tbat Jd favo vt nil hmi llsi'il t ) tl! Hetti gatic Mi I* tn C.UH) part] eil... kil.-e bad ? his [i askei Davi Mr of h e .in' Bad Thin Mr refer with Mr howl obsr. this I (?.'Uti. wilie: ease ? Mr On Tb AYt (inti, n? rt. ory, I Lye. ii Ne |?o "i\ .t*. SOI i - ir Dick Dray, Ltwl-s T*stj.'e P. SW ll .TM. I, A' Xl lt Ililli. Long iiikI Fxrltiti-r RBBBlMI of RSBM ol IIiIobmIc-h lc Menin.v. Hil I NTIf.'i: i-ittsnt.vantn DELEGATION (HU) cr rei nniNTi inti) ELECTION OP JUDGE POR THAT COI NT V CNTII. Till N mani: timi; to MAKE BOM! INQUIRIES ABOUT HORATIO DAVIS, READJUSTER nomini i: HiKv STATE THAT MR, DAVIS HAR GIVEN ITT IDG ES TO THE BEADJUST ERB 1*0 ADMINISTER COUNTY NKKAli:.- IN THEIR INTEREST ARD'APPOfRT RORR. HIT Ml N OP THAT PARTY TO 0PP.CE8 bVBSTAMTIAL VICTORY POR DUB Ini la? in ll SC A (-' 'I NN bi tu I. lil' ] the lill lui B I tu I .*N lhe 1 Hov Thunda]' thc RrKdJusier caueus Mr ti e? ii i * ii n t ? ii ii* :e fm Pittsylvaala conn n Mr. Horatio Dat ls, bi. mbc r ol tba House if Delegates las! ter.n, and .-'? supporter nf ii*4 Mcculloch bill. Yesterday, when ibe imo for ci*ellen ol Judges Birived, Ibe Pittsylvanla delcg-iion in Ibe House? i|cs?i-. Pia ney, Wilkinson, anU Watson? TieleiiVeiie il tu lune ll,is election j.c?-|. ' ...neel fur ;i lew divs. T h. v deni red o Blake Mime Inquiries, having beard : i from L'ciuel authority uni Mr. Davis. !n o ii cure tin- Ri Kdjuster n min ition, bsd enoBBCed It* MrCulloch-biii principles, mbraced ReXdJusterlsm, snd pledged biro* ell in the selection of jurors and in the pi'. Intme nt ?.f < flic ts io stand by the Be lj ns tel party. Tbe majority in thc House rus *! i . tran! lhe ti inc asked. Then Mr. I'iikiii-i'ii led '?!!' in :i sc rle.* nf 'Iii Rory mt - ls of the R. inli;:-:, ?, - * <i ti_li*. 'I !i"N could in ike no pi ? :n - ? all. Al 0:80 Ibo f 11 .i j?- - adj )urn< d, I il und. rsta i i l the clcc on Hill take pl ite to day. In th. " Wil? li 11 ca I o i ? i ; ii ii'tii ci t!' ne ri ul ii nc mill trie H . ? ur- - r? bud a mI*und dil - and -j-- ?? I ; s ,t ii i iii tie. - - ;?-?. LS DETAIL. The proceedings in .1 tail wen fol. hefol 'i i A inn poi to. M cum Mr. Il I! .i< . 0 QU i ' ' \ ' i ir,. Mi in i. ord i R(J( Nlr. Di- ki ; son, of R'.l ,n uv. : tic solved (thc Senate concurring), Thal b jeiiiif nrdcr for Ihe pl iel I. n of c unty il corporation i ourl Judge* he so chan it card io th. te livo - untl ?-- -Nelson el 'M ol to tv ay?sri : *-? to he pos'poned till in thi inday next, January 19-b. :uiel Russell |u,-, -Ip med nilli! Hie 23 l in-tuht. Ur. Finnej qiovi <l i<.;ul*l aft.; Jfi Li in ll e llltV Ol l'ltt-NTVlllliT. Ur. Finney, ni Piitsj, Ivaniu, desiri il thc Mr. int. *>:' Pittsylvanla ne lu- included in the merni olutlon, having lienrd nn it lin tl .asl Mr. niy-fuur hours someth ng in n .mai to . . Dav,*, n,,. i;, inijii-t, ?