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Harry Rosequist - Stand Out - Score In Last Minute After rumble By Butler;...
Score In Last Minute After rumble By Butler; Guichard, Bizzaro, “Rosey’* Stand Out III slightly chilly weather, a per- : #ct day for football, the Warren’ led Jackets g:ave a fair-sized rowd more thrills than are usu- < aiv asked for in any sin{?lc ball • fame yesterday as they showed I scohnir punch and deterniinalion rhich had been absent all season, n downing a really fine Butler "'ubs A. A. eleven 24-23 on Pais- ell Field. Though every Ked Jacket to see Lction played a phenomenal game .f ball. Pwod Guichard, stellar line- , nan from Jamestown, really was he hero, falling on the third of * hree fumbles which he recovered ate in the fouilh period sotting hp local team up in a scoring position position from where they dmvo on ¡uccessfullv. ------------------V Nice Coin’, Champs! Si rianni ......... C lled Jackets I’oN. Butler Cubs Ward ................LK .. Birckbichler Galla ................ LT ................ Perri Rosequist .... LG. . Bollinger McAnnany, ■ ■ • Laconi • • • • f-^uch ... t ' J. Bolhnger - 7 13—23 Main, Bollinger. Scanlon 2, Extra points Amann . Loson .. Alain . .■ Bizzaro Martinos PJ. Sedon Graham RG RT RE QB LH RH FB Score by quarters: Red Jackets ...........0 17 Butler Cubs ...........3 0 Touchdowns: Graham Bailey Rais ley STATISTK S I \V. i'lrst downs ............... 13 First downs rushing . T) Net gain rushing . ., . 14.*> Forward passes ......... 27 Yds. gain ))assings .137 Passes complete .... 10 Passes intcrcrptrd by 3 Punts ........................... 7 Distante pnts ............2^17 Run back pvnits .... 3.") A\erage punts ........... 3") Fumbles ...................... 2 Own fnmi)los roi'ov. . 0 Penalties ...................... S Yds lost penalties . . 50 B. n '1 56 19 I n o 9 2 8 2:)i 31 4 1 4 30 Rosequist 3 (by placement). Bollinger Bollinger (passi. Bailey (placement). Held goals Bailey. Rosequist, both tT’om placement. Substitutions: Warren—Kunsel- nian. Dahlgren, iiiancotti, Barnes. B'redericks, Ganza, Guichard. But-' ler Paffrath, Raisley, Beneigh,, Kionzle, Murrin, Bosco, Bitters. Officials: Y'osko Johnson, ref- orec, Jamestown: Louis Brown, nmpirt', Jamestown; (jorry Peterson, Peterson, head linesman, Warren. Withthe C'ubs loading 23-17 and •nly four minutes remaining. .Joe =iizzaro tried a pass v.'hich was ntercepted by Bailey, the Butler lalfback dnin? an d?ncc in •^turning tiio leather to his own and v/a.'^ doing a renun'kable ob until hit extreinoiy hard. The >aJl fell from hi.^-. iingers, (;Tnicl^ trd pounced on it. and \^ arren s ittack was on again. A five yard j)enalty against Billar Billar for too many times out gnve he Jackets the ball on the 12. >ut Bizzaro was caught behind the ine, giving back four yards. Then bizzaro shot a toss to Martinos in he end zone, and the Jamestown tar was knocked down before the >all ai-rived. interference being •ailed anfl the Jackets gaining a 'irst down on the one. “Bullet ?ill” Graham sliced his way hrough the center of a wall of lesh to score, and tlie game was ied. Harry Pk.oseqiiist booted the •xti'a point to give tlio Jackets heir most cherishorl victory of the eason, one \\iii«‘h thoy well de- erved. The aggressiveness shown by he Cubs gave the Red .Jackets a upreme tost of their true power, nd treated fans to something ex- ra in a grid contest. Butler bowed lightning speed as they unwashed unwashed a passing-running attack n, the opening minutes and cli- naxcd a long drive with a 23- •fl.rd field goal by Bailey. They held that lead througli the irst quai-ter but the sccond found he, western Pennsylvania champs pally go into a scoring spree and t half time they enjoyed a 17-3 (»ad. counting points on a plun.ge -y Graham just after the second hapter. followed by Rosoy’s point onversion. then a 16-yard iiekl oal by Rosequist. and a ])ass to tain on a sleeper play, again fol- •)wed by a conversion by the \et- ran local lineman, wlio di<ln’t a point nil afternoon. There had been plenty of ac­ ión in the first half to satisfy the rowd, but they knew not'what /as in store. Thinking that the ackets had things fairly well un- er control, most of the payin^i 'Ublic got set to watch them ride ver the Cubs with se\eral more cores. But the third quarter opened nd it wa.