Carlisle business 1882

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Carlisle business 1882 - Uarrit- to Is at Grant-ville Suique-hanna...
Uarrit- to Is at Grant-ville Suique-hanna ut-ginning . 0 0 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 1 0 Eve rv lady in Harrisburg and vicinity should lend three five cent stamps for a specimen copy or mrawbridga iuotn ler's Fashiou Quarterly. The present number consists of 120 nazes with over one thousand illustrations and four pages of new music. Address, Straw bridge & Clothier, Philadelphia. Menresxntatl v. BmlM Houses aad aHaaulaciariuar Eatabllaiumaata, One or the first institutions visited by the writer in Carlisle was the Carlisle manufacturing company, manufacturers of freight icars, &c From data at our band we find that what bas since grown into ibis institution was founded ny, Gardner as a blacksmith shop, succes sive chances occurring in tne manage ment as follows: 1840, Stouffer, Snively & Co. ; 1841, Stouffer Oaidner ; 1843, F. Gardner; 1847,-F. 1847,-F. 1847,-F. Gardner A Co; 1880, F. Gardner Sons ; 1882, Carlisle manufacturing company, with a capital of $255,000, the Messrs. Gardner retaining retaining a large interest and Charge of work. From a blacksmith shop the enterprise grew to a regular machine shop, sash and door factory in 1808, car works being erected erected in 1871,on leased ground, adjoining gas works, in 1872 fourteen acres or grouna were purchased. In 1881 works were erected, and during this year the follow. ins buildings have been erected : Erect ing shop, 245x00 feet : wood working shop. 150x70 feet : machine shop, for fitting of cars and general machine work, and are now erecting a foundry building with a capacity of sixty wheels per day, and when the building is finished can manufacture ten to fifteen cars a day. A force of two hundred and forty hands la now employed. Six engines aggregate lng two hundred and nrty norse power, are nsed. The machine shop, foundry, planing mill, Ac., agricultural works and office building are located on Main and Bedford streets, and covers an area ofgronnd 240x180 feet, and will be used for the manufacture of engines. Ac. exclusively in a short time. The fol lowing are tbe afficers and directors Oilicers President, J. W. Bosler; vice president, Henry Saxton; superintend. dent,'F. Gardner ; assistant superintend ent. IS. J. Gardner ; secretary and treas urer, J. T. Zug. Directors J. W. Bos ler. Henry Saxton, IF. Gardner. J. T. Zug. Jno. Havs. W. F. Sadler, Geo. S. Beetem, J. L. Meloy and J. Herman Bosler. e. W. H.ldtcb Co. The production of fine shoes is steadily increasing and the new and beautiful shapes produced Dy our leading manu facturers bespeak a thorough knowledge of the requirements of the people as well as a desire to please tne trade, ine Carlisle shoe factory was founded in 1869, by a stock company and is now success. fully conducted by G. W. Neldich k Co. The building used for manufacturing purposes is lUOxuu feet la extent. Tne newest and most perfect machinery is used and a force of 80 skilled hands are employed in the various departments. G. VV. Neidich, G. S. Beetem and Henry Saxton are tbe members or the firm, Such is the reputation of the Carlisle shoe that the demand is greater than the capacity of the works in tbe busiest sea sons. In quality this shoe cannot be excelled, in workmanship there is none better, and as a consequence ine inree traveling salesmen employed find no difficulty in making sales in Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Pennsylvania. Ueorsre W. Binesmitb Stoves, healers, furnaces, ranges, tin and sheet iron ware, numns." etc.. con stitute the line of goods t be found in tne establishment or Mr. ueorge w. Kinesmitb, at 62 and 64 North Hanover street. This gentleman was born in Perry county, learned the tinning trade in Mechanicaburg, served four years la tbe war of the rebellion and in 1864 commenced the sale of the above goods. His success has been very great and sales are made in Cumberland, York, Perry and Adams counties, A two-3tory two-3tory two-3tory building 132x22 feet is used as a warehouse and store room. One hundred and fifty samples of stoves are exhibited on floor benches, a varied line of fireplace heaters, etc. "ijigntnouse" and "dDerty" are the leading cook stoves, and "Argand," "urown neater", and "itaaiant Home Double Heater" are the leading parlor stoves, uotn noors or tne Dunning are packed with stoves, tinware, etc. A uuiuiwr uf woikuieu aie euiiiiuyeu lu llie manufacture 01 tinware. Mr. a.'t estab lishment should be visited by all In quest of a superior stove at lowest prices. He will treat you poiitely and not misrepre sent goods. Win. Clepp.r. now the leading harness manufacturer In Carlisle, was formerly engaged in business business for six years at Mt. Holly Springs, and has had an experience of thirty years in tbe business. In 