-_? nominee, nvhich thought ought te* he inv, stigate ii. Tba! i":in*i Mr. Davit vindicated, Mr. Finney ul-! cheerfully rote for him. li" alli g*ttlnn was thal Mr. Davi* [who .ul ulong i'.'-n a Ih bt-Payi il ii id in - li .gea to the Rc Md] inters, and had ;t ? ed lu |int lint element in control on the ihI.ihiI i.ctit jui'ii -. Ir. Frazier opposed th** motion, He mr lit tin- thine va* la* c 'min:; a farce and trace lo tl.-- State. li-. Watson, of Pitts) Ivanl:. said Ihat Mr. ,T* bad always been a friend <>f his, bul Blabed to hive ibe charges invest!/1 I I. lr. Finney staled tba! bc had hi ird thal . Darli bsd made gn al conces*ions to J Re ii I Just. ?! ?, Nvli'eli. if true, were Ira iper ni one wno ls io be ? judge, lr. Dickenson laid tbat Mr. Dav!* badi de bo concession-* to thc caucus excepl t I, ? nv,,uki at-i fairly. Ile recogn z d t tbe gentleman was a Fonder; knew ii en iii- name was hi fore iii*' caucus, lr. Wilkinson said that ?* member ol Ih eua bad submitted tn writing a number lll?(TTU_ lltille - tu >| | . D.,\ i-. nn'l Nlr. ii- bad answered ileem, ind pledged i>eif as Judge i" support tin- Readjuster clllatie ly and appoint to office bobs bul Re- ?Hon " usteis. Mr. Wilkinsons information I with f ie from lhe ll kdjuster senator \nIiu bad Plttsj l Ibe interrogatories. Mr. Wilkinson bad ! Mr. lier from Mr. Davis?written since the tn ?'?: don I.' -in?in which be still maintain, d - ?'?''?'? ? be waa a ?? Fund r." If Mr. Davi- 1.1 I ; asked : en these pledges, to tbe dominant part] Bomim ,n;,- an unii: man for ludgn. these i lr. Wilkinson tbougbi tba! ai Ibe post- 'eal ol ement wai a?ked by ten- entire delega* j -*-- cai i from Pitts.! Ivanl i, In c .ramon courtesy j Mr. uk ht to be granted. H.- believed a man I for po i would be disbonesl in politics would I brotbc li-thone-sl In Bnvtblng. Nunn-, what tbey I Mr. il waa Ibal Ibe election should be in>*i- j ther-in ed iidh'I un inquiry coul I be made, and ! eppon. name. prope Mr. ill NN ll ll lei's V'.iiii:. : Mr. ol ten I nv, rc i -I.I n tu-, *. u tbe on ""ai'liil [I'll. ii) its \ Mr. M - ariel >! granl del. , l.-ijllsl, - Pan r Mr. other; c ni,lid - I ?!, .' M i. dill nd nomlm Mr. groom brothel be a oi Vari: Aboi e.f Me? llis:, ;' ll:.- |Ud Hut Mi lo thal dav. Tber Mr. ( p i.icd i ch Mr. Wilkinson oluccn ly Iu-ih il would il in tbe vindication ol Mr. Devi*. CONVKBTI TO KIAIUT STMKNT. r. Dickenson ---iel thal be had im power ix Ihe date when ?? Fundcra *' should ?rn ? im iverted to ReaeJJustment. Wbon rerslon strikes them ii m ly be nn ben e event n to occur wblcb may *? people tn attribute sim,ter motive-). Mr. Dickenson though! tba! Ibe Fund )Ugbt tn lu- s;iii-iir,i with a Mcculloch in .n, who lia* utily pr,uni-,"I to admin ? the affiiln of the county fairly?no? ll more. r. Wilkinson said be objected to any belna elected Judge of lu* c -unfy who pledged himself t. administer Hie is uf ihe county in tbe Interests of tbe dju_ters, and who bad promised io ap ii noni- bo! il Kdjuiteri to office. Mi:. BOBATIO davis, th.: NO-iiM.i:. r, Frasier said all Ihe candidates before .aucus, except one, nnt rc Funders. He ?nlf had supported tbe gentleman's j j. .'