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DECE3I11ER G, 1910. VAST FACTORY FALLS TO 14-YEAR-OLtt 14-YEAR-OLtt 14-YEAR-OLtt 14-YEAR-OLtt 14-YEAR-OLtt GIRL Miss Catherine Barker Becomes . Sole" Owner of. Car Company at Michigan City, IntL, . and Now Rivals Krupp Sisters in Riches. PROPERTY DESCENDS BY DEATH OF JOHN H. BARKER Probably No Woman in World Is Larger Manufacturer Than Young Heiress Will Now Be Estate in Trustees' Hands. . on a today has probably present Mc-Lrllen. Mc-Lrllen. all the vacancies Eddy. household expected Karlow Dakota her refused name, Miss Catherine Barker,, the 14-year-oIdf 14-year-oIdf 14-year-oIdf 14-year-oIdf 14-year-oIdf daughter and sole heiress of John H. Barker, tbe late owner of tb Haskell-Barker Haskell-Barker Haskell-Barker Car company of Michigan City, led., today becomes becomes tbe onr of the largest manufacturing manufacturing plant In tbe world a the property of a woman. When the sill of the car manufacturer manufacturer It opened and filed for probate, following following tbe funeral of her father It will be found that, with the exception of a few minor bequests, bequests, a fortune estimated in value at $4,000-000 $4,000-000 $4,000-000 becomes tbe property of the 14-year-old 14-year-old 14-year-old 14-year-old 14-year-old girl, j Miss Barker becomes today probably the wealthiest heiress of her age in tbe world. She ranks with the Krupp Fitters of Germany, daughters of the famous gu.i and cacnon manufacturer, manufacturer, as the actual owner of a great manufacturing manufacturing plant. Miss Barker also enjoys tbe remarkable distinction of being the-youogeet the-youogeet the-youogeet person in the world to face in a commercial war powerful , combined interests. interests. (rdrd hy Trust 4'ompaay. It Is likely that when Mirs Barker comes Into full and ledepecdent possession of ber fortune, when she is of age ber millions will have accumulated a few more million. In the meantime ber enormous fortune will be under tbe management of tbe First TruH and Savings back of Chicago, which is appointed trustee by the will of her father. The great fortune which falls to Miss Barker Is the accumulation of three typically American financial geniuses. John Barker, tbe grandfather of the young heiress ; Wallace Wallace Barker, her uncle, and John H. Barker, her father. Her nearest living relative Is an uncle. Nelson U. Barnes of Chicago. It Is likely that Miss Barker will not be overburdened with the responsibilities of her great wealth for a few years to come. She bas an army of 4.000 men working for her in her prosperous car plant at Michigan City, a few scores of high salaried men commanding commanding this army, and an Institution in Chicago backed by millions to supervise her fortune and her-army. her-army. her-army. She will be the sole mistress of a magnificent mansion in Michigan City, with a dozen or go of servants to wait upon her. ('mea Taroisk Bereai eateata. But tbe possession of ber fortune comes to Miss Barker through two bereavement, giving giving ber a taste of griff which even her great wealth tan hardly make ber forget. Within tbe last year she bs lost both ber parents, her mother having tiled last May. The death of Mrs. Earker fell so bard on tbe millienalre manufacturer tba be never fully recovered. He died last week after an illness which dated from the death of his wife. Miss Barker's car plant Is the largest independent independent manufacturing property of its kind In the country. Several time of late years the combined car building Interests of tbe (Totted States have tried to purchase tbe lUskell-Barker lUskell-Barker lUskell-Barker plant, tst Mr. Barker stsad-faatly stsad-faatly stsad-faatly xef use to ell.lhe property kaiU.aad developed by. ais father, brother and himself. Miss Barker has always been a great fa vorlte in ber bom city, where she baa made as many If not mere intimate friends than in the aristocratlo and exclusive boarding schools she has attended. Tfie fact that she was an heiress to millions never made any difference la her manner toward tb less fortunate girl of ber home town. Will C'haase ilr. Bhe has been ever ready to welcome them to her beautiful home; mhere she entertained ber young playmates 1n a manner that only an heiress could afford. Those who know her say that she will not 'change with tbe knowledge that she now possesses millions in her own right. Up to the time of ber mother's death Miss Catherine attended a very select girls' school in Detroit. Toe announcement that her pa r- r- ! ent was ill caused her to hurry" home just in : time to be at the bedside when her mother passed away. She has since remained at home to comfort her father, who engaged private tutors for her that she might continue continue ber studies. of ot 1 of

Clipped from The Inter Ocean06 Dec 1910, TuePage 5

The Inter Ocean (Chicago, Illinois)06 Dec 1910, TuePage 5
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