1861 he commenced business in Carlisle and in the manufacture manufacture of the celebrated Eureka leather fly nets and collars,eDjoys a trade extending to the different States throughout the country. In the busy season from ten to fifteen hands are employed, and from three to four are employed constantly in the shop in the manufacture of harness, etc., to order and for stock. The building building used is situated on Hanover street and covers an area of ground 100x30 feet in extent. All goods manufactured by Mr. Clepper are of tbe most superior order order and should be bandied by the trade everywhere who desire to increase their sales. Full price list of collars and nets will be furnished to tbe trade when da sired. Stephens A Beetem. This bouse was established In 1868 by Frisinger & Co., the present firm succeeding succeeding te the business in 1875. A 20x100 feet room is occupied at 21 East Main street for Ibe storage, sale and display of carpets in all grades from rag np to the finest Brussels, oil cloths, window shades, wall paper, mattings, rugs, looking glasses, etc The factory building where is produced the wry best and more common grades of rag carpet is 26x40 feet, situated on Bedford a reet and Chapel alley; Eight ;iooms are operated and force of id nanus win soon be employed. employed. The factory was started np two years ago. Goods are sold at wholesale and retail in Cumberland, Perry and Adams counties. This is the largest house of the kind In the Cumberland Valley, and is enjoying an equally large trade, as the stock handled is always well selected and varied in stvle. analitv and price. Certainly none need seek elsewhere if they cannot be suited here. Any one about to purchase a rag Ingrain or tapestry Brussel carpet should first visit No. 21 East Main street, Carlisle, before purchasing elsewhere. II. J. Good Bro. This firm composed of H. J. & J. J. , Good, was formed in January, 1877, for the aale of groceries, provisions, queens- queens- ware, glassware, and nouserurnisUng goods at wholesale and retail. Since tbat time goods have been sold largely in Cumberland. Perrv and Adama conn- conn- ties. Their location, No. 1 Volunteer avenue, South Market square, bas contributed contributed to their success, but the paramount paramount factor in seenrimr their trad la tbe remarkable low prices at which they dispose of tbe best goods. Their main salesroom is 18x32 feet with a wing 15x 28 feet. A two story 20x30 feet warehouse warehouse is used for storage of good. Mr, J. J. Good bas bad an experience of thirteen years In tbe business and baa entire control of tba affair of tbe firm as bis brother, H. J., conducts a general store in Perry eonniy. woods are de ltvered free la Carlisle b wagon Reader, call at Ibis establishment, ex amine tbe goods there exhibited and you will not go away without purchasing, Sales bave Increased fully 20 per cent. wltb them as compared with last year. levlek A Bar. Although not one of the oldest houses in Carlisle, tbe hardware bouse or Hie. vlck Barr, dealers in hardware, iron and steel saddlery and coach naidware, mechanics' tools, paints, oils, gla a, housekeepers' goods. Ac., baa grown to be one of the moat popular alnce its 'founding in 1880, and a trade bas been secured In Perry, Adams, York, Franklin Franklin and Cumberland counties and in West Virginia. Over six thousand square feet of floor surface Is used for storage of goods. Mr. Stevlck has been in the mercantile business for twenty. one years and was clerk of courts for three years. Mr. Barr bad been in the hardware trade for a number of years in Newvllle previous to commencing bust lnessin Carlisle. Both gentleman are active and energetic bnslness men, and fill all orders to the satisfaction of those interested. Vaaee Co. Tbe above firm in September, 1881 put in operation tbe Enterprise raanu facturing works at Carlisle, and bave ever since been extensively engaged in tbe manufacture of doors, sash, mould ing and building material of all kinds. scroll-sawing, scroll-sawing, scroll-sawing, wood-turning wood-turning wood-turning and plan' lng being done to order. Tbe main building is a two-story two-story two-story structure, 45x60 feet, the engine house, in wmcn is thiity five horse power engine, is 45x16 feet in extent. The mill is fitted up with all new and improved machinery, good trade has already been secured in Cumberland, perry and Adams counties, and tbe material for three new houses in Harrisburg and one in Newvllle is now being furnished. Wm, Vance, ineo Camman and Samuel Sites are tbe mem. ben of this reliable firm. J. B. Sine. The importance of pure drugs and medicines cannot be too bigniy. appro elated, and consequently when a dealer bandies only pure goods he should be liberally patronized. Tbe business bouse of Mr, J. E. Sipe was founded in 1865 by Cornman & Worthington, the present proprietor