Sumter County Confederate Pension Roll - 3918 old soldiers & 4788 widows to share in Fund

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Sumter County Confederate Pension Roll - 3918 old soldiers & 4788 widows to share in Fund - ; j SUMTER COUNTY PENSION ROLL MtttA TO BE...
; j SUMTER COUNTY PENSION ROLL MtttA TO BE DISTRIBUTED TO I Hi PERSONS IN COUNTY, Total of ISM, 171.60 to Ik* Olwn in Pensions Hy state?MM <)1(? ?<*? dlers ami 1,788 Widows to Share in Fund?List of Simitor County Pen? sions. - ? Comptroller General Sawyer has sent to the various clerks of court pensions for 1915. The general assembly ap? propriated $190,000 for pensions, out of which the Confederate infirmary receives $17,454.75, leaving: a bal? ance of $2*2,545.25. To this was added the refunds made by the clerks of court in 1914, on account of deaths and other causes, making the total amount paid pensioners $286,171.50. The roll in 1915 was decreased by 146, and on account of this decrease and the increase in the appropria? tion, each person in the two lower classes, C-2 and C-4, will receive $28.50 in* 1915 as against $24 in 1914. The distribution by classes is as follows: Class A... .18:1 $96.00 $17,568.00 Class B. . ..125 72.00 9,000.00 Class C-l. .565 48.00 27,120.00 Class C-2 .3,045 28.50 86,782.50 Class C-i. .474 48.00 22,752.00 Class C-4 .4,314 28.50 122,949.00 The report shows $4,635 to be dis? tributed among the one hundred and forty-six pensioners of this county, four in Class A; 2 In Class Bj 59 in (Mass C-2; 6 in Class C-3; 77 in Class C-4. Class A. James Dorn, Hampton Lee, Privateer. W. B. Norton, Tindal. Henry Morris. Iiembert. Class B. W. K. Graham, Taylors. James A. Sanders, Rembert. Class C-2. W. J. Atkinson, Stateburg. James Allsbrooks, Privateer. W. J. Ardis, Pinewood. Abraham Ardis, Sumter. Paul W. Burgess, Rembert. J. R. Prunson, Concord. Manley H. Boykln, Sumter. W. J. Brunson, Sumter. Ii. S. Brown, Sumter. J. J. Barfleld, Sumter. D. H. Boykin, Shilohl Sunder Deik, Sunder W. M. Butler, Sunder. J. C. Br ?v\ a, Mayesvllle. Thorn*! Benenhaley, Catehall. S. J. Brown, Sumter. William H. Cook, Darzell. J. C. Compton, Sumter. F. M, Dean, Mayesville. W. H. David, Sumter. M. Dorlty, Sumter. John II Floyd, Motts Bridge. J. M. Geddis, Privateer. J. A. Gillis, Bembert. J. S. Geddings, Rembert. Hi C. Grady, Sumter. J. W. Holllday, Privateer. I. H. Hodge, Sumter. J. W. Hudson, Privateer. H. N. Idol, Sumter. J. J. P. Lawrence, Sumter. j. P. Lawrenoe, sumter. William R. lxickey. Pinewood. M. J. Morris, Sumter. P. A. McGee, Sumter. Thomas M. r. McKlvecn, Shlloh. Timothy Minis, A.hton. J. (.'. Myers, Sumter. W, A. Partin. Sumter. J. W. Partin, Sumter. B, If, Powell, Sumter. J. W. Player, Lynchburg. T. w. Pritchard. Privateer. r. If. Rogers, Tindal. B. B. Rivers, Tindal. I. W, Smith, Sumter. G. W. Scott, Sumter. B. 1 f. Salus. Shlloh. B, R. Sanders. J c. Blngelton, Wedgefleld. H. If. Spann. Sumter. R. R. Thames. Tindal. * John F. Turner, Pinewood. James G. Tisdale. Irby S. Wy ml ham. Oswego. J. P. Windham. Wedgefleld. A. H. Weeks. Sumter. J. B. Wright, Rembert. C. P. Young*, Sumter. Class O-tt. Martha Barfleld, Sumter. Amanda J. Carter. Sumter. Amelia Keels, Shiloh. Elisabeth Oxendine, Dalsell. s. J, Villeneuve, Bsthtr Watts. Class C-l. Melissa Belk. Margaret Harwick. Sumter. Bailie Baker, Sumter. Sallle i>. Burkett, Sumter. B. B, Browder, Sumter, Bllsa Baker, Mayesville. Sallle D. Burkett, Sumter. s. i>. Burkett, Sumter. j Courtney Brown, Rembert, M. L. Bullard, Sumter. Maggie Broach. Winnie A. Betts, Tindal. Susannah h. Conyei'B, Dlirwood. Martha J. Clark, H .i China, Sumter, Bllsabei h < Jompton. Mary c. Clark. Annie Coulter, Sumter. < Mara ( Mark, t ?swego. Mary L. CatOj Brogdon, R. E. Dunlap. Mattio