.',' Wilkinson's] brother-in-law as loin,-- as | ..,. *0T ad any chance fand despite charges), I %tt .. then went lo Mr. Davis. Tbey bad j-na, ?'0 losed thal Mr. Div* was inch a goo I I \u c uc der tbat no objection whatever could j y*. j ? rged against bim. Mr. Frasier Insisted . ??',.,j;, tl i? thing nv;.- becoming farcical. was no1 r. Wilkinson again spoke earnestly in I tne ctu r nf ibe tiictiuii of ni* colleague, li j y-t . ld be :i matter of personal regret k>;),,.',.j,'.,.'. il tiie- .lin- s were .ustalm .1. He t, {, ,,,,. id tbey would not be; but it .va* (lue ' i,,,.;.',.., e county, to ber delegation, and to iii*-1 arm ., (Justentbat lhere ibould be an invest'-; " *.,._ j ?. wilkin-,ni nid if the offence charged , ,?,-. 'u i<?If Mr. Davis wc* to administer tbe Ljay] ty attain as the agent "f tbe ReRdJuster Jfo j r, or any other part v?il would be "a * black aa bell Itself." Hut Mr. Wit ib nniis lotii tu believe tba! Mr. Davis .ii committed himself. Mr, Davis was ersooal and political friend, and all be J f.,r i wai that an opportunity be given Mr. \u i to vindicate himself if be could. PABLIAMBXTART (TTS. . Head Joined iii tbe ciel.ate in -.iippor is Pittsylvaala friends, and in tbe I ie ol his r* marka referred lo "the low,': Mr. i the i.v. h's ?.i.| km* ui, n lu e o If/. " v, Hen li Pi terri, from Louisa" in thc House on r-dlV. . nn al', lubaequently getting tbe tY>t,r, red ?? io tin- large 'iiltit fi om Loudo un, perbapi not i ireat deal la it." . Head declared thal today lhere i* ? Instead of a wall Irom Louisa. He nd Mr. Wale nnjiIi Inconsistency la bat he refused lo the PH tay Ivan! i del* re.ti the privilege ol pct_.tponafl.enl h he took fur huns.-If ?_,. .?,,. Woolfolk rasterday [ rburadaj ]. . i-'ih/ier '? die cl tim peendiag Queatlon. Jereel. I vote re-julted: .H.? Nlt-s-r*. A'l.iir,., AV.r-. C IisiuIk rlsyn-., -r, lialieni, ri*',,|_,, liowoa. KclBioiiels, Kl rlaihi. Kuiiiey. P'rziiairick. Pray.Goo*.*,Orrf l|.UI|-(|-. RS-Cl, M<)| Jiills. Jewell. I...Vt a.-te III, i. .Mstiietvs, Msjot-saa, Monran, M-sbbacb, u. Xi* ol. Tawnier, I'_)nc Rena, t.ulMiii'r, >n. uinl NNTcMiaiii-3.T. fl MlBBIS. Ilallev. Rlaml. ItulliiSli. Iturc* fi*, linn, ('.il*-, Ceil'lus, Cally, l'n^>. DM**_BS_o< r.un, ni.i,i/e.*, lelaviu-.l-. I i-i,*. Kitrr. Krazlcr, il i'i' n. Mai ne, n ll.rn-eiii. lUrw.^sJ. I.i.iy, ,'..,',ile,k,r, M. < ii. Norton. Owen*. ? I'sr'a-, Pe-r<iut-.l'c>|N'.Sa,iTrra,rice)ii, ?.lenin. II. ill*, -?'