Sumter County Confederate Pension Roll - 146 on list

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Sumter County Confederate Pension Roll - 146 on list - LIST OF Tflc^sE W7IO WILL RE? CEIVE WNTr^ERA/rE...
LIST OF Tflc^sE W7IO WILL RE? CEIVE WNTr^ERA/rE PENSIONS. Ohe Hundred arid Forty-si* on List of Pensioners?t)1vidotl Into SI* Classes?$1,702 to Be tJtvch Out by County Cldrk of Court. The money for the Confederate pensions has been received by Clei'k of Court H. L. Scarborough who how has the checks at his office ready to give out to the pensioners front this County* Thero arc one hundred and forty six pensioners wfiose names are down to receive aid from the fund, this number being divided into six classes. Of these class** there are four fn Class A, who will receive $96 each; two in Class K, who will receive $72 etch; one in class C-l, to receive $48; sixty-three In Class C 2, to' receive 129 each; five in Class C-3, to receive $48 each; severity-one In Class C 4, fo re ceive $89 each. The list of pensioners follows: Class A. James Dorn. Hampton Lee, Privateer. Henry Morris, Rembert. W. B. Norton* Tlnsal. Class li. W. E. Graham, Taylors. James4 A. Benders, Rembert. Class Cl. J. A. M. Carroway, oianta. W. J. Atkinson, Batesburg. James Atlsbroc-ks, Privateer. Abraham Ardls, Sumter. W. J. Ardls, Plnewood... ./( Pfcul W. Burgess, Rembert. , |, R. Brunson, Concord. ^HalrTey H. Boykln, Sumter. W. J. Brynaon, Sumter. jfc. S. Brown, sdmter. J, J. Barfleld, Sumter. D. H. Boyklrt, Shlloh. Sumter BeTk, Hagoool. W. ?. Butler; Sumter. J. T. Brown, icayesvilie. Thomas B^norihaley, CatchalT. S. i. Brown, Sumter. William H. Cook, Dalseil. J. C. Corapton, Sumter. s\ N. Dean. Mayesville. W. H; David, Sumter. W. H*. Epperson,' Sumter. John M. Borrity, Motte Errdgo; J. A. Giles, Remberg. John M. Floyd, MOtts Bridge. J. M. qeddftr, PWateev. R\ C. Grady, Stfihrer. J. 8. Geddings, ??rhter. t. J. TT??!*l(*ay. Sfrrtffer. I M". Hodge, Sumter. T. W. TTudsori1, Privateer. M. N. IdcM, Snmter. J. A. Lawrence, ftumti r. J. P. Lawrence. Sumter. Wiliam K. Lackey, Pinewupd. if. J. Morris, Sumter. P. A. McGee, Sumter. Thomas M. K. McElveen, Shlloh. R. F. McLeod, Tlndal. V7 A. Parting Sumter. Cornelius McLaurin, Sumter. J. W. Partin, Sumter. Jas. A. Nettles, Sumter. B. M. Powoil, Sumter. S. D. O'Neal, Sumter. J. W. Player, LynchOurg. T. W. Frtchard, Privateer. R. M. Rogers, Tlndal. E. W. Rivers, Tlitnat John W. Smith, Sumter. G. W. Scott, Sumter B. H. Sauls. Shlloh. E. R. Sanders. J. C. Singleton, Wedgeflcld. M. M. Spann, Sumter. R. U. Thames, Tlndal. J. W. Thompson, Dal sell. John F. Turner, Pinewopd, James G. Tisdale. *?% lrby S. Wyndham, Oswego. J. P. Windham? Wedgeflcld. I. E. Wright, Rembert. A. H. Weeks, Sumter. Class C-3. Martha Barn>ld, Sumte*.**? Amanda J. Carter, Sumter. Ann Eliza Keels, Shlloh. Elizabeth Oxendine, Dalzell. S. J. Villeneuve. Class C- l. Mallssh Betk. Margaret Barwlck, Sumter. Sallle Baker, Sumter. Sarah Ella Brunson, Sumter. S. B. BroWdcr, Sumter. Elisa Baker, Mayesville. Courtney Brown, Rembert. S. D. Burkett, Sumter. M. *L. Bullard, Sumter. Maggie Broach, S?mter. ' Winnie ? Bctts, Tindal. Martha J. Clark, Sumter. R. J. China, Sumter. Elizabeth Compton, Sumter. Mary C. Clark, Sumter. Annie Coulter, Sumter. Mary L. Catoe, Brogdon. Clara Clark, pswego. It. E. Dunlap. Hattie Dean, Mayesville. Jane Dennis, Shlloh. ?. M. Dinkins, Sumter. Elizabeth Dlxon, Rembert. Sarah A. David, Sumter. A. O. Deveneaux, Sumter. Matilda C, Flowers, Sumter. Olivia Grooms, Sumter. Jtd. A rWWft ^um>ter; Miiggic Odddtngs, Sumter. M. E, Goodman, Shlloh. Mary F. Hod?e. Sumter. Sarah C. I}odge, Sumter. Martha A. Harrington, Atkins., filiza Hudson, Tindal. A. M. Howell, Sumter. Eliza Hodge. Maggie Hodge, Privateer. Mary Ann Jolly, Providence. Mary A.Jpnes, Sumter. Martha T. Joye, Sumter. Alice J. Joscy, Concord. Mary J. Jenkins, Sumter. Emma L. Kenney, Sumter. M. G. Kilgore, Sumter. Annie Lewis, Sumter. Martha JU Lee, Sumter. Sarah A. Lackey, Sumter. B. L. London, Sumter. Annie Liae, Sumter. M. E. McElveen, Lynchburg. E. M. Mellett, Wedgeneld. 