Fitzsimmon-Sharkey & Wyatt Earp2

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Fitzsimmon-Sharkey & Wyatt Earp2 - Earp, and Julian agreed to accept him. Rather...
Earp, and Julian agreed to accept him. Rather than leave Fitzsimmons open to the charge of cowardice, Julian took the short end of the stick. That Sharkey has mproved as a boxer, no one who saw him perform last night will deny. That he is greatly overrated and entirely out classed in a contest with Fitzsimmons is also not disputed. The men were about evenly matched in weight, there being less than two pounds difference between them. Julian Will Ask for an Injunction. San Francisco. Dec. 3. "I was simnlv robbed of $10,000 by that decision," said Jeitzsimmons after lsst nights battle. I felt sure I was going against the worst of it when Earp was named, but my repu tation was at stake ana l took chances. I never struck a foul blow in my life, and no one knows better than Sharkey that I won last night s ngnt tair and sauare. Look at me. Do you see a single mark or scratch. Jid 1 get a good solid punch during he fight? Why that dub is simply a strong young wrestler and one of the foulest boxers I ever saw. Nobody can get a square deal from tne thieves who handle tights in this town. 1 now be lieve Corbett was robbed of the decision here in his Jackson fight. Sharkey as sorts that he had the best of every round and would certainly have won had he not been fouled. Sporting writers are unani mous in saying that the sailor is the luckiest man that ever stepped into a ring. Sharkey announces his willingness to meet all comers for the world's cham pionship. Julian will ask for an injunc tion restraining tne bank trom paying Sharkey the check for the purse of $10, - 000, and the matter will be taken into the courts. Fitzsimmons is Game. San Francisco, Cal., Dec. 3. The fol lowing is a copy of a telegram sent last night by Fitzsimmons' manager: 'l"o JJan. A. Stewart, uallas, l ex. we were robbed to - night, but thi outrageous decision will not make any difference in our plans. Fitzsimmons will meet both Sharkey and Corbett in the same ring any time you are ready to arrange the match. (Signed; Martin Julian. Corbett is Sarcastic. New York, Dec. 3. Champion James Corbett, when he heard the result of the Sharkey - Fitzsimmons fight, sent the following telegram to the winner: To Tom Sharkey. San Francisco Am very sorry at Mr. Fitzsimmons' foul tac tics in his contest with you. which pre vented you getting a decision over him in a full ten - round contest without a foul. I am ready to meet you on or before Janu ary 1st, lSUT. James J. (Jorbett. "No Science" Says Solli - ran. Boston. Dec. 3. John L. Sullivan, the x - champion, in speaking of the fight last night between Fitzsimmons and Sharkey, said: There was little or no science in the battle between Fitzsimmons and Sharkey last night. From the reports I road it was simply a rough and tumble battel." Loudon Club Will Offer a Parse. London. Dec. 3. The National Sport ing Club anounces that it will offer a purse to be contested for in a twenty - round bout between Sharkey and l - i nz - simmons in the arena of that organiza tion. The Referee Says Foal. New York, Dec. 3. Wyatt Earp, referee of the Sharkey - Fitzsimmons tight, telegraphs as follows regarding his decision: 'The foul blow of the night was seen nlainlv bv me. Fitz smashed with his right on Sharkey's shoulder and then with an upporeut with the left he fltruck the sailor below the belt. Sharkey was leaning leaning over, and the blow knocked him down. It was clearly a foul, and before the sailor moved I mentioned that the fight was over. The first blow was weak, and I believe the secoud blow was intended for an upporeut, but it struck foul. No man on earth ever questioned my honor. I have boon in many places and in pecu - liar situations, but no one ever said be fore that I was guilty ot a dishonoranie let. And I will reneat that 1 decided in ill fairness and with a judgment that was as true as my eyesight. I saw the foul blow." Sharkey Still Sleeping. San Francisco, Cal., Dec. 3. Tom Sharkey, who was knocked insensible by Fitzsiniiiions in last night's prize fight, ap - Hars to bo resting easier to - day. At 10 o'clock this morning he was reported :t sleep. A iKiliee officer is on watch at Sharkey's quarters, and if the condition of the pugilist becomes serious, Fitzsimmons Fitzsimmons will be arrested.

Clipped from Harrisburg Telegraph03 Dec 1896, ThuPage 1

Harrisburg Telegraph (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)03 Dec 1896, ThuPage 1
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