Manhunt Seeks Budville Slayer (page 2) Quiet Hamlet Shocked by Slayings November 20, 1967

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Manhunt Seeks Budville Slayer (page 2)
Quiet Hamlet Shocked by Slayings
November 20, 1967 - Quiet Hamlet Is Shocked By Slayings Two Men...
Quiet Hamlet Is Shocked By Slayings Two Men Threaten City Woman Continued From A-l I A 78-year-old woman told Alhumiprniio nnlire sarlv Son. Mrs. Rice, who mustered j.v (hal mpn hafl "hrnkpn Manhunt Seeks Budville Slayer Continued From A-l observed driving a car similar to the one used by the gunman. Maie I'oiice cneckeri out an; ahanrioned auto .spotted on tv 10 I ,iHYlllfll""IIHIIHWJ. '.'... -.1' , ., ... . strength- enougn to try i.o assisi int0 npr ho,W ransacked ii.i"""? n-v nm m ,np authorities in inenmying '"threatened her with butcher:""1 ral1' nm n(7non.v was ""inn UKia-(UPI) blue uncovered as 3. of slayer. They brought food for !knjvPS smj fotTPfl her to write inear tne,far anfl the vehicle ... nCvru m c me involved in the shooting. j State Police also investigated a report that two men fitting the description of the j her and officials who used the;tnem check for won gas station as neaciquarieis,.ori M Cpclp Leonflr-i. 12na jthe manhunt operations. sixth m told offjcer, the tw0 As the people walked in and broke fl wjndow o enter her out, mey irieu nm iu pay home tention marks to on the the vellow chalki Reported taken were floor showing. cash g ?500 diamond ringi and hitchhikers but were determin- QQ gunman were picked up the where bullets, the two bodies the pheck the two forced Mrs. ied t0 apparently not be in- uu i ana omer grim eviuem-e m mc Leonard to write. vuiveu, fair- :4M,K1a cliwinff waro fAtirlH i ,',.. Tr-I si ... v. - i uuuuic T.v-.v- . Mr, i .pAn fl rn Kan inp mpn Valencia i.ouniv s n p r i r r si On one wall, a hole marked tod her they woukJ return and;deputies and State Police spent where one of the five bullets hurn down her house i she; much of their time investigating;1 the to a and four Anne in announced carrying to Vietnamese be the to 1 I missed itice ana Miss mown, caed police. ;and passed through a filing; In other burglaries reported jcabmet in the next room. The , j( rf . (h iH f t t ii-i- , ... r Otner iour ouueis iw kh I similar renorts throueh the I "it in .... l.j about one call every 3 0j n cn ncmiri iiiii iiiii i..m',, it... r, i- . . r-' iwunwoon iane sw, a diamond .sneriif .lack meir maiK said Jackl KIkins said. "We finer taliiprl al (700 ' rvi,,c-r Un,. - I "I THINK the only 1 eason he, Pat c,n-u7 7ln r..ryri '.i..u.i,ii, . .. stopped firing was because he SP . iiiA . , ,. . - .iA"" " 1 ' ' - iaie t-o ice a so Gary Halen, 337 Moon NE. assisted by FBI officials and. or tne mi. layior r. .... i. ... - . .-searcn ana Kescue citizens; 7097 band radio unit. ran out ot ammunition ! Valencia County Sheriff Elkins. ! As the officers milled around Ithe front of the store, they a $120 typewriter, a $fiO wig and members a $30 clock radio. Mrs. Henry Griego, t h e snoftnnp nreurrvrt Jhe roadblocks ranged Gallup on the west to Albu-door talked about Rice and the uaaaiupe ir. in w, a television nirroi,4RTFRS for llfavinf. set- boaster, a record player,! "r) Ri'rth "H. rniPPi , well can ana six Domes ot R..,. f - - whtckou qualified person," Lagomarsino; isaid. "We lost a good man. Hek -J'm Liquors, 5012 Lomas was a true friend of the state 13 flfths nd quarU of li- .. ... . . , i nnnr police. We countea on nimana T iquerque on the east, and from ;his business (the o w i n g i;07ia" ,"nge rm Socorro in the south to Farm-hallway, vr mnnii T Inp a- him Fourth NW. four fifth and nu... : .u. -c.j ...u. - ; - , iet , u,e iirUi. j personally 17 years." undetermined number of pints. Aircraft were used to comb! i I. imc halHo tn W 'IQUM. !hark rnarlc anrl hlr .mmtn, keen the I-40 highway from! bvpassing his small store and ! others on old Us-6B. He lost that battle and the new 17 - mile Jack Lurero, 543 fiOth