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Boesch Edward 1882 racing shell - ON LAKE PONTCHARFRAIN. THE SECOND DAY Of the...
ON LAKE PONTCHARFRAIN. THE SECOND DAY Of the Stat) Aawuw Kewtaji AaeeelaUea Becatta - Haaaferw aa Haaeei Umrrr OaT Ike IaUvfeaa Prlaee, tee Heee the Barge at ace, and the Kellaee the Fear - Oare4 Shell Race, A large number of people visited West End yesterday evening to attend the second day's races of the annual regatta of the Louisiana State Amateur Rowing A aWOf! inViPTit The narrow embankment lying between between tne canal and the lake was thronged with spectators and the galleries galleries of the St. John, Riverside and We6t End Rowing Clubs were weighted down with those eager to see the sport. The Riverside gallery, lately erected, was taken possession of in a shameful manner. It was a wonder that the hundreds hundreds who insisted in getting where there was no room for tbein did not meet with some accident. As it was. a portion of the gallery railing was broken down and many were frightened a good deal. The waters of the lake, of an nnpoetic green, too sluggish to rise high in graceful, graceful, undulating waves, and still not peaceful enough to remain quiet, formed what boatmen call heavy sea, rising an inch or so and then sinking. A light breeze was blowing oft shore and the evening was a cool one. The lake was studded with small craft, from the un - romantic and clnmHy scow to the white inged yachts skimming over the water like, birds, their bows dashing up the f - pray as they cut through the lazy billows. There was no tug to follow the boats and the judges and timers were compelled compelled to watch the races from a yacht placed at their disposal and the cupola of the West End's boat house, the crows Wing often out of sight and the turning stake being almost invisible. The first race was ior four oared barges, the Hopes, Riversides and Perseverance Perseverance Clubs entering crews. The Riversides withdrew, leaving the race to be contested by the following : Hope Club Boat Ed. S. Levy. James Pendergrast, No. l ; John SpelLman, Nj. M: A. Swanson, No. 3; M. Powers, stroke ; John Delaney, coxswain. Perseverance Club Boat Mascot. E. C. ZeigJf r, No. 1 ; Fred. Rohders, No. 2 ; John Linn, No. 3; Win. Graham, stroke ; John Kennedy, coxswain. When Mr. Walsh, the starter, shouted "Go!" both crews got away together. There is nothing fairy like about the barge, it being the heaviest race made. Muscle and "length of wind"' are required by the barge - pulleree pec tally tally . and the two crews lacked neither. The Perseverance crew figured yesterday yesterday for the first time,eing gotten up expressly for the occasion. They made a plucky tight, but the trained bargemen bargemen of the Hopes could not be beaten by newcomers. The Hopes pulled a straight course and a regular stroke, and soon got to the front. They turned the mile stake in 7:30, and made the return mile at a much elower pace, passing under the string in 17:41. The senior single scull race brought out four brawny oursmen to fight for the championship medal. These were as follows : Eclipse Club Boat Louisa Peters ; E. V. Morgan. Riverside Clnb Boat Rosa Lee ; L. J. Jones. Perseverance Clnb Frank J. Mum - ford. Neptune Clnb Nick Turck. Mum ford has held the championship for several years, and as many await the time when New Orleans shall produce produce a knight of the oar who will snatch the bays from his brow, single scull matches in which he was engaged are always watched witn interest. At the starting signal Morgan jumped away in front, pulling a splendid stroke and going at a pace which astonished the spectators. Turck ktpt close to him Mniuford has learned a trick or two during his aquatic career, and made for shallow and quiet water nearest the shore. Jones, on the contrary, contrary, was away on the outside. Some actually thought that Morgan would deleat the redoubtable champion, bnt be fairly tlew through the water, and just as the boats assumed the shape of small specks in the eyes of the reporters, reporters, he had got on a line with Morgan. Morgan. Mum ford turned the stake drat witb Morgan some distance behind. Turck drew out after going about two hundred yards, and Jones came closer in shore and gave np making any strenuous etlort to win. Mamford had things hisown way coming back and won by a number of lengths, Morgan stopping stopping peveral times after he saw no chance of leading, and was assured of second place. An accident happened to the watch by which the time was kept, and after calculation of time lost in repair, the time of the race was given out as being 14:30. The great race of the event was for the four - oared shells. There has been a rivalry of several years' standing between between the Eclipse and Hope crews. Last year the Eclipse crew got a new paper shell from the North which, instead of being very fast, was quite the reverse, and the Hopes obtained the victory. This year they had one built - in the city by Ed. Boesch, who employed wood in its construction, and they were confident confident of distinguishing themselves. The Riversides came in to break up the rivalry between the other two by the novel method of defeating them both, but the " best laid plans " of mice and oarsmen gang aft agley. The following were the crews : JJope Club - Boa J. Wolkait - John McNultT, Xo. 1 ; M. Carey, Ku. 2; James Jolly, No. 3, I. Powers, Btii.kti. Kclipe Clnb Boat Eclipse, t. Billhartr, No. 1 : F.rt Billhartz, Ko. 2 ; Cha. Huason, ro 3; C. Kubin, stroke. KlverBlde Club Boat E. a. Burke. P. Gallagher. Gallagher. wo. 1 ; L. C. Btein, Ko. 2 ; 8. .Leary.Ko. 3 ; M. Badge, stroke. The blue - shirted men of the Eclipse crew got slightly the best of the load and dashed away at a pace which told plainly that they did not intend to be passed. The Riversides pulled a quick, nervous stroke, and although they made good time in the beginning they seemed to be laboring and not possessed of sufii - cient staying power to keep up their gait. The Hopes pulled at a long, steady eweeping stroke which 6ent their boat rapidly through the water, and their style was much admired. All three steered a good course. The Riversides dropped back before the mile was reach - d and the Hopes came np close to Eclipse. The Eclipse got around the stake very little ahead of the Hopes. Just as the Eclipse straightened out for home they were a little in the way of the Riversides, who were virtually out of the race, and the Riversides claim being compelled to lose time by getting out of the way and preventing a foul, which they conld not be punished for doing in their own water, and which woald have given the red - shirted Hopes the race. The return was exciting, the Eclipse rowing with a will, and the Hopes " whipping her np " in the rear. When they were near the home stake the Eclipse men saw that the Hopes could not catch them and slackened up. Amidst immense cheering the band played ' Over the Garden Wall," and the Eclipse champions thus encouraged acknowledged the compliment by rowing rowing the last ten strokes with lightning like rapidity. The time was 12:45, very fast for the water on which the race was rowed. The nones came in several lenirths behind; and the two crews shook hands together. This exhibition of fraternal feeling was very appropriate, and the spectators applauded it. The Riversides Riversides protested against the action of the Eclipse crew at the turning stake, but withdrew their vroteat before the um pire could decide.

Clipped from The Times-Picayune23 Aug 1882, Wed[First Edition]Page 8

The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, Louisiana)23 Aug 1882, Wed[First Edition]Page 8
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