3. M. McLeod, Oswego. Sallie J. Newman, Concord. Florence Nesbit, . Rural. Elizabeth A. Nesbitt, Shiloh, Sarah B. Osteen, Sumter. ?. F\ Robinson, Sumter. Jane M. Pool, Sumter. Ellen Pfgford, Sumter. * Carrie Outlaw, Sumter. Eliza Smith, Metts. Annie E. Smith, Mayesvllle. Henrietta Thigpeh, Sumter. Elizabeth Turner, Tindal. Mary B. Windham, DuRant. Amanda S. Well, Sumter. E. M. Wells, Sumter. Ella Wright, Sumter. W-r\fMw&* DuRant. Nellie G. Young, DuRant. . ^ifz^betrt S. White, Sumter. ^tjRGBS' \ DFXtCGATfcS TO ATTEND. ... ' : Secretary SCubb* Gives Information t?.ghffe?) Who Wish to Attend StaU* Snjnjiay School Convention. ,, ,1' fh.r'-- '-***** Tne\ Sta^e-Sunday School Conven? tion^ fa meet in Charleston on May 3, 4 io^d 6. The first session of the convention wilt be Wednesday morn? ing, May: 3, at 10 o'clock. All sessions wift ^bi^Jeid in the Citadel Square" Ba'pWajt, church. Each Sunday school is ent|t,lftd to three delegates, besides pastor! .ajnd.; superintendent. A regis? tration,,teer of 50 cents will be charg? ed ?ac^ delegate. Registered dele? gates jVWlyhe given a copy of the song book; ia^souvenir program with pencil and'Jjook, a souvenir badge and a yes*^ subscription to the Sunday Schoo) promoter. No delegate will be assigned, tp, a home until he registers. AH trkjsjsiwill be met by committees.. TrfeJ ralippa.ds have granted a ra^e. , of about ene and one-third fare from . all pointrtjin th?j state, and I sine* re? ly tru,c;t tjgvt tne '.r.inio Cock county L wen represented at this u ?O3*] en'iuii p, E. Str.;,' fc>ee. aud Treats. WHli?m S. Cook Dead. Timmonsvifle, April 11.?WilMam S. Cook, one of the most prominent men of TlnynohsVflle, died at his home on Railroad avenue this afternoon about 2 o'clock. Mr. Cook's helath for some time had been gradually failing. On Thurs? day night he became 111 and had boon ronflned to his bed since that time. Me was 57 years of age and for the past 16 years was in the employ of the C. A. Smith company. He has been one of the leading workers in the Tlmmonsvillc Methodist Episcopal church, South; treasurer of Benton lodge No. 26, A. F. M., for about 18 years, and a co-worker In all work for , the welfare of the people/ In his J death TimrrtonsVille loses a man that < wesi tf&cl? fn tfib highest Osteom and: loved by not btify the people of this tow*h and tfic fctfrrounding commuhity but'by every one that knew him. He is survived by his wife, two step children, Miss Henrietta Hamel of Tlmmonsvillc and R. W. Hamel of Raleigh, N. C, and two sons, Henry ] Cook, who is at home, and Willie Cook \ who is at Clcmson college. Funeral services. Witt be<held at 4 o'clock Wed? nesday afternoon. Mr. DesS'aussure Ha|l has returned i home from Hopewell, Va., where he i has been employed in the DuPpnt powder works for several months. Mn Hall has been suffering, from rheumatism and malaria and has come here o recuperate. He reports miich sickness from these two dis? eases at Hopewell. Candidate's Cards. Announcements of candidates will be printed, in this column until the close of the campaign for t5. No cards accepted dn credit. At the request of my friends I an? nounce myself as a candidate for/the 7th Magisterial District, subject to the mtes of the Democratic party. I am In the race to a finish if I don't get hut one vote. T. P. SANDERS, JR. Sjs in mi i?mnmmmm hi.i www*??? FOR RALF? small horse, buggy and hnrness, at a bargain. H. O. Osteen.

Clipped from The Watchman and Southron15 Apr 1916, SatPage 5

The Watchman and Southron (Sumter, South Carolina)15 Apr 1916, SatPage 5
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  • Sumter County Confederate Pension Roll - 146 on list

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