-?*ar-,~tr4tt<'ii, SUS)er,Turner, Wale, Mr. cbargei Mr. NNi-hl tl to do sc Mi. ** wished false. I he order. un.) fr Brdlce t him be 'lin J After iras ctn of iiieml.'T worn oi been all at nigh! never fl by any tiwi- as ?'"?in . wii t.., win i. tiger, .ni Mr. speaker? ";" Mr. I'li.ncx's mo|0n uri. rejected. KH.incsTiBiMi. There were a rn un her of dilatory motions ade l.v Mr. WilkiosOft In Ihe niiil-f "f tm Mr. Wilkinson 'raisin Mme) sppealed lin..* from i hp drusi.>n "f Un-Chair. 'I tttu motions were rejertcd and the Chair f-. IV.ii) wa* *nsiaincd In ita decisions. ie* llr-n-c mots1 than nee found ItseU tboul i quorum, and a count lind to be il. ?Jomet I mea, when thc Debt-Payers refnsed vole, Mr. Frazier deBig (Red tin se a bo I i. ??! Voted ninl had them . au QB il in tba rally** under tbe mle of the House. ?'or twa louis Mr. Wilkin-.,.-1 sm lint il filibustering, linn Mr. Hinger took i!'* band in lt, and Mr. Bpeaki r isinmed chair. .1 lix.- mit,ire* lo .1 tlie re.station of Dickenson---postponing tbe .e.-.-ti.ui of its for Bf elson, Nottoway, act* Bosael*? i xois si upon ni.I adopted. A motion ce 'ii*if!)T na* mule _m| ., j net! cl. Ii. Frailer ix a* directed lo rommnnleite re-..lulu.I. to tbe Senate. [1 P. M.] r. Wilkinson moved tbal (!)'? Home do adjouro. Rc j. en d. D.XXRR, in- Chair was vacated lil I P. M., on ,'l B " ! ,si ai I |_ i: !!, D ..; -. Ii ;du MO H. i ntrl [oin iin; i-, Ipi. ,..i i any I. c. till! lier n ce*s rh.- resolntloi s.f ihe Benate I'fion tu the oilier nf business?post in n( of it ellon f.-r ac serai counties? p. >m mu ii teated to tin- il, n-.- nod agreed Motion !., reconsid. r n j> ??;.?,|. i Mathew.! being tbe nexl | a r ** I.iii i ju lg ? ?? ,i- fi. be elected, uu Norton nominated Lemuel Bris'cw. ?. Mu-Ii bach moved a call nf the ip?il -t?? min r tbal lb re b a - no rjuo -. li . .?': li "-, <;.*i ? 'i uni. ?? Iii .1. . t-Payew ? : i,,l j:,:-.!, . . bul "J nm. | i :;'!. '. i 11- T- i' ml inf.ri thc Hons tliil Ihe I tn '' ? Hollie ie- ? . . ? t which fore rec. ss, [creel a Juinl rc solution iain : n postpone**! 'ni of i he further f i ? .im' . : d. r till January ;? nd ii. i ? ? ? called and ?el. ?ii Mr. Wilkinson mox i d tn ad] .urn. rc!. u- ps, 0; rn es, (?-. Mess, ngera , goal ni- i" thc hotel! to bring ? nu i,.i.-T*. lhere Mere a I irg. r Dumbs r nt ,1: .a befon , ' in Rtill, as Ibo Debt * did nol vote, lhere wat no quorum. il! LED rv nam.*-;. and non SI " ' V Bl "? ' n ai M. ' El li it.i BUl) N Ct milt !.' si'.n civil Int, i i" li r tid thal in tin's - ? a member hy mime. Or. _" t -,id tbal this wai a queitlon icli he fell that to some exteat be bad oi I in !? -i. He was excused from Frrz'er de*-lgna?ed Mr. Gregory as a disps r \\ ho had nol voted. R '? ???-? n mad ? thc p >ini thal it was n-i- : lol n , to .1 -i.ii it.