^j Butler who held the ces. They passed and punted, eeping Warren in Jacket ternary. ternary. and mid\\ay in the period xecuted a 17-yard aeiial, P'ord t Bollinger giving tiiem "a first own on the Warren 11. and they •ere gifted with fi\e additional., ards when Frank Sirianni was j jected from the game following brief .scrap, . The next play brought a touch- P’ord again fading and Bol- nger once more was the receiver ‘ I the end zone. Bailey tossed to ollinger for the point and it was MO. Early in the last stanza, after 19-yard pass had left the ball 1 the Jacket 24-yard stripe at the id of the third canto, the Cub? FOOTBALL ■ SCORES ■ -----Ill INI ........Iiiwim—ii—— ■ Scholastic Hast 12, Vincent 0. P'-op 6. St. Jo.seph (Oil Citvt (^ Lr wrence Park 12. Wesleyville 0 W'arron 0. Bradford 0. Sharpsville 2.'. Brookville n. Voungsville 13. \\'ecd\i]le Greenville 27. Franklin H. Easf Alfred 14. Buffalo 0, St. Bona venture -16. Davis-Fl- kins 0. P'urman 31. Davidson 13, Army 13. Columbia 0. Bo.^ton College 14. Georgetn\^Ti 6 . ('orncll 21, Colgate 2. Fordham 2,S. T. C. U. 14. Is'avy 0. Harvard 0. Holy Cross 13. X. Y. U. 0 Brown 13. Lafavette 0. Dartmouth 7. Yale 0. Syracuse 4P. Ruteers 7. .Anil-ior.st 16. Woslevan 7. Penn State 40. Leiiigh 6. Penn Mai'yland 6. Duke 27. Pitt 7. (iene\a 13. (^^arnegie Tech 6, Allegheny 20. American U, 14. Slippery Rock T. 0. Grove Citv | 0 . Thiel 14, \\'estmiuster 0. South Alabama 27, Georgia 14. (¡eorgia Tech 28. Auburn 14. Kentucky IS. West Virginia 6. Mi.ssi.ssippi State 56. Union 7. Mis.sissippi 20. Tulane 13. Tennessee 21. Cincinnati 6. X'anderbilt 46. Princeton 7. Wake Forest 13. N. Carohna 0. .Mid-West Duquesne 31. Marouette 14. Notre Dame 4P. Illinois 14. Minnesota 7. Michigan 0. Northwestern 14. Ohio Stat^' 7 Michigan State 39. Wayne 0. \\’’isconsion 27. Indiana 25. Purdue 7. Iowa 6. Missouri fi, Nebraska 0. Kansas 13. Iowa State 0. TuLsa 16. Oklahoma A. Sr M. 0. Oklahoma 16. Santa Clara 6. Soutln\est Texas A. M. 48, Baylor 0. Texas 40. Rice 0. Ilocky Mountains Utah 0. Denver 0. Colorado 27. Wyonu'ng 0 Colorado .State 7. Utah .State 6. Montana 23. .Montana State 13. Far West California 14, .Southern Calif. 0. Stanford 13. Washington 7. T'CLA 14. Oregon 7. Washington .St. 7. Oregon St, 0. ! ^pnRT<: RmiNDIIP BV nUGFI rULO:RT()N, JR. New’ Y'ork. Oct. 27—(The Special Special News Service—After survej'- ing the week’s football result.s. there seems to be a question of whether .\rmy’s Earl Blaik or Har\'ard’s Dick Harlow' should get ^ain struck pay dirt with Ford the nomination for the coach of )ssing to the ifleet-footcd Scan- the year award for what they’ve n who made the sleeper play, fJone with teams that weren’t ick what Butler had earlier lost, drawing anything but laughs when alley’s try for the extra point the season started. . . . Maybe it would be safer to see what happens happens next before we decide. . . . Dick Powell, the mo\ie actor, who is here to do a Broadway show, will manage Billy Soose while Paul Moss is away in Hol- ]>'\\'ood. . . . Local football fans who were chilly to Ja\\ii Kimbrough last week gave / placement failed, and Butler ,>pes sagged temporarily. Later, however, Scanlon became momentary hero when lie block- I Rosequist’.'! punf'bn the Warn Warn 30, picked it off the ground, id raced over the goal. Bailey >oted the point to give the \is- ors the lead once more. But the Jackets were not to be him a swell wedding present inied victory, and they came on : yesterday by cheering their heads scoi*c the winning marker with dy one minute left in the const, const, a grand climax of a whale a football game. off for him while his fiance, Barbara Barbara Golding, was in the stand.s. ... The hospital where .\be Simon had his operation had to get a of

Clipped from Warren Times Mirror27 Oct 1941, MonPage 7

Warren Times Mirror (Warren, Pennsylvania)27 Oct 1941, MonPage 7
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  • Harry Rosequist - Stand Out

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