NW, a In cover," Lagomarsino said of been ;stretch of highway was opened sewing machine, a piggy bank Viet- j about two months ago. ) 'containing $10 and a wedding j ..Hp bad been in the mihlic : band. had ahout this right - of way -Selbert Tafoya, 1110 Ran-koday. He said they were hopi i- j thing before, hut i flon t tntnK.uP" on, a ieievision ei. : to use a helicopter today. everyone got the other sine ot nermce rrye, rzm ios the story," a state police of-jiomases ivw, an electric can ficial said. LAGOMARSINO arrived , i ..Mi. 1)acK roans and Dack country. i! -The Roundup, 54Ufi W. Cen-iThey were on patrol from 1 tral, an undetermined amount daybreak until about 2 p.m. t,f liquor. I ..There's a lot of area for "It's a helluva big rountrv." Lagomarsino said the massive search would continue through;snp ne " : THE BODIES of the victims. opener and $20. Iere released Sunday to Strong- .i; uofiors .Hospital, luiu xi-i '"""""'J 'ti ci ,oi ;airHau frnmUcras NW, several bundles from!" ! Santa Fe. He had come as soon tne line oom. Funeral services for the na ri.A fh infnrmaiu,n i Rpatripp RpHiLoc i 1 e victims will be held at 2:30 p.m. OO IIC 1 V.V.V.I .U lilt II1IUIIMU1IUII, m--v V. . V .J , tJ A. J ' rr I t. i "I've never seen a killing as Grande NW, unknown what is ueM1iy ln raim napet 01 enld-hlnoded as this one in the missing. : Strong - Ihorne Mortuary in; 19 years I've worked as a state policeman, Csti 1 1 Vi inn ,iJm.n in o,. Biit!n..!m!hin mino " .wii taken to Rising Sun Grants area. j-Juanita Teague, 9 2 2 9 : Md ; for mterment. "I don t know whv he difln t ."inosnone Mi, nothing missing. "ice nao neen a resinent 01 -Ben F. Mvers. 181 La Vega A10U(iuerc)ue- lne Kew- eo'Se said Set. I. W. SW, unknown what is missing. i,r'ualn ana "Rene r.iaer win of about 30 state; Marie Pies, 1003 Lvnch NW;01,, , s 5rowns remains A and one -car on I-1 m ,. . -nnfH.r ... Dr ytrpn Rpi,,. sie'Budvie since 1936 E. station with a cafe and motel ) I Wyoming NE, nothing missing. instead of here," Lagomarsionoj said. "I guess he saw more rt-," i,-IS" DAY Post Launches I- An tha inh UJIJU lL He is survived by his widow, Flossie; j two daughters, Mrs. Frances1 Overson and Mrs. May Greer, j both of St. Johns, Ariz.; a and do the iob." a By about 9 p.m. Sunday most of of he policemen had left the 15 building in search of a car over heijeved used by the killer, i rm.., o brother, David of Sacramento -.,: i i . r, v.diji.. ui ii lw K.siprs. iirarPi. Flowers of Silver City and in r -1 , . Ill Members of Bernalillo County I"" Pm 01 ,uewaicr- Post 33 of the Diiabledl Mm Brown, a resident American Veterans h a v e Budville since 1954. was a mi u. tu. , , . . . .i:...j tj ., ,J:. .:.. i i n niciy just uv aiiumci lunjauncnea a special inanKsgiv- i ouhmu ui inuian nndiis ;around," said Elkins, "bulling - Christmas project to pro-school teacher and had taught we've got to check it out." j vide a special party for aboutJat McCarty's Day School in the I A few people including a'Roo patients in the Veterans 1920s. She is survived by a policeman who would keep Administration Hospital. brother. Winter, and a nephew. watch over the store that night,! Contributions e x p r e s s i n g Clarence W. Brown, both of ! stayed behind. jthanks for the services of Rising Sun, Md. ex- Most of the cars out front j veterans and present members were gone, except for Rice s of the armed forces are to be first two towing rigs. jused as Christmas gifts at a o Everything almost looked party. formal again except for the! Contributions or small gifts, o rCel Klarl wrrf:Vl rn Ilia (mnt Annf onyvh ae trtilnl artinlne nnri O Iclothing, should he sent o to o

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  1. Albuquerque Journal,
  2. 20 Nov 1967, Mon,
  3. Page 2

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  • Manhunt Seeks Budville Slayer (page 2) Quiet Hamlet Shocked by Slayings November 20, 1967

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