- a mcmhi r by , tv of ' liiin VS fi"in helli' grail (le Frazier bavin? suggested Ihe names I1 ck mein hers who dil nol vote, the tenjStati . corded In Ibe negative, and the trott > -. 0: n "-. 58. So iii * il ii;*e I In a.ii,un n. !.)!? ? amma Inform. .1 ihe Honse tbat ly ii ti., bi '.:<? tbal !, "1 for Jil lg_ of impi ?? n:.- Ilamiit rn 8. Neale. .-?ti ile ii "I gone abe id ol tbe House i"ik ] Mu-bb ii*:.'- res ilutl >:i \*. ai reji cted. - i i '.I I0X?Pl BSOX XI.. rs. Rowe, Hanger, Cbamlierlayne, ? ed io the House t" ihc 'i Tty :.-l.t .1 by iii" Pitt-vlvanfa lon, sh .x\ im. thal w benet's r tbe He? rs i. i asked for p tslpnns.n__._il ? I >-? a- they !' i ae'i ii.i ? i!n- J.. 'in? inti Invariably voted fm i*. r pl .',...-? d a- a m. i-uie "f C Hi? ll that the II ni-c go "ii xviili the > I. c [ liVe jddgl -. omitting l'itl-XiValll:.. in- undi i-t in ling tbat the Judge ol vnnia bc (beted lo-ioorrow [lo-day], I( harli Wilkinson w is uddr. using the* Hou-e j hand* .ji.ii't f postponement, when Mr. Ipaoy ?, of .Xiii. ii!;, in!, i rn;.!. .1 bim, aad treat. *? If your brother-ln-lixv Iud Ir-eefl pletci it.--I 1 .-? niall', w onld *?"'. have r ils. d pe ire ; | 'ii-:-"' He f' .iel that the d - I th .t genii 'tn hi [Mr. Lamkin] wa! - "I all iii* in.m.I.-. ?Money said that he made Ihe rn >tl n ?tponemenr, and that be bad no -?la-law in the ci*.-. Wilkinson - ,id thal be and bia bro law (Mr. Lamkin) bad bee n political thal al times -ne', wi* the feel I'i, Win in.' rs and li in Uk In s - bearii ol a XV it ll" XV:,- C peet ec heal s.l t ism. Tm -un; I bul vi ti,.ii i 1 bom niubt. taiaed ' ami "i house citv. " ? i Court BBC . nt! .??? 'ii tbey did n il -; eal.; to each i-i t bit i. other-ln-law had worki u him when ie- .'Mr. Wilkin*..n;. was a ite f ir Doorkeep) r her.', i bey xv. re j opposed io i ich other politic ,i;v. I'uraer asked Mr. Wilkinson if lu? ll lire tu bave in* brother-in-law ?ed. iViikin-oii said be did upon personal *. Bul if hi* brother-in-law?or bis ?occupied ihe p laKion "f Mr. Davis ld spurn him. DI Cl ABATIOX OF WAB. sn* mott, n- were m idi snd n Jected. it 6 o'clock tbere teemed a pros peel ? :*. Hanger and Frazier arranglag s n* adjourameat until lo-day, xv inn _.*..( Pittsylvaaia sh mid be electc d. . Finney would aol commit himself prop - Ti'ill. Ile wanted UUlil Tile lupon followed a di dar dion of war. .ii,- .n *id thal hs-xxa- alwayi op o going to wai mi an empty stomach. ei rc d ealing to Ughting. He plead itpooement. : .--aid, ol Craig and Roan iks , *ai,l far a- h" ix a* .?one! ned be had troted i* for the ni iii who be Itel i red Mr. and Mr. Flnm y warned from ihe ?t :*. bul be bad bee n beau a sud I e to -, tte for Ihe nomi ?' . pc.**,i:si - ld iii .1 Mr. h 11 fo . -;i judge -I S'irt**. I vania ; li I otherside that plaint!. - loner than t. u be lor one would suffer his righi In p :". 