succeeding in 1070, As Intimated in a previous part of this article the drugs, medicines, etc , sold by this gentleman are of the finest and best obtainable. His prescription trade is very large and his trade generally, is rapidly increasing. No. 7, East Main street is tbe location and there is no better fitted or- or- better conducted drug store in this section. Mr. Sipe is the ngnt man in trie rignt place. Miles n. Fiasel. This gentleman is a native of Church town, and bas resided in Carlisle twelve years and has had an experience of four teen years in the mercantile line. In 1876 be opened a store room for aale of dry goods and notions on tbe corner of North and Hanover streets. Three years. ago he removed to his present location, 94 North Hanover street. The 20x40 feet room occupied is fill.d from floor to ceiling with well selected staple and fancy dry goods, notions, trimmings, autterick a Co.'s paper patterns, carpet cnain, sse. Tne manufacture or rag car. pet to order is also carried on and three weavers employed in tbe busy season, Tne "Diamond" one dollar shirt is specialty of this house. Sherat e Haekman, In 1866 Sherk & Bro., established car riage works in Carlisle. Two years ago the present firm was formed and tbe same business continued. A three- three- story 65x32 feet building situated on corner or Pitt and South streets is oc cupied and 14 hands employed. Special attention is given to building beam buggies, phaetons and Tompkin spring side bar carriages. A large repa'r trade has been secured. Only first class work is produced. Mr. Sbeik has had 25 years experience and Mr. Haekman 18 years. Their prices are low and work excellent. Brown, Long- Long- A Co.. ojiwuos auu contractors lor aiteBiau drilled and bored wells and manufac turers and dealers in force and lift pumps, hydraulic rams, and repairs of machinery generally, .East South street, are now enjoying a large trade. Tbe house was estaoiisned in 1874, the members of the firm now being J. S. Brown, Oron and u. js.Liong. Wells have been bored bv these gentlemen in Cumberland, Dan- Dan- pnin ana J-iBDanon J-iBDanon J-iBDanon counties, and con tracts are taken at any time to sink wells at tne least possible cost. Anv contem plating having work of this description none can nnd no more prompt cr relia' ble firm, as Messrs. Long & Co. always nu every contract just as agreed upon. Orders shoHld be addressed to Brown. Long & Co., Carlisle, Pa. Geo. S. Beetem & Bon. . The sash and door factorv and olaning uiiii operated Dy tne aDove gentlemen was founded in 1855 and passed into the if.IAJI RHEUMATISM, ma s . . ' neuralgia, sciatica, Lumbago, Backache, Soreness of the Chest, Gout, Quinsy, Sore Throat, Swellings Swellings and Sprains, Burps and Scalds, General Bodily Pains, Tooth, Ear and Headache, Frosted Feet and Ears, and all other Pains and Aches. Ho Preparation on earth equals St. Jacob, On M a Me, tar,, simple and ehsap Kxura&l Balr. A trial antaila but tha oamptntivHy trlSiog oatlap of 60 Ceata, and nrj on- on- aim Inf with paia can hara cheap and poattiTa proof ox fti -'-'-na -'-'-na -'-'-na -'-'-na -'-'-na -'-'-na ZHractiou la B3eran IanrBagas. BOLD BT ALL DBTOGI8T8 AHD DEALEB3 IH KEDI0IHE. A. VOGELER. &. CO., BaVMw.ra.jraV. u.0. . ftp.. rafcCREAlT bands of Ibese gentlemen three years ago. A two story 120x70 feet building la occupied for manufacturing nurpoaea. An engine of 80 bona power and much Improved machinery Is employed In tbe works. Twenty bands are given em ployment. Everything in tba woodwork' lng line la Manufactured and aold to reslden's cf Cumberland. Perry and Adams counties. Ofllcs and mill corner of Bedford and Main streets.lomber yard East Alain stree , south Mountain J unc tion. Barry Welael. Situated!on tbe corner of Northland North Hanover streets, is tbe popular and reliable grocery store or sir. llarry Welxsl, wbo commenced business in 1874. The room occupied Is 18x35 feet in extent. Air. wetzil gives personal attention to patron of the bouse and allows no one lo undersell blm or ban. die a better grade of goods. Born in Middlesex township, be served bis conn try three years in the late war, and since bis residence In Carlisle bas won boats of friends by bis gentlemanly deport ment and rair dealing. Wna. MS, Miller was born In Cumberland county, en listed as a private soldier in tbe war of tne rebellion, and ror gallant conduct was promoted to captain. After faith fully serving bis country for three years be returned to Carlisle. In February last he was elected burgess. The hardware house which he so ably conducts Is tbe oldest In Carlisle, being founded in 1780 by a Mr. uervm, successive changes occurring occurring in the firm, to wit : M. Harlan. John P. Lyon, John P. Lyon Son, Lewis F. L, on, in 1805; Miller & Bowers, 1874; Miller & Bridges, and in 1877 Mr, aimer succeeded to tne entire, a build. ing 31x100 feet at 26 Hanover street is