Story about Copping case 1937 Decatur Daily Review

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Story about Copping case 1937 Decatur Daily Review - War!InAttackStory laugh-t immediate-r,i i ;...
War!InAttackStory laugh-t immediate-r,i i ; get.tlemen-in-wait-1 j : orinKS. ueincnam '-"W'S '-"W'S '-"W'S , : spec- i 1 j , rcstau-1 COm-I i Probe Mystery From Honolulu Doctor Denies Claim of Naval Officer's Wife; Like Massie Case By Associated Press HONOLULU Police Captain Don Hays said today he "expected "expected to have a statement soon" concerning concerning the sensational report by a U. S. navy officer's wife that she was dragged 75 fret across an open yard into a garage and criminally assaulted. A physician's statement that two examinations indicated v she had not been attacked added a baffling angle to the story told by Mrs. Bennett S. Copping. 24 an account in some respects resembling resembling Honolulu's island- island- rocking rocking Massie case. Both Mrs. Copping and her navy j lieutenant husband told police was attacked by an unidentified! wnlte man sncn sne lrft hcr htel room eariy vesieroav. In the Massie case, involving a socially nruminent family, the at- at- tack ' na..v i;rl,t0n;,nfs wife was followed bv the murder of a1 native and the manslaughter con-! con-! con-! yiction of the woman's husband.! her motrier and two enlisted men. j Dr. Henry M. Akina, assistant city-county city-county city-county physician, said after two examinations that Mrs. Copping Copping had not been attacked. Captain Hays said Mrs. Cop- Cop- ping's throat, lower arms and feet were bruised. He ordered a search for a man described by the lieu- lieu- j tenant's wife as dark-haired, dark-haired, dark-haired, tall. j and wearing dark trousers and a i grey sweater. The officer attached some im- im- portancc to a handkerchief bearing: the initial "H." which was found in the garage. He ordered it ex-i ex-i ex-i amined to determine if it contain-: contain-: contain-: cd navy laundry marks. j Husband Slept Through Party j Mrs. Copping told officers she; J I L.... 1 J ... I .1 M ..... mander of the submarine S28. re- re- ,urned without her to their hotel the residential district late in lne afl(,rnoo,, she related that) ialpr .u- .u- Dolores de Beck and' -u- -u- -u- herteverf were eon-'. eon-'. eon-'. : nccted with thp navv )? return- return- ed ,0 ,hP C"rP"1E apar,mcnt and t i & . . was asiceo About midnight the other three j members of the party left. Early j in the morning she went out of; their first floor room to a wash-i wash-i wash-i room, she was quoted as saying, j Her assrrtrd assailant was stand-, stand-, stand-, ing at the end of the hallway. J a.,u oe. uu.-ucou uu.-ucou uu.-ucou ,,ei.,.t:u - io..( Workers-Sunday at the Pearl Harbor navystrike base but Lieutenant Copping, com- com- mander of the submarine S28. re- re- word amJ dragKcd hcr to'the Ka.jthe rage. After the alleged assault, offi-! offi-! offi-! cers said she told them the man asked her. then fled. "Are you all right? Question Friends Mrs. Copping. Captain Havs isaid. told her husband of the as- as- sault and he finally called police. Attempting to clear up Mrs. s movements, police ques-: ques-: ques-: tionrd Lieut. W. Johnson, attach-1 attach-1 attach-1 - ... . , ., . ; W. R. Allen of the fleet here, and Miss de Beck ca-ilulu nurse. They said they left Mis. Cop- Cop- Ping at the hotel, about midnight.! ner husband still asleep, after : I taking a few drinks. Mrs. Massie's Sister Leaves J. L. Reynolds By Associated Press NEW i ORK Julian Louis Key- Key- nolds. a member of the Reynolds tobacco familv. announced in pllblic notice today that "My wife. tll.r.i,!. DrvnnlHc hnv jnc u.ft mp J wi not bc ,.'CSpon. sible for her debts." i Reynolds is- is- the daughter ' f C(i' . Granville R. ' F . . . sjstr f Mrs Thcia Massje contral figure in la Honolulu assault and murder lease a few years ago. She mar-, mar-, mar-, R'ynnid .in whinRton last IBy he in , l" Dv i (

Clipped from The Decatur Daily Review16 Feb 1937, TuePage 1

The Decatur Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois)16 Feb 1937, TuePage 1
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  • Story about Copping case 1937 Decatur Daily Review

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