'in in- body. alt Indicated his wHHngness to ad iroxided thal it bs tn no on in _.l i*i, thc j int order to-morrow [to tall tl mada s eoneill itoiy ipec cb. .X ULT. . . n protested again aod I ir time _"iin*t tbeelectli a ol s Judge [JJJ ' county xvii. ii i ledged tocarrj oul ?. , Mts of a 1 liticali irtv. Mr. Wil- %J,; t-mtiiitiiti_?*, expressed bis abhor-J * ( inc eonrse i ursued by the major-;'. taei ll li cowardly in s great big man j,r*iF-1 e bas a little fellon down t<? itamp t upon bim." Bpesaard Biked if Mr. WUklnson him xvith cowardice. Wilklosoo if Mr. Bpessard to take offence at it be was al liberty JJ"^ ,'.-..i.l i. plied tbst If the gentleman j t. Impute eowardlce to him it was rarnJ.,| Speaker called tlie ftentlemaa to |,"':i1" Me .lid not understand tho gentle- ..., th Plttsylvanla as imputing cow- JJ , am ooe. if h.-had io understood J ...mid bave sailed bim to order. I'..?'*'*,,' [ouse then (at 8:80 P. M.j adjourned, j CAtCi*. t:,.- attjoornmenl ol tba Houm lt ll looneed tbat there would be no eau- purpe** tbe Bettdjoiten Issi sisbt- The rico, a a of that party were pretty wdlltR-a Qi H. Fur a Reek or mow tl ey have) purpc-1 ending eaiSRi-esfroin l_to_ o'vlcc*. I Bios fa and in their-eats all day. Th'-re that M j! ui much talking done in cs.ucu! ( rn nts political party In the same la'jgtb ot, Hsnrb by lb. ?nd ll Al i ol tin ?_-n.i i Love I Mun* ( XX* ll li; ty. ali and a -ld.*.*. lu; ion Wli againi Meeki a ni -i linn. ,i gallon /.'- St cbargi bave i ilder m. ml. Ai t i -' Wi til il b( |e.|'li - ttl". -' Severn eal Tl' - addinti in ihi* To I a uitli fatben riiii i.t ink It in *>HS t iona ' I regai m>t !.(. Tba X".' 1' fo .1" Tim Mi; et i m; tr AsBOCIATtnBB Hai.L nie ni"* Un'.' laaierday evening* Headed, and w?. regarded as in Mani nt (?'- til" Ul.i-f ?,|":is:inl ?f I),., s,ne-. 1 eat Irma a who wai * xneeted to lc ii alls I off bj oiinr dm us, tin4 prasldeBI lu- Aaaaefatloa announced Ibal ba wr-id Iva .< iiiTai direction fo tue meeting io ope (HM athen would be read/ lo do [).:ik)r-_. Beveralree]urns nrata pres. Bled, ad t*a*VO*armtc craven 0-fefBd l,v hf-mpfrin, Btv. Dr. Rea* BOg j-lV fe D' ma U, When f-WaseetlBg waa ?? thrown opea ar. Dr. ERwanh tod off la ? Minina toetive .-iflatest, j;, v. Dr. flfoad fallowed a verv aweai .-lrifi laatructivrtalR', ii.-v, i. McDonald .medea rery taoder ad-dram i toe readlneas "f Jesus to psipoud |>< eulin'" BaSBSy BBd the r'ft .'re. Vion og v-rv sw,.,,iv -Whit a Friend We int- in .f< sus." Rev. Dr. Preston la announced b el Ibe meeting rkia evening f roos $ to 'luck. ru litisii AOITATBBa COBIXO m 1 ?'