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Chamber of Commerce 1935 - Chamber Joins Booster Observance of Anthracite...
Chamber Joins Booster Observance of Anthracite Week in 2 Counties to Begin October 7 Directors of the Chamber of Commerce vesterdav approved a ' motion to cooperate - with other J' chambers In" Luzerneand- Luzerneand- Lacka wanna Counties in observance 01 ; an Anthracite Week to begin October 7. T. M. B. Hicks, official 01 xomeruyo, woo- woo- Ryyviufccu mittee chairman. : ' , Committees on airport and flood control reported to directors. It was announced that the work on the new project at the airport, to finish grading and rolling would begin next week. The flood control comtalttee reported reported that the lining and staking under C. F. .Pfrommer, army n- n- M"he cities'TOU'r-eated cities'TOU'r-eated cities'TOU'r-eated are gunolyinz -five -five men .to as sist in the survey. At present the! jrorty ort property on tne river is being surveyed. Cooperation of communities in assisting In the survey survey was commended In the report. It was announced yesterday that the public relations and memberships memberships committees will meet at noon Monday in Hotel Redington. These committees were reaffirmed r appointed: Convention: John M. Miles, chairman; chairman; J. S. Bittenbender, Dennis F. Crolly, Robert S. Conahay, Charles E. Daley, Dr. W. E. Davis, Major B. F. Evans, Fred Hermann, .Wil-lard .Wil-lard .Wil-lard Horst, Arnott Jones, N. W. Ketron, H. R. Mallow, John A. Redington, Jr., William Rooney. Distributing Agencies: George Weer, chairman, H. D. Baldwin, M. S. Beddow, A. J. Boettger, T. J. Collins, William H. Davis, H. R. Duffy, Harris Evans, H. F. Goer-Inger, Goer-Inger, Goer-Inger, John Howell, Jamce , T. Howella A. F. Hutcheson, W. A. Johns, Charles H; Keyeer, Charles F. Kuhne, C. A. Leighton, L. C. Lucas, Bruce MacDermott, E. H. Malick, J. F. Maran, Joseph McCarthy, McCarthy, H. B. Ramsay, W. E. Rlt-ter, Rlt-ter, Rlt-ter, C. H. Rolfs, J. Sherman Ryan, S. Y. Slocum, C. H. Taylor, L. T. Writter. Flood Control: E. A. Hoffman, chairman; John A. Allen, T. H. Atherton, W. T. Barnes, S. C. Chase, J. Campbell - Collins, - -A -A Harden Coon, F. D. Cooper, B. W. Davis, James Dukas, Dr. H. B. Gibby, H. B. Glidden, Moses Griffith, Joesph Hooper, J. Harold Mahon, E. B. Mulligan, E. M. Rosser, H. Lee Scott, J. L. Turner. Highway: A. Harden Coon, chairman; chairman; -CrlirAlbertiB--iV-BeerSr -CrlirAlbertiB--iV-BeerSr -CrlirAlbertiB--iV-BeerSr -CrlirAlbertiB--iV-BeerSr -CrlirAlbertiB--iV-BeerSr -CrlirAlbertiB--iV-BeerSr -CrlirAlbertiB--iV-BeerSr Hale Coughlin, Nicholas Fox, Harry Goeringer, Warren Goff, Peter Jur-chak, Jur-chak, Jur-chak, Chales J. McGough, E. F. Mc-Govern, Mc-Govern, Mc-Govern, Francis Murray, J. B. Potter, Potter, J. Stanley Rinehimer, H. Lee Scott, A. J. Sordoni, A. L. Stull, J. G. Wade, George Weer. , Airport: Li J. Writter. chairman. George Eckman, Gregory Feren- Feren- oacn, hi. a. noirman, nan wac-Callum. wac-Callum. wac-Callum. W. W. Mutter, Dr. Leo C. Mundy, George Reynolds, K. Rus sell