Dean. Mayesville. Elisabeth Dixon, Rembert. Sarah A. David, Sumter. Jane Dennis, Bhlloh, Elisabeth Dennis, Bhlloh. A. G. Devereaux, Bumter. Olivia Grooms, Sumter. M. A. Flowers, Sumter. If. L Goodman. Sallio Gaylord. If. It. Goodman, Sumter. Mary F. Hodges, Sumter. Martha A. Harrington, Atkins. A. If. Howell, Sumter. Eliza Hudson, Tindal. Eliza Hodges. Maggie Hodges, Privateer. Mary Ann Jolly, Providence. Mary E. Jones, Sumter. Martha T. Joye. Sumter. Alice J. Josey, Concord. Mary J. Jenkins. Emma L. Kennedy, Sumter. If. G. Kilgore, Sumter. Annie Liewis, Sumter. Martha L. Liee, Sumter. B. L. London, Sumter. Annie Lide, Sumter. M. E. J. McElveen, Lynchburg. E. M. Mellett, Wedgefield. S. If. McLeod, OsWSgO Emily C. McKagin, Sumter. T. J. Newman, Sumter. Sallie J. Newman, Concord. H. M. Nettles, Mayesville. Florence Neshit, Rural. Emily A. Nesbitt, Shiloh. Sarah Osteen, Sumter. A. F. Robinson, Oswego. Jane H. Pool, Sumter. Ellen Pigford, Sumter. Carrie Outlaw, Sumter. Eliza Smith, Mets. Annie E. Smith, Mayesville. Martha C, Scarborough. Henrietta Thigpen, Sumter. Elizabeth Turner, Tindal. Mary R. Windham, Durant. I. S. Wells. Durant. E. M. Wrells, Durant. Ella Wright, Durant. M. C. Welch, Durant. Elizabeth S. White, Sumter. Nellie G. Young, Durant. EGYPT NEWS IN BRIEF. Smithville School Closed on Account of Having no Plnee to Teach after Building Was Burned?Personal News. Egypt, April 7.?After several davs of the roughest weather ever | ?een in this section April has burs fortii in sunshin- and the feelings are ' those of spring. Two mows and Ihre? rain) days last week and ;: cold day Easter, doesn't that beat all previous weather records? Most farmers have planted a good quantity of corn and some arr plant? ing cotton. The oats are beginning to grow. Wrheat is doing well and the prospects at present are for a good j crop. There was $500 insurance on the Smithville school building which was burned several weeks ago. The trus? tees of the school were unable to get a suitable place to finish the term so the school came to a close. Mr. B. F. DeShields, the principal, returned to his home in Laurens county last week. Mr. B. F. JDeShields and Miss IIa Mae Evans of the Smithville school and Miss Nina Rembert of the Pisgah school attended the State Teachers' Association meeting in Florence two weeks ago. Miss Kate McCaskill of Camden spent several days of last week with Miss Eva McCaskill. Misses Anna House and Lena Mc? Leod were in Egypt yesterday. Mr. W. T. McLeod spent yesterday in Camden. Little J. W. Weldon is still very sick. Last Thursday, after having classes until 12 o'clock Mrs. Braxton took all the school children for a tramp and picnic. This little "April fool" was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The in? clement weather last Friday and Sat? urday kept the several schools in this section from having their regular Easter egg hunt. BUMTER COTTON MARKET. Corrected Daily by Ernest Field, Cotton Buyer. Good Middling 9 1-8. Strict Middling 9. Middling; 8 7-8. strict Low Middling 8 :;-8. LOW Middling 7 7-8. Staple cotton, nominal. DR. B. F. HIGH8MITII?Eyesight specialist, (s at 106 West Hampton Ave., Dr. Baker's old Infirmary, every Monday. Ey< examinations and glass fitting a specialty. BSJSJSSJ_^L.?J-JSL-J-gsggggga?P ' Geo H. Hurst, Undertaker and Embalmer. Prompt Attention to Day or Night Calls; AT J. 0. Cralg Old Stand,' N. Main Phones SiZtri sot

Clipped from The Watchman and Southron10 Apr 1915, SatPage 4

The Watchman and Southron (Sumter, South Carolina)10 Apr 1915, SatPage 4
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  • Sumter County Confederate Pension Roll - 3918 old soldiers & 4788 widows to share in Fund

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