?! nd.?Iii ihe progrsBMBB ol movementB ol ?sn. Parnell anti DffloB, the Iii*h I itu- i 1 ? tr-. their time for visiting thia city i de.e. n for the (;-ii of Pete-nan next. ? people bave alreadt coBtributc d *. mu ieenily In nial ol auB>rfog deland?I for tbe relief of it- famine-stricken pco* ?it i* aol vri-i hk, ly thal Ibe political Mon of Jiu se gentlemen nmIi re-uli in it lng vi ry sulistantlai, although Hu ir trptio- t tberwfae will doubt te rs be <d : fin ?? nt, ,1 m., *f hospitable character. -i i pit:vi: cTum oi Arr. ? Pruner .v i'!-1' > cs. Pe lull' lon. At'i t 'I alto tupersedeaa awarde d n- a il. i re ?? pro nee ,l un the ( Itcuii Court "f Smyth nf. -ui tbe l.'.l. of August, 1879. ?' to i . ree of thu < i,. rt ol R ?' la h.ii un countv ol 7th of ' - -. 1.870. ? :' ..'-..n. Ai ird il lo so tn ,,'!i . i , . ?' -I. IC SI ' ?' ni ti from - td A. Heft .- ' . Ai ? -. Wil- A. Maury, Esq., for upi . ,,,i I i dec pa. Robb. .--'u'.tii; -. I. Ile vs. Dale's administrator. Sub- . ii. CSTIXOa l OURT.?This COUlt nn.i. ii) -, s n ii-ni in , and u: s engaje I in trying cases, lt nni;i <? invcncugaiii this morn* il ii o'cl ck. tut: Cocrt.?Tbe following cases were )s(,| of renterday by Justice White : ? 'te-, t James (colon d), for cte ding one f tobacco of ldc * il .?? ol ? 8, thc pi dix . - L, H. l-'i y-er. Order, el to r. c . y-niiie lash. s. I ll lam Boydon, ?eu- stealing fifty cents (,'? ii---- (',. Dixt n: Daniel Denoon, for ; drunk; and George Howell, for va cn , tv. re discharged. my Jones and John Rici irdson i ?' . charged with feloniously .?vcalin:'one pl-book -? ml dning fifi In Hinted s inn* ney. Continued until Monday. I il. **- ii j i r ii olias Winston and ic > i ,* 11 ton fall colon d . f"i* unlaw fully throw neks nt tbe house ol Winnie Spencer ut il.ii,_ lue windows. Discharged on ent of * Its. n'rico Corxn Cobrt.?This court wai si,,:, yesterday, and nv is engaged in J i_ a discussion relative to the building*; ?ioor-bouse in tbe county. Several ?uses were examined, and Ihe mailer onilnued until to-day, when it i* ev- , I that argument pro and con nnjII i??* I before Ibe Judge decide - tbe ni. I ll.-vs ia...- I',)..-.. . .... I..,........,,. . ii. 11 ib.?An Bud-ence rather small ry appreciative nnitne-sed tbe rend! ii Chu*! and Stage by lhe Bowers |i>oi) Combination al tbe Theatre la-f This pu ce i* fruin tbe works of - Reade and Tom Taylor, and In the ,,f such arlisti I a* compose tbe c ?m now playing here was indeed a nre li i- w ith mi doubt the most c un <omp mv in cv. ry resnect thal ha* ap Ihc Theatre this season. Mn*. . miss Tb imp* i I "t!i at the hi-.1 . st lanie in tin ir i rofl .sion, ight lo h iv ? In en greeted \, il li pack ?! i would i.ave :.. n in any other , tone . dr Tn i ol Lady .lane ,*, :' be pr. sented at the ni i ii e*e and and m _ at tb. e veniu ; 11 rform Virginia Press Asseiclulleiii. I -|, e..I un- Tin { :..-' ni. .! ill Ibis City I.