occupied and a complete stock of bard- bard- ware is there displayed. H. H. Brenneman. Choice coffees, sugars, teas, svruns, fruits, confections, queens ware, glass ware, wood and willowware, &c., as bandied and sold by Mr. H. H. Brenneman Brenneman are of the best selection and lowest prices are given to purchasers. Tbe house was established by Brenneman & liertzier, Mr. is, succeeding to the busi ness last spring. The building occupied at jmo. v .norm nanover street is three-story three-story three-story structure 20x65 feet. The Faber organ is also sold by Mr. B. We bespeak from the readers of our paper In and -about -about Carlisle a liberal share of their trade for this gentleman, as we are convinced that it will redound to their benefit. A. V. Benta, in February, 1840, embarked In tbe sale oi groceries and dry goods. A few years later the sale of groceries was dis carded. The building occupiedJs 30x97 feet in extent and contains a stock of $30,000 worth of dry goods, notions dress, cloths, cassimeres, etc. No. 25 and 27 south Hanover street is the location Cumberland, Perry and Adams county residents constantly throng this store room. Mr. iientz was born in Millers- Millers- town, Lancaster county, and bas resided in oariisie uz years, and is to-day to-day to-day the oldest business man as well as one of Carlisle's most respected citizens. J. Donovan, manufacturer and dealer in marble and granite monuments, headstones, ceme tery enclosures, etc., commenced busi ness in Carlisle in 1875 and bas done some of tbe finest work in this section. The Gressinger monument fourteen feet high, and Given monument and enclos ure are specimens of his skill as a work man. His experience datea back fifteen years. No. 108 Hanover street Is the proper place to. send orders to him. K. H. fJmlle-r fJmlle-r fJmlle-r has been in business in Carlisle since 1870 as a practical merchant tailor and clothier and can be rightfully classed among Carlisle's respected citizens and imiauiu uusiuess men. x weive lianas are employed in the busy season. Both foreign and domestic piece goods and ready made clothing is kept in stock by uuu at sua. oo iMortn nanover street. BjPHISKHSI BUTICKB 6,300. All members ef Second Lutheran choir will please be present for rehearsal an general organization on Friday even ing, September 1st, at 7:bu o'ciock. tsy order ot conductor. It Ladles, if you want a nice, neatly engraved, Paris or Vienna overshoes and foothold, in light feather weight rubber, go to Meny's, 214 and lit) Market street. angai,it SWITCHBACK EXCURSION On Thursday,' September 7'h. Bonni trip tickets, good for three days, or re turn same day. Fare, only $3:25. Train leave Steelton, 16:10 a. m., Harrisburg, w.zo a. m. ano uommeistown o: a. m ang26,31,sep2,4,5, A picnic of East Harrisburg ("Grant-. ("Grant-. ("Grant-. vllle) U. B, Sunday school will be held at Fisbburn's woods, near Progress, on Saturday, September 2n. Tbe Susquea hanna Cornet band will furnish music for the occasion. A committee of the Sunday school will have a table on the grounds for the salr ef frnit and ice cream, proceeds for the benefit of the scnooi. jn o otner tables will be permit ted on the grounds. 30,4t iSY OBDBB OF COMMITTEE. An active Industrious young man of i i or j.s years old, aaie to read and write sufficiently well to attend a mill delivery wagon and make himself generally nse- nse- iui aoout tne nouse ano mm. can obtain a tooo and permanent nome at wages or siu per montn witn board and jvashinz. in Wayne county, Ohio. Must give good recommendation. Address this office. DRY KINDLING WOOD. If you want a nice load of dry block wooo can at my omce, Tnird and Cum berland streets. J. S. Sibli. Dan Bacon oversees his business per- per- aouaiiy, ueiiee an orders receive tne promptest attention. Beside making tons of goods himself he is constantly receiving irora. an tne nrst Class boiuea in the cour ' y. Don't forget the place. xi oh. o ana o marxet street. NO CHINESE EMPLOYED. Wfl linhnlil ImoplMn UhA. Tk. Harrisbnrv Star T.annrirw la operation at Shakespeare building, 214 Locust street, Harrisburg. All work nnatlv anrl antablw rlnna W-a. W-a. W-a. l 1 1 call and deliver clothes dally, free of cnarge. augl,lmo Anvone desimua rtf awAptmoai. aTh..M visit Dan Bacon's .Market itnwt atR- atR- lishment. The goods are all fresh and sold cheap. The finest counter candier are also kept on hand, and anything you ask for will be furnished promptly. wiuvuipioiuig paiici lllf UrciX walls should examine the late designs in paper hanging. All prices at H. L. Hershey's, No. 5 North Market square. STRAW HATS. Ulie largest line of straw bats in the city at S. W. ZoixnroEB, 430 Market street. BLACK SPANISH LACK At A. J. Senseman'a. No. 2 Souta Market Market square. . auay31,tf A at at at I., or or I are -Sl -Sl L for been city unable T

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