Monte Ne- Eden Bluff Treasure Cave and Indian Markings

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Monte Ne- Eden Bluff Treasure Cave and Indian Markings - Perry." a home somewhere. I am earning $12 a...
Perry." a home somewhere. I am earning $12 a week "That settles Mildred Chase; but how Completed.) ads." risht away. tar. INDIAN INSCRIPTIONS FOUND BY A ST. LOUISAN ON ARKANSAS ROCKS. I? oi 11 o o o 0 9 ox? - O n U r O oou 1 T7TTTM AAA A JAMES GROVES of 635 South Broad-way, Broad-way, Broad-way, foundryman and mineral prospector, prospector, recently explored a cave In Sden Bluff. In Arkansas, which is aup-poaed aup-poaed aup-poaed to contain treasures burled there many years ago by the Spaniards. He was called back to St. Louis by the illness of Ills daughter, but eapects to resume the Vork of exploration in May. Gold is his object. He thus tells the atory of this mysterious cave and the peculiar markings by which It Is designated, which have been famous In that part of the country for a century: , BY JAMES GROVES. 4 -URrNO -URrNO the laat four months I hava I been prospecting for minerals. A Most of my time was spent In tha Molnltx of Flka'a Peak, Spanish Peak aad Pueblo, In Colorado. From there I went to Arkansas to visit the Kden Bluff Cave of which I had heard a great deal. "Eden Bluff overhangs the White River It Is located In Benton County, 33 miles northeast of Eureka Springs, and seven miles east of Rogers, which is on the Frisco Railroad. The bluff is almost perpendicular. perpendicular. Its base Is in the water. The mouth of the cave is in the side of the bluff, about 35 feet from the top, on which are growing growing a few scattered pine trees. To enter the opening one must scale the side of the bluff, swinging down by means of a rope fastened at the top. It is an extremely perilous undertaking, for the river is more than 200 feet below and a single misstep or the slightest dizziness might cause the explorer to lose Ws hold and fall to certain certain death below. ' "At the base of this great bluff, only a few feet above the edge of the water, are certain mysterious markings, which have been known to be in existence 100 years. They occupy a space about 20 feet long and varying from two to three feet in height. These markings were made with a peculiar kind of red paint, which is not affected by the weather, and wheh has never changed color nor peeled off. The oldest inhabitant cannot remember when they were not there, and even his if.ther knew about them and speculated on their origin. "In Arkansas there has been for yeara a legend that these markings were made by Spaniards at a time when the great country country known as the Ixiulslana Purchase was under the control of Spain. Some date them back to Aztec times. It has long been said that rold was hidden in the cavern known as Eden Bluff Cave. The markings ara supposed to Indicate the existence of a gold mine and to define its location. "For my own part I believe these hieroglyphics hieroglyphics were placed there by the Indians. I lived in Monterey. Mexico, for two years built a foundry there prospected In the Sierra t!rlr unit Saddle Mountains, and lived for a while among the Pueblo Indians Indians in Arizona. In these travels I learned a great deal about the Pueblo Indians and , their customs, and saw markings very much i like those on Eden Bluff in Arkansas. This ', leads me to believe that these characters were made by them or by some tribe closely related to them. "Further than that. In the Public Library of St. Louis, since my return, I have found tatements made by Government surveyors, with Illustrations, published by J. "v7. Powell. Director of the United State Bureau Bureau of Ethnology, which lead me to believe believe that my conclusion la right, and that the Indianr and not the Spaniards or Aztecs, are responsible for these marks. "From the side of the bluff several hundred hundred tons of rock hava slumped off and fallen Into the river. This mass of rock is believed to cover up the entrance to a tunnel which led to the mouth of the mine 'which these hieroglyphics are supposed to 'tell about. Four years ago a Cherokee Indian Indian from the Territory passed through that country, and he told some of the natives natives of a legend which had long existeil In his tribe, concerning Eden Bluff, a mine and this tunnel. "Tha Mexicans also havo some knowledge of such information or beii". for a mysterious mysterious Mexican came there -.right -.right or ten yeara ago and woiked all summer In the vicinity, trying to locate this mine. Durng part of the time he lived in the cave at the top of the bluff and explored It In search of gold. During the whole time he was there It Is not remembered that he spoke to a human being. He would not even reply when spoken to. Nothing of Importance came -f -f his work, as far as known, but It sho7 how widespread the belief Is that goM exists In that vicinity. "After I reached Eden Bluff I learned all I eoui.i about the cave, the supposed treasure treasure and the lost gold mine. I secured the sei vices ef E. U. Johnson, a native of Benton Benton County, and we Epent three days In Kden IJJuff Cave. On the lat day, March 2. I h'de the copy of the hieroglyphics at th "f-se "f-se "f-se of the bluff which I hava pre-c-7td pre-c-7td pre-c-7td pre-c-7td pre-c-7td 'o tha Sunday Post-Dispatch. Post-Dispatch. Post-Dispatch. Tha only thing of Importance wa found lnstd of the cave were Indications of alno. I have preserved eome of tha aamplea I was called home by a telegram concerning my daughter's illness, but expect to return there next month and explore still further. This ancient story may be true. "At tho baae of Eden Bluff I dug up both human and animal bones, decayed oak planks, charred pine knots and pieces of aiit'Jent pottery. "The hieroglyphic, which look like letters, are about eight In h high. The circle, suj posed to represent nun and moons. ara about live (lichen in diameter. The animals, which I think stand for the name of certain certain Indian chief, are about a foot long. "There are similar rnnrktn on rocka) three miles below Kden Bluff anU also thra and a half miles above." '

Clipped from St. Louis Post-Dispatch15 Apr 1900, SunPage 46

St. Louis Post-Dispatch (St. Louis, Missouri)15 Apr 1900, SunPage 46
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  • Monte Ne- Eden Bluff Treasure Cave and Indian Markings

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