New Priest 1922

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NEWLY ORDAINED PRIEST GUEST OF HONOR AT BANQUET Several Hundred Men and Women Attend Affair Given Given For Rev. Morris n V banquet waa grn laat nlgbt In tel Stirling in honor of Rv. vt...KDl Mnrrla. Of UTUTII1, WHO was recently wdatned to th Greek CatboUo priesthood. Bereral hundred men and women war guaata and Joined in a fine testimonial of friendship friendship Representative of every Greek Catholio parish lrt Northeaatarn Pannylvanla attended. Ker. Nicliolaa Chopty waa toaat-master. toaat-master. toaat-master. He voiced tha esteem In which the youriK priest Is held by his numberless frnda. Other speak-prs" speak-prs" speak-prs" -ar6Tg-TsiItj-or-Miner'f -ar6Tg-TsiItj-or-Miner'f -ar6Tg-TsiItj-or-Miner'f -ar6Tg-TsiItj-or-Miner'f -ar6Tg-TsiItj-or-Miner'f -ar6Tg-TsiItj-or-Miner'f -ar6Tg-TsiItj-or-Miner'f -ar6Tg-TsiItj-or-Miner'f Mills; Rev. LouU Monnes, Attorney B W Davis, of Kingston, and An-drew"feawornkl, An-drew"feawornkl, An-drew"feawornkl, of Larksvllle. Entertainment Entertainment features were glen by Con McCola, Jak Walsh, iMartln Bed-narlck. Bed-narlck. Bed-narlck. Rev. E. A. Bellas, Rev. S. Hernlsky, of Treeland, and Adam TonkoskL' Music waa furnished by tha Knights of Columbus orchestra. Chorus alng- alng- -TngwakHy-vM- -TngwakHy-vM- -TngwakHy-vM- -TngwakHy-vM- -TngwakHy-vM- Walsh- Walsh- and -Mrr -Mrr Hednarlck. Tha affair waa opened with, prayer by Rev: E. A. Btella. He also pronounced benediction. Just before the banquet ended Rev. Father i Chopy presented Father Morris with a raid watch, a aroall gold croa and a fountain pan. Th young priest i pressed hi gratitude and deaorlbed the evening as "th happloat In bis life." The following attended: E. A. Bed-ner, Bed-ner, Bed-ner, Martin Bednarlck. B. A. Biellk, Mary beretaky. Mlchal Bahey, Anna BereUky, Mr. and Mrs. H. Busenko, K A. Bellas, J. J. Bednarlck, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cldlllko. Miss Anna Caplnua, Andrew Chiaariok. Nicholas Chopey, Mary Drugach. ' Catharine Drugach, Mrs. Jacob Urugacta, Margaret Margaret Imgach, John Drugach, Anna Drugach, Andrew Drugach, B. W, Davis, Bertha Drama. Michael Dernjan, Mr. and Mrs. An. drew J. Drlana, Michael Danclsin, Oeorg Exuiclaln, Mf. and Mrs. Jamea Dukas, Mra. John Duda, Margaret Eetock, Mary IXana, John feher, Oeorg Fannlck, Michael Faudar, Helen Fender, John 11. Fender, Michael Guldo, Mary Gabor, & Ben-laky, Ben-laky, Ben-laky, Jamea Gurglck, Stephen V. Hu-dak. Hu-dak. Hu-dak. Georg Harabln, Ann Hardlm. Mary Hai abln, Mra. Mary Kotclilk, Mr. and Mra. Mlolw.l iUehel, Ralph Katrosh, K Karoslaly, Mra. . Sarah Konniok, Andro Kancek, Mary Kam-arah, Kam-arah, Kam-arah, Fltulln KurUla, George Karol-elk, Karol-elk, Karol-elk, Mra. Anarew Konnlck, Mary Ka-rolclk, Ka-rolclk, Ka-rolclk, John Kavka, Mrs. Joseph I Kotallk. Joseph Z. Kujowaki, John Koval. Georg Kosick, J. L. Kotallzk. f4oim it-Kinilnakrr it-Kinilnakrr it-Kinilnakrr Mlchaer Karaka, Andrew a.oaicK, Michael Karaka, An drew KoaicK, Micnaei Kosick, Mx. and Mrs. John Kaaardox. Feter Latao, Sophia Lea, Mr. "and C ASTORIA Tor Infante tad Chndrea In Use For Oyer 30 Yeart Mrs. A. IJptock, Mrs. Susanna latu, Katiierlna Ixikeah, Joseph taikesh, Helen lAikesh, M. Lukeah Mr. and Mrs. Mayernlck. Michael Nadolny, John Morris, Joseph Morris, Michael Malast, Michael Mores Br, Mr. and Mrs. H. 11. Mustal Michael Morris, Mrs. Michael Morris, Louis Marines, J. J. Nedorostek, Georg Ontko, Jr., Mr. and Mra. Nicholas Ontko Mr. and Mr. Joseph Putprush, Micbanl Fetro, Rev. and Mra. 8. Fobnlsky, Mary Po- Po- wlchko, Michael Falusa, Mr. and Mra. i Nicholas Futprush, Mrs. Anna l'u- l'u- I kaa, WUllam Reese, Joseph M. RldlUa, Theodore Ratzln, Mr. and Mrs. John Rlmal, Jr B. Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rusnock, Mr. and Mrs. Alex ; Rebar, Anthony ilalzln, Michael Ret- Ret- j (11 Anna Rich, Mr. atid Mrs. Andrew ' J. Rublscsak, John Rushner, Margaret Margaret Spuntx, Martin Stolti, Andrew ' Kklros, Andrew Stefancln," I'aul fu-blnsky, fu-blnsky, fu-blnsky, Anna Setichak, Mra John Hazon. Michael Staako, Nicholas M. Bala-mon, Bala-mon, Bala-mon, Mrs. Anna Saxon, Mary Bala-nion, Bala-nion, Bala-nion, Rosalio Btretavsky, George tfelepak, rMx. and Mrs. Alexander Spak, Joseph Himon, Emil Semet-kovsky, Semet-kovsky, Semet-kovsky, Stephen Sulyk, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Snyder, Joseph Saxon. Mr. and Airs. John Hnrlpp, Mary Tlmko, Mra. George Tomasctk, George To-mosclk, To-mosclk, To-mosclk, John Ungvaraky, Marl Warhol, Warhol, Mr. and Mr. M. W. WahvSr Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Waahco, Jr., Mary Washcot John Walsh, Mrs. Elizabeth Elizabeth Warholsa Michael Warhola, Florence Wallace. Mr. and Mra. Michael Michael Wallace, Frank Walsh, John Warhola, Adam Wllcheck, Adam Ton- Ton- koskl, Mr. and Mra. Charles GabroskL Mr. and Mrs. George Yesko, Mr. and Mra Joseph Zurenan, Mary y as.n-chak, as.n-chak, as.n-chak, Mra. Georg Tasenchak, Mrs. John Tusko, Michael TurVo, Mra. Anna Tasenchai and Andrew X "Z-woiskt "Z-woiskt "Z-woiskt . ; Alway baan ha . ISlgnatai af During "th war almost rrery staple staple In Germany waa replaced by a substitute. ,

Clipped from Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, the Evening News26 May 1922, FriPage 24

Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, the Evening News (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)26 May 1922, FriPage 24
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  • New Priest 1922

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