-., ctuive < - mmitti ii e.f ibe Vir Pn ss Associuti rn?pre scnl : John T. -: lee-iii . Dr. A. Moi ie iro, Daniel by, Ju en A. I' zzini, md .' inn Gram n-i t olon il ira 1 uvaiit s. Jr ,'t Mickle n burg cou i , eting hi* cbai ? - ??-' reside ii member of Ibe As?oci dion, were cu? ll. Tbe follnwin. preamble and reso were unanirooii.l) adopt, d: ,?:?*? i> ebal _' s bave bc i n pr. fe rn tl il Colonel William Townes, Jr., e.f , nburg county, ??'<? rogatory i" him as ol er of iii*- Virginia Prc* - As-, ci t iii., bavini< made a thorough inv< .ti , tberelore lived, That in Judgment tbe * preferred igainsl Colonel Townes io! been sustained, and lb d we coo? bina BOW, as li*.le* ifoit4, a NNiutliv ir ol e ur Association. .linc* T. LOVB-L, fit -.d' nt. ?a (fVtZTBc. Secretary. 11 ar thc i-i paten.J I?rii? ter? A l>lftt<-t)l<y. be pnv* r-iiii eting In Assocl iii in II di Tin, -el ir * vening tbe pr< sidenl -tafe el ?Ind received a litter from a father ting i*he i r ivers < i ! fri 1st Ism fin? ns -who had i cron ,* inti mp I ol those nn h > ted In prayer made ' in mt ion ? f ih" ?? i-**, one of them , ?? How many *ih,!i parents there are cite." and prayed ter them also, be n\ rid r it oecun-ed, There m i in Ihe nn:.v. Some ol those . are di inking liquor Itaemsi i \ * * ,v. n . \ inti:.* tins li ri theil s.:,- to iii ,,- ititi. I!. v te y bave teasoni d. i.i.i harmed me; it will nut bal i ii drink ia m. dention. But vere differently eonstliuted. Tbey not clri:;k in moderatl io. Th ? pa lave been brough! t i iee their mi .,! ubt, and now call upon Christian! i' :- righi: hu* i* it enough. Will avail anything again*! the Influence rown evil example? Surelj aol. --If ,i iniquity i.i nn- heart tba Lord nn ill ir Hie." path of duty for ail web parents is ? I Q , ... ?? e , iae to '!?? evil. Learn well." While they admonish theil :i t upon tba wine." Iel thea slstent, at.,I not eouuteria, ."i<,(i pre .. ,v.i example. Tbe., and only rill tiny bave a right to exped ibal i pr iver in behalf o' their wni nn ill Bren d. A. S, ort Dispatch.- NV.' -,-,- fruin y.-Tiir I the IStb th it Captain Jobs N. H'i' ?f il-iirier,, iu nomtnstlog tn lha ol Detorates Judge E. C. Minor lor i"ii tc* tbe ludgeship ol bb eounty, ibal Edmund Waddill, Jr., bad ear*' rf.edfrom Hanoverto Henrie ? lorine ,:.;.f obtaining the Judgeship of Hen nd brm thal be bad be-r-o Imported by ?eat William Mahone, for that ie. Wc desire t> Pty Ibal Mr. Ho|i liii-ta_<n on both point.-. V, t MOW r Waddill has becu makin-. anun?'. f?r tni-rc a year to remove to M about the dist of last Dre. Ol ocr, mt be did so remove w soon as bli i e ( T. - e , . ? , I - . I At e , I ' '

Clipped from Richmond Dispatch17 Jan 1880, SatPage 1

Richmond Dispatch (Richmond, Virginia)17 Jan 1880, SatPage 1
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