smitn. ' i Executive Committee-Industrial Committee-Industrial Committee-Industrial Council: W. F. Dobson. chairman; Charles E. Ash, J. B. Carr, Ben Cohen, Louis Dahl, R. M. Eaton, : Rulison Evans, Frank English, Gregory Ferenbach, Mortimer Gold smith, lieorge uregson, K. A.' Hoff man, J. E. Hoffman, Walter Johns, J. Ed. Johnson, R, Val Jones, R. H. .Levy, J. if. McDonald. W. E. Man near, Robert Miner, S. T. Nicholson, George T. Perley, William Powell, Ernest Rohr, W. R. Seem, A. A. Stocks, John Uhl, R. R. Van Horn, T. Jj. Varker, F. H. Wagner, C. B D. Wood. Industrial Relations Board: Wil- Wil- , Ham S. McLean, chairman, T. H. Atherton, Paul Bedford, Malcolm Burnside, Wilbur Fleck, Rev, Paul S. Heath, S. K. Mitchell, E. B. Mulligan, W. C. Sutherland, Rev. William J. Walsh; Henry Welgand, Kev. Samuel wolk. f Publio Relations and Membership: Membership: R. L. Coughlin, chairman; R. : A. Davis, vice-chairman; vice-chairman; vice-chairman; G. K. Bass, Hale Coughlin, Peter D. Clark, : B. F. Evans, G. M. Foote. E. J. C. - Fischer, Harry Goeringer, Sam Hlrshowltz, Fred Hermann, Mitchell Jenkins, K. W. Kintzer, James J. Law, Frank Mitten, Bruce. Mac- Mac- i Dermott, J. T. Mackenrow, J. Bowden Northrup, P. A. O'Neill, - Griff Powell, H. B. Ramsay, John Redington, Jr., George J. Reynolds, Jr., J. Sherman Ryan, E. Walter Samuel, Edwin Shortz, Jr., S. Y. i Slocum, K. Russell Smith, B. H. Whipple, John S. Wilson. 4 Valley Entrances T. H. Atherton. Atherton. chairman: O. A. Betterlv. F. C. Booker, Ralph DeWitt, Clark Wright Evans, Rev F. L. Fllnch-fcaugh, Fllnch-fcaugh, Fllnch-fcaugh, James P. Harris, E. D. Dentist h Candidate wmm DR. S. H. STRAESSLEY - McQrindle, Stanley Mesavage, Wit liam Sword, J. W. Young. New Industries E. I. Lswlth, Chairman ; Nell Chrlsman, Alfred Darte, E. C Deal, Joseph E. Fleltz, A, Hoyt Goode, Moses Griffith, Sam Hlrshowltz, Walter Le wis, A. J. Llewellyn, John M. Miles, Keeder Miller, Frank Mitten, J. B. Potter, D. T. Scott, Charles Weisman, J. K. Weitzenkorn, E. A. Wakeman, Edward Eyerman . Postal Affairs Edwin Abbott, chairman; Joseph Burke, F. D. Cooper, - James F. : Cromwell, A. C. . Dampf,. Victor Lee Dodson, R. B. Evans, R. E. Hopkins, W. B. Hupple, Edgar Klipple, W. F. Logan, H. S. MacLean, LeRoy Reese, N. D. Rinker, Ralph F. Tanblyn. 2 Rallies in Brookside Young Men's Political Club of 16th Ward, 2nd District,- District,- will meet Sunday at 2 in Monkas Hall, 685 North Washington Street. Michael E. Matcho will be chairman of a Democratic rally-to rally-to rally-to b-held-Sun- b-held-Sun- b-held-Sun- b-held-Sun- b-held-Sun- b-held-Sun- day mgnt at 8 at Muzyka's Han, 850 North Washington Street. HEAR ' ATTY. PAUL J. SCHMIDT - REPUBLICAN' CANDIDATE -- -- FOR CITY COUNCIL On WBRE at 7:30 p. m. (DST) TONIGHT September 14, 1935 ) Y? M VOTE NORMAN JAMES FOR Sheriff Second Position On Democratic Ballot

Clipped from The Wilkes-Barre Record14 Sep 1935, SatPage 6

The Wilkes-Barre Record (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)14 Sep 1935, SatPage 6
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